Contact StarHub Ltd: Find below customer service details of StarHub, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new StarHub prepaid/postpaid mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, broadband complaints, digital TV or other questions on StarHub services in Singapore.

StarHub Head Office
67 Ubi Avenue 1
#05-01 StarHub Green
Singapore, 408942
Phone: (65) 6825 5000
Fax: (65) 6721 5000

StarHub Customer Service
Phone: 1633 or +65 6820 1633
Email: [email protected]

Other Contacts

> Billing
Phone: 1637
Phone: +65 6820 1637 (international)

> Purchases
Phone: 1630
Phone: +65 6820 1630 (intl)

> Technical Support
Phone: 6873 2828

Customer Service Centers

1) VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk #02-202
Singapore 098585

2) Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

3) One Raffles Place
1 Raffles Place #05-08
Singapore 048616

4) Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5 #02-26
Singapore 529510

5) Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road
#B1-30/32, Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269

6) nex
23 Serangoon Central
#B1-24/25/26, nex
Singapore 556083

View/Pay Bills
To view or pay your StarHub bills online click here. You can also renew your StarHub service and subscribe to new value-added services here.

Online Shop
Click here to visit the online shop of StarHub where you can find hot deals on various services including mobile, TV and broadband. For mobiles, you can find devices of brands such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, and BlackBerry. Subscription plans include 3G Power Value, 3G SmartSurf, 3G SmartSmurf Unlimited and 3G i2Surf. Broadband plans include MaxOnline Ultimate, MaxInfinity Elite, MaxInfinity Ultimate Plus, MaxOnline Value and MaxOnline Express. In addition, StarHub TV allows you to choose your favourite channels, set-top boxes and much more. There is also Digital Voice Home Plan and Digital Voice Global Plan for home phones.

StarHub Rewards
StarHub Rewards is a loyalty programma designed to reward customers. StarHub issues reward points based on payment received. You can use your points to redeem StarHub services, including TV, broadband and mobile. Customers of StarHub postpaid mobile, StarHub TV, MaxOnline, Digital Voice and StarHub IDD are eligible for StarHub Rewards.

About StarHub
starhubStarHub Ltd was founded in the year 1998. It is a leading telecommunications company in Singapore and had revenues of $2.24 billion in 2010. StarHub has a customer base of 2,145,000 for mobile and some 538,000 Pay TV customers (as of 2010). The same year StarHub’s pre-paid and post-paid customer bases crossed the one million mark. For broadband, StarHub has some 422,000 customers. In 2002, StarHub merged with Singapore Cable Vision to form the country’s first integrated infocommunications company.

StarHub broadband customers can access to high broadband speeds from 100Mbps to 1Gbps and beyond. StarHub’s Pay TV offers over 170 channels, including 15 HD channels. In a first, StarHub deployed the world’s first smartphone signalling solution from Huawei. If you dint know, StarHub employs over 3,000 people across the country. Its products include mobile, digital TV, internet and fixed network.

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  1. Lya Reply

    Its my fault for the late payments. It got overlooked and hence, the suspension. But I have paid my dues in full, take the time to go to the starhub store. And I Am shock to be told that I actually have to call customer service instead if I need to reconnect. And I Did..! I called many times, NO ANSWERS. Who am I going to approach to get my line reconnect anyway?? Usually, its easier for customers to do so at the store itself, right? So why change? Why do I have to call only for nobody to answer at the end of the line? Its been a day and I still did not get through. I emailed twice and both replies is the same. Are those email replies computer generated or actual human working on the replies?

  2. Ben Lim Reply

    It seems StarHub is never interested to solve her customer’s issue. All they do is to frastrate the customer.

    I had submitted the form to port my Home Digital Voice from M1 to StarHub as I thought better to have 1 service provider for all my telecommunication services. Despite that, I as the customer, tried calling 1633 on at least 5 occassions, to check on the status as I can’t be having 2 Internet subscription. Guess what, StarHub’s frastrate customers policy came into play. All they could say was to check and check and call me back. But nothing happen.

    The day I terminated my M1 fiber plan, which is about 3 weeks later, the home digital voice number had been terminated and no attempt by StarHub to port it over. I just lost $3k which I paid for my number!!

    Can someone advise me how to go about resolving this ? Should I just walk into the CEO office and tell him straight in his face how this company sucks big time ? Or should I write to IDA to launch an official complaint ? Or better still, write to the press ?


