Contact USPS: Find below customer service, support of United States Postal Service (USPS), including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for USPS shipments, mail packages, tracking, postal rates, locations or other queries. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on USPS services.

USPS Head Office
United States Postal Service,
Office of the Consumer Advocate,
475 L’enfant Plaza SW, RM 4012,
Washington, DC 20260-2200

USPS Customer Service
Phone: 800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777)
Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-877-TTY-2HLP (877-889-2457)

Technical Support
Phone: 1-800-344-7779

Track and Confirm
Phone: 800-222-1811

Stamps By Phone
1-800-STAMP24 (1-800-782-6724)

Shipping Supplies

Passport Book
1-877-4USA-PPT (1-877-487-2778)

Track Item
To track your item sent through USPS click here. You will need to enter the label number to see the status of your item.

USPS Locations
For USPS locations across the country click here. You can find address and phone details of retail post office, collection box and automated postal center. You could also find USPS locations by clicking on QUICK TOOLS on USPS homepage.

Online Shop
Click here to visit the online shop of USPS. Products include stamps, envelopes, click-n-ship labels, pre-inked rubber, supplies, express mail, priority mail, forms, rolls, panes, gifts/fun stuff, collectibles and more.

Schedule Pick Up
To schedule a USPS pick up click here. The service is free for Priority Mail, Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed, or Merchandise Returns services.

Calculate Price
To calculate price of your USPS packages, whether for domestic or international destinations click here

Zip Codes
To look up a zip code for USPS packages click here

About United States Postal Service (USPS)
usps-logoUnited States Postal Service was founded in the year 1775. The government postal deparment was  created under Benjamin Franklin. USPS delivers to nearly 151 million homes and businesses across the US. In 2010, USPS had a revenue of 67 billion dollars. Also, the same year 171 billion mail pieces were processed. In fact each hour USPS procesesses 23 million mail pieces. USPS currently has over 5,70,000 employs and 32,000 postal facilities. USPS ranks 29th in the 2010 Fortune 500. If you dint know, the postal service is US’ second-largest civilian employer after Wal Mart. is one of the most frequently visited government sites with more than 413 million visits in 2010. Click-N-Ship generated $423 million in sales in 2010. The Postal Service maintains 29,000 informational pages on its website. Some of USPS’ trademarks include ACS, APC, Certified Mail, Click-N-Ship, Cradle to Cradle, If it Fits, it Ships, EPM, Express Mail, FASTforward, First-Class, IM, Intelligent Mail, MASS, MERLIN, Netpost, OneCode, Parcel Post, PC Postage, ReadyPost, REDRESS, US Mail, Standard Mail, Priority Mail and The Postal Store.

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  1. G Lit Reply

    As I can see, so many people are having a problem with the USPS. I too have an issue with a package not being delivered from 10/4/2017 to this date 2/6/2018. I have sent several letters to them and copies of my original receipt requesting the amount of the cost of the shipping fee of $18.85 since 11/2017 and still no refund just some story about what was in the package and the value. I don’t care what the value is, I just want my refund of what I paid for the package on shipping day!!!! Now, their telling me to contact the CONSUMER ADVOCATE in Wash., DC and now they have to send me back my original receipt that the idiots kept in December. I am going to close my PO Box in March I will not be renewing. Plus these Reps on the phone is not concern about your situation one bit. This I do know, if I don’t receive my shipping money back for what I paid there will be an official lawsuit, that’s a guarantee!!!! It’s the principal of the thing. How are you going to DENY my claim without refunding my money! This is a bunch of crap.

