Contact South African Airways: Find below customer service details of South African Airways, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on South African Airways. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of South African Airways.

South African Airways Reservation
Telephone: 0861 FLYSAA (0861 359722) (0861 606 606)
Telephone: **27 11 978 5313 (International)

Telephone: 1-800-722-9675
Fax: 1-954-769-5079

Telephone: 0871 722 1111*
Fax: 0845 409 4590

Telephone: 04/ 3970 766
Fax: 04/ 3970 549

Customer Care
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +27 11 978 2888
Fax: +27 11 978 1386

Cape Town Office
1st Floor
ICON building,
Cnr. Hans Strijdom and Long Streets
Cape Town
Telephone: 0861 606 606
Fax: 021 424 3777

Cargo: 021 936 3333
Reservation: 021 936 1111
Baggage Help: 011 978 3733
Cape Town International Airport
Phone: 011 978 1234 / 0860003145

Johannesburg Office
4 Chaplin Road
Cnr Melville Road
Telephone: +27 11 537 2001
Fax: +27 11 978 9414

Reservations: 011 978 1111
Customer Care: 011 978 2888
Cargo: 011 978 1119
Baggage Help: 011 978 3733


Flight Status
To check South African Airways flight status online click here

You can check-in online 24 hours before flight departure. To check-in online go to the Manage My Trip page, enter your booking reference and surname and click the login button.

Baggage Information
Checked Baggage: First Class passengers can carry upto 40kg while Business Class can carry upto 30kg and Economy Class passengers can carry upto 23kg. For more details visit the website at
Carry-on Baggage: Business Class passengers can carry two pieces with 8kg each. Economy Class passengers can carry one piece with 8kg each.

Trace Lost Baggage
To trace lost baggage click here

Voyager is a frequent flyer program of South African Airways. You earn miles every time you fly with South African Airways or its partner airlines. You also earn miles on car rental, hotels and health spa’s. Voyager offers five Tier status levels – Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Lifetime Platinum. The higher your membership status, the more privileges you can enjoy. Miles are valid for three years. As a Voyager member you also have a dedicated contact centre, priority check-in, excess baggage and lounge access across the world. To join click here

South African Airways Destinations
South African Airways flies to Accra, Lagos, Douala, Libreville, Kinshasa, Luanda, Walvis Bay, Cape Town, George, Port Elizabeth, Durban, East London, Maputo, Johannesburg, Windhoek, Gaborone, Victoria Falls, Lusaka, Harare, Lubumbashi, Blantyre, Pemba, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Kampala, Addis Ababa, Antananarivo, Mauritius, Jeddah, Cairo, Dubai, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, New York and Washington.

About South African Airways
south-african-airlines-pictureSouth African Airways was founded in the year 1934 and is the national carrier of South Africa. The airline operates from its main hub at OR Tambo International Airport and flies to over 36 destinations across the world. In 2006 South African Airways became a member of Star Alliance, a leading global airline network. Skytrax rates South African Airways as a four star airline. In 2009, South African Airways was awarded Africa’s Leading Airline by World Travel Awards. Skytrax also named it Best Airline in Africa.

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  1. Tracy Heath Reply

    I flew from Johannesburg on flight SAA 184 to Nairobi Kenya and they lost mine and several passengers luggage. There is no SAA counter and no one to help. We waited in a queue for over 2 hrs just to fill in a form. Followed up this morning again and no one can tell me where the luggage is. I get it that sometimes luggage is missed and arrives late, but they can’t even find the bags!! Unacceptable. I am stuck in Kenya for 5 days with only the clothes on my back, worse still is my chronic medication is in my luggage. There is no sense of urgency or anyone to assist us. I don’t even have underwear or basics!.

  2. Nikki Farge Reply

    My husband flew SAA to Sao Tome and Principe today via Luanda. His luggage didn’t arrive at Luanda and because he was in “transit” they didn’t allow him to go to the SAA counter to report it and get a reference number. He was told to report it at the final destination. There is no SAA in Sao Tome so how does he get a reference number now to find his baggage? This is urgent as he is going to the presidential inauguration.

