Contact Emirates Dubai: Find below customer care contact details of Emirates airline in  Dubai, United Arab Emirates . You can contact the below address is for new Emirates ticket booking, flight status or other queries on Emirates’ services.


+971 4 214 4444 (English and Arabic)

+971 4 204 4040

Emirates Head Office
Customer Affairs Department,Emirates
P.O. Box 686,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971 4 7083611
Facsimile: +971 4 2864120

About Emirates
Emirates was born as the official international airline of the United Arab Emirates. Fully owned by the Government of Dubai, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and has over 50,000 employees worldwide. Emirates was founded in the year 1985. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline & Group. Emirates currently has a fleet of 137 aircraft. The airline flies to over 100 destinations in 60 countries around the world.

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  1. Zarina Reply

    I need a manager from the Dubai office to give me a call please. Urgent. Regarding my change of flight as I need some assistance. The call center is of no help. No managers will talk to me. I need a management to give me a call please

  2. Junaid Umer Reply


    I am writing this because I lost my wallet at Dubai Airport while I was traveling from Karachi to Saudi Arabia on 7th Jan through connecting flight, I had some important documents in my wallet, please advise if you found it.

    Many thanks

  3. Junaid Umer Reply


    I am writing this because I lost my wallet at Dubai Airport while I was traveling from Karachi to Saudi Arabia on 7th Jan through connecting flight, I had some important documents in my wallet, please advise if you found it.

    Many thanks

  4. Tamara shaker Reply

    It was the worst experience ever with Emirates plus they never call for any complaint to follow up. I went to India and I got e visa online. I checked in my luggage and they checked my entry visa which was for double entry and advised me that all is ok. I realized that the expiry of visa is calculated as 60 days from date of first entry to country not based on date stated in double entry visa. Emirates were not experienced to advise on this!! I ended up at airport where I need to fly back. The worst part was when Emirates didn’t accept to upgrade me knowing I am platinum customer and I have been flying all day and it’s not a regular day request. They asked me to use my points. Moreover, I felt so humiliated traveling with such ignorant airlines who even at airport were not aware of visa regulations . They kept my passport with them as if I am criminal. I have never faced such a stupid embarrassing experience ever in my life !!

  5. Kishore Reply

    My wife and I booked on Business Class from Toronto to Dubai and then to Bali

    At the boarding gate in Toronto,there was chaos And the staff handled it poorly
    We rxoected tobe boarded quick as we purchased Business Class but they boarded us after the wheel chairs and strollers

    The boarding process needs to be revamped at Toronto

    I look forward to bosrdin at Dubai as we board directly from the lounge escaping the rush of the economy class

  6. Zain Hussain Reply

    I think it is time Emirates selects something good for children in both the Business Class lounge like fries, nuggets, Pizzas which they look forward eating and it was missing always from the line up. Hope this is adressed soon.

  7. RP Dave Reply

    No doubt Emirates is doing good in client services and world’s top airline with nice airplanes, I normally travel by A380 to NY but have only one complaint , that is about the meals, there is no option which provides veg meals only without onion – garlic, without non-veg, eggs etc and without heavy spices, it is called Vaishnav meal, it is time to introduce that as many PAX wants that way,



    I am writing this to narrate my recent experience of inconvenience, faced with the Emirates staff of the Charles de Gaulle airport. It was on the 28th of December, I was late for my flight because I had caught the wrong TGV. I admit that catching the wrong train was completely my doing and had no connection whatsoever with the staff, but I was rudely taken aback when I had a hard time explaining to them that I didn’t do it on purpose. It was very necessary for me to catch the flight, so I had asked my mother to call and ask them if it was possible if I reached the airport at 1:30 pm for a 2:25 pm flight. They said it was, just that I shouldn’t be later than 1:30 and I kept my time. My luggage was overweight, and I immediately offered to throw away a few things which would have taken me 2-5 minutes. The occurrence of the next event was even more surprising than the previous – the staff had the time to tell me for about 10 minutes that I couldn’t board the flight, even though I had made it on the nick of time, rather than just giving me those 2 minutes and shown me a bin. So I had to pay, and ran short of 20 euros. At which point, they told me there was no way in which I could board the flight. “Is this a time to come to board your flight?” Did they by any chance think it was fun for me to miss my train, catch a wrong train, catch an overly expensive taxi to make it to CDG and face their harassment? They must have indulged in that idea, otherwise seeing my desperate and unfortunate circumstance they would have been more responsive and helpful. To write about this is to relive the traumatic experience which I’d rather choose not to, but I write in the hope that further any such unnecessary harassment will be prevented. I was under the impression that taking care and catering to sudden, unseen predicaments was something the Emirates airlines were veterans at handling; that taking care of their clients was their utmost priority. However, that impression has been successfully destroyed by the staff in CDG airport that day. I was lucky that there was another man beside me on the counter who helped me with money, whereas the staff were adamant on making me miss the flight. It would perhaps be a friendly reminder to them that the passengers do not invite or jump into such unfortunate situations in which they themselves suffer the most, and also make it look like a favor to board the plane for which I have rightfully paid.
    Lastly, although I apologized throughout as I assumed the plane had to literally stop for me because I was the last one to board, I walked into the plane with a bunch of other people. What is more, the plane left much after its scheduled time because it was waiting for one more passenger. This made me feel that their harassment was particularly directed towards me – being a student with lots of baggage desperately in need of catching a flight. Interestingly enough, the other passengers had a smooth entry even though they were as late or even arrived later than me. Therefore, I see no reason as to why I shouldn’t think twice before choosing Emirates for the next time I travel.

