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  1. Pissed Off Reply

    Hi, why on earth has Yahoo made it so hard to change passwords or actually have a password. I know that Yahoo had an issue with hacking but it is getting ridiculous, and wasn’t our doing.
    Why do the passwords have to be long, a pin number for your bank account is either 4 or 6 digits. People use the same passwords for more than one system. We have had to change our Yahoo password about 5 times in a couple of weeks as everyone keeps forgetting the new password as you can’t use any past passwords with Yahoo, or Yahoo decide that a password is too easy to break. Not sure how they make that decision when there is a capital letter and a number.

    I have to know all the Passwords for my sons and my mothers accounts. Yahoo have made it so hard for us to use that we are all considering moving to another server!

    Relax your rules. 6 letters is enough. Please remember you have elderly people and young students using your system! Not everyone has a smart phone.

  2. Ron Reply

    Channel 7 Australia and Yahoo are absolutely pathetic. I had a yahoo email account that by mistake got a “uk” ending and I want another yahoo email that works in Australia. It won’t let me make one unless I give it my mobile number and I don’t have a mobile. This is just rubbish. You can’t access 7 catchup on TV internet without signing in. This is more yahoo nonsense. Channel 7 is run by yahoo. It is grossly pathetic.

  3. Bronwyn Reply

    There is no such thing as Yahoo customer service. I have been trying to access my account. Problem .. I have an email address that has been deactivated therefor I am unable to open my account as emails are going to this account. I cannot even get into Flickr and I have paid big money for a pro account. I keep going around in circles. I am so Pissed off.

  4. daviod croucher Reply

    Answer within 9 seconds. with an automatic reply that says press 1 if you know extension number press 2 for login information then ifo is dial 1800 number in usa lots of money and 10mins no reply as we are all busy answering other calls what a money spinner.

    You have been cut off in Australia so re dial wait until ‘speak to customer service’ then several messages and end of those hang up again. Net result to have any chance of recovering e mail is nil or very very expensive and I did nothing wrong.

  5. Ethan Nguyen Reply

    When I entered in my password today I was asked to enter in code and then asked me to verify email account by sending a code to my alternative email address which is an old deactivated email account. I tried using the online help center and it just returned me to the login page.

    Can you please help me access my yahoo account?

  6. Neil Reply

    I have been trying to fix my acount but flee bit yahoo has no why to contact them at all but a load of question old email not working close down?

  7. Emma Reply

    Can you please advise me how I can access my yahoo account? I have been using it on my mobile for the past year and now I have forgotten my password. I have got a new phone and unable to sign in on my new phone to yahoo mail. The reset email address is an old deactivated email account.

    • Jenny Reply

      I have same problem trying to contact customer care for help. Not happening. Can’t get help because I can’t access emails. I have changed my phone num and one I used on join up disconnected. And other email can’t remember. This is so frustrating stressful and I can’t sleep so worried I’m losing potential work and I be lost numbers and other important items emailed to me before iPad crashed and my phone would not let me sign in to email account. So not happy.

  8. Renee Reply

    I no longer use the mobile phone number which is how I use to recover my password almost every time I log into yahoo as It makes me change my password every time I forget, I can’t keep up with the new one… Now I have no way of accessing my main email address of the last 6 years

  9. Chris Reply

    Not impressed Yahoo. Placing advertising on the news pages is very wrong. If I want solar panels I will look for them. If I want a credit card I will go to the bank. I want to read the news and find out what is happening around the world. Not be bombarded with adverts every 5 or 6 stories. Find somewhere else to place the advertisments and leave the best source of online news alone.

  10. Dal Reply

    Hi. I received some spam stating that my account will close and I will lose all my emails unless I press a cancel button, which I didn’t do. Is this correct ? I did not request any closure or change to my account.

  11. laurie le claire Reply

    Yahoo 7 have IGNORED my desperate plea to restore my email. The computer has suggested I access a code – only available on my HOME phone (I’m in Italy, home is locked up) or on mobile (I Don’t have one!) I have given them all the details, including answering the secret question – but to no avail So for a week I’ve had no access to mail. They blocked me because they said for three times I gave they wrong access code which is nonsense. I will try to e-mail them again on their internal email access (if I can find it). I have informed my lawyers of the problem.

