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Titan Head Office
Tower A, Golden Enclave,
Old Airport Road, Bangalore 560017
Phone: +91-80-6660 9000

Titan Watches Customer Care
Phone: 1800 266 0123
Email: [email protected]

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About Titan Industries Ltd
titan-watchesTitan Industries Ltd began operations in the year 1987. It is a joint venture between the Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). A leading retailer of watches and jewellery, Titan Industries had turnover of Rs 6520 crores for 2010-11. Titan, which is the world’s fifth largest integrated watch manufacturer, has a customer base of over 100 million. Titan’s watches are also sold in some 40 countries.

Each year Titan manufactures some 13 million watches. The company in fact has sold over 135 million watches worldwide. With close to 800 retail stores, Titan Industries has India’s largest retail network. The company has over 325 exclusive ‘World of Titan’ showrooms. Headquartered in Bangalore, Titan Industries employs some 6,000 people nationwide.

Some of Titan’s popular brands include Titan Edge, Titan Raga, Nebula, Sonata, Xylys and Fastrack. Automatic, Bandhan, Edge, HTSE, Nebula, Obaku, Octane, Orion, Raga, Purple, Tycoon, Zoop and series like Aviator, Octane and WWF are some Titan’s collections available in the market. Titan also markets international brands such asVersace, Seiko, Movado, Hugo Boss, Citizen, Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, FCUK ,Roberto Cavalli, Esprit, Raymond Weil, Baume & Mercier, Victorinox, among others.

Customers can visit Titan showrooms for servicing, replacement of parts, battery, strap, or to purchase extended maintenance warranty. Titan offers 2 years of warranty from the date of retail purchase. For batteries, Titan offers a warranty of only one year. For more information, visit the website or speak with a Titan customer service representative.

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  1. Anjali Sahu Reply

    I have misplaced my bill but have the warranty card of a female watch I had purchased from a store in Mumbai.Can I exchange it?
    The model is 2569sm04.


    My watch bearing Model No.NH2486SM02 was bought on 05.03.2017 vide Bill No.T2/12642 from Pantaloons, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It goes frequently late even today though I have made the watch repaired in the authorised service centre at Bhubaneswar laying there about 15 days as per their convenience. It hurts me of the repeated disturbance of my watch and so seems that there has occurred some manufacturing defect.

    Please arrange to replace the same with another one.

  3. Akhilesh Reply

    I purchased a Titan watch (Model No: 98158202) for my sister from Hyderabad Central Mall, Panjagutta, Hyderabad on July 30, 2014 for 5000/- rupees.

    After using for few months, it’s leather strap got detached from the dial and I approached The World of Titan showrooms at the same shop (Central Mall), The World of Titan (Panjagutta) and The World of Titan (City Center Mall, Banajara Hills, Hyderabad) for its repair under period of 2 years warranty which is effective till July 30, 2016.

    I’m tired of visiting the service center several times but neither they replace the strap under warranty clause nor against payment, with the pretext that the required strap is not in their stock.

  4. S srinivasan Reply

    I have purchased a Nebulla and have unique problem of back case coming out every now and then. Moreso, the hour changer knob in the right hand side goes off and I have changed it twice already. Now I am wearing this watch without it. Pls help.

  5. Anusri Sonawala Reply

    I bought a fastrack watch for 1885 INR at Coimbatore. After a month the front glass cracked and it doesn’t cover warranty. Why would we spend so much money for a watch which doesn’t meet resistance. The watches should be more durable, hard to break and resistant to external forces. My watch just fell down and it got crack. Such a great brand with a very poor model of design. Designers should think in a way such that it would satisfy the purpose and money people invest.