  9. Sue Pracy Reply

    I am writing to tell you of my disappointment with the flights I recently took between Melbourne and Barcelona via Dubai.
    During the first flight (EK 407, 15.9.2015) there was considerable acrimony between stewards. Passengers do notice when stewards are trading insults and being rude to each other. As a Qantas Frequent Flyer I have never seen this before and felt that in an emergency flight crew would be unlikely to work together as a team.
    On my second flight from Dubai to Barcelona (EK 185, 17.9.2015) my friend and I were separated despite having booked several months in advance in adjoining seats. There was no effort made to remedy this. We are both Qantas Frequent Flyers and had never had this happen before.
    At the commencement of our return journey from Barcelona (EK 186, 24.10.2015) my friend developed a sudden acute attack of vomiting and diarrhoea almost as soon as we became airborne. I pressed the button to alert a steward straight away. Luckily I had a small packet of tissues and I and other passengers located our rubbish bags and passed them along, but really we had nothing sufficient for the job! A steward eventually came but only in response to everyone around us waving at them! Eventually a few small facecloths were found, but they were too little, too late. Sometime later a steward came with a notebook and a 100ml bottle of ginger ale. By this time my friend had been at the toilet trying to cope with the diarrhoea and to clean herself up after the vomiting. We had no idea what the cause of this attack was – had it been something infectious the response was so slow and ineffectual that half of the passengers and staff on the plane would also have been infected. I found it very difficult sitting next to someone who smelt strongly of vomit for six hours. I think that air crew should have a duty of care to other passengers and themselves in the event of a passenger with vomiting and diarrhoea.
    On the final flight from Dubai to Melbourne (EK 406, 26.10.2015) I was perfectly fine when I boarded the plane but within 10 minutes my eyes were running and shortly after I started to cough. I know that the lower humidity can be a problem but I have never experienced a problem with such acute onset before. Furthermore it did not clear on leaving the plane and I was subsequently diagnosed as having a chest infection. I realise that air has to be circulated round the plane but wonder if filters are adequate and changed frequently.
    I did find that on all of these flights the number and quantity of drinks of water was insufficient. On all occasions I found myself very dehydrated on arrival at the destination. Comparing these flights to the 3 hour flight back to Auckland with one of your competitors I had double the number of drinks in this three hours than on the 13 hour flight back from Dubai. My friend was very dehydrated following her attack of vomiting and diarrhoea was given a 100ml bottle of ginger ale, but only the same small number of drinks as the other passengers. I suggest that a bottle of drinking water, (perhaps 1 litre for flights of 5 hours or less and 2 litres for the longer flights) would solve this problem at only relatively small expense. This could either be placed on each seat or handed to passengers as they board the plane. This would also take the onus from flight crew and leave them more responsive to passengers who might have a medical emergency.
    I had expected that service would be at least up to the standard of your partner airline, Qantas, but found it sadly lacking. I certainly will not be using your service again.

  10. Mary Jo Verke Reply

    I need to change an airline ticket that goes from LAX to Dar es Salaam Tanzania. There is a penalty that I was told can only be paid in cash IN PERSON at the Emirates office. Our closest office is a 3 hour drive hence it is not possible nor do I know anyone in that city. It seems archaic to make a person be there in person. I am thinking that Emirates must not need the money to turn down $500 in penalties. Why not keep up with the world and accept credit cards by internet or phone.

  11. D.Franklin Reply

    I deplore the fact that having missed our flight on the 27th March, we were forced to pay AGAIN for the next flight to Birmingham. We were held up in Perth because of traffic problems which was not our fault, however we had first class service from the ground staff in obtaining new tickets. Why should we have to pay again when we have already purchased. I did not mind paying the alteration fee, but to charge again I think is a RIP OFF. I shall never recommend anyone to fly with this airline

  12. Laura Stacey Reply

    On the 15th February 2013 my husband and I were due to fly from Dubai to Male in the Maldives for the second division of our honeymoon.
    We had already flown to Dubai from Gatwick 3 days previously after booking a two-centre honeymoon through Kuoni in January 2012.

    We arrived at Dubai International and checked our bags at the correct desk, we were advised by the attendant to go to an alternative desk at the other side of the departure section (away from all other travellers), we did as we were told. When arriving at the other desk we were informed by the member of staff that there may not be room on the flight and that our seats on the plane could be in jeopardy, we were asked to come back an hour later when the flight had closed to be advised whether our seats were still available or not.

    It transpires that our 09:35am flight to Male had been overbooked and apparently its Emirates protocol to over book flights by 20%.
    Obviously preferential treatment was to be given to connecting flight passengers as they can’t be held in the airport longer than 8 hours, following these, overbooked Business Class passengers are to be re-graded down to Economy class with Economy passengers having no where to go other than onto a different flight.

    It came about after much discussion with staff and other passengers flying to various destinations such as: Mauritius, Cape Town, Bangkok and Sri Lanka, that if we had checked in online 24hrs beforehand this wouldn’t have happened, and when asked what if every passenger did this, we were advised that it wouldn’t be possible as the flight would close once it was full.

    We were also told that ground staff had attempted to challenge this happening to certain flights such as ours as they are ‘special occasion travellers’ and were told in no uncertain terms to not interfere with the company’s practices and advised to keep their opinions to themselves.
    We were subsequently moved onto the next flight to Male the next day at 02:05am. This meant we missed our first night in the Maldives on an all inclusive basis, meaning we then missed our connection of seaplane to our island.

    We were given a hotel (Le Meridien, Dubai Airport) for the day as we were being picked up at midnight for the new flight time. This would’ve been fine if we hadn’t been told by the Receptionist when we checked in (to the ‘special’ emirates section of the hotel) that they get 30-40 passengers a day, like us, that have been bumped off a flight and when checking out passing people that were checking in being bumped off.

    We were also given food vouchers to use while at the hotel which were restricted to certain (cheaper) options off of the menus with the Emirates logo next to them, this didn’t include drinks which we were made to pay for, putting us at a loss.
    It became obvious very quickly to us that this is a regular occurrence in Dubai and probably other airports where Emirates fly.
    I believe that when ‘business’ is conducted in such a way, legal or not, in a country that has such high standards of ethic is a total disgrace. Using the excuse that all airlines overbook flights is no justification whatsoever and is totally inaccurate as Emirates seem to be the only airline that gets it wrong in such a large way.

    I compare it to going into a shop and purchasing an item that you don’t receive until 2 weeks after when it is no longer required.
    We had booked and paid for a service 13 months earlier, out of range to ensure it was feasible which we subsequently had to pay more for as the price of flight went up, that we then didn’t receive, putting us at a loss in the process.

    Kuoni are refusing to reimburse us for the night we lost in the Maldives so we are being forced to claim through our insurance, I am highly reluctant to do this as I believe Emirates should be reimbursing us for this loss as it is solely your fault.
    We were offered a ticket as compensation for the lack of flight being available. Said ticket was for the distance between Dubai and Male, this held no monetary value and we were informed that the destinations could be changed to suit us. We refused to accept/sign it as we were informed it would be for distance value, this was around a 3.5 hour flight which would have got us half way to Dubai had we changed the departure location to the UK… totally useless as we will never be flying with Emirates again or returning to Dubai and in fact insulting that such a small token gesture was offered to us for such a distressing and upsetting situation to be thrown into by yourselves.

    Your company policies are totally distorted, how you expect to get return custom is beyond me, but due to Emirates sheer size it is likely that you will continue to treat customers in such a disgusting and vile manner and still make millions in profit each year, using the justification that it is “business” is totally sordid, for business to take place it relies on a transaction between two parties… this is a giant company taking full advantage of their size and not caring one iota about the customer that is keeping it afloat and in profit.

    Emirates’ reputation as “one of the best airlines in the world” is totally unfounded and should be removed immediately. One of your slogans is “Committed to the highest standards in everything we do”… does this seem like a high standard to you?

  13. Isuru Reply

    Booking Ref: JMBBB6 Skywards Gold No. EK100777740
    I travelled to Moscow via Dubai on the 9th of February 2013 and was scheduled to travel back to Colombo on Thursday, 14th of February 2013 by EK 132 up to Dubai and so on. However, this flight was delayed and left Moscow around 5.30 a.m. and reached Dubai at 10.30 a.m. where I missed my connecting flight and I was unable to attend an important official function in the night in Colombo.

