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Target Customer Care
1.800.591.3869 (online orders)
1.800.440.0680 (target stores)
1.877.798.2743 (target clinics)
1.888.821.2095 (kodak gallery)
1.800.986.1065 (shutterfly)
1.800.591.3869 (gift registries)
1.888.755.5856 (credit card services)
1.800.618.6881 (business card)

Phone: (612) 304-6073

Target Corporation Head Office
Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
USA Head Office
33 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402

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target logoTarget began in the year 1902 and is US’ second largest discount retailer. The company was founded by George Dayton. The first Target store was opened in the year 1962. Today there are about 1,750 stores in the US. Target’s competitions include Wal-Mart and Kmart. The company is popular in the world for its philanthropic activities. If you dint know, Target employs some 350,000 people worldwide.  Fortune magazine ranked Target # 22 on its list of “World’s Most Admired Companies”.

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  1. Laura Reply

    Target is getting weird. The past few times I’ve been at the Macomb location the lines at the register have been extremely long. There is no more “running in real quick” at this location. There are always just a couple of cashiers on the register with backed up lines. Then as you are doing the self checkout- since there is no other option to check out, unless of course you want to wait in a line that’s wrapped around the main aisle way — they have a person waking around asking how your shopping experience was?????????? So, instead of ringing up people to help with the insanely long lines – they have someone just standing there asking how your experience was. Almost everyone’s answer was “get more cashiers” the employee’s response was” I cant help with that.” How useless and frustrating! Why are you asking customers if you cant help them? I will avoid this location at all costs!!

  2. vicky Reply

    I was shopping for an electronics item for my son for Christmas and the Target store I was at did not have it in stock. I called the Algonquin, IL store who guaranteed they had the item. I rushed to the store to find there was no electronics being held as they did NOT have the item in stock. I was very upset. There was a nice young lady in electronics by the name of Annika Bushman who asked if we needed help? I explained my dilemma and after 20 minutes of searching, trying to get another product, looking through shelves, etc. Annika called a supervisor over. After Annika explained the problem I asked if they could check the stock in back and low and behold the item was in stock. Had Annika not helped and called for a manager to help with the problem I would have never got the item. My son will be thrilled on Christmas thanks to Annika! Annika was professional, friendly, courteous and cared about the customer. Something you don’t see anymore. Thank you Annika, because of you we will shop at Target again.

  3. Lew Reply

    There is no worse experience than dealing with Target customer service on the phone. They speak with a heavy Cebu accent, are not familiar with the website and just plain awful.

  4. Lyn Reply

    I received a letter from Target stating my Redcard would be cancelled if I didn’t use it. Then it stated, if I wanted a new Redcard, I would have to fill out a new application.
    I’ve had the present card since 2003. I haven’t used it since February 2017. So the company can cancel it for lack of use? I think I’ll let them cancel, no company should force you to use credit if you chose not to!!

  5. Xu Reply

    We went Target Chicago State St. Store on 06/30/2017 afternoon. It was a very terrible experience. Somebody stole our shoulder bag from the chair,which had many valuable things inside. And we asked their security to check Vedio to see whether the thief still there. And their staffs told us they did see the thief in the vedio but they couldn’t do anything. And only ask us to call police…
    Maybe my English was poor, at that time the police line was off…
    We were very disappointed and regreted to come to this thief store.
    I really don’t know how they would react if their personal stuff stolen in their store!!! Really no human kindness.

  6. Rebecca Birk Reply

    I shopped in Atlantic Station Atlanta on Thursday 23 march 11.30 am . I’m from England and was preparing to fly home a few days later.
    I bought bras and underwear sets and candy to return home. Your sales assistant kept back one bra and candy I only discovered on arriving home. I have the receipt and will tweet this too. Really distressed and unhappy.