  6. Bharat Bhushan Reply

    Dear Team,
    I purchased a Xylus watch around 2 years back on 15/6/2014. To my utter surprise and disappointment the strap broke in March 2016. Was picked up from my residence on 31st March 2016 by Titan Watch Care Dadar East Mumbai. There was no update thereafter from the service center, when contacted first there was a denial that the such watch has been even received by them.On giving reference number someone said that the they did not have strap with them and they will place order with Bangalore plant. The same would take 20 days. Whenever contacted in between they maintained that the order had been placed on plant and will be delivered by month end( April-16). There has been no update in between. When contacted today they again denied receiving such watch. When reminded of the receipt they updated that brown strap is not there with them and I will have to do with black strap if i wanted the watch. Brown will take indefinite time. Am surprised and disappointed that even for a premium watch like Xylus Titan can treat customer this way. How do you expect to compete in premium watch space with this kind of service back up. Expecting to hear from you on my watch.

  7. Alabhya BHardwaj Reply

    Order No. EC00082924
    I am chasing Titan watches for long time, as even after 20 days are over but still I have not got refund.
    There is no communication on mails and vague reply like we are looking into matter are provided. EC00082924.

    Below are list of troubles faced by me:
    1) Received faulty watch (19 jan), went to showroom 30km away, got repaired, didn’t worked next day.

    2) After numerous mails, tweets Titan associate came to collect watch (5th feb).

    3) Still chasing Titan for my money refund, Its already 20 days overs since watch was collected and over a month sonce I revived faulty watch

    Website says 7 day return policy which seems to be a big joke in my case.

    This is one of the worst online shopping experience till date for me.

    There is no proper escalation matrix available on website.

  8. priyatosh Sharma Reply

    I have seen many complaints which tally my bad luck for having bought Tata watch after my fossil watch went for repair to Banglore after 5 years of great functioning. I though i should buy Tata watch as it has great name so went to Titan showroom in chandigarh Kapoor jewellers sector 17. Bought a ceremic model 90015KL01J watch in July 24/07/2015 which stopped working in Aug. Deposited the same in the service centre 21/08/2015 vide Ref Id. 815AN0231B1580 and till date 25 Nov 2015 I am waiting for my watch. I have got extended warranty of 5 years and i think it meant that watch would remain with titan service centre for next 5 years. I have made various rounds to service centre but no answer and my Fossil watch has come back as promised by their service centre. i am sorry to say but the level of efficiency differ a lot between Fossil and Titan. Titans’ service staff is blank and without any answers. They must learn some ideas from fossil who are quick to respond and help.

  9. shrikant kale Reply

    I have purchased a fast track wristwatch for my daughter from TITAN Showroom at shankar nagar ,Nagpur.Recently I went there to get the belt replacement.The service person denied to accept watch as he did not have stock of belts.when enquired to showroom counter person he asked to come after 15 days or else go to another fast track shop which is owned by them as told by him.the tone and bahavior was so rude and arrogant as never expected nor experienced in relation to any tata is not WORLD OF TITAN BUT SEEMS TO BE WORST OF TITAN.

  10. Mayuresh Rashinkar Reply

    Hi Team,

    I have a Titan Octane, Model no.9187SHO2 K622 (as specified on the receipt of purchase). I want to change the metal strap, current one is worn-out.
    I went to the World of Titan in Aundh, Pune. They confirmed that Titan does not make the model any more and it will be impossible to get that strap any more.

    I want to request you guys to turn some stone and provide the strap to me. The watch carries a special emotional value to me. And I want that fixed.

    Expecting a positive response on this. NEED HELP.

  11. Ashish Gaurav Reply

    Dear Titan,

    I am Ashish Gaurav and I bought a Titan Automatic watch from Delhi this year on 20th/01/2014. Barely 8 months passed when the watch developed problem, the screw of the automatic watch came out and the watch stopped working.

    Sine the watch was in warranty, I took it to you service center Titan Care in Noida Sector 18 on 10/08/2014. Reference id 814AN0821B1575

    I was told that Automatic watches don’t get repaired, the whole machine inside will get changed from Bangalore apparently and all this would take 20-25 days. The Approximate delivery time was written as 10/09/2014, that was one month from the date of giving the watch for servicing. After that I have done multiple follow up and have visited the service center, it has been more than 2 months and still I have not got my watch. I have been mislead multiple time and have been given tentative dates by when watch will be repaired but it has not been done.