    At the time of Checking in, in Moscow, I was made to understand that I have been re-routed through Doha and the carrier was Qatar Airways. since I had no alternative I was forced to accept the same.

    When I checked in on Qatar Airways in Dubai on Terminal 1, I went to the Emirates First/Business Class Lounge and explained my position and very clearly mentioned that I am travelling on Qatar Airways due to the shortcoming of Emirates and asked whether I could use the Lounge facility. When you consider the situation, theoretically I should be granted the lounge facility and that’s the reason I went up to the Lounge and made the request.

    The Emirates representative who was at the reception of the Lounge refused my entry. I assume it was after checking with certain authority. In fact the lady told me they have checked with the Qatar Airways and asked me to proceed to the Business Class Lounge used by Qatar Airways ,near Gate No. C-8.

    Thereafter I walked up to the said Lounge and as I expected Mr. Wesley who was at the reception of that Lounge refused my request, which I expected, as I am just another passenger on Qatar Airways.

    Firstly, I think it is wrong for Emirates to refuse my entry to the Lounge and secondly Ms. Anastassia lied to me saying that she checked with Qatar Airways and they will accept me at their Lounge.

    I am sure you will understand the inconvenience caused by walking from Lounge to another Lounge and more than that, most importantly the embarrassment I faced at the Lounge of Qatar Airways because of the wrong information given to me by Ms. Anastassia. Thirdly, it is due to a fault of Emirates (delayed flight) I had to face all these situations.

    I did not expect such low level of service from an airline like Emirates and you will know for how many consecutive years I have maintained my Skywards Gold membership.

  14. Michael Reply

    I travel regularly for business and pleasure but, until recently, never flew with Emirates. I was in Addis Ababa in December/January and I had a wedding to attend in Khartoum, so I decided to fly Emirates, about which I had heard so much good. I was excited, and it was a good opportunity to take advantage of the stopover to spend two days in Dubai. As far as I was concerned, it was a happy coincidence and I was in for a treat. Unfortunately for me, it turned into one of my worst experiences with any airline. Coming from someone who flew with Aeroflot recently, that means something.

    When I checked in at Bole airport, the staff didn’t have the correct information about UAE’s visa requirements for Canadians and refused to allow me to board my flight. I provided them with the correct information but they waited until the flight had left to confirm it. As for the Sudanese visa requirements, I informed them that I had an electronic visa that would allow me to enter the country. They replied that I would have problems with the Sudanese authorities, who would require a physical visa. They subsequently added that they would gladly allow me to board the flight but that Ethiopian immigration would not allow me to fly. I asked them to confirm the information I provided and, again, they confirmed it only after the flight had departed. My information was correct in both instances, but I was forced to miss my flight for no legitimate reason. I began having second thoughts about my decision to fly with Emirates.

    I was now stranded in Addis Ababa. I informed Emirates staff that my entire family, who assumed I had already left, was also travelling to Khartoum for the wedding. They were on an Ethiopian Airlines flight that left an hour earlier. As a result, I would have no place to stay and I had no contacts left in town. I had also booked a hotel room in Dubai for which I would be liable. Emirates staff were unresponsive.

    By now, my luggage had already been loaded and Emirates staff told me to retrieve it at arrivals in five minutes so I could check it in again. They did not provide me with any additional information, so I needlessly wasted a considerable amount of time running back and forth to find my luggage. Emirates staff could not have been less helpful. The luggage were returned to me only after check-in was completed.

    I was then asked to pay a penalty for rebooking for the next day’s flight. I know that my ticket allowed me to change my flight at no charge. A $200 penalty applied only if I didn’t show up for the flight. I explained that to Emirates staff but, yet again, they were unresponsive. After wasting an unnecessarily long time explaining, arguing and complaining, they finally conceeded and decided that they would rebook me for the next day’s flight at no charge. Instead of apologizing, they insisted that they had done me a favour without acknowledging in any way their responsibilities for my dilema. My plans were now in disarray and I was about to incur unplanned/unexpected costs in Addis Ababa and penalties for cancelling the hotel room I had booked in Dubai (please see attached email).

    When I returned to Emirates the next day, one of the agents who ruined my plans the previous day received me with hostility. I was now familiar with the ineptness of the agents so I had printouts of everything and he knew my information was correct. His superior gave him a signal to allow me to board. They proceeded to send my luggage to Khartoum but gave me a boarding pass to Dubai only. When I expressed my unease, they assured me that this was the correct procedure. I was unconvinced but felt I had no choice but to comply. After all the hassle, I just wanted to be on my way and rest in Dubai. When I went to get my visa in Dubai after my arrival there, I was informed that I wasn’t confirmed for the second leg of my trip to Sudan, even though my luggage had already been sent to Khartoum. I was disappointed but not surprised. I went back to Emirates and the agent informed me that I was a no-show for the previous day’s flight and that I had to pay $200. I was now regretting my decision to fly Emirates. After over 30 minutes of explaining my predicament, the agent decided to change my ticket at no charge. The agents in Addis Ababa had entered notes in my file, but, apparently, not the correct ones. They did not make the adjustments to my ticket that they promised they would. All their assurances and gestures had only been perfunctory.

    If I knew what I now know about Emirates, I would never have chosen to fly with it. I have first-hand experience with other airlines that provide better service consistently. What should have been a happy occasion was almost ruined by men and women in Emirates uniform who represented the airline and who were consistently inept, unprofessional and uncourteous. They never learned from their errors and were habitually unwilling to acknowlege their mistakes. Unlike Emirates staff I had the misfortune to encounter, I learn from my mistakes. Choosing to fly with Emirates is a mistake I am unlikely to repeat.

  15. Krishnamurthy Reply

    Booking Reference Number: I6HEFF
    Departure City Dubai (DXB)
    Destination Seattle (SEA)
    Class of Travel Economy

    I am writing to express my frustration over the service and overall experience that my wife and I had during our flight from Dubai to Seattle, on EK-229, on 01/07/2013.

    We booked our tickets in Bengaluru, India through a travel agent around two months in advance of our trip, paying the ticket fee in full. Seats were already assigned to us, and we confirmed the same by logging onto with our confirmation codes.

