Contact Smart Communications: Find below customer service details of Smart Communications in Philippines, including phone, and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Smart mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid / postpaid subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Smart services.

Smart Philippines Head Office
Smart Communications, Inc.
Smart Tower, 6799 Ayala Avenue
Makati, Philippines 1226

Smart Customer Service
Phone: dial *888 or (2) 888-1111

Other Support
Smart Gold / Smart Buddy: 888-1111
Smart Bro Plan & Prepaid: 1-800-10-672-7277
Smart Money: 15177 , 845-7777 or 1-800-1-888-5648
Smart Dealers: *7744 or 845-7744
Smart Padala: 1-800-10-8457788
Smart myTV: *6988

Online Bill Payment
To pay your Smart bills online through credit card, or to recharge your prepaid card, click here. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Mobile Service Centers
For a list of mobile service centers, whether Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Panasonic or Samsung, click here

Payment Centers
Looking for authorized payment centers to clear your pending bills? Click here to locate one nearest to your street. You can find payment centers in all major cities including Quezon, Manila, Caloocan, Davao, Cebu, Zamboanga, Antipolo, Pasig, Taquig, Valenzuela and Dasmarinas. One can also pay Smart bills through mobile / internet banking, phone banking, ATMs and credit cards. Account holders of BancNet, BDO, BPO, EastWest Bank, PNB, Metrobank or HSBC can access internet banking to pay Smart bills.

Wireless Centers
To locate a Smart wireless care center click here

Want to download ringtones, wallpapers or games for your Smart phone? Click here to access the page.

About Smart Communications
smart-communicationsSmart Communications was founded in the year 1991. It is a leading telecommunications company in Philippines owned and managed by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. Currently, Smart has over 47 million subscribers across the country. The company provides voice, SMS, and data services. Some of its mobile commerce services include Smart Money, Smart Load, Smart Padala and Netphone. If you dint know, Smart also offers 3G and HSPA services. Smart has its headquarters at Makati. PLDT generated a reported net income of P40.2 billion for 2010. At the end of 2010, PLDT had over 640,000 broadband subscribers.

Speaking of the company’s products, for prepaid connection, there is Smart Prepaid SIM that has offers such as Text & Call, Text Bonus, Smart Load, Pasa Load, Ask for Load, Uzzap and Buddy World. There is also Smartalk Unli Call & Text, Lahatxt, Smartalk, Alltxt and Unlitxt. Besides, you can find exclusive deals on phone brands. And for those looking for a postpaid connection, there are several plans such as Smart All-In Plans, Unlimited Data Plans and Unli Postpaid Plans. One can find free phones by plan.

The Smart All-In Plans come with voice calls, SMS, and internet. Under this category you can find UnliTalk, UnliText, UnliSurf, UnliMail, Unli BlackBerry and more. Phones and devices available for postpaid include Nokia, HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry and Sony Ericsson.

Besides prepaid and postpaid service, Smart also offers broadband with high speed internet plans. Some of the plans found include Canopy Plan 999, Wimax Plan 999, Power Plug-it, Start Plug-it, Rocket Plug-it, Pocket WiFi (prepaid and postpaid), SIM only and Micro SIM. There is Rocket WiFi Plus for those looking for speeds up to 20 Mbps. Rocket WiFi runs under 4G HSPA+ and is the fastest in mobile prepaid broadband. And now if that was not enough, check out Smart 4G LTE that is the fastest 4G and has speeds up to 42 Mbps. LTE is said to be the most advanced among fourth generation of mobile broadband service. For troubleshooting, quick guide or upgrades of modems, visit the Smart website.

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  1. Janice Cua Reply

    Your customer service reps are unprofessional. Recently Ive been receiving calls and all were unprofessional. Not willing to help resolve the issue and one sided. Too emotional and unhelpful.

  2. Erlinda S. McCrary Reply

    Subject: Electronic Billing Statement

    Your Electronic Billing Statement has brought undue burden on my health condition; mobile phone number 09209723340 has been charged late fees and lawyer’s fee for reason that is not clearly accounted for by Smart. I have sent messages to Smart Facebook account requesting a copy or proof that I signed up for Electronic Billing Statement. As of today November 1, 2017, Smart has not responded. Until evidence on the previous is produced, I will continue to challenge this problem and even turn this problem to my legal counsel.
    As a customer of Smart, I expect my complaint to be resolved satisfactorily.

    Erlinda S. McCrary

  3. Frank Witteman Reply

    For many years I am trying to get prepaid internet services in the Abra province about 50 Kms North from Bangued, there is full GLOBE internet coverage here (3G)but no SmartBro during the day. I am sending e-mails to [email protected] com. ph but I do net get a reply. my prepaid SmartBro SIM Card inside the WIFI gadget is 09396630300 and I am on plan SURFMAX995

  4. Daisy R. Distor Reply

    Why i can no longer recieve any messages on my roaming number, when in fact it still has a load. It has signal on it, but it can not receive message. Please do help me. Im presently living here in Bahrain. Thanks..

  5. jerome Reply

    I have a pre-paid smart sim which I had been using for about a decade now (and I cant change my sim card due to a number of reasons). I usually load a hundred pesos which usually lasts about a month. However, just e few weeks back, smart kept sending me messages about my subscription to ENTERTAINMENT FACTORY – WHICH I NEVER GAVE ANY PERMISSION. Since then, each time I receive a message about that EFACTORY, certain amount of my pre-paid load is deducted from me and the usual 100 load no longer lasts a month but rather just a few days (sad to say that I am not even consuming any of it). My question here is that WHY DOES SMART KEEP ON SENDING SUCH MESSAGES AND CHARGE THE SUBSCRIBERS FOR IT. Kindly STOP SENDING THOSE EFACTORY MESSAGES to my number.