    I was told I will be called in 20-25 days when watch is repaired, but I did not get any call.

    I visited service center after the Delivery date 10/09/2014 and was told that watch has been couriered from Bangalore will reach in a couple of days.

    After two days I got a call that there was some problem, in getting the spare parts and it will the watch will get delivered by 20/09/2014 and I will get a call.

    I did not get any call. I called on 8/10/2014, I was told again that watch has been couriered from Bangalore will reach on a few days.

    I called yesterday on 10/10/2014 and inquired about the watch since two months have passed since I gave it for servicing. The service center person told me its unusual and that he would call me in 10 minutes after checking the status/problem.

    I did not get any call.

    I called today on 11/10/2014 and after repeated plea have been told that my watch has not been couriered from Bangalore, infact it has been sent on this 8th to Bangalore…that is after nearly two months of giving it for service. And they cannot tell a time frame as to when I would get the watch.

    I am very disappointed with the service of TITAN, after two months they have still not been able to service the watch which is under warranty. I have been given wrong information/false promises.

    If you can’t fix the watch please refund my money or replace the watch with a new watch.

    Ashish Gaurav

  12. Elango Reply

    I have given my Titan Obaku Watch for service on September 16th 2014 at Ash & Aish Associates – Titan World Chennai.

    No one is attending the call from my showroom and it is more that 3 weeks already. When I contacted in person they said that it is with the company and they will let me know the status, when I checked the status online its showing status pending and I am getting the same status when I called the customer service (1800-266-0123) too. I need to know the status of my watch and I am already frustrated with your poor service. Please look into this ASAP.


  13. Munaf Sheikh Reply

    I went to TITAN showroom….located at Opp.Rajkot Gymkhana..Trikon baug..Rajkot….to change leather strap. First I went on Thursday 30th May 2013…shop was closed then I went on 1st June 2013 in evening hours (6:30 to 7:00 PM)…they refused to attend saying that service and repair counter is closed however they were welcoming and attending other new customers without any hassle. Later I went to this shop on 3rd June 2013 in afternoon hours (around 12 to 12 :30 PM)….Firstly again they refused me to attend as I was service customer ….then I told them that this is my third attempt here to reach them ….they accepted me and attended me as follows. They showed me several belts which I did not like…so I asked for the same belt that I have ….they told me to place new order for this …They told me that it will take 20 to 25 days after I place order and pay for the same……

    Now….who the hell on earth will pay in advance and wait for his stuff for 20 to 25 days ?

    I told them to expedite the delivery little earlier if possible…they totally denied it and left me alone in shop by attending other sales customers ….First time I felt regretful for my purchase of anything…they were least interested in selling the strap to me when I intended to buy it …My fault was only that I wanted the stuff that is not available in store …they did not even care to ask me or discuss or negotiate the delivery time because they were interested in 3000 Rs sales instead of 300 Rs strap. This is ridiculous service I have even seen in my life …I left shop with heavy heart with feeling that I may chosen wrong brand. I felt regretful to buy this world class product …they are ahead in selling the product and big ZERO in after sales service …..

    I decided not to buy new strap and add 1000 Rs to my budget and buy new watch with some other brand, atleast I would be satisfied that I have not purchased any recognized brand so I would not get any after sales service.

  14. Sumod Reply

    This is Sumod From Mysore.
    I have purchased a Titan (DA305) watch on 20th March 2012 from World of Titan,Mysore and after that, two times I got it serviced because of intermittent stoppage of the Watch.First time from the shop itself and Second time got serviced from factory itself,since service center person couldn’t find what the real problem was.And from factory,they informed me that they have replaced the entire machinery and assured me that there won’t be any issues there after.
    Now after 5 months it got stopped again. It’s very disgusting that I’ve to keep the watch in service centers more time than I can really have the watch with me, that too after Purchasing from a branded company like TITAN.
    Please advise what I have to do with this watch.