    I am 66 years old, and my wife is 60. Compared to other airlines, Emirates was costlier, but we assumed that the extra cost would get us better service and a comfortable in-flight experience. It seems now that I was mistaken:
    1. At DBX, we were initially asked if we would like to cancel our journey on 01/07, and instead fly on 01/08, with the explanation that the flight was over-booked, and they were looking for passengers who would consent to traveling later. We refused, as our trip had to be done on time. We were then asked to wait for nearly an hour for confirmation, although our tickets had been confirmed for quite a while.
    2. When I insisted on our confirmed seats, I was told that we hadn’t checked-in online. How can you expect a tourist in a foreign country to check-in online? This is a completely unreasonable expectation.
    3. After an agonizing wait, we were assigned seats which were separate from each other! This was most inconvenient. Being senior citizens, my wife and I like to travel together and be of support to each other, but the separate seat assignment put us at a great inconvenience.
    4. The in-flight service was also below par, and much beneath what we expected from Emirates. Due to a problem in my arm, I was unable to place my cabin baggage in the overhead bin. Instead of getting me some help for this, the flight-attendant told me that if the bag was heavy for me, it would be heavy for her too! Such a rude remark was uncalled for. This is no way to treat your customers.

    We were hopeful that your airline would provide us with a comfortable and hassle-free travel, but were disappointed by the way things were handled.

    Our return trip back to India is also through Emirates, and I really hope that you would take this feedback to heart and improve your services.

  16. Sarada Henry Reply

    Air Emirates – all the fantastic adverts etc that we read is of no value when you get to the grass root level and see the way you are treated. A couple of years ago my husband and I were on a tour with 20 others and at Cairo airport we were off loaded – reason – we were late!! When they realised we were with the tour they gave all sorts of excuses and promises. We were told by a gentleman at the airport to remove my slippers and wave at them, unfortunately we were not brought up that way.. They compensated us with a free hotel stay with dinner. That did not make up for the time I lost in visiting my niece and her new born baby.
    Now closer to date, my husband and I were on emirates coming home from Auckland 4th of Jan 2013. At the Melbourne airport we were paged to see one of the emirates staff. So we identified ourselves and this chinese man said can i have a look at your boarding pass, we handed to him the next thing we knew he gave a new boarding pass with the explanation that they were better seats. Seeing no reason not to trust the man we took it and went back to the lounge and there we discovered that he taken our original pass for seats 18D and 18E and given us 35H and 35J. That guy told a blatant and purposeful lie to 2 senior citizens. The truth would have sufficed. We would have given up our seats for a good reason. My husband being a peaceful man said to leave it. My conclusion, it looks like emirates staff are trained to lie to cover up their mistakes and take advantage of unvary people. Let me tell you this AIR ASIA treats us better.

    • K .Samaddar Reply

      Even I faced such a problem when the EK094 flight got delayed from milan to dubai.

      I being a skywards member for over a decade is trying to avoid Emirates airways flights of late, just to avoid harassment & their bad services and lies by Emirates ill trained staff.

      EK094 arrived late by more than 1.5 hrs and I missed my luggage in the flight.
      They told me to report at the “Emirates Lost & Found” section near exit no.1.
      They simple gave me two tel nos. to contact them after 1 hr (current time was 2:00AM). Even after 10 hrs I’m unable to contact them because of the following two reasons:
      (1) Tel No. 045057538 as given by Emirates – Keeps ringing, Nobody answers the call.
      (2) Tel No. 045057584 as given by Emirates – intentionally kept engaged, call gets disconnected within seconds.

      Now I leave it upto the readers to guess what I’m going thru’ and judge by themselves before taking a Emirates Airlines flight in future.

      Even I’m having a backache after travelling in Emirates CRAMPED Economy Class Seats arrangement.

      Bye and wish me good luck.

  17. Attia Reply

    I was travelling over Emirates airlines from GUANGZHOU to Riyadh on 22-Dec 2012 with transit at Dubai airport (flights: RUH EK 0819/23 & DXB EK 0363/22), when I reached KING KHALID INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT at RIYADH I did not find my bag which has tag number EK 640384 after that I opened a PROPERTY IRREGULARITY REPORT with number RUHEK17847/23DEC12/0547GMT.

    Until now I did not receive my bag and there is no information about it at all from Emirates Airline local team! Even they did not try to call me for any updates. Is it my mistake that I have slected Emirates Airline??

    Note: This is the 2nd bad experience me with Emirates Airline; On 04-July 2012 I was travelling to Singapore through Dubai and I was delayed at Dubai Airport for 3 hours although my booking was confirmed and my flight departure was on time but with unknown reason Emirates team at Dubai Airport told me that: “Please wait for next flight because yours is almost full and we apologize for this delay!

  18. Giri Reply

    My wife and 1 year kid was travelling from Manchester airport (UK) 09/12/2012. Flight was supposed to depart 13:30 and it departed at 18:00. They have connecting flight from Dubai (3 hours waiting). Unfortunately, they missed the connecting flights. I got the ndia call center number and tried getting support, waited several mins but no one picks the call. The call gets disconnected. Tried 10 times. My parents are waiting for my family in Hyderabad. I am now worried about them.

  19. EK147159154 Reply

    I was a loyal Emirates Gold member until I was transiting through Dubai with a layover for a few hours accompanied by my wife and 4 year old son. Upon coming to the business lounge, I was told that my wife and son could not come in because the policy had changed and I was only allowed myself. This was infuriating because we had just flown the Melbourne-Dubai leg and were due to fly Dubai- Toronto next. The lounge was empty and with these kind of ludicrous policies, the airline will go bankrupt one day because loyal customers like myself will stop flying. Now I have been downgraded to blue since I have not been flying with them and will only be using up my remaining miles, then no more Emirates ever!

  20. Venkatesh Ganesh Reply

    The African man working gate #32 at Dubai Airport on 26/10/2012 at 2.20 am deliberately failed to call for boarding. By the time I made it to the gate at 2.20 they closed the gate. This African man lied in my face and told me he called for boarding when he did no such thing. He was also very haughty and smirked and grinned at me as if he thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world for a passenger to miss his connecting flight.

    When I approached the counter to reschedule my connecting flight, the Indians at the counter behaved very badly and were very arrogant as if they were doing me some grand favor, when actually it’s their responsibility to handle such matters for passengers.

    When I asked what would happen to my luggage they didn’t tell me anything. Only after my wife contacted the Emirates helpline to
    inquire about my luggage did I receive any information about luggage management in this situation. She should not have had to call them, the guys at the counter are obligated to be helpful, courteous and informative- but they are not fulfilling this obligation.

    I have been through Dubai Airport several times, and have never encountered such horrible behaviour from Emirates staff, I know you
    people can do better than this. Why do you deliberately hire hateful, uncivilized people?

    Let me tell you another thing. Doha Airport is horrible- The people they’ve hired to work there are terrible and behave in an
    abusive manner and systematically harass Asians. This is WHY I chose to fly with Emirates and come through Dubai instead of flying with Qatar (at a cheaper price), but you people are hiring the very same degenerates and quickly lowering your standards and the standards of Dubai Airport so that paying more to fly Emirates will no longer be sensible. If I’m going to be treated like rubbish by Emirates, I may as well fly with another airline so that at least I pay less while being disrespected and insulted. You people are stubbornly, arrogantly ruining your own business and reputation with your apathy and hostility towards PAYING customers.

