HP South Africa Contact: Find below customer service details of Hewlett Packard (HP) in South Africa, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries or support on HP products whether laptops, computers,  printers, monitors, scanners or Presario/Pavilion products in South Africa. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on HP services in South Africa.

HP South Africa Head Office
12 Autumn Street
Phone: 27 (0)11 785-1000
Fax: 27 (0)11 785-1500

>Cape Town Office
Phone: 27 (0)21 659-5100
Fax: 27 (0)21 689-6149

HP South Africa Customer Service
General: 0800 118 883
Laptops/PCs: 0860 001 030
Presario/Pavilion: 0860 104 771
Laserjet series: 0860 001 030
Deskjet series: 0860 104 771

Reach the above phone numbers for queries or support on HP desktops, laptops, monitors or printers. Do keep your product name, number and other details ready. You can also get details on HP service centers in South Africa if your HP product needs servicing.


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To download HP drivers or software from HP South Africa website click here. You can find here drivers of all HP products, whether laptops, desktops, printers or scanners.

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For latest offers or discounts from HP, whether laptops, desktops, printers or scanners in South Africa, find here

About Hewlett Packard (HP)
Hewlett Packard was founded in the year 1934. Currently, HP serves more than 1 billion customers in more than 170 countries. It has around 324,600 employees all over the world. In 2010 HP recorded a revenue of $126 billion. HP ships over 48 million PC units annually. It is world’s largest IT company and has its headquarters in California, US. Read More

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  1. Alex Reply

    HP RENEGED on supplying me with a 2 year guarantee on my Laser Jet 400 colour MFP m475dw HP printer. I accepted a written quote and paid into their business account. A few days later I learned that they could not give me the required 2 yr guarantee. The quote was not worth the paper in was written on.The terms and conditions in the quote were not honoured. I have demanded a refund.Totally unprofessional, misleading and very disappointing!

  2. Rayman y Reply

    hi!! My name is Ray. I have Hp laptop pavilion which need smart hard disc replacement. I want to know where can I buy the hard disc. I am staying I Tzaneen in Limpopo Province. I would appreciate your help. thanks

  3. Kate Venter Reply

    I purchased an HP 1515 and have used it scarecely for a year and 4 months as it is a home printer. It was well looked after and worked well until it abruptly stopped taking paper into the feeder tray. I asked Makro for assistance who declined as it was just out of its one year warrentee. Hp technical centre declided because of the same reason. Hp head office does not care nor answer emails. I have been trying to get someone to assist for over a month and HP have the attitiude that they have my money sorry its a year and 4 months either pay to repair it or buy a new printer. Why do large corporations get away with making products to just beyond their warrentee and nothing is done about it? So after starting this query more than a month ago and REPEATEDLY following up on my side only as NO HP staff seem to want to assist I finally get an abrupt phonecall today to say sorry we are not prepared to come to the party I any way or assist you in any way. They DO NOT want to even offer to have one of their technical branches look at and evaluate the problem they just have WE DO NOT CARE attitude! We havr made our money off your pur hase and that is all that matters. I searched the internet last night hoping to get any form of contact for someone to pay attentio and when I finally did even then I received a standard email back without anyone taking tge time to evn look into the matter!! I have asked them to put it in wtiting that they will not assist and to date they have not. When I receive the letter I will share it so we can all avoid this in the future! Their brand does not care about anything except their profits!!! Not one person has even looked into the case decently regardless of who I contact! Printers should not be made to break just after warentee especially when well looked after!! That once again reiterates NEVER AN HP PRODUCT!! I hope to bring much awareness!!

  4. Mike Willemse Reply

    Hp Laptop motherboard was replaced under warranty and now the same problem has reoccured after 9 months. Your company says that it is out of warranty and I must pay for the repairs.
    This laptop has now failed twice in a year and a half and your company are telling me that the machine is too old. How long are your laptops supposed to last.
    Is this what you expect from your products or are they designed that way.
    Due to your system and the prompts I cannot get hold of any senior person in your company and the call centres manager refuses to take any call from the public.
    I trust that you can now get somebody to contact me and help as your support service is not up to standard.

  5. Mark Reply

    I would like to buy a mount for the camera HP AC100 however have not been able to find any place that sells them. Could you please send me an e-mail and advise me where i can purchase one.


  6. SAM DAGANE Reply

    My charger for HP Elitebook 8460p workstation has been working intermittently. Now it has stopped completely. It is under warranty.

  7. JH Lategan Reply

    I purchased a HP 4 in 1 Printer Deskjet 4620 Series at Game Secunda ,the product was faulty and does not print. I thought it was a problem with the ink cartridges and purchased a new set which did not help. On wanting to return the product to Game i was informed that they can not exchange or refund HP Products and that HP direct has to be contacted. My son in law who lives in Secunda did this 2 weeks after purchase without any reply apparently someone from HP was going to pick up the Printer.

