Contact Emirates: Find below customer service details of Emirates airline, including phone and email (as of October 2016). You can reach the below contacts for queries, complaints or feedback on reservation, payment, lost or delayed baggage, cancellation, missing miles or others.

Emirates Head Office
Airport Road – Marrakesh St Junction,
Al Garhoud Dubai, UAE

Emirates Customer Service
Phone: +971 600 555 555 (UAE)
Phone: +1 800 777 3999 (US)
Phone: 0344 800 2777 (UK)
Email: [email protected] (UAE)
Email: [email protected] (US)
Email: [email protected] (UK)

International Contacts

Australia: +61 1300 303 777
Argentina: +54 11 5355 1166
Bahrain: +973 1 654 8989
Brazil: + 55-11-47001516
China: 400 882 2380
Czech Rep: +420 239 016 320
Denmark: +45 38487000
Egypt: +20 2 3332 0555
France: +33 1 57 32 49 99
Germany: +49 699 451 92000
Hong Kong: +852 30713019
India: 022 33773377
Indonesia: +62 21 2934 5555
Ireland: +353 1 517 1600
Japan: +81 3 6743 4567
Korea: +82 2 2022 8400
Kuwait: +965 2 205 5155
Malaysia: +60 36 207 4999
Mexico: 01 55 4738 0444
Netherlands: +31 20 203 5163
New Zealand: 050 836 4728
Norway: +47 2231 0888
Pakistan: +92 21 352 03 377
Philippines: +63 2 792 6045
Portugal: +351 21 366 5533
Qatar: +974 4438 4477
Russia: 8 800 555 1919
Saudi Arabia: 800-850-0022
Singapore: +65 6 622 1770
South Africa: 0860 123 155
Spain: +34 912 757 792
Sri Lanka: +94 11 470 4070
Sweden: +46 8 5025 2111
Switzerland: 0844 111 555
Thailand: +66 2 787 3387
Turkey: +90 212 315 4545
Zimbabwe: +263 86 7704 4444


About Emirates

emirates customer serviceBased in Dubai, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East with 3,600 flights each week to over 154 cities in 81 countries across six continents. It has its hub at Dubai International Airport and is the fourth largest airline in the world in terms of both international passengers carried and scheduled revenue-passenger-kilometres flown. It is also the second largest in terms of freight tonne kilometres flown. In 2015, Emirates boasted of having transported close to 60 million passengers.

Emirates’ fleet includes both Airbus and Boeing aircrafts, with more than 80 being Airbus A380. If you are a frequent flier, register for the Skywards frequent flier programme to earn reward points and redeem the same for new flights and other products. And at most airports, you should be able to find a dedicated Emirates Lounge available for members. If you need to register for the Skywards, you can do the same on the link here.

On the Emirates website, fliers can easily search and book flights. In addition to flights, you can book hotels, reserve cars, check-in for your flight online, know flight status, schedule and much more. Whether you are looking for top destinations, offers/discounts or information on food and beverage options, Emirates website is a treasure chest. If you are already have a reservation, you can make changes to your booking by signing into your account online. It is an easy way to manage your trip without reaching the customer service via phone or email. You can cancel, re-book, print itinerary, select seats or book meal on the Account page.

If you are always on the move, download the Emirates smartphone app to book or manage your reservation. You can even get details of flight and baggage restrictions. Baggage allowances depend on the class of travel. For destinations outside the Americas, Economy Class passengers can carry 30kg, Business Class passengers 40kg and First Class 50kg. For flights to and from America, fliers can carry 2 bags in all three classes, each weighing not more than 23kg for Economy class. You can read the baggage guide for accurate information on restrictions, bag dimensions etc.

Did you know, you can even book tours and activities in Dubai. Also, there is Dubai Connect for First Class and Business Class passengers who have long stopover in Dubai. Your meals, transportation and accommodation is covered under the service.

Top Destinations

Some of the top destinations covered by Emirates include Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Auckland, Athens, Bangalore, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Brisbane, Brussels, Cairo, Cape Town, Chennai, Chicago, Christchurch, Copenhagen, Colombo, Dallas, Delhi, Dublin, Doha, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hyderabad, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Houston, Istanbul, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Kochi, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manchester, Melbourne, Muscat, Mumbai, Moscow, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Riyadh, Rome, San Francisco, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo, Trivandrum, Vienna, Washington and Zurich.

Common Emirates Complaints

emirates-serviceCustomer complaints will find their way to you, no matter how meticulous you are. There is always room for improvement, and Emirates is no exception. The most common customer complaints has been with the customer service. From poor in-flight service to careless reservation desk, most complaints have to do with Emirates’ customer service. There are those whose tickets are cancelled without intimation or the check-in counter simply doesnt make exceptions on baggage or won’t admit errors on name.

The next undoubtedly is the loss of baggage. Many customers complain that their luggage was loaded onto planes heading to different places than they were, leading to confusion and harassment. Bad handling is also part of it. A large number of customers complain their luggage was mishandled by the airline, resulting in damage to fragile property stored in the luggage.

Then we have the booking problems. A large number of complaints focus on the non-recognition of bookings made by customers even when they paid for it. Additionally, refund of cancelled tickets that have not been made, technical errors, special services,  among others.

How to Complain

Airing your grievances to Emirates is fairly easy and straightforward. Emirates reservation desk on phone is available round the clock, should you need any changes or additions to your itinerary. Alternatively, you can locate an Emirates office nearest to your address from the link here and express your disillusionment in person. If either of it failed, you can use the contact form or Emirates’ social media accounts to escalate to someone from the support. Emirates is found on Facebook, Twitter as well as Google+. Also feel free to share your complaint at the Customer Care Contacts dedicated page on Emirates customer service. Share your feedback and give voice to your grievances whether they be with regard to reservation, hotel/tour booking, missing miles, refund, cancellation, in-flight service, or lost baggage.

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  1. Mohammed Zuheb Airani Reply

    I had travelled from Los Angeles to Bangalore and landed at BLR airport on 3rd Aug 2017. I was getting a 55 inch tv along with me which was damaged. I had called the customer care number to complain about the mishandled baggage for which the claim process was not explained to me and the claim was declined saying there was no written complaint within 7 days of the travel.
    File Ref: DXB/X/MU/170817/7271197.

    Here is the last mail I sent.
    it seems to me that emirates is eager to dismiss my claim, otherwise why would you just stop at the timestamp of email and not read the content, why isn’t there a number to call and explain what transpired .

    I will try and explain the hardships that I had to go through and really hope you read the entire mail.

    There are three different groups that a customer has to penetrate before his claim is actually responded to, this I got to know only 2 days back when I heard from customer.affairs

    1. customer care (022 3377 3377)

    2. [email protected]

    3. [email protected]

    you should know that customers will not know everything about your policy and our first line of help is calling customer care, so I called customer care at 022 3377 3377 on 10th of August ( that is 7th day from my landing date). you should find a log of my call from number 9880782959. The gentle man who assisted me never explained me anything about the claim process and he said, he will send out a courtesy email and asked me to check back after 48hrs, at this time I asked him if I can get a complaint number, he said there is no need for complaint number and I can use my baggage number (ek 662286) for reference and call back 48hrs later.

