Contact Tiger Airways: Find below customer service details of Tiger Airways, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Tiger Airways. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Tiger Airways services.

Tiger Airways Head Office
Tiger Airways Pte Ltd
Changi Airport Post Office
PO Box 82
Singapore 918143

Tiger Airways Customer Care
+61 3 9999 2888
+61 3 9335 3455 (Fax)
03 9999 2888 (dialing within Australia)
03 9335 3455 (Fax)(dialing within Australia)

+65 680-TIGER
+65 680-84437

+86 40 0120 2090

+852 3060 9155

000800 600 1153 (toll-free within India)

009 803 60 1933 (SGI Bakri Telkom)
001 803 60 1933 (SGI Indosat)
007 803 60 1933 (SGI Telkom)

+603 7849 4608

+63 2 884 1524

001 800 601 5637 (toll-free within Thailand)

120 60114

Book Tiger Airways Flight
To book a Tiger Airways flight online click here

Flight Schedule
To check Tiger Airways flight schedule online click here

Baggage Information
Passengers are allowed to carry one item weighing no more than 7kg. For checked baggage, passengers are asked to purchase the 15kg baggage tier during booking or at the airport before departure.

About Tiger Airways
tiger-airways-pictureTiger Airways was founded in the year 2003 and is partially owned by Singapore Airlines. The low cost airline operates from its main hub at Singapore Changi Airport and serves to over 19 destinations including in Thailand, Malaysia and India. According to Wikipedia, the Singapore airline is currently the largest low cost airline in that country.

Tiger Airways Destinations: Tiger Airways destinations include Guangzhou, Haikou, Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Chennai, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum, Canberra, Sydney, Alice Springs, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Penang, Cebu, Devao, Manila, Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Taipei, Bangkok, Phuket, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast, and more.

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  1. Ade Azri Reza (Eddy) Reply

    I can’t make payment online with credit card issued in Indonesia for some reason (Credit limit is far beyond the ticket value), where can I pay the Tiger airways tickets over the counter or bank account?

  2. Robin Reply

    To whom it may concern

    I have booked two tickets online (Passenger name Aruna Sudhi & Anushka Robin,Dated :30/05/2014).So far I have not received any email confirmation or booking reference number. I Request your urgent help on this.

  3. Susan Reply

    We were offered and accepted a refund on flights which were cancelled due to weather conditions and were advised we would receive the full refund within 2 to 4 weeks. It is now approaching 7 weeks and I have not received a refund or communication from Tiger airways regarding this matter. The booking reference is TBUUPN.

  4. Carmona Reply


    I am flying with you many many times trough the year and I always tell all my friends to do so swell (I work in advertisement in Melbourne)
    I have booked 7 seats with you to go from Melbourne to Alice springs on the 29th of July but you guys canceled it (REF NUMBER : FY9V6N) and I have organise everything around that flight, cars, accomadations etc.
    Now the cheapest flight I can find is $300, so I have to move everything around and my friends and me are losing a lot of money.
    I am not expecting you to do anything for that flight but as we are flying often with you I would love to have some vouchers for my future flights .
    If not we will not fly with you again .

    Sebastien Carmona

  5. ma vivian ang Reply

    i booked and paid for a roundtrip flight from manila (oct 16, 2013) – cebu (oct 20, 2013) – manila at 10pm tonight for 4 with my credit card but didnt get any confirmation from your ticketting office.

  6. Mahmud Reply

    Pls give me the details of tiger airways reservation counter in Taipei , Taiwan

  7. jay Reply

    the customer service number for the Philippines just keeps on ringing. I’ve tried dozens of times, answered the customer care portal three times already, it’s been month and they have yet to reply to my complaint. Their customer service really sucks, not to mention that their flight schedule is always delayed

  8. saraswathy Reply

    Hi. I will be travelling from chennai to singapore in tiger airways. Am I allowed to carry 2 laptops ( one personal and one business ) along with me in my hand luggage, and both together weigh about 10 kgs. Please advice me If I am allowed to carry .

