Contact Emirates Bahrain :Find below customer care contact details of Emirates airline in Bahrain, Bahrain. You can contact the below address for new Emirates ticket booking, flight status or other queries on Emirates’ services.

Bahrain (Reservations)

1F13 – 1F19, 1F68 – 1F70, Alaali Shopping Complex
Block 428 Road 2827 Bldg No 2210, Alseef District
P O Box 21354 Manama

+973 1 758 8700

+973 1 758 1041

Emirates Head Office
Customer Affairs Department,Emirates
P.O. Box 686,Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971 4 7083611
Facsimile: +971 4 2864120

About Emirates
Emirates was born as the official international airline of the United Arab Emirates. Fully owned by the Government of Dubai, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and has over 50,000 employees worldwide. Emirates was founded in the year 1985. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline & Group. Emirates currently has a fleet of 137 aircraft. The airline flies to over 100 destinations in 60 countries around the world.

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  1. Caroline Saldanha Reply

    I am a regular customer of Emirates (Membership Number

    264 401 830 Blue) and I love travelling by your flights. However, in the recent past, I have not had a pleasant experience with Emirates.

    On the 24th of August 2017, I travelled by Emirates from Bangalore to Bahrain via Dubai. All was fine with the Bangalore to Dubai flight, however, my seat on flight EK839 was changed 4 times by your ground staff, who were rude and mean.

    My seat number for Ek 839 was 25C. I had made this booking well in advance. -Booking reference HZMUKW.
    At the time of check in my original boarding pass was taken and another given to me. The ground staff did not inform me that my seat had been changed. On asking her, she confirmed saying it was changed to 20C, to adjust with a family. Although I did not like it, I adjusted since it was for a family.
    Five minutes later the same woman comes to me as I sat waiting for the flight, clicks her fingers and says ‘boarding Pass Boarding Pass’. I was appauled at her behaviour in front of all the other passengers, but I gave
    her my boarding pass. She sits beside me, scratches 20C off and writes 41C.She says,’You will now sit in 41C”. I stated my objection, she headed off back to the desk with my boarding pass and did not return. I went to the desk which was manned by the ground staff with Mr. Perera being their supervisor. Jihan Kassem another ground staff asked me to stand by, saying she would spaek to me after she deals with all the passengers. I refused to stand by….I am a highblood pressure patient and I was beginning to feel faint. Mr Perera asks me why I was getting so upset, because meanwhile they have again changed my seat to 22C. i REFUSED TO ACEEPT IT SAYING I PREFERRED TO TRAVEL IN SEAT 20C. Miss Jehan says,”I will not allow you to board if you do not accept this seat”

    I was left helpless against a group of professionals who did not know how to handle the case and were zero in customer care! I had to accept the seat which was placed near the emergency door, next to the toilets and a space of less than a foot for people to pass through!

    My question is, why signal Me out, four times. Was there no other person to adjust with? Was it because I am a lady, of the way I was dresssed….why?

    I need an explaination for this type of behaviour. I did not get the name of the woman who changed my seat the first time,but your investigation will tell you who she is. She was rude, pointed her finger in my face and clicked her fingers when asking me for my boarding pass… I felt humiliated and helpless. Is this the way your airline treats people?

  2. K R N Prasad Reply

    I want to carry one 55″ curve tv dimensions 1332 × 228 × 805 mm wait 20kg from Bahrain to India, my question is are allowing this television in baggage. Please give me details
    Ravi Prasad

  3. Arun Dayalraj M Reply

    I am travelling form in EK 836 from Bahrain to Mumbai through connecting in Dubai.
    I am carrying a 40″ LED Tv … 15kg can u help with the details of additional baggage charges if any. can u please suport in understanding the procedure for the mentioned query.



    My skyword no is 297042771, I am travelling from Bahrain to Kolkata. Kindly inform me my skyword is under blue or silver or something else. Also kindly inform me how much kg I can take and bring in Bahrain-Kolkata-Bahrain sector.

    Best regrads

  5. Maeve Skinner Reply

    I have been trying to contact you on 177588700 for two days with no reply. Maybe you do not work on Thursday or Saturday. I have tried booking online but cannot get the flights I want. I wish to make two bookings :
    Booking 1: Depart BAH/DXB: 20 June 2012 on EK0838 @ 09.50.
    Depart DXB/LGW 20 June on EK0009 @ 15.00.
    Depart LGW/DXB 21 July 2012 on EK 0010 @ 21.15.
    Depart DXB/BAH 22 July on EK0837 @ 08.30

    Booking 2: Depart BAH/DXB: 20 June 2012 on EK0838 @ 09.50.
    Depart DXB/LGW 20 June on EK0009 @ 15.00.
    Depart LGW/DXB 31 July 2012 on EK 0010 @ 21.15.
    Depart DXB/BAH 31 July on EK0837 @ 08.30

    The online business class flights are quoted at BD1383.6I, Please let me know if this price is the same.

    Please quote for BAH/DXB/LGW economy class and LGW/DXB/BAH Business class.

    I look forward to your response and also to having a telephone number in Bahrain which all be answered by a representative from Emirates whom I can speak to in order to discuss my bookings. I am also happy to come into your Bahrain office to discuss personally my booking so please let me know your office hours and days you are open.

    Yours sincerely Maeve Skinner. Tel: 39038959

  6. Vallis Reply

    I would be on a vacation to India and i would like to have some information. I Would like to know if you have a package available to travel by Emirates by providing a visa and hotel booking.. have a stay in Dubai for 3 days

  7. Peter Reply

    My Skywards number is xx. I wish to purchase a ticket for my freind to travel from London (heathrow) to Dubai return. I want to make the booking now and pay for it either by Visa or pay cash at your Bahrain office when I arrive in bahrain next thursday afternoon. I am working in Saudi.

  8. Srikanth Reply

    I travelled 2 months ago from Bangalore to Bahrain where I postponed the travel date from 8th June to 15th June. B’coz the ticket for my Family is through a agent,I requested them for the same and they charged me BD 42. Likewise I even purchased 2 way ticket and also changed the return date from 8th to 15th june but without any charge through Emirates custmer service Banglaore.Could you please tell me why Agent service charges are beyond your limits and just charges with out any resons.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      some airlines have different terms with agents..and also sometimes if there are fare differences you get charged for it when you reschedule your ticket..

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