  15. Jayakumar Reply

    I purchased this fasttrack watch model (no 9332pga) from bangalore, India almost eight months back.. but now its strap got cut. I asked more than 4 shops and servicing centre here. But i dint get any helpful information from them.. If Titan couldn’t help the customers why they are selling such products inthe market.

  16. K Pooniwala Reply

    Think Titan should stop making any more wrist watches, and spare all time to fix the mess that is out in market. Myself purchased titan very expensive 8500 rupees watch, in first three months battery went dead, they replaced it, later had water proofing problem, sent to work shop took three weeks, later after 12 months again water started getting in, again they fixed it for free, NOW it has COMPLETELY STOPPED. What a pity, returned to Titan asked them to keep it it their safe or collectors cabinet, just give me a letter saying gave this watch has been given in donation to poor Titan Co. Sorry.

  17. Sagar R Wale Reply

    I have bought Titan Watch on 01.02.2010 model no.9211 sm05 from Kalyani Nagar Pune Titan Outlet, suddenly two months back, day hand is came out, I had given for repair two times in Jangli Maharaj Road Time care centre, but still it is same and in unrepaired condition.

    My contact no is 9860603733, please let me know how i will get GOOD repair of my valuable watch.

  18. Ashish Powar Reply

    I had purchased Titan Raga watch from one of your outlets in Pune, Baner area , Titan one shop opposite to Big Bazaar.
    The watch was purchased on 13/02/2013 and was non functional the next day itself. It costed me Rs. 4500 and when I approached the shop, the shopkeeper tried to convince me the watch had issues while shipping. He told me to keep the watch with him and he will get the machine changed and to come back after 5-6 days. After lot of waiting he finally called me on 26/02/2013 to collect the watch and i noticed the watch was still non functional. He than removed the machine from one of the functional watches and replaced it to make it working. I am really disappointed with the service provided, the amount of embarrassment and time that was wasted for this. This incident has really put a very bad impression about Titan.

  19. K Chandran Reply

    Can anybody in TITAN clarify the following?
    1) I have a reference ID for depositing a defective product : 1112A802217B1613. The present position of the referred ID is not available. The service centre also says it is yet to be received from the company.
    2) Discounted rate products are available in the stores. People at the show room says that discount rate is not applicable for the replacement cash voucher and as such I have to pay the full amount for the new purchase. Is it true?
    3) Whether the customer is bound to purchase another product from the same agency where I deposited my defective product?
    With regards

  20. venkatesh Reply

    I had purchased fastrack chronograph wrist watch model no.3072saa. At time of purchase they did not provide user guide for it. I didnt kown how the chronograph works, kindly help me to access the user guide.

  21. Ankit Reply


    I have Titan Regalia1532YCB, its showing wrong DAY. Could you please help in adjusting it to correct one.


  22. ashish Reply

    I have purchased watch of approx. Rs.2300 design no NA9324SM05 on 22.07.2012 in 20% off scheme in the month of july-12. That watch started giving trouble in November, not showing correct time. I showed it to an authorised center from where I purchased but they replied that the watch has moment problem and it must be changed for a cost of Rs 400. I was shocked how major parts needed replacement within 6 months after I purchase. The watch is even under warranty period. This is not fair guys. It is really bad business.

  23. Brijesh Chandra Misra Reply

    I have given my Titan Watch Design No. 1918YM01 on 15.11.2012 to THE WORLD OF TITAN VIDYASONS, Banwaris Plaza, 1, Ambedkar Road, Ghaziabad (U.P.) Tel. : 0120-4120727, 4120728. Vide Ref. Id: 1112AN0591B1549 and TIN NO. 09490502720. According to this delivery date was given 20.11.2012. When I gone to collect the Watch that time it was told to me that the glass of watch was not available so due to that they could not change my glass. As it was looking so ugly since it was necessary to change the glass, so I left my watch and they have asked me to collect this after 3-4 days but today I send my wife and my son to collect this watch, It was strange to listen the reply that the glass was not available due to that the watch was in same condition today also.