  7. Holly Reply

    I just left target for some back to school shopping and had a horrible experience after I checked out. I loaded cartwheels about 1 hour before I left for Target and printed coupons for 2 items. After I was rung up I knew that many of my cartwheels did not apply as well as my full RUN discount that was running today for 10% off. When I went to customer care they told me if it didn’t come up there was nothing they could do EVEN IF SIGNS WERE POSTED IN YOUR STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took the time to load the deals, shop accordingly correctly for those deals in your store and I get screwed out of the savings because your system is off and not ringing correctly AND YOU HAVE THE WRONG SIGNS UP??? I don’t think so. I had already spent over 2 hours shopping, having my daughter try on clothes and shoes, 20 minute wait to check out, 20 minutes at customer care and I was so pissed I didn’t go back to take pictures of all your signage. I shop there fairly often and have never had this experience. My cartwheels, signage and what I’m rung up usually match no problem. I understand it was a special savings day, but that was expected for your store because you knew it was running, and it is YOUR responsibility staffing and signage correct and your systems ring up customers properly. I WAS OVER CHARGED ALMOST $40 DOLLARS BECAUSE OF THESE ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I even shared this special shopping day on my Facebook profile encouraging my friends to shop at Target a few days ago. I would have NEVER done this if I knew how disorganized this event was. Even after all these deals and full price items I bought I still would have spent over $150 at your store which is NOT a small transaction!!!!!

    I now have to spent MORE TIME to create a spreadsheet of the deals that I was charged for, the corrected amount I should have been charged, my total savings correct savings, email and deal with this over charge ALL because of this MESS!

    This is unacceptable customer service. I chose to spend my money at your store, buy several items that were NOT on sale and SHARE this special shopping day on social media encouraging my friends to take advantage of this deal. It is NOT my responsibility to manage your signage or your APPs to ensure I am charged correctly. THAT IS THE STORES RESPONSIBILITY.

    • The shoes had a cartwheel that DID NOT APPLY!!!!!!!!!

    • The Underwear were buy 1 get 1 50% off under a large 8×10 sign that said $8.49 but I was charged $10.99 each with the buy 1 get one 50%. THERE WE NOOOO OTHER UNDERWEAR under this sign that is why I chose this item over others!!!! Your staff merchandised this incorrectly!!!!!

    • Dole fruit cups cartwheel for 30% that DID NOT APPLY!!!!!!!!!!

    • Caprisan cartwheel for 20% that DID NOT APPLY!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jean Shorts 30% off cartwheel that DID NOT APPLY!!!!!!!

    The run discount was incorrect too! I was only given $8.73 discount off $171 which is NOT 10% off. I didn’t buy ANY of the exclusions…… IT SHOULD BE 10% OFF!!
    For the corrected total I am owed still $5.84 MORE

    I could shop anywhere and I chose to spend my money at your store. Please correct this issue so I shop there again and don’t share this experience on social media AND EVERYWHERE ELSE I CAN FIND ONLINE.

  8. Anne Reply

    Went to Target today to purchase a California King mattress pad. Target carries California King sheets, etc., but they do not carry California King mattress pads! Whoever places product in the store should have known better. There was not even a label for California King Mattress Pads on the shelf anywhere. The employees I spoke with were very surprised.

    Target needs to hire better employees.aaA

    • Geo Reply

      If you have a check to write and don’t always use the checking account and its for a ( $80 ) amount! The chances the register will reject your check. Called Corporate to let them know that I had used “same” checking account at Walmart and it was ok. They told me I would have to make more smaller amount purchases at Target until my History of check writing builds up?
      It looks like Target is behind the times in collecting monies upfront by running the check in the register and giving you back the check. Their answer…sorry for the inconvenience BUT that’s our policy. Well, my policy is for Target to take my check since all others stores do and give me the merchandise. Otherwise this ends my shopping there.
      I guess Target got sued by credit card holders and checks when the computers were compromised. How did that happen?

      • Donald Kennedy Reply

        I believe they use check cashing insurance company to which like Kmart it is there option on taking checks.
        It takes a couple low $ checks to set up account then you can write almost any check under $500.
        The check company will not take starter checks or
        any check with out full name and address and phone number. You would be surprised at how much companies today lose on bad checks….

  9. Lou and Janet Reply

    Dear Target,

    We love your stores, and have always wanted to support the store. We live in South Florida and we saw a commercial and could not believe it. It was totally in Spanish. We could not understand a word of it. I’m sorry, but, we do not discriminate, however, this is the USA and we take pride in diversity, but English is still the primary language. If the commercial would have been in English, Spanish, Chinese, French , all together showing its diversity, it would have been fine. We will no longer shop at Target and we will encourage our friends and family to boycott the chain a well.

