Contact U Mobile – Malaysia: Find below customer service details of U Mobile, including phone, email and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new U Mobile postpaid/prepaid connections, retail store locations, U Mobile internet plans, technical support or other questions on U Mobile services in Malaysia. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on U Mobile.

U Mobile Customer Service
Phone: +6018 388 1318

U Mobile Head Office
U Mobile Sdn Bhd
Lot 11.01, Level 11, East, Berjaya Times Square,
1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03 2117 9888
Fax: 03 2141 3511

U Mobile Locations
Click here to locate a U Mobile store/service center. You can visit a service center to pay your bills, register new postpaid, prepaid and broadband services. You can find U Mobile service centers in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Penang, Johor, and more.

U Mobile Online Payment
Click here to pay your U Mobile bills online. You can pay by Visa and Master Cards. You can make an online payment easily if you are an account holder with Maybank, RHB Bank, Citibank, EON Bank or CIMB Clicks. Besides online payment, bills can be paid at service centers through cash, cheque, debit or credit cards, through ATM, through Pos counters, and post.

Broadband Coverage
To check U Mobile broadband coverage click here.

Download Games/Music
To download games and music for your U Mobile phone click here. You can also find wallpapers, ringtones and much more

About U Mobile Sdn Bhd
u-mobile-malaysiaU Mobile was founded in the year 1998 as MiTV Networks. The 3G mobile service operator has over one million subscribers (as of 2011) and manages some 1,000 service centers across Malaysia. The telecommunication company was the first to deploy the fastest internet connection in the country. In fact it has over 1300 42 Mbps sites across Malaysia. U Television Sdn Bhd (UTV) is the major shareholder of U Mobile.

U Mobile has prepaid plans, postpaid plans and individual plans for BlackBerry devices. Under prepaid plans you can find plans such as RM10, RM30 and RM50 which offers voice call, video call, SMS/MMS, Voice Mail and much more. Under postpaid plans, you can find U Lite, U Value, U Plus and U Premium. There is U Broadband if you want to browse the internet on your phone with speeds up to 42 Mbps.  Visit a service center to activate international roaming on your phone.

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  1. lachew Reply

    Where is my refund for over payment when I terminated my line. It’s been two months already!!

    I should email to MCMC to find out the answer!

    I dont know how to get my over payment back!

  2. CHAN NG MAI Reply

    Dear Sirs,

    Till now I have not received any bill from you. I only refer to the SMS and make the payment.

    U have sent my bill to which email address? Pls check my application form carefully.

  3. Ambe.A Reply

    Your customer service is down to drain and supersucks. I was tryingto talk a human being rather then dam computer generated vioce which put on hold 1/2 hour. Finally i gave up. Probably if this goes on i have give up using yr service. Just that bad.

  4. Mdm Lee Reply

    U-Mobile customers service center is very unhelpful esp the operator at the Headquarter in Berjaya Time square.
    My request is to speak to Chief Marketing Manager Ms Jasmine to seek your advice regarding a case in Subang Jaya, but I was told that She is not reachable. She secretary even worst, Don’t answer her phone at all. Trying to made so many calls, but in vain. What kind of U-Mobile service is this? I don’t understand why is it that U-Mobile cannot put their top management contacts or their e-mails so that we can forward to them our complaints. Why are the customer service center so afraid to give the top Management contracts or e-mail address Are they trying to hide something. It has given me a very bad impression of U-Mobile.
    Please reply, I need your understanding why I wrote this comment.

  5. Nana Reply

    Wtf Umobile? All of the comments are telling your service is damn bad. I’ve been calling customer care many times and waited for 30mins but no one answers me. Umobile are the worst telco ever!!!

  6. Muhammad Reply

    I have been trying to contact U Mobile through 0183881318 since January 2016. Luckily I managed to get through and spoke with one of the staff today 13 May 2016 at +- 12.09 [ the conversation is being recorded ] I explained the problems and my intention to terminate the account was not cleverly answered by the staff. When I got mad because she couldn’t answer, she asked me to hold on and I waited listening to the song put…. Then the line was cut off after 12 minutes of conversation !!!! ( see how much I have spent waiting to solve problems!!! }
    When money is concerned U Mobile is always on time and very strict….unfortunately when we have problems U Mobile will find ways, excuses and try to avoid us as much as possible. Please respond.

  7. Alwi Abu Bakar Reply

    Failed to refund my overpayment when I terminated my line.I emailed Umobile and yet after so many months they just forgot abt it.

    I dont know how to get my over payment back

  8. tiezra Reply

    The most horrible telecommunications service I have ever experienced. The service VERY slow. I have no choice but to terminate the line. Used not even 1 year. Super stupid! Wake up U-MOBILE.

  9. vchong Reply

    Data line & phone quality have been poor since I ported over to U Mobile from Celcom. Please improve the quality of your lines in particular data line & there is no 4G available in my area i.e. Kota Kinabalu.
    Please waive my monthly subcriptions for 2 months as the data lines were always unstable & slow data line speed.