    May I know that was my watch out of fashion? Why the glass is not available after so many days? The employee Mr. Vishnu was not giving any Phone Number of competent authority and complain register was not given to write this complain. The watch is still with them. Showroom Manager Mob. No. was also not given. Please look into this matter.

  24. rituparna Reply

    A pair of fast track sunglasses was purchased on 1st week of july, 2012 from Salt Lake Big Bazaar Outlet, Kolkata. One of the glasses became loose and needed repair for which it was taken to the World of Titan, Gariahaat outlet, kolkata on 29-10-2012. The pair was given for repair along with the case/cover as well as the guarantee card. While returning the same pair after repair on 6-11-2012 the service cente people denied to return back the case of the sunglasses as well the guarantee card, saying that during repair the case and the guarantee card was not given.

  25. Avinash Kumar Reply

    I bought my fastrack watch from Delhi (India). After one year my watch glass broken in an accident and when I submitted it to service centre they are telling that they don’t know how much time company will take because company is not having such watch in their current production . Please if possible help me because i can’t buy watches every time and I am facing this problem from last 2 month .

  26. Akhil Khare Reply


    I’m a loyal customer of Titan watches. In the past I have purchased a lot of watches for gifting it to my parents and family members, and I’m really proud to say that I never received any complaints. However I purchased a new Titan Orion Watch on 07th August, 2011 from the 13 MG Road Camp, Pune01 (Model No – 9202SAA,30M SS Baack)( 9202SL01). This was the first Titan watch that I purchased for my Personal Usage. The watch was no doubt worth the cost. I got a lot of compliments and I also suggested the brand to a lot of my friends and colleagues.

    However 100 days back(July 12), to my surprise that glass of my designer watch was broken automatically. I went to the authorized service center (World of Titan, 13 MG Road Camp, Pune01 ) and was really treated in a bad way. I knew that it may be not considered in warranty and was ready to pay for changing the Glass. I submit my watch in service center (World of Titan, 13 MG Road Camp, Pune01) complaint no/acknowledgement no 546 on 24 July 2012. I was told i would be contacted within 2 Days but i was not contacted. I called them every 10 days till 20 Oct 2012 but i was given no response. Every day i was said they will call me in 12 hrs. I was continuously harassed by them mentally and my time was also wasted in discussing my problem every day with new executive.
    Later I told them if glass is not available please return my Designer watch but they replied saying they sent my watch to Service Center. On 20 Oct 2012 they gave my watch (AFTER THREE MONTH) but the condition of Designer Watch was not good to use. I think some person used my watch for personal use. This is really a very bad experience for me.

  27. MOHIT SAXENA Reply

    I have purchased watch ( Model No- NA9322WL01 ) dt-27/6/12, few days back i have lost its back cover. How it has been lost i am also surprised. This has happened with me for the first time as i am using many of the Titan watches since long. The watch is still in working condition. I have lodged the complaint with ID no-265956 and looking forward to get free replacement as watch is in working condition and doesn’t have physical damage. I have purchased from M/s S.H.Mumtazuddin 4, Radha Bazar Kolkata-1.

  28. chaitali dutt Reply

    Hi, I visited world of Titan outlet located in Phoenix Mall, Pune for buying a watch and battery replacement. I was surprised by the class of so called service rendered to me. Firstly, I was made to wait for at least 20 mins for getting the replaced battery. There were hardly any customers in the outlet. After 20-25 mins he came with the watches and asked to pay Rs 450/- for the battery replaced in 3 basic this time i changed my miind of buying watch from this particular store. He didn’t give any bill. When I asked about the bill, i was made to wait again for aprox 20 mins and finally he gave a manual bill. The owner of the shop kept playing on her I phone without noticing the customer. I am also surprised about the charges they levied for battery replacement. I don’t think it costs more than 50-60 bucks for a basic watch.
    Is the way a modern Retail outlet works?