    You could have

    1. looked at the call logs to find if there are calls

    2. looked at the notes recorded or if there is indeed a recording of the call (like everytime I call customer care, it says these calls may be recorded for quality and training purpose)

    3. find the courtesy email that the gentleman who assisted man talked about\
    but no, you would choose to stick to the timestamp of email from me!
    further to my story, I did call after exactly 48hrs to check the status, only this time the customer care executive who took the call said, I should have given a written complaint and gave me the mhbblrek mail id to write to, now that is the email I sent to you which is dated 12th Aug.
    After sending email on 12th Aug, I called the same customer care number to check the status because I did not hear any acknowledgement of my email, then the lady who assisted me said the email id should all be capitals MHBBLREK, so I resent the email.

    I get response back 48hrs later (this seems to be the standard time to respond just to while away the time) asking me to fill a form, so I immediately do it on the same day and send the form.

    Then the case moves to customer.affairs, when I called customer care to check the status, this time the gentleman said there is no way to track the case and the only way to correspond is via email.
    my questions are

    1. why there are three separate departments working on same issue and not co-ordinated?

    2. why is customer care people not trained to dissipate accurate procedure? had the person who assisted me on the first day of call, I would have been able to register my complaint via email, how long does it take for me to send an email in this age?

    3. why after writing to MHBBLR do I get the form to fill in? why can’t I get it at first call that I made?

    4. There are numerous ways you could have informed the customer about claims process, for e:g before travel I have made numerous calls to USA customer care asking about every detail of transporting the Tv, why wasn’t I told then about the procedure

    5. why isn’t there a number to call customer.affairs directly and explain the issue first hand?

    I guess the answer to all the above question is that emirates wants to hide behind the garb of procedures and technicalities to not take responsibility should a claim raise.

    My faith in the big brand name of “Emirates” will be restored when

    1. Emirates will take steps to address the training gap for customer care executive to address the baggage claim correctly

    2. streamline the claims process to be swifter by making one department and giving a number to call them directly

    3. inform customer upfront about claims process and make the process easy to access to customers

    Finally my faith in brand name of “Emirates” will be restored when they own up their responsibility and not find petty reason to disregard my claim.

    I really hope you have read this email in its entirety and take steps so that another doesn’t suffer like I did.

    Here is the reply I got:
    Thank you for your e-mail message in connection to your luggage claim.

    I regret that you remain disappointed with our response. I have taken this opportunity to review your claim, along with all relevant reports, received in this office. I do believe that my colleague Marlene Ofula’s correspondence included a comprehensive explanation detailing our policies and procedures.

    We have treated this matter with due care and have conscientiously reviewed this entire incident and responded to you in a concerned and professional manner. With no intention of diminishing your concerns, we regrettably are unable to continue further correspondence on this regard or consider your claim as suggested by you on this occasion.

    Thank you for allowing me to respond and reiterate our position.

  2. Lau Siu Kin Reply

    Please send me the e-mail address of your customer care center.

    We have traveled from Dubai to Munich on your airline but my luggage was found broken after the collection.

  3. r s bothra Reply

    I would like to travel from Kolkata to Los Angeles via Dubai. Please let me know if I can carry betel leaves, nuts, pan masala, chewing tobacco with me as checked in luggage.

  4. Waheed Reply

    I travelled by Emirates flight from Heathrow to Sialkot via Dubai. Boarding cards were issued at Heathrow for connection too. The seat from Dubai to Sialkot was allocated at the tail end in the middle row. The plane was A330 and seat allocated was at the last end in the middle row with little legroom.

    It was very uncomfortable for the next 3 hours. I suffer from lumber pain and compression of nerves. I wanted to stand up right but the crew prevented me as even I stated my medical conditions. The journey was a painful and unbearable. The crew ladies were unable to communicate in affluent English Language and treated as if I am a “AN ILLITERATE WORKER FROM MIDDLE EAST GOING BACK TO HOMELAND .”

    At Sialkot International Airport the Emirates staff at the baggage hall were not available to assist the passengers as their baggage was scattered around off the belt. I was surprised that the Emirates staff not available. Further, there is no Emirates Passenger care/ticking office at Sialkot City where from Emirates obtain a lot of business. I wanted to change the flight and wish to come back to UK earlier due to sudden ailment and mobility but no seat for a single passenger available in the same class until 27 May 2014. A close friend of mine for 55 years runs his own travel Agency at Sialkot tried head over heals and the Emirates staff Lahore offices ( female ) declined that there is any single seat available even from Lahore to Dubai/London on 22 May 2014. Whereas, on the website the seat in the same class was available.

    I was very surprised and upset that Emirates aggressive commercial advertisement persuaded me to travel on this airline. I am immensely disturbed. I think Emirates is not concerned of passenger care as if I am one . I am UK resident and a community worker and adviser since 1973 and would suggest Pakistani community not to travel by Emirates to visit Pakistan. Would any responsible manger of Emirates would respond to my story and express as to what they think about to my comments?

  5. THOMAS CHEE Reply

    Mr Nigel Hopkins
    Executive Vice President Service Departments
    Emirates Airline

    Dear Sir,

    Disappointed with Emirates Service Staff to help retrieved our lost iPhone on board

    Good day to you and thank you for taking time to read this feedback.

    My family of 3 was travelling from Singapore to New Zealand for a holiday transiting in Sydney, Australia. We were very happy to be flying with one of the world best airline, Emirates Airline EK418/QF8766 for our connecting flight from Sydney to Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday, 13 Dec 2013 at 10:15am (our seat number were 33A, 33B, 33C).

    This was the first trip for my 10 year old daughter, Janice to New Zealand and a special one indeed. She was conceived here in New Zealand when both I and my wife first visited New Zealand 10 years ago. Janice was all too excited about flying on airplanes and the holidays in New Zealand. To our dismay, she told us she lost her iPhone on the first night in Christchurch and she suspected that she might have carelessly left it on board the airplane in the magazine pocket in front of her seat. This is her first iPhone (an iPhone 4 with translucent pink cover with her white earpiece cable wrapped around it) from us and she treasured it very much. She was saddened by the lost.

    The following day on Saturday, 14 Dec 2013, through our hotel receptionist’s help, we made a call to check with Emirates Airline and we were glad to receive a confirmation later in the day from the airline that Janice’s iPhone was found. We were advised to pick up the iPhone from the Emirates ticket desk between 9am-5pm in Christchurch Airport.

    As we were tourists travelling on a planned itinerary schedule, we were only be able to head back to Christchurch Airport on Sunday, 22 Dec 13 at 5:30am to catch our connecting flight with Qantas Airline QF138/QF5 back to Singapore, departing at 7:30am from Christchurch.