    Further, as an Indian, I will be the first one to tell you that India is chock full of uncivilized people. I look forward to my trips
    abroad so I can get away from such nincompoops and when I come through Dubai I expect your staff to behave like it’s Dubai, not rat hole Delhi. I was not only insulted but also embarrassed to find your Indian employees behaving so badly, naturally anyone not familiar with Indians would assume that we’re all bad characters after dealing with these two.

    Your African and Indian employees may think it’s okay to bring their nasty attitudes and backwards cultural hang-ups into a sophisticated international airport like Dubai, but let me tell you it is not acceptable. If these people refuse to embrace common courtesy and civility, you should terminate their employment immediately and send them back to their slums where bad behaviour is considered cute.

    Furthermore, your flight attendants require an attitude adjustment as well. Why is it a crime to ask for water? If I get a drink of water at all, it’s served with a helping of hostility. If they’re too lazy to do what they’re PAID to do, send them home.

    • Tlem Reply

      I too have noticed how low grade people of various nationalities are hired by Emirates. Stewards/esses; ‘flying waiters/resses’, are utterly arrogant, narcissistic and INCOMPETENT! They feel that they are doing you a FAVOUR by serving you!

      I wrote a long email highlighting specific examples of the above. All I received was a pro forma (obviously emirates receive numerous complaints!) response!

      An international campaign should be launched to BOYCOTT EMIRATES!

  21. Bleu Reply

    Does anyone find it odd that Emirates serves both alcohol AND halal meat? So much for being sensitive to the Muslim community! Raise your hand if you would like to enjoy your halal chicken in peace without being annoyed or harassed by a crass, obnoxious drunkard! If they’re going to serve alcohol, they should have a separate *booze hound* section where such lunacy can be contained.

  22. jane Reply

    I flew with Emirates 7 years ago and vowed I would never fly with them again. On take off a case fell out of the over head luggage landed on the lady behind me head and my shoulder. This was due to the air crew not checking it was shut properly. They did not seem to care that we were hurt. There was no in flight entertainment for me and others in about 6 rows of the plane so for 12 hours there was nothing to do. Plane was not clean, Toilets dirty, The cabin crew which you have to go and find abrupt if you asked for water. I thought I’d give them a second chance and have just come back from Mauritus to New Zealand. Long delays, They kept telling us different stories on why. Run out of food, Asked for water it took over 1 hour. Cabin crew abrupt and often rather rude. Toilets dirty. Also I am sure that the seats on Emirates have less leg room than other airlines. I also fly regularly but never again with Emirates. I don’t believe they even care.

  23. Mustafa Jerwalla Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am writing this letter to inform you about the miserable experience my daughter had during her flight EK241 on 14th September 2012 from Dubai to Canada.
    Passenger Name – Jerwalla Alefiya/Miss Skyward : 264226550
    As you must be aware this flight was delayed by 5 hrs. at the Dubai Airport due to some technical fault. The staff at the airport and the flight showed total incompetence in managing such situation during this period. The major issue was the lack of proper communications, which resulted in passenger discomfort.
    Since my daughter was travelling alone, I had to undergo the mental trauma of communicating and managing her issues by myself. The passengers were informed that the flight will be delayed by 40 minutes soon after they had boarded the flight and the reason stated was that some passengers were missing. Subsequently they were informed about an additional 1 hour delay because of technical fault. There was no proper communication about these issues and the next schedule flight time. They were asked to disembark and requested to wait at the boarding area where the facilities were very limited. My daughter was not keeping well and I knew she has to travel for another 13.5hrs in the flight.
    The issue does not end here. Later when the flight took off finally, more bad experience was in store. We have known Emirates for its quality of service. So it is hard to believe that the long-haul flight service would have been so bad.
    • The washrooms were not cleaned. It was dirty and litter was all around.
    • The requested meal was not available. We had requested for Asian Vegetable (on-line), but this was not available and they served her.
    a) First meal only normal vegetarian food.
    b) For the second meal, only chicken and beef was available.

    We are very loyal customers of Emirates airlines and we used to admire your airline for its excellent services, prior to this bad experience
    I hope you will make a sincere effort in investigating this incident and taking preventive measures to ensure this does not happen again.


  24. dr muhammad Reply

    My family has residential multiple entry visa of 2 years to Oman. My family lives in Pakistan and every year they visit me for vacation for last 15 years.First time in 15 years we purchased emirates air ticket for family. On 3rd June ,2012 my family members were coming with confirmed tickets of emirates to muscat with only one hour stay in aircraft in Dubai at departure time of 5.45 am.

    But emirates air line staff at air port did not allow my family to deport, stating that their stay in Pakistan is more then 180 days so their visa is cancelled.I was waiting my family at muscat air port.

    My family clearly showed them stamped visa of Oman which shows that we are exempted from previous rule of 180 days.But because of lack of knowledge they did not allow them to exit Pakistan.

    Next day i took emergency ticket to Pakistan ,and went to emirates air office in khi where the official misbehaved with me.Ultimately i returned my three emirates tickets with loss of 9000 rupees Pakistani. Sad that all this happened with your esteemed airline. Will seek a refund asap.

  25. John R Reply

    I recently booked a return trip from Perth to Mancester in Business Class. The outward legs (Perth / Dubai and Dubai / Manchester) were using the boeing 777 aircraft. Approximately 15 hours prior to departure I decided to change the outward flights so that I could experience business class on the A380 on the Dubai / Manchester leg. This brought my departure time forward by some 7.5 hours. All ticketting was done and my itinery showed the A380 as being the aircraft on the Mancester leg. FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF FLYING ON THE A380 I WAS CHARGED AN EXTRA $1308 AS WAS EXPLAINED BY MY TRAVEL AGENT.

    I was advised at the airport, one hour prior to departure that I did not have a confirmed seat on the Dubai / Mancester leg. I thought this was strange as I had chosen my seat by going into the MANAGE A BOOKING section on the Emirates website. Owing to the lateness of the change, I was left with minimal options and chose a seat in row 25. At this time the aircraft shown was still the A380. When I explained this to the Emirates personel at Perth Airport, I was advised that there was not a row 25 in Business Class on that flight. It turns out that there had been a change of aircraft from the A380 to a Boeing 777 due to the low number of people flying on this leg.

    At the time of me changing my booking, I would expect that this change had already been put in place but yet I was still able to book, pay and choose a seat on the A380. REMEMBER, I WAS CHARGED AN EXTRA $1308 FOR THIS CHANGE.

    On my return, I emailed Emirates Customer Service explaining the situation and requested a refund of the $1308 as I believe I paid for something I did not get. I received a short but firm reply advising that I was not entitled to any refund as the airline has the option to change aircraft at their discretion. (Not their exact words used in the reply)

    My wife and I have flown this trip in Business Class with Emirates three times in the past three years. My wife is currently on her fourth trip as I write this. It is our intention to continue anual trips to the uk but after this experience IT WILL CERTAINLY NOT BE WITH EMIRATES.

