Contact Emirates Delhi: Find below customer care contact details of Emirates airline in Delhi , India. You can contact the below address is for new Emirates ticket booking, flight status oar other queries on Emirates’ services.

Delhi(Town Office)

DLF Centre, 7th Floor,Parliament Street
Connaught Place,New Delhi – 110 001

+91 116 631 4444

+91 116 631 441

Emirates Head Office
Customer Affairs Department,Emirates
P.O. Box 686,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971 4 7083611
Facsimile: +971 4 2864120

About Emirates
Emirates was born as the official international airline of the United Arab Emirates. Fully owned by the Government of Dubai, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and has over 50,000 employees worldwide. Emirates was founded in the year 1985. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline & Group. Emirates currently has a fleet of 137 aircraft. The airline flies to over 100 destinations in 60 countries around the world.

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  1. A.N. Jaiswal Reply

    I want to know the number of baggage I can carry with me within my entitlement of accompanied baggage i.e. can I take two suit cases within 32 kgs which is my entitlement while travelling Delhi- Dubai-Johannesburg or can I take only 1 suitcase weighing 32 kgs.

  2. Mukesh kumar Reply

    can you please tell me do i need a transit visa for dubai if my final destination is Brazil? My stopover time at dubai would be around 6 hrs or so..i am coming from IGI delhi ..

  3. Porsh Reply

    Good day,

    I traveled from Lagos to New Delhi, India on Sunday and wanted to purchase extra baggage allowance but could not because your system was down as at the time I was checking in Lagos.
    I was told to send someone to the Emirate office in Lagos but till today he has not been able to purchase it because your system is still down.
    So is there a way I can get purchase it from here in India and if yes I would like to know the cost of the extra baggage allowance:
    – Lagos to India
    – India to Lagos
    – Dubai to Lagos

  4. kumar Reply

    Emirates airline is not providing OK TO BOARD to customers. This is turning out to be a nightmare for us.

  5. Seema Reply

    Emitates Airlines – The WORST AIRLINE on this Earth

    I would like to narrate my horrific experience with Emitates Airlines, flying from New Delhi to Dubai and back. Due to this, unless left with no choice, I would never like to fly Emirates or recommend to anyone else.

    I and my son were booked to fly from New Delhi-Dubai on 21st Jan 2012 by flight EK 511 ( DT 10.50 am ). My PNR no. was 176-9097682002. On reaching the airport, I was not issued a boarding pass saying that Emirates Dubai had not sent an ‘ Okay to board “ message for my ID : CHUSNF . I was confused and very annoyed because the staff at the check in desk had no time to explain what that meant and left me stranded saying they couldn’t do anything about it till their system showed this status. On making numerous calls , the travel agent in Dubai called to say that he would organize this. But, in the meantime, the check in staff without any consideration that I was travelling with a child, deboarded me from flight EK511 ( not that I was issued a boarding pass in the first place ). Finally, after more calls made here and there and calling the Emirates office in New Delhi( +91 11 66314444 and the girl I spoke with said her name is Shruti ) to do something about this, they said they could put me on the next flight with an additional cost of Rs 2000 INR per head. So, finally, on paying Rs 4000 INR ( for me and my son ), I was put on the next flight EK 8513 ( DT 12.25 pm ).

    I thought this happens sometimes and let it go, even though it had already made me feel very upset and annoyed. But, something worse was in store for me on my was back 6 days later.

    According to my travel itinerary , my flight back from Dubai was on 26th Jan 2012 DXB-Del Ek 516 ( DT 10.10 am ). On reaching rhe airport on time, I was told that the Delhi aiport on 21st Jan 2012 had changed it to EK 8512 ( DT 6.05 am ) and hadn’t told me about it at all on 21st !! It was 7.30 am in the morning and I was being told that my flight had already left at 6.05 am ! The service desk at the New Delhi airport had changed my return flight and hadn’t bothered to tell me about it. This is the most unexcusable matter. I was naturally very upset and angry. I was told to go to the Emirates booking counter and check what could be done about leaving on the next available flight. My husband was to fly to South Africa the same day in an hour’s time. He could have left me stranded at the Dubai airport like this. We then had no choice but to buy the next available ticket on the same flight. It was a first class ticket costing us about Rs 50000 INR more. We had no choice and bought the ticket. We heaved a sigh of relief on reaching New Delhi and have sworn ever since never to fly the “ worst “ airline on this earth called the Emirates. We have paid Rs 54000 INR on our return trip from New Delhi to Dubai , both for no fault of ours not to mention the mental harassment that we went through.