  10. Maritza Garcia Reply

    I’ve been trying to report my debit card lost for the past 3 week and the number your web site provides is terrible. If it’s lost how could I give you my debit number if it’s lost ! Could I have a number to speak to a live person.

    Thank you

  11. Joann C Troup Reply

    I use your up&up Sport SPF 50 sunscreen lotion. I noticed that you improved the consistency of the lotion. It is a lot easier to apply. I have some problems. It still feels a little greasy, and it leaves a white residue on my car door. I was wondering if you could work on these issues. There are not many sunscreens out there with this SPF to protect the whole body. I do appreciate that. Thank you.

  12. MS Reply

    I was recently shopping at one of your stores and saw an advertisement to buy 3 items to receive a $5.00 gift card. I carefully reviewed the ad to ensure I had the proper items (since on previous occasions, the ad wasn’t honored); however, once again at check in it wasn’t honored. I asked the casher to delete the items as I only bought the advertised brands to receive the gift card. She stated she wasn’t able to and I would have to go to Customer Service. I find it very disappointing that a reputable company like Target refuses to honor their ads and because of this experience as well as having this happen on numerous occasions, Target is no longer my store of preference

  13. Manjula Reply

    Today I brought school supplies which was worth over $75.00 I received email saying that there is $5 target gift card for $25 worth school supplies ! But I got only one $5 but not 3 $5 gift cards.

  14. Laura T. Reply

    I was at Target on France Avenue (Bloomington, MN) this morning and they have gay pride t-shirts for little girls (not juniors, not women, but for my 5 year old!). I didn’t see any similar shirts in the boys department, but I didn’t go out of my way to look either. I am so disappointed. I don’t care about Target’s opinion on gay rights, but I do care that they are marketing sexuality and politics to little girls. I called customer service, and the guy on the phone essentially told me it’s about celebrating love and not just “gay rights.” Really? If that was the case, wouldn’t the t-shirts have been out all this time and not just suddenly since the Supreme court ruling? My concern really isn’t about gay rights although, I do find it bizarre that Target is not concerned about how offensive their open support may be to some employees and customers. I think they have assumed all of their employees and customers are in support of gay rights…or perhaps, those are the only customers Target wishes to do business with. More so, I am truly stunned Target would market such shirts to young girls. I have a photo of the t-shirt, which I posted to my Facebook, but can’t figure out how to attach it to this comment. I’m sure you’re aware what your own product looks like, I’m just not sure you’re familiar with the typical mom who shops in your store. No matter how most women feel about gay pride, we sure as hell don’t want our 5-7 year olds wearing it on their shirt.

  15. Eileen Adrian Reply

    I was in the Target store in Sherman Tx yesterday to pick up a TV that I ordered online. I anticipated using a scooter but after I got ready to leave it was dead. My cane was in my car.The man who brought my order up carried my TV out to my car as I was struggling to walk to my car one of your employees kindly offered to walk me to my car. It was raining and she offer her arm I walk very slowly, she said she didn’t’ mind. Everyone deserves a star for their helpful attitude. I know you get a lot of complaints but some time you need to get praise!!!

  16. Julie Bartz Reply

    I entered your Target Store at Laguna and Bruceville in Elk Grove, Ca. last Saturday night. I was appalled at the condition of the store. It was so unkept and messy I wanted to leave. I did finish my shopping though as I Was tired and did not want to drive to another store after working all day. I probably will never go back to that particular Target Store again. I think you need to take some time and look at this store it definitely doesn’t make a good impression. Thank-you

  17. Marlene Reply

    My recent experience with Target is beyond disappointing. I placed several on-line orders and have had issues with shipping, refund, price matching. In one case (order #102074683693) the order was placed on 12/1/2014, a UPS label was created on 12/9/2014, on 12/20/2014 I found out that the order was never shipped and four of my Christmas presents are no longer available plus it will take seven to ten days to credit my account. Another order (Order #102082632902) was placed on 12/10/2014 and included a present for my granddaughter at a price $159.99. The next day Walmart had the identical item on sale for $108. I attempted to reach Target but after being put on hold an cycled through their system was cut off. So a couple of days later I went to my local Target and was told I would have to pursue price matching through the on-line customer support. So again, I tried by phone was told it was too late since the sale at Walmart was over and was not even offered price matching for the $10 difference currently available. Finally, by chatting with a representative, I got refund for the smaller difference. I prefer Target, but this is totally unacceptable.