    After reading other peoples experiences on this site I have come to the conclusion that yes, Emirates is probably one of the best airlines in the world, providing you don’t complain. However, be prepared to be rejected and completely ignored should you have any reason to complain.

    It seems that Tim Clark does not want to be bothered with complaints about his airline. A number of people in this forum have requested his email adress and unless I am mistaken, without success.

    Mr Clark, I have doubts that you will ever see this and if that’s the case, it is very sad that you are not made aware of the opinions of what would be ex Emirates customers.

    The response from your Customer Service Dept. rejecting my claim was bad enough in itself but for the person involved actually stating that THEY LOOK FORWARD TO WELCOMING ME ON BOARD SOON is just downright insulting.

  26. Kapil Aggarwal Reply

    Mis-communications by Emirates staff is a regular feature mainly because they are not clear themselves about the rules. For my reservation reference LP5PNW , I am being asked to pay much more for date change than I am actually supposed to pay. Please look into it.

  27. Hassan.M Reply

    The Emirates airline customer service is below zero, unprofessional staffs with no knowledge. We were 2 travellers, I already purchased 1 ticket, I called their official number to ask about validity of certain offer and the staff told me it was valid up to 9th of July, on 8th when I was going to buy the 2nd ticket I found out that the offer was expired and the price of the ticket wasmuch higher. I went to their so called customer care to complain, their reply was that “if our staff gave you a wrong information we cant do anything about that”!!!!!! .. and that in a very unprofessional way!!! Can a customer service be worse than this????? Even they refused to cancle my 1st ticket with no ccost!!!
    Its really shame! no doubt that Emirates reputation is getting worse and worse everyday!
    These issues and problems with Emirates should be mentioned on all the websites for people to become aware and be careful…

  28. Syed Reply

    Emirates Airlines has big name, big sponsors, big show off, big commitments, big platters, big aircraft’s and big false promises. Change this attitude if not your airline will go down. Tell your airline staff to have proper knowledge about the flight, give them proper training, have adequate information when somebody calls, and lastly have guts to provide your contact numbers on your websites so some body can escalate their complaints.

  29. frank Reply

    I was travelling from Nice to Bangkok with a stopover in Accra, Ghana.

    My ticket was changeable. I wanted to change my flight to an earlier date out of Ghana. I was out in the bush and could not go to their agency in Accra. Their phone number in Ghana was never available for weeks. They never replied to my query using their form on the website. In fact they did send an auto reply but never followed up.

    I had to stay until the initial date planned on my trip, which caused a lot of inconvenience and costs.

    I explained that when i flew at the airport. Instead of being sympathetic hearing my story, the officer asked me to print out my ticket our of Bangkok, otherwise i could not board. And i had to pay for the print out.

    I also tried to email [email protected] and [email protected] which ignored me. Back in thailand, i called the customer service there and they told me to email [email protected].

    I got an email from [email protected] saying they would review my case within 30 days! Then the final insult is copied in their email below.

    Basically they said it has been too long now to be able to investigate properly on what happened!!! Whose fault is it it has been too long? I have been ignored by them for months and now they say it is too late to see what transpired. This is how they treat their customers at Emirates.

  30. Ali Reply

    Me and my wife had recivied 2 free tickets from UK Heathrow, as we volenteered to get off a flight and take the next one its valid for one year..we had got it in Aug – 2011
    the 2 problems i have is that i cant remember the exact date of travel, And the other one is that i have lost both the tickets i really hope there is a way to retrieve these tickets with your help

  31. TOURE HAKIM Reply

    Dear sir/Madam
    My name is MR HAKIM TOURE from Mali. I respectfully write to you informing on your bad customer service. I am a regular traveller and this is my first time using Emirate airline. I usually use Senegal Airlines. During my trip with Emirates, I lost a big box of 35kg which contains important items. I was returning to Mali when this happen. I doubt I will use your company again.

  32. Khaleel Reply

    Emirates is a big Zero in Customer satisfaction . They are here in business to deceive people and make recommend money .. Their customer service is total mess. You do not get the answers from them .
    I would request people not to book their Itinerary on this airline.

    • mcf Denison Reply

      Emirates Airlines need to realise that the difference between a fantastic airline and a poor airline is not how good they are when things go right but how they fix problems when things go wrong. For 7 weeks I have been trying to book a flight with them on the internet without sucess. I have posted phoned and sent screen shot emails of the problem with there online booking engine several times. The customer relations department don’t care and realy can’t be bothered to even look at the problem even though they have been given numerous chances to do so. I would warn any body thinking of booking Emirate Airlines to consider and book with some other airline as I have now done.

  33. J R Boering Reply

    By the way my flights Rome (FCO-DXB-FCO) should have been in A380 First Class (Private Suite), but now they just put me in a rubbish J-class recliner with 7 hours delay. The Manchester-customerCare/customerAffairs simply CANNOT do ANYTHING for you. They only want to cry with you. I asked them SINCERELY how they would feel in the same situation. They cannot answer because they are all scared to loose their job!

    Similar problems I had in Singapore (J-class, had to sleep on a chair in Changi-airport WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT and London Gatwick!). Emirates just fly their new planes on 1% of their flights. 99% of their flights will be changed with old rubbish configuration!!

  34. J R Boering Reply

    I am also desperate to obtain email address from Tim Clark.
    Simply because NOBODY can help me solving a problem caused by themselves. Emirates just ignore you fully. They change flights, downgrade from First (F) class to Business (J) class (ANGLED RECLINER!!!) without ANY notice. How cruel people can be!!
    I discovered it myself and now I am stuck up in Dubai Terminal 3 for 11 hours instead of 3 hours! As a compensation they want to put me in the Meridien hotel opposite T3 full with prostitutes! Can you believe this?

  35. Richard Coleman Reply

    Hello, I flew Emirates 777 from London -> Dubai -> Bangkok. I have flown many airlines, to 27 different countries. Out of all of these airlines, Emirates was by far #1. ALL of the staff were very courteous, knew several languages and it shows your company takes pride in its aircraft and employees. I will definately fly Emirates again and recommend. Thank you for a great memory and a great flight! Richard

  36. Callum McNulty Reply

    The woman who served me when I checked in at Manchester, used very offensive body language and gestures – it could be exusable if I’d been abrupt or rude, but, I conducted myself in a very pleasant manner. Some of the suggestions she made were unnecessary and meant to be patronising, and I was hugely offended and distressed – she just stopped short of directly insulting me. I didn’t catch her name. She was blonde, in her early 20’s and worked on 6th February at about 18:00. I hope this helps you find her, and, for the benefit of your business and another UK worker’s employment opportunity, dismiss her! I really don’t think that that level of incompetence should be tolerated!