  12. Brad Elliott Reply

    When I log on to my account the inbox shows 9 emails but the emails do not appear. Also emails later than Jan 22 generally do not appear. If I search for a contact then a recent email will appear in the search results but not in the inbox display. The odd email will show on the Android phone but not on the computer but it is random. Please assist.

  13. Dwayne Reply

    I have recently seen this add that keeps coming up on the Yahoo home page about getting cheap Iphone6, people be aware this is a scam, I have emailed yahoo about this with no response, asked them why would they advertise such a scam. I am now out of pocket over $100, thanks for nothing Yahoo, this will be taken further.

  14. Lorraine Reply

    I bought items from a company under yahoo a few years ago. Items did not arrive and company stopped responding. I brought this problem to yahoo and yahoo asked me to provide proof of communication with the company and proof of purchase before they can take any action or refund my money.
    After sending proof, yahoo stopped responding. 2 years later they decided to take the company website off yahoo.

    I am still waiting for a response from yahoo and my money refunded. I think that they are ignoring me and deleting my comments.
    How rude.

    YAHOO… I’m still waiting… It’s not like they owe me thousands of dollars. They only owe me $500+

  15. Lorraine Reply

    I bought items from a company under yahoo a few years ago. Items did not arrive and company stopped responding. I brought this problem to yahoo and yahoo asked me to provide proof of communication with the company and proof of purchase before they can take any action or refund my money.
    After sending proof, yahoo stopped responding. 2 years later they decided to take the company website off yahoo.

    I am still waiting for a response from yahoo and my money refunded.

  16. Towle Reply

    Yahoo refuse to refund me $7.50 USA for cancellation of Yahoo Mail Plus as I now have a different credit card and they refuse to refund by cheque. They cite money laundering laws prevent them from doing this. The refund will they have processed will bounce back. They have not explained how they will account that will never get to me. I have found a refund policy for the yahoobingnetwork where Yahoo state the will refund by cheque if they are unable to process to a credit card. Son after I brought this website to their attention they deleted it. They now claim this is a different service so it doesn’t apply to Yahoo Mail Plus. So Yahoo is prepared to breach anti-money laundering laws for a select few but not others. They are very dodgy and unscrupulous.

  17. Terry Reply

    I’m just on holiday in France and Yahoo! Australia have blocked me from my mail and I don’t know another way to contact you and let me check my emails! I need to check my reservations. I can’t remember the answer to the secret question now either or I’m spelling it wrong. I’m ok, I’m just on the other side of the world now. I guess international roming makes my phone number look different and I’m using a new netbook android. Please help!

  18. Mahideh Reply

    Hi there,
    It’s been almost a year that I cannot see my inbox. I can log in easily and I changed my password several times I can go in different part of my yahoo account but I cannot see my inbox and it is just jumping before complete the page and refresh the page automatically non stop. I need desperately to check my count . Please help to resolve this problem for me asap.

  19. Jamie Radford Reply

    Could not log in to my account even though I am certain password is correct. Contacted Y7 via their contact forms online and seven days later, and three more attempts to contact them, and I have yet to receive any reply. I have been forced to call them (after a long and exhaustive search to actually get the number), and am currently on hold. Which I have been for about 20 minutes so far. I am calling from a mobile so not only have I not been able to access my email for a week, it is going to cost me a fortune in mobile fees, as we no longer use a home phone. Once I can access my account I will be closing it down.

  20. Muny Reply

    Yesterday I received an email from Yahoo Services and I had to click a link to log in so that my account is updated. Yes, silly me! I became a victim of a phishing scam. I changed my password that night and everything looks good. This morning I was not able to access my email account. I rang Customer Care and spoke to Sarah. She was calm and reassuring. She apologised for my inconvenience. She was fabulous and thank God, I am able to regain access. Thanks a million, Customer Care

  21. Shane Burt Reply

    My e-mail account has a virus. I tried to open an attachment that I believed was sent from Westpac Bank. The attachment didn’t open, I now subsequently can’t open any e-mails in my account.