  18. Pam Reply

    Don’t expect to an easy customer service encounter when you buy from Target. I purchased a Christmas tree on the day after Christmas sale. When I put up the tree next Christmas, the bottom half of the lights did not work. When I contacted customer service they informed me that I should have notified them within 90 days of purchase. let me remind you this was an AFTER Christmas sale, why would I put up a Christmas tree after Christmas? Now Target doesn’t want to honor their product, really, and to say the least my credit card was also breached and you still don’t honor your products. I know I will not ever shop Target again!

  19. Tina Reply

    I always liked shopping at Target,but after my shopping visit tonight not sure I will be back..I’m not one to complain, but when I was in the checkout line the cashier said she would only take me if I had a small order because she was going on brake…I was very nice about that and went to the other line..When I was in the other line she took two more customers that did not have very small orders..My order wasn’t even that much it looked like it was because I had a case of water..I have always been a patient person, but I just thought that was rude.

  20. David Gietzen Reply

    I purchased a Pergola shade room from Target 4 years ago.
    I contacted Target customer service for help in locating replacement parts for components that have already rusted through on an item designed to be in the weather year round.
    I have found out that,
    The manufacturer (Smith and Hawken) is out of business.
    Repair and replacement parts are unavailable.
    Target is still selling products from this manufacturer.
    You would have to be a total idiot (I guess I am one) to buy anything that should last for any length of time from Target.
    This is a fine example of how Target cares about customer satisfaction.

  21. p. steeber Reply

    I went to Target to take advantage of the 10% reduction. According to everything I read in the papers and heard on the radio, it sounded like it was store-wide. That is not the case!! There is a list of items that cannot be purchased with this discount. Target will be losing at least $1000 because I will now go to Best Buy and Apple Store to make my purchases. I will also think twice about shopping at Target in the future.

  22. meg huber Reply

    The lack of concern for customer safety at our Target pharmacy is shocking. Waiting 45 minutes for three prescriptions to be used for an upcoming surgery, I watched the pharmacy tech blow his nose, wipe his finger directly under his nose, and then use the same finger to fill little bottles with prescription meds, attach the pill bottle lids, count out the pills, etc. The kicker was when he blew air forcefully onto the little plastic tray used to count and dump pills. Presumably he was taking off remnents of pills from other orders, but having someone with an obvious cold blow forcefully on a tray holding my medicine was too much. I asked the pharmacist to return my precription forms, and I took my forms to another pharmacy where I hope the sanitation is better. Particularly when facing surgery, one doesn’t need to be exposed to these germs on one’s medicine. I’ll be afraid to go back to this place, which is a shame, since I always filled my prescriptions here in the past.

  23. Don C. Schwartz Reply

    I always praised Target Stores For the BEST store to shop. Everyone is so helpful, courteous etc. I received an e-mail today pertaining to your stores. It states that a remark was made about our veterans do not meet your area of giving, etc.Please explain these complaints since I am always bragging about our #1. -Store to our friends. I cannot believe what I am reading, and I would appreciate any info you give me. Please continue the good work your people are doing , but again please clarify as to what I am reading. We will be waiting for your reply, either way . Thank you. Don C. Schwartz

  24. Rosemary V Reply

    As always, the Eagan Target impressed me greatly last night for Black Friday. The store is organized, and the team is superb! After wandering around Walmart for an hour from employee to employee asking them if they know where something is (and getting a shrug and an “I have no idea…”) it makes it that much more enjoyable to be welcomed by smiling, genuine, helpful and intelligent employees. I’ll keep coming back because I love watching such a best-in-class operation!

  25. David Schwartz Reply

    Last night I had both the most enraging though embarrassing retail experience of my life and
    it was at a Target store. After purchasing a botle of dental rinse and replacement electric shaver heads I (which I continually had carried together at all times) I left the store only to discover that the box for the shaver heads was EMPTY! Norelco could have slipped up at
    the warehouse or someone before me may have shoplifted but I never felt the box was too
    light because I hadn’t held it long by itself.

    The store’s GSA (manager) didn’t believe this completely embarrassing but 100% true story and now I am out nearly $ 40 dollars because this guy who wouldn’t reveal his last name
    thinks I am a shoplifter.