  3. McLeod Reply

    My wife & I flew to London via SAA from Johannesburg in June. The seating was so cramped we could not move or sleep. The food was well below standards for an international airline. We were forced to return Business class as the thought of another 9 hours of discomfort was unacceptable. We did complain and got a response with a Complaint Ref but to date there has been no follow up by SAA. We will not be flying on long haul flights with SAA again.

  4. Messi Reply

    I need some assistance. We are flying back to SA from Milan we have to bring another suitcase with us. I want to know how much we will be charged as over weight baggage and how it all works. Where do we pay for this over weight baggage? The extra bags weight is plus or minus 20kg.
    Please urgently assist me with this.

    Thank you.
    Lyndie Messi.

  5. Manon Koningstein Reply

    Dear SAA,

    My luggage got lost on the 1st of december, flying in to Johannesburg (File reference JNBSA86325). and was only found 5 days ago. Of course by then I had to buy some things, which I would get reimbursed for. I filled out the entire form, with testimonial from the police at the airport, all good and I would be reimbursed within two weeks. This was two months ago, ever since I have been emailing (never received a single reply) and calling, a lot of times I get hung up during the conversation, and once I get someone to speak to, they keep on telling me that it will take two more weeks. I just tried to call again, and got hung up again.. so I hope you understand this is not my ideal of a great customer service.. first you make a mistake in losing my luggage, and later you are not at all taking me serious as a customer… I really hope that we can fix this within a week, for my pacience is about to run out! Hope to hear from you, Cheers

  6. Bonginkosi Nkambule Reply

    We were in flight from Whindhoek Namibia SA077 on the 07/07/13 which was delayed for 2hours and we were supposing to connect to Durban unfortunately we missed the Kulula flight to Durban. When we arrive at Whindhoek for check-in we did ask and explained our position of having a connectimg flight with Kulula and they told us it will be sorted but when we arrive at Johannesburg we had no help and we were forced to sleep at the airport. In the morning we went to SAA and we were never assisted.

  7. Leone Whateley Reply

    My luggage has been missing since 8 February 2013 – threemonths – and despite various calls, emails etc – still no news, no response, no action. Service is pathetic, and management of customer matters worse … no wonder SAA is running at a loss!

  8. m simspon Reply

    Worst international aircraft I have ever been on. Considering a 12 hour flight with no on board entertainment and what a miserable bunch of cabin staff!! Perhaps SA do not bother to vet their staff prior to letting them loose on the public. Will never travel again on SA nor recommend them.

  9. David Coleman Reply

    Be careful of SAA’s booking system. They send you a confirmation email thanking you for the booking and then unilaterally cancel it even though you entered your credit card details and have sufficient funds in your account. SAA are being baled out of financial collapse by the South African government with tax payers money and I have learned why. Be very careful that you really have a booking. You may just find out at the check in desk that you have none and that your confirmation email stands for nothing. Customer care for SAA is purely lip service and they will pay you lip service and ask you to send a detailed email so that they can conduct a thorough investigation. You will have to chase them from that point on whereupon they will tell you that they are sorry but can do nothing further. Avoid like the plague.

  10. HPillar Reply

    Your email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected] ‘ fail permanently. On top of that, to call South African Airways customer care- +27-11-978-2888 and wait for hours and then get hung up on. I’ll bet you don’t want anyone following up on the crime rate of your baggage employees. I am still waiting for my claim CPTSA79791 to be addressed, communicated and the money owed me to be put into my account.

  11. Lalietha Reply

    I had returned from India on SAA to Durban on 27/12/2012. On receiving my baggage I noted that my bag was extensively damaged.I reported this to your baggage claims and I was served with documents to take to Frasers in Durban.However I was told by Frasers that they no longer contacted to SAA as of 31/12/2012.I had telephoned Your baggage office at 032 815 2001/2 several times,but there seems to be no answer.Kindly assist me.