  2. Susan Sparks Reply

    I had 3 packages shipped from Bon Ton stores via Fed Ex to Big Piney Wy, 83113. Fed Ex dropped them off at the Big Piney post office. I was never notified by the post office that they were there. I had to track my shipment to find it, when I found it I went straight to the post office to get my packages. I inquired about them and was told by the postal clerk that my packages had been sent back. She claimed that the post office was under no obligation to deliver packages from fed Ex that didn’t have a post office box number on them. I went back home and called Bon Ton stores and Fed Ex and they both tracked the packages and both claimed they hadn’t left the post office or it would say return to sender on the tracking. I was told to go back and ask for a supervisor and ask for my packages again. The supervisor was not there of course, so I made her look some more, she came up with 1 of the packages and claimed the other 2 had been returned. I called fed ex and told them what she said and they told me the packages were still there they had not been scanned out to go back again so I went back again and told her what they said. She said the same thing that they had been sent back. I called Fed Ex again and they said the same thing that the packages hadn’t left or they would have been scanned out RETURNED TO SENDER. I asked Fed Ex what I would have to do to get them replaced and the took my information and said they would do an investigation into what happened to my packages. This morning I went on line to track my packages and seen they were scanned return to sender at 12:59 pm and 1:07 pm! I arrived home after my 3rd trip to the post office looking for them at 1:00 pm! Which tells me she found them and hurried up and scanned them return to sender after I turned it into Fed Ex. Needless to say Big Piney is a small town its not like she had to look to hard to find them and hand them over it is in her job description to deliver mail! I was also told by Bon Ton that UPS and Fed Ex are under contract with the United States postal service and if they accepted the package they are under obligation to deliver them!

  3. Ronald Reply

    We live in a gated community here in Orlando Florida and have a central location for our mail boxes. A package was delivered to the central boxes friday June 30 when my wife tried to open the package box, the key would not work. she ask for and received assistance from the delivery man and he broke the key in the lock. He said he would report the problem to maintenance. we have inquired about getting the package daily since then (now July 7) with no results. I know I can open the mail box with a crow bar but would probably end up in a Federal Prison. What does it take to get our package??????? Numerous calls to the local Post Office have not worked!!! Our Zip is 32826 (Fairways CC)

  4. Edward Smyl Reply

    Every since our regular postman retired our mail has been delayed or never comes. We have mail order prescriptions and the delays can be costly to ones health.We have not had mail delivery for three days going on four.One of our neighbors even had a mail man tell them they migh never get mail because he confronted him about not dropping the mail on his porch.What is going on in the USPS.

  5. James Schreppel Reply

    I have a package I rout to my residence I came from NY to Landcaster PA to Shenandoah Pa witch is where I live then it was sent to Tremont Pa then to PineGrove Pa where it sits because it say can’t be delivered as addressed well I guess it can’t because there is no address like that in Pine Grove Pa I know what you can do just send it back to Shenandoah Pa like it says on the package I mean it was here allready so you almost got it rite just try again see how easy the solution is oh brother what an outfit the USPS is it’s laughable almost

  6. Edie Musgrove Reply

    A package from Dicks Sporting goods was transferred to you on December 23 and was to have been delivered pm December 24. It is now December 28 and I have found no way to track where the package is that was a Christmas gift. The Post Office in 78746 does not answer the telephone. How will I ever find this package? I do not have a tracking number for you.

  7. KatyHill Reply

    The Contractors who deliver for this AZ PO can’t get our mail into the right boxes. Election ballots property taxes bank & credit card statements all have delivered to the wrong box on them when you receive them if you ever do. The PO sucks. Online bill pay and banking is way safer than having your mail delivered to who knows where.

  8. Daniella Reply

    You’re worthless, nothing more. I have tried to get ahold of you, through various emails and you FAIL to answer each time, avoiding me at all possible costs, only because you can’t do the right thing and PAY ME WHAT YOU OWE ME. I love how we get those emails saying you’ll get back to us in 3 days to make sure and resolve the issue, lol, that’s a joke in itself as nobody has ever got back. You will continue to lose more and more customers by your lack of decency and not showing respect by replying to a basic email or any comments for that matter.

  9. James Gram Reply

    Your California to Georgia mail delivery SUCKS. Every time I order ANYTHING from California it is mysteriously DELAYED! WTF is wrong with you idiots? I can actually order a product from California and China the same day within minutes of each other and the package from China will get to my door FIRST. You people need to close shop. You are totally worthless!