  6. leoncio tan jr Reply

    why did you disconnect my smart no. 09088832127, I went overseas for a few months when I return I found out I was disconnected. I do not have any pass due bills. it is so unfair how you could do that!

  7. josie dulce Reply

    I have been redirected due to ECL caused by multiple charges of my subscription to unli call & text 599, today. I cannot even contact your operator because payment is required. I visited Smart store this afternoon at SM Naga City. My request for lifting from redirection has been processed at around 3:30 in the afternoon. But, as of this time, my postpaid mobile number xx was redirected again. Kindly check your system. Thus, I am requesting again to lift the redirection because outgoing communication is very essential for my business. Thank you so much. Looking forward for your immediate response on my request.

  8. feb Reply

    My roaming sim is not WORKING at the moment, I’m in Riyadh KSA and I need the roaming sim card working. What will I do to fix it? Can you help?

  9. Alberto Reply

    My roaming sim is not working at the moment, I’m in Papua New Guinea and I need the roaming sim working. What will I do to fix it? Can you help?

  10. Gloria Fernando Reply

    I’m not using my roaming line for call and text, my payments were updated but suddenly my line was cut last feb, 2014 because my bill reaches to 127,498.09. I am wondering how it happens when I’m not using my roaming line for call and text. Please check because its impossible. You send a text message you will advice if I reached 5,000.00 usage. I have not received any advise any advise from you and suddenly my bill balloon to 127k.

  11. Leandro Reply

    I have a problem with my netphone 701. The delete on the android keyboard doesn’t work…i already brought it to SM CALAMBA and then they transfered me to BICUTAN…but still my delete key doesn’t work…

  12. Julie Reply

    I loaded Php500.00 on December 14, 2012 and I availed 299 unlicall/txt. I was able to used my unlicall ’til in the afternoon of Dec 14 but I wasn’t able to call that night until December 17, 2012. I did try to call the toll free customer service *888 but I wasn’t able to reach an executive because of insufficient funds. Where did my unlicall/txt and my remaining 201 balance load go?

  13. Reybi Reply

    hi Good morning. I have a problem, my cellphone has been lost 3 days ago. How can i block my number? and how can i get a new simcard with the same contact number?

    • customer help Reply

      you can call the customer service or visit the nearest outlet..

      • cynthia Reply

        HI, can someone help me please i have two questions 1. i activated my international roaming 6 days ago until now its on processe and my cell phone has no service how long it will take to complete the activation processe?
        2. i sign in on smart website but my password is wrong my account is locked they send me PIN then i try to type that but they said it was wrong now i cannot open my account.
        please help me i just need to call my family in the philippines this is my first time to make an international roaming please help me please :(

  14. Jose L. Oliva Reply

    My problem stemmed from the allocated loads that came from my daughter. Last february my said daughter have promised me that i will be given a load monthly ranging from 1,200 pesos up to 2,000.00 pesos monthly and this will be credited through their SAMD department. I am just wondering why these loads starting from february up to present was not credited to my account. According to my daughter, she told me that it was already credited to my number since february and she also verified it from SAMD dept that really these amount was credited to my account. My daughter was confused and getting to get angry with me because she is expecting that I am just telling a lie. In order to close this issue, and truth should prevail, I am asking you a copy to please give me an extract copy on the record and movements of my cell number 0from february to present because i really need this very badly.

  15. Felixberto R. Largo Reply

    Can I retrieve my deleted messages in the last 90 days? I need it badly for my transactions. And if possible, where will I ask for it?

  16. Libby Reply

    I was expecting smart bro is fast internet connection. It’s really frustrating. i changed my broadband from other network to smart but smart is worse compared to our previous network. We just only experienced one week good connection after the installation. We tried to contact their agents but no action taken till now. i plan to cut it and return to our previous network.

  17. kate Reply

    please fix the signal of smart. some part of lapu-lapu city is suffering of low signal/no signal at all inside the house, it happens after the earthquake. please fix it..its really hard to find signal if we are inside our house, especially in some part of punta engano it really dont have a signal.. re-loaders are suffering. please be advise for smart users satisfaction..thank you!!

  18. Ferson Reply

    Called customer service a lot of times and line was disconnected after an hour. This is frustrating, planning to terminate my iphone and smart phone.

  19. edward Reply

    Are you having problem with your antenna direction? Please reply. Thank you.

  20. mandy Reply

    I had subscribed to smart bigtym buddy promotion but till now have not received any calls for same. Have been waiting to hear from you company. Please get back as soon as possible. Thank You

    • bernard Reply

      how can i review all sent or deleted messages within the past months?please help me i need to review all my sent and deleted messages from my mobile number for personal purposes,hoping for your kind consideration,thank you

  21. gerard are Reply

    I wonder why your info at your smart corporate website for initial payment of wimax plan 999 is equivalent to the monthly plan and your agent here at northern samar is collecting 1495 for wimax initial payment for application, others have paid like rodel besmonte and etc…. kindly assist us. agent name is romar remegio

  22. Arman P. Toga Reply

    Your HotPress news service is stuck.
    It no longer updates news content.
    What’s up?

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