    How can someone assist with this problem?


  22. Hank de Wit Reply


    I’m an IT support person. One of our employees has a problem with his personal Yahoo email account. For some reason 20 days ago it was locked out. He has tried the automated account recovery pages but ends up going in circles. The problem is he set up his yahoo account so long ago that he doesn’t remenber the answer to his security question. So he needs some way to contact Yahoo directly, but this information seems difficult to find. How does he contact Yahoo directly to discuss his account problems?

  23. Linda Reply

    I seem to have a similar problem as Dave (March 17, 2012 at 1:30 am) and Annie (August 22, 2012 at 5:06 pm).

    Can the administrators please explain to me how I can be receiving spam email that was sent from my email address, or how spam emails can be sent to other people from my email address without my knowledge? Furthermore, I’d like to know what can be done to fix the problem (other than delete my account and lose several years worth of legitimate correspondence)?

  24. Amanda Reply

    I have no acess to my emails, youre phone message box is full and the query i left there 5 days ago is full. I am losing work because of you!!!!!

  25. Ayad Reply

    I changed my yahoo email and I forgot it because I’m using my iPhone yahoo account so from long time I do don’t access to my email from my computer so I forgot my password, and all my business inquiry from this email and I can’t open it from my computer office just from my iPhone I can access and read my email, so if you can send me a new password through my email so easy I can receive it and I can use it to open my email from computer.

  26. ben Reply

    how do i access my email account when its been locked by you guys and there is no help number to contact!!! i have a lot of emails going into this account how do i access back???

    • Bob Tempest Reply

      Hey I have the same issue and I can not get any assistance i am beside myself I need to access my account.

  27. andrew Reply

    I have forgotten my secret question answers. I can not access my account. I know my password and it has worked for over 3 years and all of a sudden I was asked for a security question and I cannot remember the exact answers. Please take off the security questions and allow me to access my username as I know my password and I will the change my security passwords. This is urgent as I rely on this account.

    • Patricia Spencer Reply

      I am going through the same thing as you Andrew except my question is nearly 7 years old and that was another life time. I tried to access my account this week full of the flu and couldn’t see properly to type. So after three tries I was locked out and even after twelve hours I tried again and still the same stupid secret question, I sent an email through their abuse section because that’s the only way to get them to notice my plight. I even sent them an alternative email address so they could send me the secret questions and answers. I too have my friends and work contacts tied up in the email I can’t access.

  28. maria Reply

    I have forgotten my secret question answers. I can not access my account. Maybe a lot of important and emergency email is waiting for me. Can you please send me the answers or reset them. Thank you


  29. Carl Reply

    Yahoo!7 Australian Forums has gone to the dogs over the past couple of years. They introduced new forum software that no-one wanted and is so full of bugs it is absurd.

    The forums haven’t been moderated for nearly a year now and spammers and trolls rule the roost. They currently have one (or more) idiots who are taking advantage of a forum bug and using it to flood the boards with blank messages. One ID has posted nearly 6000 blank messages in just over a day!!!!!

    I don’t expect anyone from Yahoo!7 to even read this let alone do anything about it. Others have tried and all they get are those stupid automated replies (and nothing gets done, of course). Hopefully, the place is being closed down soon just like their international message boards. Very slack operation for such big companies, in my opinion.

  30. Greg Reply

    Parents also forgot the answer to there security questions for acessing ther yahoo mail online. They can still access there email via a email software program. Now they will never be able to access there email from any other pc other than using a email application program and this means not having there emails on there main pc. Sux

  31. john Reply

    I realy do like 7. never miss the news/current affairs and various other programs, but it really annoys me that that you move better homes and gardens all over the place, and no-one in there seems to have a watch or can tell the time….programs seem to seldom be when they are advertised.