    Because of the constraints by our flight timings and tour itinerary, we were unable to collect the iPhone from your Emirates ticket desk during your opening hours between 9am-5pm. We made several calls (the last person we spoke to was Emma) to your airline appealing if they could extend a little more help for us to retrieve our iPhone back from the airline. We made several suggestions, such as transfer the phone the our last hotel at Christchurch Airport Motel, transfer the phone to Emirates office in Singapore, or pass the phone to the Qantas desk so that we could collect it when we check-in for our departing flight. All these possible scenarios were rejected.

    We left Christchurch, New Zealand as planned on Sunday, 22 Dec 2013, 7:30am with good memories of the beautiful sceneries and places of New Zealand but without the intimate iPhone of my daughter. She was crying as we left the airport.

    I apologised for the inconvenience caused to all and the carelessness of my daughter but personally, I felt that Emirates Airline as one the fastest growing international airlines, having received more than 500 global awards for excellence in the quality of your inflight cuisine, the breadth of your inflight entertainment, and the excellence of your overall service, did not live up to our expectations.
    We were disappointed that a world class and prestigious airline like yours could not even offer an extra mile to help us out despite knowing our constraints as a tourist in a foreign country. For our future flight, if given a choice, I would not have chosen Emirates Airline again.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Thomas Chee

  6. james lucas Reply

    I’ve searched on the Emirates web-site for a customer services department e-mail address to no avail. Also tried the link and e-mail addresses in some of these posts which also don’t work. I guess Emirates wants customers to send letters to them ? A bit archaic.

    If someone could let me have a customer services e-mail address, preferably in UK, would appreciate it.

    Emirates – wise up. You should have a customer services e-mail address easily available or are you not interested in receiving feedback ?

  7. Nadeem Thaugauly Reply

    To: Customer Service Manager
    Emirates Airlines
    P.O Box 686 Dubai
    United Arab Emirates


    Respected Sir/Mme,
    I am writing you on behalf of all the listed Emirates Airline regular customers to complain against the exorbitant fares from Emirates Airlines as compare to mainstream competitors
    For instance an Air ticket with Qatar Airways from Johannesburg (JNB) or Durban (DUR) to Guangzhou (CAN) via Doha cost, (starting from) 29,503 Mauritian rupees. A flight with Emirates Airlines from MRU to CAN via DXB cost, (starting from) 44,500 Mauritian rupees on saver and around 56,200 Mauritian rupees on Flex. You would agree with me that the distance is very comparable, so why a discrepancy of around more than 20000 Mauritian rupees?
    I along with all the listed members have been unconditionally supporting Emirates Airlines but we are now at the verge of switching to a cheaper alternative for instance. Air Mauritius which cost around 31,500 Mauritian rupees via SIN, KUL or HKG and also with our new terminal we expect other Airlines landed in Mauritius.
    We whole heartedly wish that Emirates Airline revise down their fares as you will be losing several skyward Gold/Silver and Blue members. And for now I can say that many frequent flyers by Emirates already choose another Airline for Business and Holiday purpose. Very sad to stop FLY EMIRATES after so many years.
    Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

    Best Regards

  8. Kim Reply

    While I did appreciate your response in this matter I would like to share with you my situation with you staff and company in regards to my experience. You are correct in your response as to us getting the bulk head for my mother on our first travel dates. I want to inform you that our travel to South Africa could not have been better. You company and staff was very helpful and we stepped off both those flights with nothing but positive reviews of our experience.

    However this was very short lived as our return flight home was a nightmare to say the least. It started when I got your response to my email and continued to get worse every step of our journey home.

    Let me begin by sharing with you that a week before our journey I called Emirates and explained our situation and asked for help. I of course got the same response you have given me which is the bulkhead is reserved for passengers with children. I was told that upon check-in your company would do what you could to accommodate. I then emailed you and received the same response. Although I do not agree with this policy I had hoped that once we were to check-in they would see her condition and help us. I was sadly wrong in this assumption.

    When we checked in to Emirates to return home the rep at the counter was not helpful or understanding. She initially refused to assign us a bulkhead seat. She said she had 2 bulkhead seats available but did not want to assign them due to company policy on traveling with small children. After much pleading she finally agreed but would only allow my mother to sit in bulkhead even though I explained that someone needed to sit by her to help her in her journey. She informed me that she would only seat my mother in bulkhead if she could care for herself and sit alone. I of course was outraged but agreed as I had not other option. The rep then refused to give us a bulkhead on our second flight and told us we could handle it at our next stop.

    Ten hours later of my father and I getting up every hour to make our way through the other passengers on the plane to check on my mother we arrive at our next stop. Upon check in we were again refused bulkhead based on your policy but was told to ask the flight attendants to move us. When loading the plane my mother was forgotten about and she sat in her wheelchair at the entrance of the plane waiting for assistance. When they finally got to her we incurred about the bulkhead and was told to wait while the check. Upon returning to us we were told that yes they got us seats and promptly assisted us in sitting. When getting to said seats we realized that they were not bulkhead so the flight attendant asked one of the few passengers in the bulkhead if they would kindly trade seats. There answer was of course no so they sat us in any seat they could find. They relocated us from our originally assigned seats to seats that were again separated from my mother.

    The first thing that occurred to me in this situation was first in your effort to help you only made things harder and two on everyone of our flights there were people sitting in the bulkhead that did not have children and could have easily been relocated. If it is your policy that only passengers flying with children sit in bulkhead then why did every flight have just the opposite of that. This is not the exit rows that I am speaking of as I understand she could never fly in this seat. Your staff made my mother feel like a second class citizen who was a burden to all those handling her. You staff was very rough with her in the helping to move her from her wheelchair to the plain. I had to several times ask them to not be so rough. They picked her up and moved her around like she was nothing more then mere cargo. As far as I am concerned having a child is a normal process in life that needs no catering to but having a disability whether permanent or temporary is something that should allow the individual to feel as normal as possible. You did not do this for my mother.

    I travel internationally fairly regularly with a large group of people for mission work and based on your company policy and the actions of your staff we will not be using your company for our future travel. People have rights regardless of their situation and it is very clear that the only ones with rights on your flights are people traveling with small children. You company needs to reevaluate its policy or at the very least if your claim is that bulkhead is only for travels with small children then you should enforce that policy in its entirety instead of using that policy as an excuse to refuse some passengers the proper seat while allowing other passengers to sit there. You also need to train and educate your whole staff as to properly handle and treat a person with a disability.

    Very unsatisfied traveler.

  9. Zeina Reply

    I took an emirate flight from Dubai to Beirut and when I arrived to Beirut I was shocked to find my luggage smashed and broken and torn and opened!!!! This is not something usual in emirates flights and I noticed other passengers nagging over the same issue!!! By the way, my luggage is Lancel and costs 750 usd and now needs to be thrown away! I am so very disappointed!!! Let me know if you received my comment please.