  9. Bmarinhe Reply

    I have bought a ticket and i would like add one extra baggage for flight from Phuket to Singapore. According to the FAQ on website, I must to contact your customer care by phone. I tried to call the call center in Thailand but its a wrong number so i called the airport and the answer was:” you can update your baggage when you do your check in.” Curious, is the price the same as listed on your website?

  10. Divine Grace Reply

    WARNING: DO NOT CHECK BAGS ON TIGER AIR!!! I have been flying for 30 years and have just had the WORST experience of my flying life, and found out that I am not alone. Airport employees have told me that Tiger Air is the worst at baggage handling. I paid an extra add-on to have my bag transferred in Singapore on my Tiger Air flight from Manila to Phnom Penh (through Singapore). Instead of transferring my bag, they lost it. This is now day 5 of my 7-day visit to Phnom Penh, and my bag is still lost, and it has been a nightmare trying to get any action from Tiger Air — finding phone numbers on the Internet, phoning, faxing, emailing, making daily trips to the airport to check — all fruitless! I will never fly Tiger Air again and do not recommend it to anyone else! Even reputable airlines lose bags occasionally, but reputable airlines do not have a reputation of losing bags often, and they take action and respond quickly when bags are lost.

  11. Novia Reply

    I have bought a ticket and one extra baggage for flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta. Now, I’d like to upsize my baggage and according to the FAQ, I have to contact you by phone. But, Gosh…it’s more than 10 times a day I call but the machine always answers that all the lines are busy. So, how can I upsize my baggage?

    If you cant provide a good call center system, I suggest that you should provide better internet system, where every passenger could manage their booking not just the flight but also the baggage and other things.

  12. gloria Reply

    The call center for indonesia are useless. I contacted many times but no response. Only cost me a lot of money to call the call center. I had booked two round ticket. The promo ticket said that i can buy one ticket and get two. How come I only get one seat. My booked number D8NJWT and F256SY.

  13. Valentina Reply

    I have made a booking with Tiger Airways for a flight Sydney to Brisbane. At the end of the booking I got to a page that said:

    “You must produce the following at check-in to receive your boarding pass:
    1. Your PDF Itinerary,
    2. Valid passports (for international flights) or photo ID (for domestic flights), and 3. Valid visas (where applicable)
    You may print this on-screen itinerary for your reference, but it is not admissible for check-in at the airport. If you do not receive your PDF itinerary within 1 hour, please contact our call centre.”

    Despite having booked in October 2012 for a January 2013 flight, I have never received the PDF itinerary in my inbox. I have tried to contact the airline an indefinite amount of times and I am placed on hold for ages (plus calling a number that is very expensive) and I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO SPEAK TO ANY ADVISOR TO HAVE MY ITINERARY SENT TO ME (which, anyway, I should not have to do in the first place).

    It is outrageous to be treated like this from a company. I will never book another flight with them again, if I cannot even speak to the customer service. I don’t understand why the relevant authorities don’t do anything about it despite the number of complaints.

    • Akash Reply

      Even i m also facing the same prob… But i was able to speak to the customer care. They said that they have sent the pdf copy to my mail. But still i have not received. Now whats your status? You got the PDF ?

  14. EDUARDO Reply

    I cannot contact your customer service hotline number here in the Philippines. I need to change my booking but i cannot seem to find the confirmation number but i have my own ticket with me. All i see is my reference number. Can you please help me out? I need to change my booking detail for my baggage. My flight is on Saturday.

  15. Nashwa Reply

    I have lost my baggage on 7th January 2013 on flight TR2639 from Chennai to Singapore. My baggage tag number is 0098401284. I tried to call toll free number but no answer. Please help to check for me the status of my report at Singapore airport no PU22HWX.

  16. linda Reply

    The customer center NEVER can be reached. This the worst customer center that I have ever met.