    The hell of it is I used to consider internet purchases less than safe and stuck to in store purchases. If I’d made the purchases online they would have been more secure than
    trusting the store personnel to do their jobs well, to have integrity, and to not wish to lose
    a long time customer by being a beligerent fool.

  26. James Gray Reply

    I am having the worst time ever trying to shop at First I could not get my icons to display any thumbnails. Now my pages will not continue numerically ex.(1-17). I have tried using my windows 7 Internet Explorer, Google and Google Chrome, and all versions of Firefox! I did not get any help whatsoever on The customer service number. TARGET!
    Tou are walking a very thin line with me! Not only have I been struggling for hours troubleshooting this problem, I should be resting with no stress because I am fighting my health status of 2 terminal illnesses starting with Cancer. I also have a flawed $100 gift card! I have very little eyesight! Worse than Catarax in both eyes. I followed ths directions on the back of my $100 gift card and the access number is barely visable! I called 2 times Gift Card Services and I hung up devastated!
    Nothing was resolved and the team members I spoke with were rude, cold, and unprofessional! I was treated like a second class citizen!
    I hope whomever thus concerns will take promtly take the time to make these 2 ugly situations onto a positive one. For I would be a potential customer worth having as long as I live!James Gray

  27. Mary Reply

    I am trying to find out what benefits, if any, are given to people who have an Entertainment Book. In reviewing my book today I notice there seems to be some reward for certain promotions at Target. But I have spent hours trying to find out what those promotions are. I cannot get the link when I use the Entertainment website. When I use the Target web site I cannot really find any information which would give me a clue. So, I decided on this method of contacting you. Please advise how I can take advanage of whatever it is you offer to Entertainment customers. Or you can email me using the info at leaee a Comment I tried to call your store earlier this evening and there was no answer. I figured you had closed your stores early due to the threat of tornados and other severe weathker conditions. As far as I know, we did not have any problems in Lexigton, KY where I live.

    Thank you.

  28. Patrick Reply

    I just returned from a very dissapointing visit to Target. Most of the meat in the meat department is unmarked! The young lady at the customer service counter told me I could take it to a scanner and find the price, and I responded that I don’t work for Target. The price was listed on the shelf but I find it highly unlikely that ever package weighs exactly the same. If you can print a damn bar code… can print the price. Target is just one more retailer that puts it’s own convenience ahead of the customer

  29. dilys clarke Reply

    When buying a kettle from Target Ringwood, Victoria at 8.39pm on Wed. 25/1/12, I spoke to Ben who was in charge this evening. He was extremely helpful and went out of his way to assist, he was an excellent staff member and should be commended on his pleasant professional and helpful manner. He is a credit to Target.

    Kind regards

    Dilys Clarke

  30. Kim K. Reply

    What exactly is your store coupon policy? Because every single person has their own rule that works there and it’s frustrating!

  31. RJ Reply


    I live in fremont/CA (area code 94536). I saw following tv stands online for $ 195.49 (Jaguar 3 in 1 TV Stand – Cherry and Glossy Black). Yesterday I went to my neighbouring target store (in fremont hub) and asked them to match the price for the same stand. But they are not willing to do it. Is it the Target policy?


  32. mary a litfin Reply

    I placed an on line order and then saw the shipping charge which was too high.
    I wanted to cancel the order but target on line would not come up. after trying for over an hour (you only have 30 minutes)I gave up. Now what do I do?

  33. xavier Reply

    My wife and I got married on November 6, 2011. Two months prior we signed up for the online wedding registry at About two weeks before the wedding it showed us that eight gifts had been purchased. So after the wedding we drop by a local target to see what we needed to do to get our gifts, they instructed to call the 1800 number. We called the number to see what the next step would be for us. It took three phone calls to get in contact with someone because we kept getting hung up on. After getting through to a person we were told that we needed a reference number or the person name of who brought us the gift. When doing the registry it don’t give you any information outside of letting you know what items that were purchased. So without that information we were told to just wait cause they couldn’t do to help us. Its been over a month since our wedding and still no gifts have been delivered to us. Every time we call we get hung up on, passed from department to department, or told just to wait. At this point it don’t look like we are going to get our gifts. Its horrible how customer service has treated us and how bad is for not delivering our gifts. This has been the worst experience with target ever. This is something I would expect from wal-mart. We just want our gifts thats already been brought for us.