  10. Adeel Ahmed Reply

    After receiving no response from Dubai Customer service and the NY office and finally sending email to [email protected], I am finally sharing my disappointing and embarassing experience with Emirates and hoping this catches somebody’s attention that cares about customer experience:


    My name is Adeel Ahmed and I travelled with my family (Wife and 2 years old son) through Emirates Airline from LAX to DBX and DBX to KHI and returned through the same route. My Booking Reference number was ” not sharing here”.

    I would like to share my experience with the management and my expectation is that the customer’s voice will be heard and some action will be taken to avoid such occurances with the passengers in future.

    My first flight from LAX to DBX was scheduled on January 23rd at 4 pm PST. The flight number was “EK 216”.The flight was delayed by more than 4 hours. I understand that the delay was because of weather conditions in Dubai, however I would like to bring this to your attention that nobody mentioned the delay during the time boarding card was issued and it was very hectic to be on the airport for extended time with a 2 year old child. I would like to mention that during the flight, the service was good and I appreciate it very much.

    My second flight from DXB to KHI was scheduled on January 28th at 9:40 am local time in Dubai. The flight number was “EK 606”. The flight was cancelled because of technical issues. We had to wait 5 hours on the airport until the next flight. This is the part that I would definitely like your attention. Several passengers overheard the staff talking that since the flight was pretty much empty, as usual we had to merge the two flights. After hearing this, I would assume anybody that understands customer service, would never like to fly through Emirates.

    Few facts that are worth noticing during this chaotic situation. The Gate number that was shared on the boarding pass to catch the flight, interestingly was changed. There was no message on the Gate that a new gate number is assigned for this flight that is pretty much all they way on the other end of the terminal. My rough estimate is that more than 70 passengers were waiting at that gate for the boarding process to start. Until it was 30 minutes remaining for the flight time, me and my wife asked for some information around and found out that the gate has been changed without any notification. All the passengers had to run to the other gate to catch the flight. It was a chaotic situation and a result of it, the flight was further delayed for almost an hour because a number of passengers were still trying to figure out where they had to go to catch the flight. This was extremely inconvenient and we were not expecting this kind of communication chaos from a world class airline.

    Our next flight was from KHI to DXB on February 15th. The flight number was “EK 605”. This time around again the flight was delayed by 50 minutes. The customer service experience in Karachi was the worst in my life. The staff was not curteous, they were not wearing name tags otherwise I would have absolutely shared their names with the management. My wife and son were issued the boarding pass all the way to the US after 2 and half hours of waiting, complaining and going through embarassement and humiliation. My wife insisted to find out what is the process and if there is any information that we can provide to expedite this process because our child was crying and nobody cared about it. Eventually they issued me (Adeel Ahmed) a boarding pass for Dubai and mentioned that I have to figure out a way in Dubai to get the boarding pass for the flight to LAX. When the boarding pass was finally issued to me, we had only 10 minutes to catch the flight and we still had to go through immigration and security. It took us another 45 minutes because the lines were huge and security checking took forever. If the boarding passes were issued in a timely manner we didn’t have to go through this miserable situation with a child.

    It doesn’t end here, last minute before boarding the aircraft, another team member from Emirates stopped us and mentioned that we need to pay $175 because we are carrying additional bag as check in luggage. We never came across this in past. It was the same carry on items that we brought from the US to Dubai and from Dubai to Karachi. I am going to mention the facts again. The gentlemen mentioned that we can only have 3 pieces. The diaper bag is an additional item and we must pay for it, else we have to leave one of they carry on. My wife mentioned that the baby food and diapers are in this bag and we need that for the flight. We opened the bags for him and showed that all we were carrying was baby toys for our son’s entertainment in those small carry on bags. The gentlemen started yelling and said either you listen to me or you will miss your flight. It was very embarassing, even some of the people around mentioned that this is extremely unprofessional the way you are talking to the customers and worst of all the diaper bag is allowed when you have a baby.

    Another passenger passed by with a carry on and a laptop bag and I questionned the gentlemen from Emirates Airline that he can take a laptop bag and we can’t take a diaper bag and he mentioned that it is none of your business and please do as I requested, either leave the bag or pay $175. I opened up two carry on bags and merged the items into one bag while sitting on the floor and my wife was extremely upset about this situation. Afterwards I handed over one of the bags to the gentlemen and mentioned that you can keep this bag, now I have 2 carry on bags and one diaper bag only. I can’t mention the words here that he used in URDU to me as it is against my dignity and told me that you can now take all three bags and the diaper bag. This was very frustrating and my wife decided after that she will never fly through emirates in her life again after all these embarassing situations that she had to face being a paid customer.

    We were able to receive the boarding pass for myself in Dubai with the same documents that I presented in Karachi without any problem in Dubai. The staff in the flight from Dubai to LA was very curteous and we enjoyed our flight.

    Overall, it was an extremely disappointing experience that our family experienced while travelling through Emirates Airline. We would not recommend anybody to utilize Emirates services unless somebody acknowledges the humiliation and suffering we had to go through during this trip. I tried my best to share the facts and note share our emotions in this email and we are hoping that somebody at Emirates cares about the customer experience, after all the airline spends millions of dollars in recruiting and training costs and it is evident from our experience that they are going in vain.

    • Kiran Sethi Reply

      Hi – I’ve had very similar experience. Still waiting for a response since Feb complaint. This is my copy of letter:

      This letter is in reference to my recent travel with Emirates from Seattle to Islamabad and back. The outbound trip was without any issues, however my return to Seattle was a terrible experience filled with mental torture due to Emirates’ treatment. Although I have been in contact with Emirates due to the above through phone this letter is my official complaint to Emirates.

      My journey back to Seattle began in Islamabad at New Years’ eve. I arrived to the airport just after midnight on Jan 1 for my flight at 3.15 AM. After 3 hours on the tarmac we were sent back to the terminal due to heavy fog. No Emirates’ officials took the courtesy to provide any update during the next three hours. Around 9 AM we were told that our flight had been rescheduled for 12 hours later. At this point I knew that I wouldn’t make it for my Seattle bound flight so I contacted Emirates before leaving the airport and confirmed that I would be provided accommodation in Dubai as the next flight to Seattle would be on Jan 2 at 9.50 AM, more than 12 hours later than my expected arrival to Dubai. Customer service in Seattle confirmed the accommodation through phone as well.

      After arriving to Dubai airport I went straight to Emirates’ customer service for connecting flights. Here I was met by a very unpleasant and rude personality. This person did not acknowledge the 12 hour delay and frustration I just went through in Islamabad but rudely handed me my boarding pass for Seattle for the next day (12 hours later) and told me that I could sleep on the bench. I got furious due to the rude demeanor by your employee and the total lack of empathy. Your employee made me feel like a beggar and somehow I began to feel this was my entire fault. He told me that nothing in the system indicated that I should have accommodation. This is in sharp contrast to Emirates’ rules and regulations and also against what we were told by Emirates’ customer care and ground staff at origin; a traveler has the right to paid accommodation when the layover between flights is above a certain number of hours. Not only was my layover prolonged, overnight, but it was following a 12 hour delay already from my origin.