  17. Madhavan Reply

    I booked my ticket few days ago round trip travel from Singapore to Chennai. Travel period is march 2013. My query is can I change my destination Singapore to Tiruchirapalli. I already tried to manage booking by filling up the BRCODE &name but the page shows invalid booking reference number. I even made several calls to the customer care in Singapore, but nobody is picking up. Spent hours calling, very unhappy with the service.

    • Eva Antonio Reply

      Can I change the name of the passengers who can not fly on the date scheduled?pls answer ….tnx!

  18. Asif I ran Reply

    Please tell me the bangladesh office/agents contact no of tiger airways..

  19. Tjokro Reply

    I have booked and paid 4 tickets from Hongkong to Singapore with flight no. TR 2963 dated August 10, 2013 (ETD 11.25, ETA 15.10). But I haven’t received the flight schedule yet. I forgot booking code.

  20. Burhan Reply

    Please give me the contact number & address of Tiger Airways in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I need it to change my flight schedule.

  21. Imma Nuella Reply

    I have typed wrong email address for itinerary sending of my flight from Hanoi to Singapore date 16 Nov 2012. I try to contact the phone number in Indonesia (as in website) but none can be reached. Please advise immediately.

  22. JOSEPH Reply

    Pls give me the details of tiger airways reservation counter in kerala or KOCHI (INDIA)

  23. IrisGarin Reply

    Hello!I made a reservation yesterday and also paid the same day but I haven’t received any confirmation of my flight in my email. What should I do?

  24. darran Reply

    I am in guangzhou china and dont have a credit card to book online, is there an office i can pay in cash here or the guangzhou airport, dont ask me to call customer service, i have just spent 40 minutes on hold.

  25. John Reply

    I booked a flight that goes from Bangkok; the ticket says departure is from clark (manila). I dont want to book a room in the wrong place. Someone said that I will arrive in clark and then be put on a bus to manila and you leave from there. Is that true? What city is this airport in ?

  26. AKBK Reply

    I can’t make payment online with credit card issued in Indonesia for some reason (Credit limit is far beyond the ticket value), where can I buy the Tiger airways tickets over the counter?

    • Joway C Reply

      Hello, i want to buy 2 tickets from Clark To Kalibo, but the payment is not accepted . Why? I want to pay with my VISA card fom Macau where i live. Can you help me and tell me how i can do ? Many thanks.

  27. Joni Reply

    Dear CS,

    I would like to contact Tiger customer service… but none of the given numbers in Indonesia worked.
    009 803 60 1933 (SGI Bakri Telkom) *
    001 803 60 1933 (SGI Indosat) *
    007 803 60 1933 (SGI Telkom) *
    * bebas pulsa untuk Indonesia

    Thank you

    • Rudy so Reply

      I buy ticket tiger airways from internet , i already paid from my credit card but i did not get booking number from tiger airways. Please help me how i can get my bookiing number

  28. Chandramohan Reply

    I have booked tickets to Singapore from Chennai for travelling on June. Now i want to book for infant who’s age is 10 months for travelling on June. How to book tickets?

  29. selva Reply

    I would like to know about a booking done online. Can I cancel and get refund if I could not travel on the sheduled departure to Singapore.

  30. zulfiquer Reply

    Please let me know the address of your agent in Dhaka for detail information. Thanks,

    • bob bruthers Reply


    • RAYHAN Reply

      Please give me the contact number & address of your agent in Dhaka office for detail information. Thanks,

  31. Saifuddin Reply

    I think Tiger Airways is the cheapest air from Dhaka to Singapore. That is why it could be a wonderful journey for us but main problem is that how can we get visa sponsor? Can you arrange it? Another question is where is you local office in Dhaka?

  32. Ramesh Reply

    Do you have any agent office at Ernakulam,Kerala, India for booking tiger aiways airtickets to Singapore. I heard that your service will start next month from Nedumbassery airport, Ernakulam, Kerala, India to Singapore. Is this information right ? if so, please advise me how to book my tickets and provide me telephone number too.