  12. kofi Reply

    Is your office in Mthatha operational because I have been from the whole yesterday to this morning and no one is there to answer the phone. This is very bad for a company like SAA.I need to collect a ticket and there is no one to answer the phone for the whole day yesterday to this morning and I thought you even work on holidays

  13. Russell K. Hunt Reply

    I had threee flights booked with SAA but was not allowed on the plane from Dulles to Jo’burg because my passport did not have enough room for the temporary resident permit. No where is this mentioned in the sales agreement. I did have room for stamps and no visa was required. I lost the flight from Jo’burg to Capetown, Jo to Durban and hotel costs as well . The stupidity of this airline cost me $3,000 and everyone ditches there obligations for service

  14. A Patel Reply

    I am disgusted with the SAA staff at the terminal gate before departure. I was denied entry to the plane even though the Boarding sign was still on and the doors were still opened for flight boarding.

    Despite this i was rudely told to get away and rebook another flight, which cost me over a further R4000, notwithstanding the inconvenience. i do not understand why I was not explained why i was not allowed to board the flight, even though i asked and saw no reason not to. I was ignored blatantly until the gentleman closed the door for boarding. The staff further made no calls for the flight at all, or passengers, and I was well within the boarding time.

    I believe that this may have been a case of Homophobia from the male staff member at SAA and it saddens me to still live in a South Africa wherein this occurs so blatantly. I will never fly SAA again, and I encourage all other South Africans who believe in our democratic country and constitution to not support this prejudicial airline. A shame on our country, a true shame.

  15. E Duff Reply

    Service please! My daughter’s bag went missing between Jhb and Perth in October (quite obviously stolen since the bag was viewed coming off the flight from Durban). It could not be traced anywhere in the world and it was noted that there was no movement out of any terminals at OR Tambo airport!! All relevant documentation has been faxed through for a claim, with a request to confirm that all had been received, to date we have received nothing. I have now called South Africa and spoke to a polite lady in the Illovo office who put me through to Baggage. This is how the phone was answered: What is your reference number!! No good morning, how can I help you nothing. Consistency in your personnel would make it a pleasure for the public to deal with, after all, you do offer a service so being polite and helpful should be a priority when employing staff and the standard should be maintained across the board!


    This is to confirm my flight from Johannesburg back to Accra on the 15th of December 2012.

  17. Mr. PA deWelzim Reply

    I booked a flight to Bloemfontein for 30/10/2012 on the 11.20 am flight.
    I have had no confirmation in connection with the flight.
    Could you please confirm as soon as possible.
    Thanking you kindly.
    PA de Welzim

  18. Mr. PA deWelzim Reply

    I booked a one way flight to Bloemfontein on 30/10/2012 for 11.20 am.
    I am in Perth Australia on holiday and returning to RSA on 30/10/2012.
    I have had no confirmation from your office regarding my booking.
    Can you please confirm as soon as possible.
    Thanking you kindly
    PA de Welzim

  19. Mr Benjamin Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam.
    On Sunday 2012 June 24th I flew from Bloemfontein on SAA1088 and landed in Cape Town a little later than usual. I had a suit bag as hand luggage which I placed on a stand next to the plane. When I stepped off the plane, my luggage wasn’t ready to collect. There were no announcements made or airport assitants at that time to guide us. The bus was waiting, and I noticed some luggage are being off loaded at the end of the plane. The engines were switched off and the propellers came to a stand still. I walked towards the assistants that were off loading, when I heard some shouted at me “hey! where are you going in a very abrupt manner. I answered, I’m going home, whereupon this male replied, go there to the bus . I said to him, must I leave without my luggage. We had an argument, and I told him to shut up if he doesn’t know how to speak to me. He was not there when I needed help and it gives him no reason to speak to me, like if I’M DIRT. I request you to invetigate this matter, as I’m a frequent traveller on SAA. Sincerely B.J Koen

  20. Ndhlovu Reply

    Had my baggage opened and my personal staff {laptop and charger stolen} on the flight SA041 FROM Victoria Falls to O R Tambo Airport. On arrival in Syd Australia, I realised that my Laptop Jeans were missing.
    Please introduce systems that will stop this kind of foolishness.