  10. Nicholas Reply

    I have been calling for almost 2 hours now, Yet there is still no response from the customer service. Apparently is due to high traffic.
    Why wont anyone answer?

  11. Anthony Reply

    Someone from 38822 has been charging my daughter’s account every other day, each time the 38822 message (even when BLOCKED)was sent, she will be charged RM4.00 to her account. It was obvious that someone had hacked into her account with an ill intent and U Mobile is unable to detect the origin or provide a satisfactory explanation.

  12. Arthur Yau Reply

    Someone from 39916 has been stealing money from my wife’s prepaid account everyday ,each time the 39916 message (even been BLOCKED) will deduct Rm4.00 from her account.U mobile has got no office here in Alor Setar to help.

  13. Manu Reply

    If UMobile do not have the personnel to respond to customer call (eg, 02110 0199 over the internet) DO NOT publish the number and abruptly replied as “wrong number” repeatedly (ie. around 1.20 PM to 1.40 PM on 28/06/2014, Saturday).

    Better still refer us to Maxis, Unifi, Celcom or DiGi..

  14. Tan Reply

    Seems like they are afraid to publish email id for consumer to complain. I got cheated by their agent telling me no “hidden cost” but failed to inform me the need to paid deposit. And when confronted that fella acted as if it was my fault! No wonder they are not well accepted by most despite offering cheapest deal. I sent few times to the “web feedback” but NO REPLY at all!

  15. Geetika Reply

    Why dont the customer care people pick up the phone. What’s wrong with them.

  16. Rajendran.S Reply

    I want to check outstanding balance for my broadband U-Mobile. Therefore i call customer services wait for 3m44s still nobody pick-up the phone and talk. What is a such STUPID services is this. U-Mobile services is very bad. Sending email, mention the problem need to wait 2weeks for their responds. U-Mobile services is too slow. People who are working there are FUCK. Damn slow.

  17. TT Reply

    I try to call many times the “U Mobile Customer Service Phone: +6018 388 1318” and the line is always busy. I even called U Mobile Head Office. Their response is please call customer service again.

  18. Chan Chun Mun Reply

    I am very frustrated cause I am not able to connect to Internet. When I call the umobile service centre, the agent informed me, that my broadband line is terminated. I did not call to terminate my line, and I just make full payment one day ago at Time Square. I did not receive any notice, that my line is terminated. I will make a complain the the right channel if umobile do not response to this.

  19. Dan M Reply

    U Mobile has been sending me numerous ads but fails to send me a simple message like M**** does when auto-pay transaction for my bill 2 cycles ago failed. No notification sent when my line was barred too. When I called customer service, instead of telling me my line has been barred, I was told there were some service interruption in my area. 4 days later; when I finally realized my line has been barred; I was told about the odd one out failed auto-pay transaction. Why did U Mobile not include the amount in the subsequent month auto-pay transaction that made it through? Anyway I made the payment, and now my numerous calls to customer service to get my line activated went unanswered. Please, if your customer service hours ends at 5 PM, then tell us so. Why ask your customer to “hold” and promise “kami akan melayani anda sebentar lagi” when in fact nobody is going to pick up the call until the next business day? You could simply tell us your business hours, and we do not have to waste our time waiting on the line forever.

  20. cy Reply

    i am really pissed off with your customer service. no one answering the call at all. i had raised an inquiry at your web portal. also no one replying me. so disappointed with your service.

  21. Nora Reply

    No umobile coverage since 17jan..I already did the topup. Called customer service but no one answer.

    • Rajendran.S Reply

      Change to another brand like maxis or digi better. Umobile services are too slow. I also facing this kind of problem.

  22. Mohan Reply

    I am staying in Bdr Sg Long…about 3 kn inside after the main raod. Want to check if the place is under coverage?

  23. Sedonna Reply

    I have been complaining about your customer service even I have yet to use your telco more than a year!! Customer service sucks to the max! I’ve personally went to your Times Square “service counter” to reload my prepaid for my iPad usage. First, it was wrongly reloaded by your sales person(Lee Sim Yuen). I can’t use it after 4 days. Back to your “service counter” and find out she did not reload the 3G usage for me! I don’t know which part went wrong when I even brought my iPad there for reload! Then I met another service crew, Athirah! Confidently informed me everything will be just fine and she will call me, she mentioned she had my contact and will call me back within 2 days after Raya Haji! What is the date now? I bet you can count it how many days it has been passed! No revert! Calling your customer service hotline and I’ve been waiting for 30min? No staffs are working? I’ve paid RM68 since 28/10/11 and I can’t even use my iPad until now. You gotta do something, or else you are just a lousy telco company ever!!

  24. ang Reply

    my line was barred for 3 days..i called your custmer services but nobody answers…please see your phones are working

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