    • Mohammed Reply

      Dear all,
      Hope you wont have any trouble now related to tiger airways queries.. as Al green travels have now launched a better customer care service for tiger airways customers. 24/7 customer care number: 91-93809-93808 (Amendments, Group fares).

  33. Nazmul Reply

    I heard that Tiger Airways will start flights from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Singapore? Is this information right? If right when are the services starting.

    • Sujon Reply

      Pls give me the contact & tarif details of tiger airways in Dhaka bangladesh

  34. Daymond Reply

    I need a contact number of Tigerairways at Jakarta Indonesia Office. Those tol free number provided from the above are all useless! I need email address too!

  35. Fazle Reply

    please give me detailed contact information of Dhaka, Bangladesh office. Either phone or Office address.

  36. Vinay Reply

    I have booked a ticket to Singapore from Bengaluru on 6th April, I have IPA (In-Pass Approval), and my employer in Singapore tell that it is not required to get any visa stamped on passport from SIngapore embassey in India when you have IPA, it is a single entry VISA and once you land in Singapore you can have your VISA stamped on the passport. But I was going through some blogs where I found that some airlines deny if you have just IPA, they ask for the VISA stamped on Passport.

    In this case whether Tiger airlines allow me to fly with IPA or is it must VISA stamped on my passport from SIngapore Consulate in India.

    Please help me…..


  37. Sharifull Hassan Reply

    Pls give me the details of tiger airways reservation counter in Dhaka or contact number in Bangladesh

  38. Chee Reply

    Dear Tiger Airways Customer Service,

    Good day, I’ve tried to contact Tiger Air customer service center for quite some times but I’m unable to get through. I’ve tried the customer portal service but cant log on any feedback as it is a future flight issue and there is no email address for me to contact. Could you please help me on the matter of upsize luggage for 15kg (ONLY for RETURNING FLIGHT from Bangkok to Singapore flight TR 2105) as I have not pre-booked Luggage Upsize™ online at the time of booking. This is my ticket reservation which is C1SBYY? Hope to hear from you soonest.

  39. sri Reply

    Sir, I would like to change my date of flight to spore. Wheres can I call for information? My departure is from Jakarta,Indonesia.

    • Lily Reply

      I would like to change my date of flight to spore. Where can I call for information? My departure is from Jakarta,Indonesia. Please give me your office address in Jakarta or contact number in Jakarta.

  40. Kadir Reply

    I want to know tiger airlines Dhaka, Bangladesh phone number. Please inform phone numbner by return mail.

  41. GVRamani Reply

    Please give your office address in Chennai (India) as I want to book my tickets.

  42. Matin Lasker Reply

    Pls give me the details of tiger airways reservation counter in Dhaka or contact number in Bangladesh

  43. Benedetto Vigna Reply

    Dear Receiver,

    on Dec 23rd I flew from Singapore to Krabi with my family. The ticket reservation number is: WZDNPR.

    I boarded two luggages and when i arrived in krabi they were both missing.
    One luggage has been recovered and has been shipped to me in the hotel where I was staying (SIKAO ANANTARA), the second is still missing and now it’s almost one month I’m waiting for.

    I tried to reach several times your agent in Krabi whose name is WANLAYA and her phone number is: +66 75 701638, but i didn’t have success.

    Pls give me a feedback since I do not hear anything from you.

    Benedetto Vigna

  44. Mohammed Fakrul Amin Reply

    Please give me the details of Tiger Airways in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  45. Pundi Narayanan Ramesh Reply

    I want to get in touch with your office in jakarta . Can i have the telephone number. You have sent me a mail today on deals for Dec 12-14 and it states Singapore Chennai one way S$145 all inclusive. When I go in to the site for booking it gives a different rate. I want to finalise th booking. Please clarify as to how I must proceed. I have tried your instructions and I get a different rate.

    Thanks & Regards


  46. tess Reply

    A serious feedback for immediate attention: Why is it very difficult to book on-line..”ERROR” always pops after submitting payment. I did the booking procedure so accurately and repeatedly but can’t process at all. secondly, I called hotlines in singapore, malaysia and philippines several times but got no one to speak to…fixing this problem ASAP is appreciated.