  29. hemant Reply

    I have purchased a FastTrack Sun-glass that was defective. I have returned back that to the shop and got a credit note , but now I am unable to find a good replacement from titan stores. I lost faith over fasttrack, i dont want to purchase fasttrack again but the credit note is forcing me to purchase from fasttrack again. Why the hell cant I get my money back? The product was after all defective.

    • hemant Reply

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for your reply, Now my credit note has been expired. I tried calling on the toll free number, actually I am tired of doing that, they work like robots, they have memorized answers for everything, they don’t want to give us satisfying answers, they are only doing their jobs.

      They told me that credit note is valid all over India but when I visited a store in Kota, Rajasthan they told me it is not valid in Rajasthan.

      Why Titan is forcing me to purchase their products in replacement, why don’t you give me my money back with the same respect by which I bought it?

      This is a clear corruption and loot, once a person bought something means the money is gone from customer’s pocket to company’s pocket forever, no matter the product is good or bad, if it is bad then he has to purchase something else from the same company. Don’t you feel that it is bad ?

      Does Govt authorize you to issue credit note of short periods in replacement ? I don’t think so. if yes then I have to go to court against that.

  30. Shadab Alam Reply

    As Discussed ,I went to your Fastrack store (A A Enterprises Abu lane Meerut) on 19 Aug 12 to replace my watch strap. Store staff asked me to pay Rs.300 for strap + Rs.50 for Labor charge. I told them it is ok with me & paid the same amount through my credit card. But they have provide me invoice of Rs.300.I want to know reason for the same that why they have charged me Rs.350 & generated invoice of Rs 300.Today you have informed me that company will never charge any additional charge to
    change the strap (Labor charge).I request you to take Necessary action against the same complaint

    • Titan Social Care Reply

      Dear Shadab Alam,

      Steve here from the Customer Relations team. Always here to help!

      Thanks for bringing out your concern, we understand we may not be perfect, but we always strive to make things right for our customers. We apologize for the difficulty you have faced and we want to reach out to you. Could you please share your contact number or email id, so that our team can contact you.

      We take pride in our customer service levels. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. In case you wish to talk with our Care team, please call on 1800-266-0123.


      • Anna mark twain Reply

        Your service is not good! Your assistants are bad, very bad! They not friendly, out going…
        They are offen laughing at foreigners if they understand what they said! They don’t explain exactly and so difficult to understand them!
        I think the first and the last time i’ve been here.. Say good bye!

  31. birudu babu rao Reply

    i have purchased a TITAN EDGE watch at Lakshmipuram Main Road, Guntur- 522 007 on 15.01.2012 @ Rs.7200/- (variant no. NA1044SL01, Discription Q564L). After 4 months the leather strap got teared at pinning point. The seller told there was no guarantee to the leather strap even for one month. Within one month, the watch stopped for that the seller told in arrogance that dust got into and advised me to come after one hour to clear the dust. When i came back, he told me there is a problem in the machine, to service it he told me that he will call me after 10 days. This is the fate of a TITAN EDGE watch that has a slogan that says 30 months water resistance and 2 years manufacturing defects. One of my friend commented that a watch bought on foot path some two years back is doing well and am ashamed for spending money on TITAN EDGE. i suspect the dealer sold me a substandard watch and cheated me.

    • Titan Social Care Reply

      Dear Birudu Babu Rao,

      Steve here from the Customer Relations team. Always here to help!

      Thanks for bringing out your concern, we understand we may not be perfect, but

      we always strive to make things right for our customers. We apologize for the difficulty you have faced and we want to reach out to you. Could you please share your contact number or email id, so that our team can contact you.

      We take pride in our customer service levels. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. In case you wish to talk with our Care team, please call on 1800-266-0123.


  32. Anand Agarwal Reply

    Dear All, i had given my watch at watch care centre , DB CIty Mall, on 04.08.2012 and they had assured me will get bk the watch on 20th but still nobody had replied me for the same , problem in watch just to change glass. i am surprised after 20 days still glass is not changed…what a horrible service….

