Contact Delta Airlines Manila – Find below customer care details of Delta Airlines in Manila ,Philippines You can reach the below contact for booking a new ticket, refund, cancel or other services of Delta Airlines.


Interpacific Transit Inc.
9/F, Athenaeum Building
160 LP Leviste Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City
1227 Philippines


Mon–Fri: 8am–5:30pm
Sat: 8:30am–12:30pm
Sun: Closed

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About Delta Airlines

Delta is a US-based airline that was founded in the year 1924. The airline serves more than 160 million customers each year. Along with Delta Connection, Delta offers service to more than 350 destinations in nearly 70 countries. Headquartered in Atltanta, Delta operates a fleet of more than 700 aircraft.

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  1. Brian H Reply

    I needed to change my flt from mnl-lax Sat afternoon which was scheduled to depart the following Mon. Tired doing so on the Dl website but it referred me to the local reservation office. They however closed at noon and are closed on Sun. I’m unable to find another contact phone # when searching onl as well deltas website to help me change my ticket. I would think an airline such as delta would have a 24 hr contact for there passengers in need regardless of location. I’m very distraught and disappointed in the level of service and inability of Delta to provide me with customer service in this time of urgency and need.

  2. Morris Reply

    I am a detainee and I have a flight on May 23 from LA to Manila. But I was transferred in Phillippine airlines for no apparent reason. I have two bags. One is a Black Rimowa and another, a LV black and grey color. The immigration officer who took me to the airport told me that my luggage was in delta and they will transfer it to Phillippine airline flight PR 113. They gave me just the boarding pass, without the tag number for my luggage. The immigration officer said if I cant have my luggage in Pal airlines, delta will send it in the next flight going to Manila. But its been a week now and still my luggage is missing.

  3. Jihan Tan Reply

    Hi, your published operating sched is Mon–Fri: 8am–5:30pm, but when I try to call your customer care number, it says the reservation office is still closed? It’s a Friday and it’s just 10.51 am. Why is that? Where do we address our reservation concerns? THanks

  4. glenn Reply

    I had a oneway ticket to Manila and when I presented my ticket at Dulles I was told I needed a visa. I did’nt have one and was required to purchase roundtrip ticket. Your agent said once I arrive in Manila and have my passport stamped I could then be reimbursed . Because of time restraints , I did not have time to go to the Delta counter the day of my arrival. Before I embark on an 8hr roundtrip trek back to Manila, am I going to have any problems getting reimbursed ? TY

  5. Ferdinand M. Diaz Reply

    Good evening i would like to inquire; how many free checked-in baggage is allowed and what are the maximum weight of each free checked in baggage. I am travelling from manila to narita, japan w/ flight # DL 172 to depart at mnl 06/22/12 7:50 am. With connecting flight # DL 156 going to Seattle, Washington on the same date.

    • Celia Dart Reply

      HI..i have a flight to Narita airport this coming July 23….from Manila…i just wanna know many kilos im allowed for the checked in baggage? thanks…

  6. alma reyes Reply

    one of my friends here in Philippines will go to Saskatoon Canada and he wants to take the cheapest fare via Delta but he has 2 stop over, one in Ronald Reagan Airport and Minneapolis Airport. Does he need to have transit visa? Is it hassle to get transit visa?

  7. anastacio f. p. balanon jr. Reply

    Sir/Madam: I bought a one-way ticket from Manila to San Francisco, USA sometime in November, 2011 from PATISSE INT’L TRAVEL & TOURS located in Malate, Manila for my 21 January 2012 flight with REF: F84513 and flight number DL 172. Unfortunately, I had it cancelled on 26 December 2011 due to family problems. MS MARIE DIZON, the proprietor of the said travel agency told me it would took three (3) months for the reimbursement of my cancelled airline ticket. I WANT TO KNOW IF YOUR GOOD OFFICE HAVE MADE A FAVORABLE ACTION ON THIS because until now there is no positive action on the part of the said agency. Thank you very much. MR ANASTACIO F. P. BALANON, JR.

  8. Inocencia Punzalan Reply

    I am redeeming my book award trip, however there is a corresponding fee(tax) of $25.00. I don’t have an existing debit/credit card. How I am going to pay the $25.00 tax due. Would it be possible to pay in dollar notes to your Delta Airlines Manila office.

    Please advise. Thank you

  9. Peter Reply

    My flight was originally booked to depart Manila 24 Feb. MNL-SEA flt. DL 172
    However your Manila check in staff would not check me in due to my passport which is a New Zealand passport and I required an ESTA visa waiver clearance which I had never heard about and did not have. The fact that I am also a citizen of Canada is likely why I never needed this ESTA thing previously. They re-booked me on Feb. 25th but I could not make this flight because without a credit card I could not acquire one. We tried to contact your office on all the numbers listed in this website and none of them worked. Now I want to ensure that my unused ticket is still valid despite the times I tried for and subsequently missed the flight. I would like for your office to confirm to me that my ticket is indeed still active and I need not pay any re-booking fees. This because I tried in vain to contact your office but your listed numbers were either not in service or not answered.