  47. yuki Reply

    I booked a return ticket from Sin-HK.And I would like to upsize my luggage through call center, however, whenever I can, it is busy. Would you please help me with it?

  48. Narasimhan Reply

    We booked a return ticket from Singapore for 31st December. Unfortunately we didn’t make a note of the confirmation number. But we paid the amount. We are yet to receive the ticket. No one is picking up the toll free number. Please help us

  49. John Reply

    Good evening.We tried booking tickets online with Tiger Air, but the system is always showing an error. Is there any other way we could book our tickets? We tried calling Tiger Air Singapore, but the system is putting us on voice mail and it’s causing us a lot of money waiting over the phone. Please help, cos time is catching up.

  50. Allen Julius P. Flores Reply

    I’m always encountering an error in booking online. Where is your ticketing office here in the Philippines? Thanks

  51. Cats Reply

    I cannot contact Tiger Airways Ticketing in Manila Philippines…. I have tried the number stated above…. I need to make sure that my booking will be okay. I would also want to know if I can use somebody else’s credit card even if she will not be flying with me to and from Singapore. Thanks.

  52. kevin Reply

    is there any other number apart from the toll free number?
    please let me know

    Hyderabad, india

  53. Kannan Reply

    My friend had booked the ticket from chennai to singapore, unfortunately he couldnt reach the airport at right time and he has missed the flight.
    Can he get the refund of the amount?

  54. Kim Reply

    A booking was made when Tiger Airways had promotion for free baggage for 2 persons. However, when the passenger arrived at the airport, it shows that free baggage is only allowed for 1 person and the other baggage were to pay SGD 30? The 15kg isn’t it SGD 15?? Why is it that the free baggage is only for 1 person??

  55. velkumar Reply

    at the time of booking i have wrongly mentioned my email id …..
    for that what should i want to do…

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      if you ring the customer support..they will make the necessary changes..

  56. Raja Reply

    Hi I am raja recently I booked a ticket for my wife from trichy to Singapore on 11.11.2011 morning flight…unfortunately she was hospitalized so can I postpone the ticket pls reply how to do?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      that depends on the ticket fare any case call the customer support..

  57. Jasmine Reply

    Understand that Tiger Airways waived the charge (S$17) for check-in luggage (15kg) departing Singapore. Is the promotion still on? Please advise asap as I’m in the midst of booking my trip now.

  58. Chuan Reply

    We need to postpone the flight to a later date due to an emergency in the family. Tried reaching the helpline, but with no luck.

  59. john Reply

    why can’t i book my ticket online. Tried several times and it gave me this message;
    1.An unknown error has occured with the form of payment you have chosen. You have not been charged, but due to system failure we cannot accept this form of payment at this time. Please try another form of payment or try again at a later time. (5140:PaymentValidationError)
    Problem Id: L6456722359972581
    any idea what is this all about? and one more thing, tried calling your hotline number but no one is picking up the phone…

  60. A.S.Naushad Reply

    i would like to know booking and collection of ticket and other details of your thiruvananthapuram office

  61. Michelle Reply

    I’m one unsatisfied customer. I’ve tried to contact Tiger air customer service center but i’m unable to get through. I’ve tried the Customer portal service, but i cant log on any feedback as it is a future flight issue. and there is no email address for me to contact.

  62. may gocotano Reply

    to whom it may concern:
    where can i find the general travel agent of tiger airways here in cebu city, philippines and where is their office located.. i need to know asap cause im planning to get a ticket.

    thanks…god bless!

  63. George Varghese Reply

    Sir, I would like to know about a booking done online. Can I cancel and get refund if I could not travel on the sheduled departure to Singapore.

  64. jobin.benjamin Reply

    Pls give me the details of tiger airways reservation counter in kerala or trivandrum (INDIA) or in any other part of south india

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