  21. kelvin gillanders Reply

    Hi.. I am flying to the UK on the 18th June and returning 19th Juky 2012 all on SAA. I need to take on board 2 by 2 litre drip bags and a small bottle of disenfectant in order to do a bag exchange on arrival at Heathrow. I am on dialysis.
    Can you please advise..

    kelvin gillanders

  22. Kayembe Reply

    Want to travel from O.R. TAMBO to Lubumbashi. The Date is 12 March to 23 March 2012. How much is it going to cost me. It is a return ticket. Hope i will get an answer On Monday.


    I travelled on SAA from Johannesburg on Monday. I booked in my luggage at OR Tambo and when I got to East London I discovered that the Lock was broken off and the zips were damaged. I was so upset as this is the first time that this has happened to me. I cannot believe that one trusts people with you luggage and they have the nerve to break the locks and get into your bag. Here I was taking the key out to unlock the lock and I saw that there was no lock to unlock. It makes me mad and how will I be able to trust SAA again????
    It is shocking to say the least.

  24. Carlos Reply

    Still waiting for my miles to be credited FRANKFURT-JOHANESBURG-WALVIS BAY

  25. Nangamso Reply

    I just landed on Wed 7 Dec on Flight: SA204 from New York. When I got to my hotel noticed my bag was broken into and my stuff worth about $300 was stolen. So upset the fact that SAA/ACSA hires people that cannot be trusted with their clients luggage. This has ONLY happened with SAA in my whole entire life of me travelling the world. This really gives South Africa a bad name. I’m even afraid to fly with them on my return flight. The cabin crew staff was awesome pity this will be the last time I use SAA.

  26. Shobha Popat Reply

    what a marvellous experience I had when I flew with South African Airways last month. I took 5 flights altogether and I cannot find a fault even with one of them. The whole experience from check-in to arrival/departure and in-flight service, entertainment was the best.The crew was excellent and I will definitely fly with SAA to see the beautiful country again. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  27. Victor Masshoko Reply

    I checked at O Tambo on 27 Nov 2011 and i can not locate my baggage. The tag i was given shows that the luggage was sent to Luanda but i was destined for Zimbabwe. I am unable to get any assistance.

  28. Constanze Reply

    Dear Sirs of SA Airlines Company,

    My name is Alexander and I flew Oct 14th LH 7347 / SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS SA 0346 from Cape Town to Johannesburg accompanied by my aunt Constanze and their 2 children Aaron and Celestine.

    We had stopover to Frankfurt (only 1 hour 30 minutes of time) only and we had been brought by bus to the airport building already and had just passed the automatic one-way door, when I noticed that I forgot my dental braces in the aircraft.

    Aaron and me, we went to the SA Airlines counter, not hoping to have any chance for anything except a polite apology nothing could be done.

    But your staff, especially a young woman, were very assistant, friendly and did a great job. Indeed, they arranged in a speedy manner that I got back my braces, even the new passengers were boarding already.

    A very very big thank-you to the staff who helped me to avoid new dates with my tooth-doctor and helped me to avoid a lot of costs for new braces.

    Sincerely yours Alexander

  29. Lerato Tsele Reply

    Hi there,I received a post from the NYDA about available posts within SAA
    I was wondering if you could please send me the info,
    I hope to hear from you soon
    Thank you

  30. S J Rust Reply

    I am so confused ! I am flying to Canada
    next month from Johannesburg via London.
    PLEASE what is the correct weight for my weigh-in luggage? I,m flying SAA to London and then Air Canada to Edmonton, economy class. I hear about 10 different stories, please help me to do the correct thing. Thank-you !!!

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      best thing to do is call the customer care at the number is better to verify the info over phone

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