    The only complaint I have about the Perth to Dubai flight on the 2nd March was that I wasn’t offered any choice at breakfast. I wanted the mixed grill and was extremely disappointed in the quality of the fritata. The hostess insisted it was nice, but, I also found the potato croquettes to be quite revolting. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t served first at lunch; this would have enabled the same mistake to have been avoided, and would have allowed me same choice that everybody else had – we all paid the same amount of money, but, I was obviously deemed lower class!

    On the Dubai to Manchester flight, (same day) I was again offered no choice of main course, but, this time, I was served the meal I wanted. However, with the exception of Carmen, (a hostess) the amount of times I was bashed by the food trolley was rediculous! I was watching it go past, and noticed, depite tucking my elbows in, it only ever hit me. I’m very tall, but slim and I’m certainly not broad at the shoulders. There were several obese passengers, and they never got hit! A few sincere apologies would have appeased me slightly, but, towards the end I was extremely enraged! I can honestly say that the staff during that flight were on very poor form indeed! I expect better!

    I don’t intend to fly with Emirates again after this awful experience, and even though these comments cannot be put to use in order that I recieve higher standards from your staff in the future, I sincerely hope that you act swiftly on these suggestions, so that at least the customers you are proud of need not receive the dreadful treatment I was subjected to!!

    Thanks anyway!!

    • Callum McNulty Reply

      P.S. The flights I have commented on were: EK 020, EK 425 & EK 019.

  37. Roberta Reply

    My name is Roberta and I recently traveled to Dubai from Frankfurt, Germany, and Emirates was my airline choice. My travel experience to Dubai was very enjoyable as the crew members were very efficient in their jobs and offered top quality customer service.

    However on my return flight to Frankfurt (Flight # EK043 on 9 Feb 2012), the experience was a completely horrifying experience. My seat (23K) was broken and there was a portion of it constantly poking me in the lower back, and this was extremely uncomfortable for me. I pointed this out to the flight attendant, and asked to be moved to a different seat. She returned a bit later, informed me that the flight was full and I would not be moved to a different seat. She then gave me a pillow and stated that the supervisor had been informed of the situation and they would try to find a solution.

    However, the flight attendant never returned with a solution and neither did the supervisor. I was basically ignored and was forced to sit in a broken seat for a seven hour flight and endure excruciating back pains as well as severe discomfort throughout the duration of the flight and this is definitely unacceptable. Isnt it the airline’s policy to ensure that all is well before allowing passengers on the plane. I paid good money for my flight and I expected good service, but instead, I end up with back pains. This was my first experience with Emirates and it was a very bad one.

    I would like to be contacted by an Emirates representative via email on how the company plan to eliminate this from happening to another customer and how to re-gain my customer loyalty.

      • J R Boering Reply

        Customer support?? What is that? Does Emirates REALLY have a customer service department? NO, SIMPLY NOT AT ALL!! They try and cry for you WITHOUT ANY SOLUTION!!!

        • Nafis khan Reply

          Customer service,
          Nobody can even find you at Dubai airport let alone by phone. Your whole system is useless. Unless you respect others your town will become a camel town again.

  38. Andy Hill Reply

    Dear all at Emirates, we recently flew with you from Dubai to Colombo via Male and in this world of people trying for recompence and upgrades and just general whinging we felt the need to redress the balance somewhat with our wonderful experience on you superb airline. We had just flown in from london to colombo with virgin and had felt that the virgin flight had been very average and so with another 7 hours ahead of us we decided to upgrade to business class for the remainder of the journey to get some comfort and sleep.

    The reason for our compliments to you today however are nothing to do with the class, seating, food, or flight as these we’re all exemplary and something that can be achieved by any business, no it was to tell you how wonderful your cabin crew were on flight EK652 on the 28th of November at 09.40 and in particular your stewardess…”Lois” who truly looked after us like no one has ever done before, she is a credit to yourselves and your company and please pass on our thanks for all her kindness and hard work. We were so impressed that we will be flying Emirates next time as you are streets ahead of the competition. We fly back with you on the 18th of December at 2.55am and couldn’t think of a better way to travel, warmest regards, Andy Hill

  39. Chetty Reply

    Kindly note that we have travelled with you twice previously. We have had enjoyable trips. Hence we are travelling with your airline again.
    Kindly note that we read in the Sunday Times of upgrades. Our tickets have been purchased a few monthhs ago.
    It will be greatly appreciated if we could be considered for an upgrade.

  40. vaneshia Reply

    I took a flight on 7 th july was my first flight.i would like to thank you. i had the most wonderful trip…it was magical.thank you to the staff also..realy kind ..with a smile always. thank you emirates airline.

  41. Mohammad Hanif Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam

    With reference to my File Reference KHIEK22029. Inspite of my several phone calls and emails to [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected] I m still not able to get any reply from them so far. It is now the 7th day that my bag is missing and it is such a disappointment from a known airline like Emirates

    The baggage ( Dark Green Hand Carry with Wheels) contains the following important contents:

    -Clothes ( Ladies, Stitched)
    -Course Books( Study Manuals of CO Ordinance 1984 and Other Laws, Business Management Study Text)
    -Dark Brown Hand Bag
    -Brown Wallet
    -Red Stationery Pouch
    -Black Steel Water Bottle
    and other important stuff including cash

    As the baggage contain my books due to which i m not able to continue my studies and suffering a huge loss, keeping aside the mental stress that i m having.
    Kindly expediate the process on your part to find my luggage as soon as possible

    Thanks And Regards
    Mohammad Hanif

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      did you try calling the Emirates head office? a complaint should fasten the delay..

  42. Henry Irunde Reply


    I travelled from Seattle to Dar es Salaam via Los Angeles and Dubai on 30th July 2011.

    Before departing Dubai I checked with the information desk if my baggages were also checked in and she answered yes. Upon my arrival to Dar 1st of August 2011, my bags were missing, and the matter was reported to the Emirate customer representative in Dar who told me the bags bearing tags EK 850681 and EK 850682 were left at Los Angeles airport. It is almost a week now and the airline is doing nothing to recover my baggages.I am given baggage inventory form to fill, I am wondering how will this form help me to recover one of my important document that has has taken me more than 2 years to work on??

    My whole trip to US is meaningless as all my documents and other belonging were in those baggages. This caused me sufferings and incoveniences as all my businesses are now pending. I think I should sue the airline to the court of law for the delay and damage/loss it has caused to me If this matter is not taken seriously.

    More than dissapointed!


    • CCC - Sam Reply

      thats very unfortunate..there are hundreds of such cases happening each day..kindly escalate the issue with higher authorities..

  43. Annette Reply



    1.we cannot buy tickets from your website. **the transaction seems to go through but gets cancelled seems to be a known issue by the customer service agents.

    2. we cannot buy tickets over the phone. not sure why ?
    3. oficce hours in SFO are only 1-3pm only place you can buy the ticket.