  32. matt Reply

    I cant remember my secret question to get back into my emails, can you please let me know how to get back in or remove this step of the log in process, I know my password and user ID

    I tried to log on from work and then it said unfamiliar IP address and that started the secret question prompt and i have not been able to get back in yet.


  33. Bilal Reply

    I know my actual password but i am stuck in the verification code. (I have forgotten my secret question answers and my current mobile number is different). I am trying to access my account but i cant. I have applied to many jobs and maybe a lot of important email are waiting for me. Can you please update my mobile number and send me the answers or reset them. I have tried all the yahoo options it didnt worked for me. its getting urgent for me. Thank you

  34. John Van den Berg Reply

    Why can’t readers of news of Yahoo7 website comment on more of the real stories you run each day, insread of only being able to comment on INANE subjects in the celebrity sections ?
    Instead of doubling up on page length, by repeating the headlines in various sizes down the page, why don’t you make comment posting facilities, more available for EVERY news article.
    That way other readers, but more importantly, the government will get an idea of the WILL of People ???

  35. Marta Reply

    Hello, I am unable to access my account as I don’t know the answers to my secret questions, and it keeps asking me for them due to some issue with yahoo accounts, I have contacted you previously with this issue and I am in need to gain access to my email, please come up with a solution to fix this issue. Thank-you!

    • gurpinder singh brar Reply

      Hello, I am unable to access my account as I don’t know the answers to my secret questions, and it keeps asking me for them due to some issue with yahoo accounts, I am in need to gain access to my email, please come up with a solution to fix this issue. Thank-you!

  36. Monirul Islam Reply

    I have forgotten my secret question answers. I can not access my account. Maybe a lot of important and emergency email is waiting for me. Can you please send me the answers or reset them. Thank you

  37. Mia Reply

    I have forgotten my secret question answers. I can still access my account from my phone. Can you please send me the answers or reset them. Thank you.

  38. Tim Ryan Reply

    Hello, hope you can help me I have forgotten my secrect question answers. I can still access my account from my phone. Can you please send me the answers or reset them. Thank you.

  39. Bianca Reply

    My yahoo account has been inactive for years…. Now I find out its been sending random emails begging for money to all my friends. How do I delete the account completely. Every time I try to log in in tells me that I have been shut out for 12 hours! Urge!

  40. Simone Reply

    Same problem as Dave and Annie. Can’t get into account as someone has taken it over, probably via the Facebook account. They changed the security questions and the account now “does not recognise the device” I’m sending from (a PC????? That’s hard to recognise!!!) I can’t change the password or delete the account without logging in, which I can’t do. There is nothing wrong with my computer (checked by antivirus) or my other email accounts. Now I can’t Leave a Reply as the page does not recognise the Captcha Code.

    • Lorraine Small Reply

      We only use this email when travelling, in the last week all the contacts in our address book have been getting spam from some Russian porn sites and other spam. We cannot access our account as we have changed our alternate email address, therefore cannot get any details changed and there isn’t any help available from Yahoo that I can find. Cannot get past the first login.

    • Alison Reply

      I have a paid account with your company and your customer absolutely sucks. My paid account won’t let me access it and trying to get any customer service is like walking through mud. You are an absolute joke and should be ashamed to call yourselves an Australian company! Perhaps Today Tonight could do an expose on your lack of customer service.

  41. William Little Reply

    Recently our organisation has been receiving a considerable amount of spam emails with a email account in the reply to address in the email headers. The volume of the email is quite considerable, and it has managed to pass through our spam email filter. I can provide examples of some of the emails; most of which appear to come from India and Vietnam.

    I would like to know what, if any assistance, you can give us. To give you some idea of the gravity of the situation I am considering putting a blacklist rule on all email from, which would cause your legitimate users a considerable amount of difficulty.

    William Little

  42. simply Reply

    Seems Yahoo offer no assistance with e-mail accounts now! This place has really gone to the dogs the past few years. Used to be THE place to have an e-mail account.

    So far, this week, Yahoo mail has been down 3 TIMES!!!