    Seema Sehgal

  6. Harpreet Reply

    May i have you customer care contact number in Delhi.
    Kindly revert on urgent basis.

    • Mahip Reply

      please provide tel no to speak to office manager. The ticket has been booked by my husband on his Credit card thru Expedia for trip to Manchester UK and back. I hope there will not be any problem at the time of check in at Airport because of this. I will appreciate response from you

  7. Bawelile Reply

    My vendor number is 4ICK4C and the ticket number is 169 3549 961673 and 083 3549 961672 respectively. Can you reconfirm the booking as the training I was attending ends on Friday 3rd Feb,2012. The Ticket was booked by the Indian High Commission in Maputo and I am from Swaziland. Thank you!!!

  8. Sam Reply

    i want to apply for tourist visa to dubai from new delhi.pls tell the formaities .and where can i contact .thanks waitng for reply.

  9. Nitin Reply


    Hi I have made an on-line booking for a ticket from Delhi to London. I have noticed that passenger Title has been recorded incorrect. Its ‘Mr.’ whereas is should be ‘Mrs’. Could this be an issue while travelling if yes, Can this be changed ?

    • customer help Reply

      you could get it corrected by speaking with the reservation desk..

  10. Ashish Tiwari Reply

    I started my journey on 4 Dec 11 from New castle airport to Delhi (India) as a final destination through Emirates flight. It was shocking for us to know o during the flight that we will not get vegetarian food because of no prior information. Similarly we haven’t got any accommodation in Dubai during stop over time. Now for our return journey EK517 & EK35 Ddt 9th Jan 12 against booking reference VCC18193, we are requesting you to arrange vegetarian food for all of us (four members) in flights from all the way up to New castle i.e. in both the flights & hotel or accommodation during stop over at Dubai.

    • customer help Reply

      Firstly, those preferring vegetarian food during their flight must inform it in advance. It can be done from the website or either by calling the customer support. Secondly, it is not mandatory that airlines should provide hotel accomodation during transit or stop over. There are some rules for the same. You need to get details by talking to Emirates.

  11. chander nagpal Reply

    i have tickets on emirates for a visit to dubai for 8jan-15jan.i want apply for visa ,how many exact days it will take,i already made my hotel bookings ..i am little concerned about my visa.plz suggest if any express service is available?

  12. hasija Reply

    I want to know the baggage allowed to travel to Dubai. The dimension of bags etc.

  13. Harish Reply

    I have applied for cancellation of my tickets. Please let me know the cancellation charges on these tickets and also let me have the cancellation policy.

  14. firdous Reply

    I lost my baggage and accidentaly took some other person’s baggage.
    I was arriving by EK 510 from Dubai. Port of actual boarding is Lagos.
    Please help and contact.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      contact Emirates customer support and explain the problem..they should help you sort the confusion..

  15. mindu Reply

    This is to inform you that I had travelled on EK 512 from Dubai to New Delhi, India on the 15 September 2011 at 22:10 hrs and reached Delhi, India on the 16 September 2011 at 2:45 hrs. Further I had transit flight to Paro, Bhutan on Druk Air flight on the 16 September 2011. The emirates personal at the Delhi Airport failed to hand over my baggage to my onward connecting flight to Paro, Bhutan on Druk Air on the 16 September 2011. I am being assured by the emirates personal at the Delhi Airport that they will handover my baggage to my on ward airline the next day with no liabilities to us. Till date I had not received my baggage. Our airline informed me that the baggage is in concern with the emirates airline at the Delhi airport. I would appreciate if you could kindly look into the matter and speed up to handover my baggage to our Airline ( Druk Air )in Delhi so that they will send it to Bhutan. It has been a very harrasing moment for me as it is already 4 days now. I really do respect the professionalism and reliability of the emirates airline as I am a frequent flyer.

  16. vinod kumar gupta Reply

    Have a ticket for Delhi to Dubai to London. Ther is a stop over of 15 hours i.e. arrival at 18.10 hours departure at 9.40 hours next day

  17. FAHAD KHAN Reply

    how can i obtain visa for dubai by emirates in delhi?

  18. Kshitij Reply

    I am going to Dubai on Employment Visa. Is it mandatory to mention Visa details in the Emirates Airlines System to issue Boarding Card at Delhi?


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