  8. Bonke Reply

    Hi, i recently bought an Hp 630 notebook through ABSA ( which i got via study loan) so i would like to know how do i go about in terms of taking it for repairs.. the problem i have with the lap top it does’nt show anything in the screen but it does switch on and fan is runing, together with a beep light in the caps lock botton.. and it still under warranty. your help would be appreciated

  9. Diane Louw Reply

    I have a hp deskject 845 c. When i got my new laptop (which runs on Window 7 ) i cannot install the 845c series anymore to print on both sides of the paper like i did before on XP. What do i do now so that i can print on both sides like before.

  10. Gavin Reply

    To Whom In May Concern

    I purchased a HP Officejet Pro 8500A from Makro, Woodmead on 19 June 2011.

    The Makro sales person, Sima McDonald had assured me that the above product was great value for money and economical (my previous printers were Lexmark).

    I was very impressed with the printer until it started giving me various problems.

    On 22 March 2012, I contacted HP call centre on 0860104771 of which the call centre agent had advised me to rather take the printer to Redington in Midrand as he was not able to assist me on the telephone due to the problem being hardware.

    I took the printer to Redington in Midrand and was assisted by Simonay Cassim – explaining that I needed the printer in working condition as I run a small business.

    Simonay attended to the problem IMMEDIATELY to the extent, calling a technician to the front desk.

    I then received an e-mail on 22 March 2012 at 17:30 to say that my printer was ready for collection.

    THANK YOU to Simonay and the technical team at Redington for their caring and understanding attitude.


    For your reference:
    Job Order Number: 0001127890
    Printer Serial Number: CN13MBR1S6

  11. daniel Reply

    My keyboard has stopped working but intermittently will start working again where do I take the unit to get fixed. I am in Cape Town.thanks

  12. Francoise Jordaan Reply

    “Please stop supporting Hewlett Packard South Africa immediately!. They do not respond adequately to complaints, employs arrogant and unprofessional people who would rather keep you occupied on the phone for twenty eight minutes thirteen seconds before telling you, you your replacement part has to be ordered from Germany and will take twelve to fourteen days. Apparently that is all they can do! They are excellent with selling you their products but their after sale service is pathetic! Do yourself a favour and contact their Head Office in Johannesburg! Nobody available but the Manager On Duty who is nothing more that a bus Driver with a rank, as they can do nothing but have some invisible department contact you, who by the way can also do nothing! What do I use to print while you are playing around? Three printers! One year! All with the same problem. Dell and Mr Naidoo that was supposed to contact me on Friday, watch the media, one of your competitors will most certainly find this amusing…. There is nothing I hate more than Bad Customer Service and HP, you guys just scored the highest in SA! By the way: My Complaint to the South African Consumer Affairs is also posted!”

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any additional information.

    • F Hawkins Reply

      F. Jordan re your comment on26-11-11. Boy does this echo my feelings. Trying to resolve a problem with HP is worse than hitting your head against a brick wall. My latest attempt resulted in a young femaile who casually told me to come into Durban which is over an hours drive away. Last time they kept my printer for two weeks!! Their service sucks & I’ll never by an HP product again.

    • PE PRICE Reply

      What crap service you get from HP; they keep you waiting on the phone for ever without bothering to deal with customers complaints!!!! Don’t support them under any circumstances!!!!!

  13. Nico Reply

    My laptop screen started out of the blue to get a permanent black mark on it. Then a 3rd, and now even a 4th blob of permanent black discoloration. I bought it 1 year ago in Ballito and have a 3year onsite warranty with hp. What do I do?

  14. Cameron Dalais Reply

    I purchased an i7 laptop, dv6, in febuary 2011. It is still under warranty and a few days ago it overheated to 90Degrees. I am not happy because i had the same problem with a previous hp and i sent it in for repairs. After some time it overheated again and eventually it was out of warranty. I am not happy about this because i spent R12 000 on the laptop. The laptop has never been on the surface of a bed. It has always been on a table. I purchased it from incredible connection, capegate, cape town. I would appreciate it if hp can give me a new laptop for the price i paid. I saw a pavilion dv6-6077ei notebook which looks like an equvilant replacement for mine. I have always dealt with HP and i love there products but this problem was not a good reflection on hp because this is the second time this has happened.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      if its under warranty..please visit a service center and find out if the defective part could be repaired or replaced

  15. BARNEY Reply


  16. Wethu Reply

    Hello. I need a replacement power supply for my HP Officejet J4580. How much will it cost me?

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