  10. Debra Huddleston Reply

    I have two complaints. The first is that the carrier is not supposed to pick up my BUSINESS mail unless the carrier has something to deliver. REALLY? And how am I supposed to know I don’t have any incoming mail and therefore my outgoing mail will not be picked up? And even if I did know, what am I supposed to do, take it to the Post Office? The mail carrier can see if I have any outgoing mail without even opening our door! AND we ALWAYS have outgoing mail, but they won’t pick it up unless they have mail to deliver? I am not a customer, but the person who mailed the incoming mail is a customer? The second complaint is that I have to take my bulk mail to the Post Office before 3 pm because they can’t have it in the building after 3 pm or they will get in trouble? Again, REALLY? They can’t hold it until the next day to process it? So, I have to make an extra trip? Ok, so remind me, how many million dollars is the USPS losing every day? And they evidently don’t care enough about my business to pick up my outgoing mail or go ahead and take my bulk mailing to process the next day? I am going to email and you just lost my account. So, how’s that workin’ for ya’?

  11. Liz Brookman Reply

    St. Charles Missouri USPS office on Woodstone are a joke. Mail box key slot broken, no one will take responsibility to fix it. Getting the complete run-around, was told I would need to travel to the office (during business hours, mind you!) to FILL OUT A FORM to have a maintenance man (there is only ONE person on staff) come to fix the key so I can get my mail. The ONE and ONLY maintenance person in this office only works on WEDNESDAYS. I have had to make 10 phone calls in the past 7 days and I still CANNOT GET MY MAIL. They will not deliver to my door, either, WITHOUT A FORM! At this point, I have NO WAY to get MY mail, as I am AT WORK AT MY JOB during business hours, and no where near my local post office. Tried to call to register a complaint. Was put on hold for over 20 MINUTES. Still no answer. I will probably never get my mail. It is OK for me, because I do most everything online these days anyway to make SURE these idiots go out of business, but the problem is, my dad has medical supplies being mailed to him and we cannot get them out of our mail box.I GIVE UP. You win.

  12. John Reply

    I normally try not to complain, but I purchased a $1,000 dollar money order over a year and a half ago, I sent the actual money order itself (I messed up writing it out) to the Accounting Branch asking for a replacement, along with the form 6401, my Drivers License, even the Debit Card I used to purchase the money order.

    I sent everything needed certified mail, so I even know the guy who signed for it. Apparently I have to wait 60 days to get a replacement, it’s now been 6 months since they received everything.

    I see all the documents stapled in my kitchen, but I walk by it because I just don’t feel like trying to deal with such a complicated issue.

    But this is my question:
    ‘Someone’ did in fact purchase this money order a year and a half ago, it hasn’t been cashed, it’s actually in possession on the Postal Service, so it’s not going to get cashed, why is it not feasible that I just get a replacement?

    How could it be this complicated?

  13. Keith Reply

    I just wanted to share an idea that I had. A way to help USPS and to create jobs. What our government needs to do is create USPS super centers that sales only merchandise that is manufatured in the U.S.

  14. lynn lackey Reply

    On Nov. 26 I sent a package to Japan and 1 to Georgia. The package made it to Japan fine but the Georgia one was lost. This was sent to a large business, not a residence. Since I had lost the tracking number I was told too bad, we cannot do anything without the number. No one offered any help. Many people warned me not to use USPS but I stupidly had faith in them. The package was a gift for my 3 year old granddaughter. I will never again use the post office. No wonder they are losing business with a too bad, so sad policy!

  15. Carolyn Reynolds Reply

    The USPS branch at 454 Richmond Road , Richmond Heights, Ohio is a testament to what is wrong with America. Lousy service, poor or non- managerial skills, drinking and drugging on the job, and a completely ghetto enhanced littered front entrance. Close this place down and save lots of money.
    Do a drive by one day and see the decline of America at this exclusive ghetto enhanced USPS.