      Due to the rude behavior and total lack of care for the customer I went to another customer service desk to get further guidance and help. I was informed to contact “ATSP” in Terminal A. This was all the way outside past security. The person here looked up my booking and saw that my reservation for hotel was truly in the system, but gave me the blunt reason of not providing me a room due to unavailability. Totally frustrated about this I told him about my 12 hour delayed flight from Islamabad. Emirates should have been aware of my need for accommodation as soon as my first flight got delayed from Islamabad. How come 16 hours after Emirates’ knowledge about my delayed flight and need for accommodation they still did not have any accommodation for me? In order to check for myself I went back through security straight to the hotel to check availability, which the hotel staff confirmed. I also checked online to confirm. Why is Emirates’ ground staff at terminal 3 not doing their job? They lied to me about accommodation availability and refused me any accommodation for unknown reasons. Even if there weren’t any accommodation they could have provided me access to the business lounge knowing about my past difficult journey from Islamabad. Instead I was provided nothing and had to wait almost 12 hours in the terminal sitting on a chair.

      The next 12 hours were the worst of my life. Having to sit on a chair for this long combined with the affects of insomnia my knees got swollen. I couldn’t walk or sit down. I got sick with dizziness, nausea and threw up twice during the night. I got worried because I was travelling alone. Remember this was my second night in a row without sleep. The first night was my original travel night from Islamabad. Next morning after entering the aircraft I learned that my seat was a middle seat. I asked the flight crew to please exchange my seat as my original seat was a window and I always travel on a window in order to be able to sleep. The flight attendant helped another White lady with similar request but totally ignored my request by procrastinating. Not only had I been through extreme hardship the past two days with no sleep and sickness, but now had to tolerate this terrible treatment by the flight attendants. I was forced to sit in the middle, not being able to sleep for my third night. The next 14 hours were the worst travel I had ever travelled. I was disgusted by Emirates’ service and refused to eat any of the food offered the next 14 hours. I was terribly mad.

      I request that Emirates take this complaint very serious and act on it. Apparently I’m not the only person who went through this type of extreme treatment. Just review your Facebook page. Many people have similar complaints. Emirates will have a serious branding issue if this continues. I’m not going to fly or recommend any of my friends to fly with Emirates anymore unless your management makes some serious changes to their customer behavior and a better selection on who they hire as their employees.

  11. Kukuh Budisaroso Reply

    I am writing this letter to draw your attention as a feedback for better service in the future.

    This is a return flight from UK (Newcastle) to Indonesia (Jakarta) dated 22nd January 2013.
    The first trip from Newcastle to Dubai was smooth. Although there was a heavy snow at the airport, the flight was taken off relatively on time. Only about 10 minutes delayed due to that bad weather and still acceptable.

    Unfortunately, the flight from Dubai to Jakarta was really nightmare for me and family.
    The boarding of flight EK 356 was quite on time, it was 4.40am on 23rd January 2013 and we were seating at row 23 D, E and F.
    Everybody have been seating on the plane and ready to take off. The stewardesses were preparing all things and it seems everything all right…

    Usually it takes 10 – 15 minutes from boarding to the aircraft till we take off.
    However, after we have been waiting for 8 hours….yes eight hours, the plan remained at the taxiway or apron…
    No clear explanation to passengers as to when the plane will be flying… all people were in uncertainty and confused.
    During those long waiting time, no such meal had been served by the airline. Bear in mind that all passengers haven’t had their breakfast that morning!

    To make the situation worst, on the last couple of hours, the stewardesses instructed all passengers to stay put at their seat. They could not move to toilet or even have a small cup of water. For your info there were some infant on baby onboard at that time !
    The stewardess in front of me (I think she is French), seating at emergency door area, keep yelling and shouting to the people to sit down, in a very rough tone… “Sit down…sit down, don’t move!”
    She was very impolite and looked panic…

    After 8 (eight) hours stranded inside airplane in the apron (or taxiway), finally the pilot (or Emirates management) has decided to return to the terminal. We have to wait almost 1 hour to get the bus to take us to the building.

    The nightmare is NOT over yet.
    In the Terminal building, no clear information has been given by Emirates.
    Not even a single ground crew came to explain the situation or what action we have to take.
    The information counters (at least 3 locations) were full and crowded with angry passengers…but again, no clear information could be obtained from there or even the directory / information digital board. It was totally chaos.
    After we had been waiting for 4 (four) hours, finally the information on our next flight came out.
    And for the first time, after 13 hours, Emirates Airline gave few croissants and water for us… no other things has been given as compensation.

    I was so surprised that a famous airline such as Emirates does not seem to have Business Contingency Plan or Disaster Recovery Plan. It seems from stewardess till ground crews have been trained for worst case scenario situation. The treatment and communication to passengers were so bad and unacceptable.
    We are extremely disappointed!

  12. Zukaya Reply

    Yesterday I traveled from Birmingham to Dubai.Flight experience was average but I had the most terrible experience while boarding.They charged me extra for an extra baggage.Although this is stupidity but I was ready to give amount they demanded through travelers cheque or card.Honestly except one guy no one was listening to me.There was a short stature guy who was so rude and was not ready to listen anything.I mean, I asked her thrice about the card and this man was awful.He seemed to be simply uneducated and he wasn’t a British either.A kind request to Emirates: weather you charge extra or not but teach your staff some etiquette on how to talk to is not the case of selecting any person from any community, but more concerned with courtesy.One should atleast act like a human being and treat others like humans.

  13. George Reply

    Last week travelled with the airline to New York. Was not really impressed at the airport support nor the inflight service. I opted to fly this airline due to its good reputation. Disappointed, that is all I can say.

  14. Ayman karim Reply

    I along with my parents was travelling from London Hethrow air port to Dhaka via Dubai.on 25th-26th July by EK004 and Ek 584. We had all our luggage checked in at Hethrow with proper weight and our cabin bags were also weighed and tagged. Unfortunately During our boarding to the Air craft at Dubai Emirates crew retained our one cabin bag and tagged it for Dhaka.But when we arrived at Dhaka airport we did not receive the bag.More pitiful is that there were no Emirates personnel at Dhaka Air port to check the baggage when the passenger come out. Could you please bring this to the attention of Emirates management this negligence of duty by their staff at Dhaka Airport. My Father and Mother were both Silver Card Skyward members which recently expired.

  15. Bullo Reply

    Yesterday owing to some problems I missed the 22:50 flight to Dubai. At the moment I’m at Stanley Hotel in Nairobi. We are six of us booked on today flight to Dubai with connection to Venice. At the moment we have nothing in our hands in order to get check in.