    I’m just wondering how long it’ll be before they either go bust, get taken over or stop offering e-mail accounts.

  43. Tom Reply

    Hi, I use your news service out of convenience as I use the yahoo mail service.
    My question or main criticism is the refresh rate of the news pages, I go to watch an embedded video (made to site through an advert – I can tolerate that fine), but the amount of time at some point through the video that the page refreshes itself is FAR too often!? Then I have to watch the video from the start AND the advert again! This is ridiculous; pretty much renders your news service very sub standard… Just a fact. Sorry, but not going to use the yahoo / west-australian site for news any more… Poor form, this has been an issue for some-time and there has been no effort to correct it.
    Thanks, former yahoo news consumer.

  44. Cindi Rees Reply

    I have no life….my only fun is to play Literati at yahoo games when I get home from work. I have a complaint. Ever since you updated the homepage, my literati experience has been a disaster. I have a huge lag when I play and often it just comes to a complete stop during a game. I have emptied my temp files and cookies, no change. I never had this problem before. IT IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING. If it continues I will find a new homepage which has different games.

  45. Dave Reply

    Someone is using my this e-mail account to send meaningless e-mails to other people. They have got a complete access to my e-mail account. Could you advise me what to do?

    • Annie Reply

      I have had the exact same thing except someone is using my account to scam money off of people and I cannot log in sometimes and nor can I receive emails!Trying to get onto yahoo is the most stressful thing.

  46. Caroline Reply

    I have been trying to contact ANYONE at Yahoo to get Yahoo off my Internet page. I only had the account for 2 weeks then I cancelled. The Yahoo automated system said it will take 90 days to remove Yahoo from my computer!! The I wrote to a tech specialist that I thought was Yahoo and they said they would look into it for $58.00. HOW TO I CONTACT YAHOO!! PLEASE.

  47. glenn Reply

    1. emails () to the help desk bounced back “Unfortunately this email address is no longer used for Customer Care inquiries.” 2. so you log into the help pages as instructed, try and find the page where you can email them ( and they won’t accept your log in details (in this instance it’ s the birth date, mm/dd/yyyy) all security q’s etc entered. nothing, zilch, nix, end of story amen. 3. SO let’s try calling the 02 (sydney) number and see what happens … typical: redirection to a menu system where you can leave details, name, email addy etc etc. so you bite the bullet and call channel 7 (sydney) direct before you start doin ‘ the primal scream thang. they don’t list any local #’s. they tell us yahoo7 in brisvegas is 0733697777 but we had to call “eugene” back twice in sydney to get it … so we call this # and get a connection to Melbourne?

  48. kafa Reply

    I have already sent 2 emails to yahoo help centre and I’m still not getting any help from them. My problem is that I can’t access my account and my messenger and I have forgotten the secret questions and answers I use the yahoo email for work and I don’t like to change it. Can someone please help?

    • Hong Reply

      I have the same issue and i have tried to get help from yahoo but nothing. My friends called me and asked me why i need to borrow their money. Someone hacked into my yahoo account and poses as me. I sent so many emails to yahoo help central and filled forms but no help – 3 weeks by now

  49. frank dicketts Reply

    after a very long time of the same password and username i am locked out i dont even know my alternate email address, why is it so bloody difficult or is it that you like kicking the shit out of us

  50. Jael Reply

    I am so sick of these advertisements popping up, taking over a significant portion of the page.
    I am also pissed with having to sit through 30 seconds of crap advertisement to watch a short TV news story.
    Smarten up your act, Yahoo.
    Reply if you have cojones.

  51. keith Reply

    the response from yahoo mail is so poor should i delete my account and switch to another carrier. I get constant error messages and am often unable to forward messages as the contacts does not work .. This is appalling service from you

  52. martin Reply

    After more than seven months I have almost given up getting into my yahoo email account .
    Can not remember the password or anything else .

    • steve weatherall Reply

      i know how you feel, do you think they even look at this crap, try and find there phone number it a joke as well its not on there login site. its 7pm friday and i need to check my email but i will have to wait till monday to talk to someone.

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