    • Titan Social Care Reply

      Dear Anand Agarwal,

      Steve here from the Customer Relations team. Always here to help!

      Thanks for bringing out your concern, we understand we may not be perfect, but we always strive to make things right for our customers. We apologize for the difficulty you have faced and we want to reach out to you. Could you please share your contact number or email id, so that our team can contact you.

      We take pride in our customer service levels. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. In case you wish to talk with our Care team, please call on 1800-266-0123.


  33. Dipti Kariwala Reply

    This is with regard to a fastrack watch purchased on 12-03-12 from Elgin road World of Titan at Kolkata, Model No.: NA9827PP01.

    It has a white coloured plastic strap. I was guided by the sales executive that the strap is completely washable & any kind of dirt or stain will be removed easily by taking a little liquid soap in cotton and running it on the strap. The white colour of the strap has got discoloured & turned reddish within a month after purchase. I tried cleaning it in the same way as guided but there was no change in the colour of the strap.

    On 03-06-2012, I visited the watch care section at World of Titan at Mani Square Mall for getting the strap cleaned or replaced. There I was told nothing can be done as the strap is not covered under any warranty and I have to purchase a new strap for my watch. The new strap was also not available as the watch was newly launched 6 months back.

    This kind of mis-guiding selling is not expected from TITAN, No. 1 watch Co. in India.
    This is not a complain for only for the amount I will have to pay for a new strap but to highlight the poor controls for monitoring the processes at Titan. This experience is incredible for me in the last 15 years of association with Titan. You are spoiling your brand image not only with me but with all customers who I come in touch with. I am so so frequent buyer at Titan & am deeply hurt by such a response. My Titan Signet No. is 90475069, from here also my purchases can be tracked & monitored.

    I will escalate this harassment to various authorities and will exercise all my rights as a consumer. What is the penalty you are ready to pay for such poor customer services in an industry which is so driven by customer satisfaction. I hope you too believe that “Customer is King” for any service Industry in today’s cut-throat completion environment. Seems Titan just wanted to reach up the pinnacle and has no vision to maintain itself as No. 1 Watch Co.

    Hope you do the needful as I have done my part of it, as of now.

    • Aniruddha Reply

      I also have a similar problem with a ladies watch that I bought for my wife with a white leather band. Within few months, the white colour is going off in patches and the base colour is visible making it really look ugly. The showroom from where I purchased is telling that these are not covered under warranty. Who is going to spend almost 4k for a watch which can not be used more than 6 months? If such is the quality of the product and their post sales service, customer wisdom will spell doom for them.

      • Titan Social Care Reply

        Dear Aniruddha,

        Steve here from the Customer Relations team. Always here to help!

        Thanks for bringing out your concern, we understand we may not be perfect, but we always strive to make things right for our customers. We apologize for the difficulty you have faced and we want to reach out to you. Could you please share your contact number or email id, so that our team can contact you.

        We take pride in our customer service levels. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. In case you wish to talk with our Care team, please call on 1800-266-0123.


    • Titan Social Care Reply

      Dear Dipti Kariwala,

      Steve here from the Customer Relations team. Always here to help!

      Thanks for bringing out your concern, we understand we may not be perfect, but
      we always strive to make things right for our customers. We apologize for the difficulty you have faced and we want to reach out to you. Could you please share your contact number or email id, so that our team can contact you.

      We take pride in our customer service levels. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. In case you wish to talk with our Care team, please call on 1800-266-0123.


  34. Rakesh Reply

    We purchased battery model # T721 for my Titan watch from Ashok Watch Company, second floor, Sree Shivam Mall, Durg 491001. The cash memo no was 326, dated 6/5/2012. While cost of battery MRP is Rs 34, your dealer has taken Rs 70. This sort of business will affect the brand name of Titan. Please look into ethical business, so consumers like me dont feel cheated.

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