Contact Yes Bank: Find below customer care details of Yes Bank, including phone and email. Reach the below contacts for queries or complaints on Yes Bank savings accounts, credit cards, loans, deposits, insurance or other products. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Yes Bank services.

Yes Bank Customer Care
Phone: 1800 2000
Phone: +91 22 30993600
Email: [email protected]

Regional Contacts
Bangalore – +91 90083 90909
Delhi, NCR – +91 99583 90909
Gujarat – +91 99743 90909
Kolkata – +91 97484 90909
Mumbai – +91 9987290909

Yes Bank Head Office
Yes Bank Limited,
Nehru Centre, 9th floor,
Discovery of India, Dr. A.B. Road, Worli,
Mumbai – 400 018, India
Tel: +91 (22) 6669 9000
Fax: +91 (22) 2490 0314

Yes Bank ATMs
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Yes Bank Branches
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To open a savings account and details about it, click here
For details on Yes Bank Fixed Deposits, click here
For details on Yes Bank Loans, click here

About Yes Bank
Yes Bank LogoYes Bank was founded in the year 2003 by Ashok Kapur and Rana Kapoor. It is India’s new age private bank that has adopted international practices and the highest standards of service quality. Yes Bank recently became the first Indian Bank to become a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

The Yes Bank brand is being built around 5 Key Brand Pillars – Growth, Trust, Knowledge Driven Human Capital, Technology, Transparency and Responsible Banking. The bank’s vision is to be recognised as the Best Quality Bank of the World in India. Currently the bank has 330 branches and over 420 ATMs across India. The bank also has over 3000 emplotees.

In 2009, Yes Bank was recognised amongst the Top 25 ‘Unsung’ Innovative Companies in the world. It also ranked First amongst Medium Size Banks of an annual survey of Business Today. In 2006, the bank was given the NASSCOM Award for IT Innovations in Emerging India and in 2008 the bank received the Most Innovative Bank in India award in London.

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  1. r.k. mehta Reply

    One of the worst bank. though it offers better rate of interest but despite all this their executives are not well equipped or not upto the mark. they are not able to guide their customers properly. You put a request with the branch and they never pay any heed to the same.


    Like Manoj kumar I used my debit card ending 3099 three times with wrong password for recharge to my mobile as such it was blocked,kindly unblock it instantly

  3. manoj kumar Reply

    Hai I am using Yes bank account service. Actually i m using online transaction for online mobile recharge i have to attempt 3 times wrong password so my online transaction has been blocked. I have request to you kindly unlock my online transaction.

  4. jella nagaraj Reply

    Hi, I have the best suitable place for ATM installation , which is beside HDFC ATM where business turnover 50L per day approximately, can u please guide for installing ATM in the said premises

  5. R Ganeshan Reply

    This is to bring to your kind notice the hardship I had to encounter with your employee Mr Manoj Kumar Khetan who called on me yesterday for the purpose of opening My Savings Bank account. The manner in which he handled the issue leaves much to be desired. He himself filled up the application leaving certain fields blank. When I questioned him as to why certain columns and fields are left blank, he had no answer. He also left the name of the branch where I intend having the account blank and offered excuse stating that the concept is no longer valid. The explanation given to me was not satisfactory. After taking all the documents required for the purpose of opening the account and pursuing it (which were required for establishing the proof of residence and identity in the form of Passport, Pan Card and Voter’s identity Card), he started finding fault with documents, stating that they were inconsistent, even though no inconsistency was there.

    He took a letter from me about the date of birth, even though the same was available in the PAN CARD. He started questioning the issue of Voter’s Identity card where only age is mentioned without the date of birth. He started arguing that in other State “in Voter’s Identity card” Date of birth is mentioned. However what left to be desired was that after completing all the formalities and obtaining the signature and collecting the requisite documents, and giving the acknowledgement, he did not take the form and cheque given to him for opening the account, stating that he is not interested in opening the account for a reason best known to him. When I requested him to take the form since all the aspects have been completed, he did not evince interest and dropped the form with the enclosures which was given to him (literally throwing it on the desk) having no decency at all. He was stating that his time had been wasted and he would not like our account to be opened. T

    he manner in which he was acting and behaving as if he was not a YES BANK employee and was working against the interest of the Bank. If such is the respect which is given to a prospective customer, I wonder how he would be dealing with the customers who have opened their account with you. When I informed that in case, he is not taking the completed application for opening the account, I may have to report the matter, He replied that I can report to anyone including the CMD of the Bank, and he is not bothered. It was my first experience with the Yes bank employee and has left deep scar which is beyond repair. I am a Senior Citizen and the treatment meted out to me was not desirable at all. He gave an impression that customers depend on Him/Bank and He/Bank is not dependent on the customers.

  6. GS CHAWLA Reply

    saving intrest rate is attractive i am leaving my old bank for the same and going to open account with your bank
    i have seen the interview of md mr kapoor he wants to do something diffrent for the customers i appericate the same

  7. Rivana Reply

    Love the Bank’s services. I would say one of the best private banks in India. Keep up the work guys.

  8. Mohan Reply

    The bank branches spread across the country are really oblivious about their own products. Why not educate your executives properly on your services and products. Its otherwise a discomfort for customers like me.

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