    4. Customer Service was horrible assuring a booking to get me of the phone to come and find out the booking was cancelled a few hours before travel time? refusing to escalate to a manager and yet the agent could not resolve the issue.

    on 6/27 we booked a separate ticket for my brother and we were able to purchase the ticket at the counter the next day when travelling when I gave this as an example they still could not do the same for the current ticket.

    Bottom Line I am so so frustrated with your service and it feels as though there is no effort to make it remotely better or offer decent customer service .
    The customer service agents seem to read and repeat from a script and cannot solve customers problem thats outside the box.

    Hope you can make changes at least to the website where we can buy tickets online or extend office hours.
    By allowing online purchase from San francico and reducing contact with the terrible customer service would be a great WIN.

    Very frustrated !

    frequent traveller SFO to Nairobi

  44. Jilvin Joseph Reply

    Is there any possibility to get the email ID of tim clark the ceo/president of emirates airline.

  45. Sukaina Reply

    Could you please share the email address of Customer Affairs Dubai? I have sent them so many emails, all have bounced back. Would really appreciate your help.

  46. Mehboob Khan Reply

    Respected CEO (Emirates)

    I am upset to share about the rusty behaviour of Lahore Emirates Office Staff, I am a Sales Manager at Rapid Travel & Tourism (Pvt) Ltd. Agency IATA No. is: 27311421.

    Emiartes Lahore Office is not co-operating to provide us Ticket Stock, They do not provide any reason for this, Infact, I have plenty of Customers who prefer Emirates Airlines. But I am un-lucky to promote your Airline just becoz of the rude behaviour of Lahore Staff. Mostly your staff says that we do not have time to visit your agency and we are un-able to solve the problems,

    I think they are just killing the Time at Emirates office and taking Money for their livelihood. The Lahore Staff of Emirates does not have concern with the problems of IATA Agents,

    Please Follow up my inquiry for the Ticket Stock, I will be gratefull to you,

    Thanking in Anticipation!

    Mehboob Khan
    Sales Manager

    Rapid Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd.

  47. Mike Lord Reply

    Rang the Dubai customer relations again today Monday 6 times – only an answer machine….left details again but nobody rings back. Its now become somewhat of a joke!

    Mike and Tona Lord – Seychelles.

  48. Mike Lord Reply

    I have rang the customer affairs department all day, I rang more than 20 times in the end and only got an answer machine. I left my details on three occasions, however, not a phone call or an email has been received. I have emailed Dubai and UK from Friday onward with still no reply. This is beginning to show some real cracks in your customer complaints system and the organisation. I find this whole issue and lack of response bizarre to say the least. Mike and Tona Lord.

  49. Mike Lord Reply

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Formal complaint regarding safety and security of flight EK 705.

    I write to you regretfully regarding the above named flight which my
    partner Tona Gorner and I travelled on as part of our first class flight
    from Manchester to the Seychelles.

    Firstly let me tell you the first flight from Manchester to Dubai was
    everything that first class should be and more. This part of the journey
    was fantastic and met all expectations.

    Having boarded flight EK 705 from Dubai to Seychelles, However, things
    changed dramatically and very quickly. Tona and I soon realised that
    apart from us as a couple, the rest of the first class passengers were a
    VIP party of 9, all Arab men.

    One particular male sat in row 2, the seats next to us and was drunk and
    abusive and continued to drink and shout as well as swear, using sex
    words and was extremely unpleasant. My partner was extremely upset and
    embarrassed being exposed to this type of behaviour.

    Things got worse and after complaining to the cabin crew they had a word
    with him but not with any authority or force. He was served more alcohol
    which was unforgivable and his offensive behaviour got worse. I am sorry
    to say that by now my and my partners patience was being stretched to
    the limit.

    He was obviously now a danger to himself, others and the other
    passengers on the plane. With no intervention by the cabin crew, I
    complained again about this gentleman who was now on his feet and
    staggering around the cabin. Again nothing was done or said to him
    perhaps his VIP status was something to do with the crews lack of
    response. Incredibly he was given more alcohol in a coffee/tea plastic
    cup I am sure to hide the fact he was being served at all.

    I appealed at this point to one of his companions to intervene as he was
    singing dirty rap songs in English, using words like mother fucker and
    worse. I have to say that on any other aircraft or airline this would
    have been seen as a security problem and would have been dealt with in
    the correct way. On approach to Seychelles this gentleman and I use this
    word very sparingly, refused to fasten his seat and had to be told to
    sit down three times. He actually was walking around the cabin 3 minutes
    before landing. We landed, he had no seatbelt on and he immediately
    stood up staggering around and shouting. Shortly after landing he did no
    more than light a cigarette whilst waiting to disembark the aircraft. I
    was absolutely amazed and shocked by the crews lack of action to this
    totally compromising situation.

    I again spoke to the purser a female who actually told me she was not on
    board to “Mollycoddle” passengers, the bottom line she was embarrassed,
    compromised and in fact her 1st class cabin crew had indulged this guy,
    supplied him with alcohol when he was totally drunk and in my opinion
    compromised the safety and security of the crew, passengers on the
    aircraft. We were concerned about our safety and feel deeply offended by
    what we experienced.

    I don’t believe I need to say more and I am sure you get the picture
    clearly enough, what you can’t imagine is the atmosphere, fear and
    resentment to this lack of passenger control and total breach of even
    the most basic security requirements and safety on board an aircraft.

    In conclusion we travel back to Manchester via Dubai on the 27th on your
    aircraft and believe me I am worried and concerned that your crews can
    be intimidated and compromised by people who have VIP status, have no
    respect for others or themselves. I want this complaint taken seriously
    and taken to the highest level of investigation. Failure to do this and
    to our satisfaction will result in me taking further action and
    reporting the matter to the civil aviation authorities.

    This was supposed to be a special one in a lifetime experience for my
    partner and I who came to the Seychelles to get married. I can only ask
    you to consider the effect this journey had on us and the disappointment
    we share because of this preventable and alcohol fuelled incident that
    occurred because of your crew and their lack of conviction to uphold the
    rules of safety and decency.

    I am on +44 7515599 999 and would appreciate a phone call to acknowledge
    this email of formal complaint.

    Mike Lord
    The Stirling Group

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Sorry to hear what happened. This is not expected from a premier airline like Emirates. Was the passenger already drunk before entering the airline?

      • Mike Lord Reply

        He was a nightmare from the minute he got on the aircraft. Using a laptop and headphones, singing rap songs with swear words and showing no respect that a female was sat adjacent to him. Disrespectful and disgraceful behaviour. The crew were completely passive due to the nature of the VIP party and they then fuelled him with alcohol. This was not what I expected from Emirates or indeed what I thought I had purchased. Mike and Tona Lord

  50. abdul Reply

    i am looking for the email address of tim clark the ceo/president of emirates airline

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