  10. Ellen Reply

    Letter of Inquiry:

    I called-up a while ago asking for the re-booking of my sister’s ticket. Her flight confirmation was Mar 26 and we are requesting it to be re-scheduled to Mar 04 (same flight). Please keep us updated if possible to arrange her new flight on the said date. How much penalty do we need to pay and where we’re gonna pay it?

  11. Sison Reply

    Please respond to my query ASAP as I am now in a quandary and would just like to confirm: I am scheduled to depart for SFO tomorrow on Delta 172.

    1. How many free checked-in baggage is a passenger to SFO allowed?

    2. What should be the maximum weight of each free baggage?

    3. What is the aggregate weight of the free baggages?

    Appreciate your immediate response. Thank you very much.

  12. Glenda Reply

    Good evening, I would like to confirm the scheduled departure of my parents, on feb 13, flight details 0172. at 8am, ref number gb381x seat 31a and 31 b. Tnx

  13. Jim Reply

    I arrived last night from Narito, Japan on flight D173 and left my Orange Ragnar water bottle on the plane. Is there a telephone number for lost and found for Delta at the NAIA airport to conact?

    Jim L

  14. connie Reply

    I just want to know if All Nippon Airways is your alliance partner in case I use my mileage plus with Delta Air in going to Hongkong Thank you for your reply

  15. Mario Caldeo Reply

    I just want to know how manny Luggage are free off charge ,Im flying back to canada with stop over to Nagoya ,Detroit, Mineapolis, then Winnipeg,

    Thanks in advance,


  16. jay chang Reply

    hi i would like to inquire if your 747 400 airplane from manila-japan-new york has a personal entertainment like other airlines?because i heard from a friend the last he rode delta you dont have. thanks

  17. Ma.Angelina Reply

    Hi, I have 3 tickets taken in Shizuoka (HIS Travel Agency) and we have already used half of the ticket on our way here to Manila. I want to refund the two partially unused tickets since I am the only one returning to Japan. Please advise me on the procedures. I will be waiting for your reply.

    • customer help Reply

      please read the cancellation terms printed on the could also call the customer support for help

  18. Jesus P.Velasquez Reply

    Good Evening! i just want to know if there are no alterations in my flight.please keep on reminding me about this. these are the details january 31, 2012 tuesday 8:00 AM. thanks

  19. Mj Briones Reply

    Hi, I’m scheduled to fly back to toronto via NY tomorrow, Dec30 but I got sick and I don’t think I’m well enough to leave. Is there any way I could change my flight to something open-dated until I get better? Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Sally Reply

    Today, I got my Amex credit card statement and the plane ticket I got for my daughter Geminesse Co was doubled charged to my Amex credit card. How do I go about having the amount reversed from my credit card? She flew to Seattle on Nov. 23 2011 early morning flight and she threw away the e-ticket too. How do I claim without the e-ticket?

  21. Oscar Talamayan Reply

    Hello, Im a Standby passenger and i have a confirmation no.and would like to know how do i need to get through the security in manila to get my standby ticket to show the proof that i will be traveling back to USA since they didnt give any itinerary paper.

  22. yolanda Reply

    hello good afternoon, ijust want to ask some information about my flight..i want to reschedule my flight this coming december 3, 2011 since i have a round trip ticket valid for 3 months until november 20, now i want to pay the additional payment for the extension,is it ok if i pay during the day of my departure over the counter?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      what is suggested is that you speak with an airline support executive over phone..

  23. Dave Armas Reply

    Good day my dad want to rebook his date of flight from Jan 12,2012 to december 1. He left the phils last month oct. Since he is in the US we would like to know what action we should have to do. Thank you for your immediate response.

  24. Eduardo David Reply

    I rode DL 172/DL0296 on May 22, 2011 from Manila to Seattle through Tokyo. My Samsonite luggage lost one of its wheels upon our arrival in Seattle. On our return flight from LAX on DL 0296, I had a difficult time locating the plane at the Bradley International which was under repair. I was stressed and my blood pressure shot up. It was parked at the United Airlines area, and had no signs other than the one at the terminal itself. Then,the connecting flight DL 173 was delayed and it took us over 3 hours to be brought to the hotel. I finally arrived on June 22, 2011 via ANA since Delta Airlines was overbooked. I just want to say that I am very unhappy with your service.

    Eduardo L. David
    Email: [email protected]

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