  16. Patricia Wright Reply

    Hi my name’s Patricia Wright and have recently flown with Emirates however my trip home from Dubai was not a comfortable one.I recieved an injury to my neck area when a heavey back fell on my head from the overhead carrier. I’m currently trying to find a contact number so I can discuss this. In the meantime am getting frustrated. Please advise who do I contact via phone .


  17. Subbu Reply

    I have traveled with my son this year during Feb 24th to Chennai and came back to Doha.
    Qatar. Can my son’s airmiles be added into my account or not?

  18. Betty Holt Reply

    i am traveling to SA and have a large box for a charity. Would I have to pay excess baggage or do you have a polciy to let me take it free of charge. I have a letter to say that it is for charity. Thanks

  19. M Mahee Reply

    I bought couple of tickets for my young kids paying full fare hoping will take care of the kids and the needs. After I booked made calls four times out of four calls one was answered satisfactorily. I explained about who is dropping and who is picking them in all four occasions. When my kids dropped at the Hyderabad India airport staff does not have a message about unaccompanied passengers so they do not accept kids. I got a call to US from my brother in-law from Hyderabad India airport saying the kids were denied boarding since check-in counter do not have any message. I called emirates customer service from US to send a message to Hyderabad airport. The representative was saying I had been called by emirates several times and never been provided with info required. Actually I was called only once by emirates two or three days earlier and gave all the information asked for. Before that I called three times to make sure everything in order, every time I was told it was OK. Finally my kids were able to get the boarding pass after I made a call. Make it shorter Emirates customer service is one of the worst. Whenever I try to get answers they do not know or they cut it short . Actually I was told once to call some time later or other day, I can listen to loud talking noise in Arabic behind. If you are trying to use their so called young flyer ticket by paying full fare instead of 75% it is not worth the stress and worry , instead buy 75% ticked and one full fare for adult to accompany the kids, you have peace of mind.

    It is worth to pay extra money? Emirates as premium Airlines? It must be jock if any one think that way; Emirates even cannot provide proper phone support and leave the kids in the airport.

  20. orlanda brown Reply



  21. orlanda brown Reply

    I have travelled numerous times with emirates. I have now seen a terrible decline in customer service, in durban and in Dubai.
    Dubai airport staff is the worst I have encountered. The most unfriendly people, especially at customer service desk.
    In october 2011, there was a lady that I think had a stroke in the ladies toilet. I stayed with her, she could not communicate, and 45 minutes later no medical help had arrived, even thought we straightaway asked for medical assistance.
    The phone numbers in durban DOES NOT GET ANSWERED, even the toll free number.
    I went in the office where there were a couple of employees, I dialled their telephone number and surprise surprise , NOBODY ANSWERED the phone.
    Very frustrating company to deal with. I will not travel again with Emirates, I can see them shrugging their shoulders at this , I know that by me not travelling via emirates wont make a dent, but eventually it will. Word of mouth is very powerfull.

    • Mrs Dorothy Reply

      I too agree with the above person. As i left the aircraft on wednesday March21st 2012 at heathrow airport, having traveled Buisness class on the A777-330 from Dubai, I said to a cabin crew member what a terrible time we had and how bad the service was, and even the seats where uncomfortable..All she said was never mind perhaps it will be better next time.I got in touch with customer Affairs explained my complaints. Her reply was not good enough for me,so i sent another email asking for the director of emirates airlines telephone number.I am still waiting for her reply. I wont stop until i get some answers.We should have been on the Airbus A380 which we once traveled one and it was best.

      • Ms Karen Reply

        How did you find their e-mail address? I’ve searched their entire site and can’t find one. They changed our flight time by 5 hours and it won’t work for us but they don’t answer the phone.

  22. mr amjad Reply

    I used Emirates airline for traveling from cairo to islamabad on 20-21 feb 2012. When i reached at islamabad airport i did not find my luggage. I complained to your staff and filled the inventory form. Your staff told me to come the next day. When I visited your office (8th time), they did not give me my luggage and told me to wait for 30 days. Some 15 days have gone already. I am very upset at the service. What kind of staff you have at Islamabad Airport.

  23. Nirula Handicrafts Bazar Reply

    How can we check delivery status of shipment sent through Emirate airlines vide AWB No.176-6429-2270 dated 16.02.2012

  24. Ramappa Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I have booked journey ticket from vide e-ticket No. 1699091104667-68/ Emirates PNR No. KYCRWJ from Lagon to Mumbai on 09/03/2012 as per details given below
    by flight No.EK- 782 from Lagos to Dubai on 09/03/2012
    by flight No. EK-506 from Dubai to Mumbai on 10/03/2012, same was shown in e-ticket itinerary. I would like to make some changes on my booking.

  25. Saidurga Reply

    Hi there we are travelling with you on 24th feb from London to Hyderbad..we are allowed to take 30kgs in main luggage can we take in 1 bag 30 kgs or do we need to take 2 bags for that//

  26. Mary Reply

    Attention: Person-in-charge,

    Dear Sir / Mdm,

    Good day to you.

    I am writing in to clear some queries regarding check in baggages which I do not have any problems at all with all other airlines that I’m always using.

    I have recently starts to travel quite frequently with Emirates airline but due to your check-in staff Ms. Maryann extremely bad attitude which is leaving me a very bad impression of the service provided by the world top five stars Emirates airlines.

    I totally have no hand carry luggage but my check-in luggage is so slightly over-weight by 1.7kg which was rejected by Ms. Maryann in Dubai on the 08 Feb 2012 at about 6.50am catching EK404.

    I do not face this kind of problem when I’m in all other parts of the world flying by your airline or others but only with her? Please do note that I do have 7kg hand carry luggage weight limit which I am not using!!

    Firstly, I am offended by Ms. Maryann extremely horrible attitude which she used to reject me and how she belittled me by speaking in her mother tongue to her colleague when she told me to pack out my stuff for hand-carry and which her colleague was in other counter shouting over to tell me that they get a email ONLY last week in regards to check in baggage allowance.

    Secondly, Ms. Maryann was ordering me to carry my luggage up and down the belt beside her with her extremely bad tone telling me she wants to check-in other customers. This is when I get really angry as I have a medical back problem which was advise by the doctors not to carry heavy things which is why I always do not take any hand carry baggage and my luggage was actually put on the belt with my friend’s help on that day!!

    Thirdly, Ms. Maryann was obviously clear that I am very upset by her and was looking at her name tag which she rises up her chest to show me clearly her name with an ‘go ahead and complain’ look on her face. At the end of the check-in procedure, Ms. Maryann told me loudly that her name was MARYANN if I need to know!!

    Is this the way Emirates train their customer service staff???

    Last but not least, I do hope that this email will be acknowledge by replying to me ASAP via my contact as follow.