  16. somen Reply

    I have not yet received the consignment bearing no CJ492304845US in INDIA. It is ordered through priority mail on 28th Jan,13 (29th active date) . Package is not traceable in INDIAN Foreign Post office neither in INDIAN Post Office.

    Pls let me know when can i get the delivery. Also inform me whether it has left china or not

  17. Raffaele Reply

    I’m waiting for an item shipped on 11-6-12 USPS Priority Mail & Insured, Customs #CW220645884US. It results have left Chicago but italian postal service has not received the package. Please tell me where is the package and what I must make in order to unblock the situation. Thank you very much.

    • James Schreppel Reply

      Did you ever receive your package just curious hope you did anywAy “they say my message was to short and to add a few lines well that’s all I wanted to say what’s the difference how long or short my comment or question is well it should be long enough now lol

  18. Elvira Reply

    Can you please tell me how do I contact USPS support/customer service ?
    The “customer service” section at their website cannot be used by international customers because it requires a U.S. contact address, and e-mails “could not be delivered” to the [email protected] address mentioned above.

  19. tri prabowo Reply

    I am writing from Indonesia to inquire about your policy. According to my business relation in USA, since 16 May USPS had temporary hold on shipping of any lithium batteries which include any phones such as iphone that contain lithium inside. I would like to ask your confirmation whether this information is true and moreover, like to inquiry too, for how long will USPS will hold this policy.

  20. Sonam Reply

    I have been expecting a post (normal) which is extremely important for me from the US which was posted on 2-April-2012 but till now (24-April-2012) i have not received it * Please let me know how long it take to reach Bhutan, the whole problem is because of the unavailibility of the sender to send by priority/registered/express mail services. Can I now subscribe to the premium mail service and pay on delivery?

  21. Joyce Savellano Reply

    Good day!

    Im expecting a package since last friday and I tracked it down on your website but there has been no updates yet. The reference number is EI489619990US. I would like to know when exactly is the delivery date for I will be out of town this anytime week. Looking forward to your immediate response. Thank you!

  22. Ripsy Reply

    My brother had sent some important files from philadelphia to India on 11th jan’12. We have not received the same till date.
    The papers are very important and we are tensed as to when we will receive the same.
    Please let us know where the parcel is reached

    • Sue Reply

      Hi ,

      I am in the same situation as yours. Did you receive the package.

      Thank you.

  23. Oleg Reply

    Good day!
    13,12,2011 parcel was sent to Belarus and it is not known where is it today. Tell me, where it is right now.

  24. vesna Reply

    I ordered something online back in Nov 2011 and I still have not received it.The number is LC48 2895 644 U S.Now upon checking on your site it shows a date of Dec 14 in Jamaica NY and that is the last date.In the features section it says International letter.What does that mean???The package is supposed to come to Serbia..What has happened?????????

  25. maritza navarro Reply

    Good afternoon
    I am writing from Chile to check a box sent to me from the office of Carnegie Mellon University in Santiago on December 5, 2011 and to date have not received anything.
    According to the bill tracking number is bill# 1-13065-2-1206524-2.
    I would appreciate if I could indicate the shipment status to claim here in my country.

    Maritza Navarro

  26. Chantal Reply

    A package was sent from Arizona to Barbados. However I have still not received any thing. My search has shown that it is still in the US. Can you confirm for me please?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please reach the USPS customer support and they shall help you in tracking the package

    • Chantel Reply

      Hey Chantal, did you ever receive your package? I shipped something to Barbados but no information is showing up under tracking updates, now it’s saying not found. I shipped it 2 weeks ago.

  27. Telus Andy Boaz Reply

    hi,i live in Haiti, i have a person send me a mail 09/06/11 4:37pm
    at cabaret, avenue soleil, 4eme impasse#35, i dont know where i can check if it arrived, adress usps in Haiti please.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you can check from the website the status or simply call the customer support

  28. Armando Reply

    Mr. Paul Vogel and Mrs. Susan Plonkey, VP of sales at the USPS
    I have been a USPS customer since 1987
    I hereby denounce the companyfor repeated delays in delivering the EMS.

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