    Today 23/03/2013 I went to Starhub again to renew my contract and to get the phone too. The outlet that I went to today is at Marina Bay Link Mall. It was totally different attitude and a very very warm welcome. Before I could ask anything, I was been approach by the staff and he was gladly key in my IC number into the computer to get a Q number for me and my hubby, confidently told me that there is a stock avaiable when I asked him. When it was my turn, we were been served kindly and warmly by Yi Jie Benjamin Wong. He was friendly and at the same time trying his best to give us an offer that we should have as a Starhub customer. If I didn’t met him today, or have to face the same attitude of the Starhub staff again, Me and my Hubby would said : BYE BYE STARHUB. I do not only complain, but compliment too if there is a Good Service. :)

  4. selvarani.k Reply

    hi, I have been a faithful customer with starhub for more than 10 years even my house broadband and land line is under one roof call STARHUB but i’m not given any discounts or vouchers to re contract. Sadly if other phone providers comes with good offers than loyal customer like us will leave starhub.

  5. Chang Wei Yeh Reply

    I am a max infinity 1000mb subscriber of starhub
    On 2 Jan , I requested for a schedule to shift my fiber from my old unit to my new address and since then I got bumped around like a ping pong ball but nothing was done ><

    Below are the record of my case :

    2 Jan – CS Rep Mr Thanangesh
    called starhub to arrange for change of address for 1000mb fiber line for 10 Jan

    3 Jan – CS Rep Miss Sarrah
    Called up to check again and was told 14 Jan is earliest
    Told her to check if can push to 10 Jan and said will confirm and call me back but never got a call

    8 Jan – CS Rep Mr Amar
    Called up to check how come no one followed up on my request and was told latest date is 18 Jan now.
    Request manager to take my complain on WHY the operators dont call and confirm my dates which
    resulted in delay for 2 wks, no calls again…

    9 Jan – CS Mgr Miss Zuraidah
    Called up starhub again and later Mgr finally got back to me.
    Latest available date is 24 Jan and said will reimburse the period when my 1000mb line was disrupted.

    22 Jan – CS Rep Miss Tika
    Called and checked how come it is 22 Jan and no one came to install my fiber point.
    Was told they are installing but will take time until 24 Jan 11am-1pm.

    24 Jan NO Installation guy showed up and upon calling up starhub, was told there was no requests made from my side.

    This is NO WAY starhub must treat its customers who are paying close to $380 per mth for the 1000mb fiber plan.

  6. Sad Mother Reply

    I wanted to renew my phone contract last month and I went to one of the retailer shop to renew. Upon renewal, I was told that I need to pay up a long outstanding amount of 21.75 I definitely refused to pay and ask for details. I was advised to visit the customer service to obtain details upon arrival I was told that I have an outstanding of $300+ which was written off and ten years ago. My questions is…. ” I have been in contract with Starhub for more than ten years and I have renewed my 2 phones contract numerous times ! This outrageous outstanding was not even mentioned nor chased for payment.” Hence I requested for a detailed documentation and it is already one month still there is no one contacted me regarding this matter plus it is my son’s birthday today I supposed to present him a new phone as a birthday present but now not possible ! What kind of service is Starhub providing? If you do not need us as a customer, just let us know, we will happily move to another phone provider…. “really sad mother”

  7. Mr Tan Hock Reply

    Recently i received a bill statement for my broadband no:82022189 (3G Maxmobile Surflite Data Pack). When i go through it, found that 1 of the transaction is not valid. That is MM Content SVC$6.00. It charged me 10 Dwlds -$60.00. Service provider is Mobile in Motion Pte Ltd.

    I did not participate in such a service at all,therefore i hope that Starhub will waive my $60 charge.
    Else i will report it to IDA for further action and terminate whatever starhub service in future.

  8. Anyonymous Reply

    Have to wait very long on your STINKING support care phone line.
    Have you ever consider increasing the manpower on your support line ? duh ! DUH !
    DO it you NOW stupid phone and tv company!!

  9. sarina omar Reply

    i found Firdaus to be rude and arrogant.
    I had called at approx 5pm saturday 18th to complain that my starhub box had again malfunctioned.
    the technician i had spoken to on an earlier instance was far more polite and efficient.
    Surely it is not necessary for Firdaus to adopt a surly attitude.

  10. Cynthia Paul Reply

    I wish to commend the field engineer 504 who fixed my phone line on 16th Jan 2012 for his excellent service and professionalism.

    Thank you for being so efficient!

  11. Abdul Halim Reply

    I would like to terminate my starhub cable vision with account no.xx
    with immediate effect. Please contactme for the collection of the starhub box bcos my family might not be at home if no arrangement is made.

  12. Chris ng Reply

    Horrible customer support. Tried and waited again to reach a representative. What kind of service is this! My bills are coming despite me having cleared the payment.

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