  27. Talita Reply

    Dear Sirs,

    I have just arrived this morning in Dubai with my family coming from Shanghai on the Airbus A380, flight EK0303. During the flight my daughter, 4 years old lost her stuffed bunny, which was with her since the time she was born and helps her to fall asleep. We have checked our seats but I’m almost sure It went away with our blankets… it has almost the same color as the blankets and has some blue stripes…it doesn’t look new and it’s very thin and soft. We were on the business class seat 23 E and beside (Debora is the stwardess who was trying to help us) and the crew knows already about it. Please tell people who take care of the blankets, and everybody who could possibly find it that we have a very sad little girl asking for her bunny all the time! We will be in Dubai for the next 10 days! I’m sure it has been gone in the plane because I toke a pic of her sleeping with the bunny.. A few minutes after we gave the blankets to the stwardess the bunny was gone… Please help! I’m kind of desperate because its not possible to replace it!!!! Thanks a lot!

    • customer help Reply

      you are a very caring parent :) as for the need to place a request or complaint with Emirates over phone..else you can visit the official Emirates website and provide the details of the lost item..

  28. ahsan sami Reply

    i want to extend my ticket from 18 jan to 23 jan how can i do that ? please tell me thank u .

  29. ahsan Reply

    hi this is Ahsan sami from pakistan. I have a return ticket on 18 jan but i want to extend my ticket to 22nd of january. How can i do that ?

  30. dhiraj Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to bring this to your notice that Policies of Emirates airline operating out of India are ridiculous.
    First of all, there Checked baggage policy allows only 30kgs which is less than any other International airline company.
    Normally All major airline companies allow 2 bags of 23kg/bag = 46kg and excess baggage charge is USD 50-100/bag(depending on airline)

    Emirates claim that there policy of 30kg/person economy allowance is to/from Middle-east & Africa. But in that route also, no other airline has same kind of policies
    for e.g. on sample route from delhi to Nairobi(Kenya). Here is baggage allowance by some major carriers :-

    Airline Company Free Baggage Allowance Excess Baggage Charge

    INR 1300/Kg
    Jet Airways 2 Bags of 23kg/bag INR 150/Kg
    Kenya Airways 40kg $3/kg ~ INR150/kg
    ethiopian Airways 40kg $9/kg ~ INR 450/kg

    On Top of it, There excess baggaage charge is totally unbearable. So if you are carrying two bags 23kg each, they will charge 23*1300=29,900INR(Which is more than ticket price from here to africa/middle-east).

    I would like DGCA to take an action against this policy asap, as this policy impacts many economy class passengers from india like me.
    On my Wife’s last flight to nairobi, They charged her enormous amount of INR 26000 on name of excessive baggage claim.
    She was just carrying 2 bags of 23kg/bag as per most of international flight baggage rules. Her Journey was from dallas-delhi-nairobi-dallas.
    Still they didn’t acknowledged international baggage rules and charged her.
    Please do something about it. I really appreciate your help and support on this and look forward towards a resolution soon.

    Dhiraj Chhabra


      I want to believe that Emirate will not be happy for any crew member to have treated you that way. Hence since the matter have been reported am sure they will take action on it. However, passengers should also learn that the crew members are human beings and they deserve some respect too and a times they may be stressed and their attitude may just be transfer aggression but nonetheless passengers deserved to be well served and treated.

    • Karen Clyne Reply

      Most International Airlines do not allow more than 30 kg!!! If you fly with any of the well reputed airlines of the world – none of which you mentioned – you are allowed a maximum of 25 kg ( the ticket will state 20kg)
      Perhaps you can avoid paying excess baggage charges if you keep closer to the 30 kg allowed-. 46 kg is downright ridiculous

  31. Terry L Gomez Reply

    I booked the ticket 3-4 days in advance of the flight and even after i gave the skyward number etc.. the staff in Trivandrum office mis-spelled my name and had to call back and follow up on this and later i was informed that the correction will be done when i reach the airport on the day of the travel.

    I boarded the flight by god’s grace there was no issue at the immigration etc… still my boarding pass was with the wrong spelling.

    The flight departed at the right time and due to slightly bad weather we were informed that the food will be delivered later. Once the weather was fine the crew gave the menu card and i asked for a grilled chicken and the crew (Ms. Helena ) said that it was not available, so i asked to give anything of her choice and she said yes. she went to the next passengers and never turned up and I waited for almost 15 mts but i did not get the food and pressed the light for someone to attend me so that i can get the food but i had to wait seeing all other passengers having their food and i was starving. I waited for almost ONE HOUR for someone to pass through that place when they came for clearing the trash and i asked the crew ( Abdullah ) to call for the team leader and Joseph attended me and i had to explain the situation and he said that he is going to check if something is available and will get to me. I had to inform him that i was not travelling for free or at a free ticket and i am not begging for my food and i said that i need to meet the manager once the flight has landed. I lost my appetite and was really very very frustrated with the incident and was not in a mood to have food at that point when it was just an hour for the flight to land in Dubai airport.

    After about 5 minutes Ms. Kristina ( purser ) came to me and had to inform about the incident and that was when the person next to me also said that the staff was a bit rude while speaking and moreover he is also a senior staff of the EMIRATES. He said that he was feeling ashamed of the situation. Kristina said that there are a few seats in business class available and she can get me something complimentary etc… but at that point of time i was really irritated with the behavior of the staff and did not want to change my seat for the rest of the journey for almost 50 mts. I had to ask Kristina that why was the staff not attending even though the light was glowing for almost one hour and what is the purpose of it.

    My wife works for another airline in Abu Dhabi and i could have easily flown to Abu Dhabi for free and moreover my visa was also from Abu Dhabi. I have lots of my friend working for Emirates and that’s the reason why i fly with Emirates for a better service. I had to ask my friend to collect the visa from Abu Dhabi and drop in Dubai airport and once i reach in Dubai i have to travel back to Abu Dhabi as well. I have been working in the hospitality industry for almost 12-13 years in India and Dubai and felt this as an insult for me. Is it because i have a dark skin ? and if so PLEASE TRY TO KEEP SOME INDIAN STAFFS WHEN YOU HAVE INDIAN PASSENGERS TRAVELLING TO AN INDIAN DESTINATION. I am a resident of UAE since 34 years and this was a horrible experience. What if i was diabetic and if the situation would have gone worse ?

    I did my online check in and i did also mention what kind of food i need for my meal but i was not provided. what is the use of the online check in, it is only making things easier for you guys but not for a client even after mentioning the requirements. The service is a disaster now a days.

  32. Soren Reply

    Emirates customer support is bad. It took me 2 days to book a ticket over the internet. When my order was finished, it took a long time CPH-DXB-BKK.DXB.CPH..the reply was “technical fault” try again later..

  33. Bijal Sharma Reply

    I travelled with Emirates airline on Thursday 24th November 2011 on 9.30am flight from Dubai to Mumbai. After breakfast was served I asked for a cup of coffee. As soon as the stewardess gave me the coffee I put the cup on my table. It slided straight onto my and burnt my upper left thigh and buttock. I was offered no assistance. I complained to the Pursuer of the flight and she apologised. This is a health hazardous event. I want to take things further as I had a nasty burn on my thigh and buttocks. Why was the table slanting in the first place?