  34. Candice Reply

    I recently made a very large online purchase of your black Friday sales. I’m receiving my purchases in pieces, which is not a huge problem but, However I took advantage of your buy one get one free pillow pet offer I have yet to receive conformation on the “free pillow pets” that I have ordered they did not show up on my invoice and I got a pkg in the mail with the ones I purchased, when I called your customer service dept today I was told ” sorry for the inconvenience our system is down and I need you to call back in a few hours” I did not even have a chance to talk to the representative I was hung up on.I called back in a few hours and guess what system is still down. I’m a busy mother of 3 and do not have the time to sit with phone in hand waiting to contact customer service at their convenience>Needless to say I’m very frustrated that I cannot contact any one.

  35. Tandy Bowers Reply

    I am shocked at the stupidity of your holiday advertising featuring the blond woman, in an incomprehensible frenzy over upcoming shopping. Some may think it is funny, but the affluent, middle class, average American woman will not want to shop with you any longer because you are portraying us as stupid and uncontrollable. We are the ladies that have shopped Target, instead of Walmart, for all these years. We are highly offended that you have targeted the attractive, educated women as you have. Kep it up and I will not walk through your doors again. You are making fools of the women that shop your stores,

  36. Gina Reply

    How can you take Christians money and refuse to say “Christmas: or allow anyone to gather donations for Christmas”. And now you have added that you cannot support military whi=o work to save your life every day. I will NOT BE SHOPPING AT TARGET.

  37. Sam L Nichols Reply

    The store in Estero,Fl. has a sign that states that they will match/honor competitors advertised prices. My wife asked the store today to honor a current advertised price from Toys R’ Us and she was declined. Am I to assume that this is no longer store policy. If so when will the signs be removed?

  38. Samantha Reply

    Your website says 3 year limited warranty on the xbox 360 s. XBOX does not allow Target to carry a 3 year warranty unless you pay XBOX to extend the 1 year into a 3 year by purchasing a 2 year extention to the 1 year. Target has gotten too big people and do not care about their customers any more. This isnt the first stunt that have tried to pull on their website. I now have 5 500.00 XBOXES with 1 year warrantys due to Targets screw up. I gave them as gifts to family members and that to me is a total loss when it comes down to their anxiety. I am looking into a class action lawsuit because they refuse to fix it. I spent 5 hours on the phone and one person who stated she was ahead of Target told me that she refuses to do anything about it when I told her that Target was falsly advertising. This was supposedly from the head office and her name is Helen. Then she tried to give me the customer service address when I asked for corporate. I will never shop here again for anything and I will encourage others to do the same thing. Target used to be a good company.

  39. andrew lineham Reply

    i was recently in the usa and was awaiting a call from target which i never received. i now need to contact them does anyone have an email address for their customer services department?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      call for what? this page provides phone numbers of Target customer support..

  40. lisa Reply

    Your web site is the worst! Takes forever, kicks you out when ordering, ordered some stools,when I go to check on the status of my order there isnt one. Bank says different.

  41. Gwen Reply

    Dear sir, I usually pay my bill online every month. However, I missed my due date which was yesterday 10/3/11.
    Is it possible to waive the late fee? This is the first time I ever had a late payment.
    I sincerely hope that you will consider my request.
    Thank you,
    G. Fanuiel

  42. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    Your web site changes have left me without the option to enter a prescription via web. It tells me to reset my password. I tried that. The first time I got an email 20 minutes later with a link to reset the password. When I clicked the link it was expired. Now when I try to reset I don’t even get an email. If I have to physically take my prescriptions to Target or call them on the phone I will just switch them to Walgreen’s. I should not have to do that.

  43. May Reply

    On September 13, I visited your store to purchase and experience the new Missoni Collection. As I am disabled, I had a friend drive me there. Although you had advertised the opening for 9/13, there was no signage, or promotion, not even a hint of Missoni in the store. This is the closest Target in my area. The other location is in Rego Park. I made a special trip and was very disappointed.
    I made a few purchases nevertheless. receipt # 1256-1262-0075-6891-0.

    Why was this store left out of the Missoni promo?

    What is the incentive to visit again?

  44. von Reply

    I want to know how to get on the Target mailing list for coupons and deals. I shop Target at least 3x a week and I never seem to get on the list but I seen and heard of other on the list. Thank you

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