Contact Emirates Hong Kong : Find below customer care contact details of Emirates airline in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. You can contact the below address is for new Emirates ticket booking, flight status oar other queries on Emirates’ services.

Hong Kong(Agent Office)

11/F, Henley Building
5, Queens Road Central,Hong Kong

+852 2 801 8777

+852 2 801 480

Emirates Head Office
Customer Affairs Department,Emirates
P.O. Box 686,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971 4 7083611
Facsimile: +971 4 2864120

About Emirates
Emirates was born as the official international airline of the United Arab Emirates. Fully owned by the Government of Dubai, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and has over 50,000 employees worldwide. Emirates was founded in the year 1985. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline & Group. Emirates currently has a fleet of 137 aircraft. The airline flies to over 100 destinations in 60 countries around the world.

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  1. NG SIU SHAN Reply

    I refer to the flight EK0381 my family members and I would be on board from Hong Kong to Manchester UK with scheduled departure time at 0035 on 5/8/2016. However, the actual departure time was at 02:56 on 5/8/16 and we were told we would have enough time for the transfer when dropping our baggage with concern at the counter of Emirates Airline because of the delay in departure time.

    We arrived very late at Dubai for transfer on 5/8/16. We ran to the gate in order to get on the flight EK0017 but were refused despite the gate was not close. We were told to contact the connection counter. We waited desperately at the Connection Counter with long queue and were finally given snack coupons and stay arrangement for another flight EK021 tomorrow boarding at 0215 on 6/8/2016. Emirates Airline provided transport and stay near Dubai Airport.

    It caused much of our inconvenience, including missing our booked transport and one night hotel booking. We had purchased travel insurance and would like to ask for a claim. We need a true copy of letter or document and boarding pass from Emirates stating the original time of departure, the actual departure time and reasons for such a delay over 10 hours so that we can claim a travel delay.

    As time is stringent for the claim, we would be most grateful if you could give us the proof and a reply as soon as possible.

  2. Jenny Sze Reply

    I’d like to express my disappointment of the recent inflight experience with Emirates Airline.
    On 13th Feb, 2013, I was taking flight EK 382, flying back from Dubai to Hong Kong. My original seat number was 44A & I had exchanged the seat with my mother, in the end I was seated at number 44C.

    Throughout the 7 hours flight, none of your crew members showed their care & interest to passengers, particularly two attendants, Gemma & Kedarh who were responsible for our area, I doubt if they were well trained before operating a flight!!!

    About Gemma who served drinks to us…when my mother didn’t respond promptly to her choice, she immediately showed an ‘annoying’ facial expression. I commented her bad attitude, then she replied & said ‘ I couldn’t control my facial expression!’

    Then another flight attendant who served the meal….she just passed the hot main course directly to my mother & auntie, asked them to pick them up, not even using a serving tray.

    While she was doing so, the sauce just came out & dropped on my mother’s coat…more surprisingly she just continued her service & ignored us.

    To speak frankly, it was my 1st time travelling on Emirates Airline, but one thing for sure is…. It will be my LAST time as well. As a frequent traveller myself, I never had such bad inflight service experience! I am currently a platinum member of AirFrance, as well as Gold member of Cathay Pacific Airline. No matter I am taking first, business or economy class, all flight attendants have highly demonstrated their professionalism & sincere care to passengers!

  3. Ronald Leong Reply

    I wish to lodge a COMPLAINT on your Inflight Service! I had paid for AND traveled on EK 384 from Bangkok to Hong Kong on Oct 25. As the Business Class cabin had ONLY a few passengers, the service was somehow SLACK to say the least!. After the lunch service, NOT ONLY wasn’t I asked for any Tea or Coffee but when after much difficulty in getting the attention of a Caucasian woman stewardess, she even asked whether I had wanted my coffee “white with cream & sugar”. After I had said “YES”, that was the very END when I saw her and of course, NO COFFEE was given to me. Then I found out the reasons….almost ALL of the staff were at the back walk-up bar entertaining a few passengers , taking photos, chatting etc etc… wife and I had paid GOOD MONEY (more than double the price of an economy class fare!) ONLY to find such POOR & BAD SERVICE of your “supposedly” friendly AND high cabin service for top paying passengers! I WISH TO KNOW WHY Emirates Inflight service is so BAD!! Thank you.

  4. Lori Reply

    I am extremely disappointed with my first Emirates experience. After being recommended by so many colleagues, I decided to try my luck. I understand things happen, like flight delays and weather, but what I don’t understand is insufficient communication. After being passed from one waiting area to the next, I spent the night in the airport – again miscommunication- and was not told until 4:00 pm i was automatically rescheduled 3 days later. I do not live in Hong Kong, so yes this is a problem as explained the first 10 hours in the airport. I have already conducted a letter explaining in detail my disappointment and this is not the forum to go through that. As a customer service professional, I point blank expected more. Unfortunately I have 4 flights left to take with you – and honestly I am not excited about it. My recommendation would be to have a manager available -perhaps there was one but I was told no- and to ensure your call center in Hong Kong is aware of things so guests do not have to repeat all the information and re live the frustration. Thank you.

  5. emeka Reply

    what is the fee for change of date for Hong kong to Lagos return flight..

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