  34. Lynesther Reply

    I travelled Emirates last year for the first time and save for the food and the fact that they took my blanket way in advance, i excused it as a mishap.
    I travelled again this year and i could keep quiet this time. I had a very severe flu. First i ask two crew members at different times to give me a blanket but it took the intervention of the third to get me one. Then came dinner and i ask for warm drink and that packeted water and the lady says they do not serve warm drinks…then 45 minutes into landing when the temperatures are really down, they forcibly took my blanket after even alerting them im feeling cold. All she just said is that she is sorry but she has to take it away.Is this really fair?is their aim to expose customers to poor health?one week after i returned from dubai and my cold persists…

  35. Ibrahim Reply

    With due respect, I would like state that I took ticket at May 26, 2011 from Emirates office at Dubai and travel date is January 01, 2012 and return date is February 01, 2012 and this ticket I booked with miles for my worker Latif and I would like to change the date of this ticket. Kindly do the needful for a change of date.

  36. Dixon Reply

    I lost a Tag Heur watch between Gatwick and Dubai and have to give a complaint on the same..

  37. funmilola osinowo Reply

    Report on Severe Hot-tea burn incidence witnessed on Emirates flight on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011.
    Flight: EK 0781, Class: Economy
    Departure/ Time: Dubai/ 14.00 Arrival/ Time: Lagos/ 18.55

    I requested for a cup of tea during my flight from Dubai to Lagos, shortly after being served, while trying to adjust my seating position, my elbow hit the cup of tea and it poured on my upper lap.
    I would like to state here that it wasn’t the fault of the Air hostess, however I am very amazed at the hotness of the tea served me on board, that led to severe burns on my lap( see attached pictures).
    Though, I received some help from one of the Airhostesses when this occurred. I had to run to the toilet to take off the tight leggings, I was wearing to ease off the pain.
    The Air hostesses helped ease the pain with some wet face towels on the burn spots and gave me Silvadiazin Silver Sulfadiazine 1% cream. This was carefully applied on the spots and there after the pain was reduced.

    Sadly, by Monday morning, I observed that the spots had developed some very painful pores, which busted and became a sore. Of course, I had to immediately report at my hospital (Victoria Island Consultancy and Hospital Services) and I was unable to resume work on Tuesday, October 26th, 2011 as expected, after my long annual vacation.

    Also, based on the Doctors advice, I had to be off work for a week. This was necessary to help quicken the healing of all burn spots and to prevent further complications that may occur due to the delicate location of the burns on the body.

    Report Objective:

    1. Need to urgently alert Emirates Management’s of the unpleasant incidence of severe hot tea burn witnessed in their flight. As a noble cause for immediate action
    2. Need to quickly address the temperature of tea served on board to passengers, to forestall, a case of this nature again on any of its passenger going forward.
    3. Need for the Air hostess, to go the extra mile in observing the passengers seating position when serving hot drinks and carefully continue to draw their attention on the need to exercise some caution when serving / taking hot drinks.
    4. It was my first time flying Emirate because of my Dubai transit, I enjoyed the flight but for the sad occurrence on my return.
    5. Also, to thank you for the compensation granted to me, on boarding denial on an involuntary basis.

  38. kaye smith Reply

    Dear Sirs, On the 15th October, I was travelling in First Class between Brisbane and London with my partner in the UK. On EK 433, between Brisbane and Singapore we were the only passengers in First Class, joined by a few others between Singapore and Dubai. Whilst sitting in the First Class Lounge in Dubai, awaiting departure of EK9 to London Gatwick, I realised that my coat which had been given to the stewardess upon boarding in Brisbane, had not been returned to me. I reported this to the Head Steward upon boarding thinking that as we had only landed a short time earlier, the coat would be quickly found and returned.

    I was subsequently told that the coat was no longer on the aircraft but had almostly certainly been removed and could be forwarded to me during my stay in the UK.
    Upon arrival at Gatwick,the ground staff were helpful and gave me email and telephone addresses to contact in Dubai. I then sent full details twice by email to the Lost and Found in Dubai but received no reply. I therefore contacted Skywards in Manchester who were very helpful and gave me new numbers to contact both in Dubai and Singapore. Eventually, I received a reply stating that my coat had not been handed in at either stopover.

    I cannot understand how it could have disappeared from the First Class Cain with so few passengers and in so little time. The coat was an Italian brand, brown colour, self leather and suade stripe with buckles at the neck. The cost was $1400.00, paid for on the 7th September, with receipt no. 138870 purchased from Collezione at Marina Mirage, Gold Coast.
    I would really appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter.

  39. Abhishek Agrawal Reply

    i had travelled on Flight EK095 -DXB – fco -11th Sep 2011.

    On landing, i found my luggage was damaged. I have filed a complaint also. Your local agency in Rome, had come to replace the luggage, but the luggage given for replacement was a local one, with poor quality.

    I have written on this to [email protected]

  40. jignesh shah Reply

    Please send me customer care email id and head of baggage services dept.


    My name is Iyiola Olumide James. I bought 2 way ticket through my agent in Nigeria to travel from Lagos through Dubai to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sadly, I could not travel on the scheduled date. As I was already checked in, I had to pay an additional $50 to travel the second day. I used one way travel to Malaysia but i stayed longer than the days iam supposed to in Malaysia. However when i called Emirates Customer Care on +60 36 207 4999 Kuala Lumpur to revalidate my return ticket to Nigeria, I was told that I should call my agent because he has requested the refund of my return ticket.
    I am dissatisfied with the response. So I called my agent and he denied requesting for any refund of my return ticket from Emirates. It is sad this happened.

  42. Mohammed Sameeulla A Reply


    Looking for Contacts and email address for Manager Customer Relations Dubai region.

    I have some documents and email to send.

  43. roya zeraatian Reply

    My name is ROYA Z my skygift no is EK10**** recentiy i took one flight from DUBAI to IRAN and i would like inform you that the crew in the flight did not behave well. I expected better service but unfortunately twice had the same experience. I am sorry to say that your service quality is so low and I would surely prefer a better airline next time.

  44. Anwar Hussain Reply

    I need email address of the followings :
    1) Chief Executive of Emirates Airlines, UAE
    2) Country Manager in Bangladesh
    3) Head of Customer Care .

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      All those want to send an email directly to the Emirates customer care click here. Address and phone number is as follows:
      Customer Affairs Department
      P.O. Box 686
      United Arab Emirates
      Telephone: +971 4 7083611
      Facsimile: +971 4 2864120

  45. Romawi Reply

    I have twice to send an email to your Customer affairs with email address “[email protected]” but I got the answer from Yahoo as per copy below:

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Delivery to the following recipients failed.

    [email protected]

    Could you please sent me the correct email address of your customer affairs?


  46. Danie Venter Reply

    Please send me the e-mail address of your customer care center.

    • John Mallon Reply

      Could you please send me the email address for customer care for the UK please

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