Contact SilkAir: Find below customer care details of SilkAir airline, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on SilkAir. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on SilkAir services.

SilkAir Customer Care
Tel : (65) 6223 8888 (24 Hours)

371 Beach Road Unit #17-08
Singapore 199597

Baggage Assistance
Level 1 Arrival Hall, Passenger Terminal Building 2
Changi Airport
Singapore 819829

Tel: (65) 6541 8872 / 6541 8875
Fax: (65) 6542 4486

International Contacts

Tel: (855-23) 98 8629

Tel: (86-28) 8652 8626 / 8652 8636
Tel: (86-755) 8236 6106

Tel: (91-80) 2286 7869 / 2286 7870
Tel: (91-422) 437 0271 / 437 0281
Tel: (91-44) 4592 1921
Tel: (91-40) 4036 9000
Tel: (91-471) 255 4144 / 255 5144

Tel: (62-542) 730 800
Tel: (62-370) 628 254 / 628 255

Tel: (60-88) 265 770 / 265 771
(60-3) 2698 7033
(60-3) 2692 3122
(60-4) 263 3201

Tel: (95-1) 255 287/8/9

Tel: (977-1) 422 0759

Tel: (63-32) 505 7871

Tel: (66-53) 904 985 / 904 987

Tel:(84-511) 356 2708/ 356 2709

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About SilkAir
silkair-pictureSilkAir was founded in the year 1989 as Tradewinds. The airline is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and operates to over 30 destinations. SilkAir operates from its main hub at Singapore Changi Airport. The Singapore airline was voted ‘Best Regional Airline: Southeast Asia’ in the Skytrax 2009 World Airlines Awards. Skytrax has given the airline a 4-star ranking.

SilkAir Destinations: SilkAir destinations include Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Kochi, Thiruvanthapuram, Kathmandu, Chennai, Chengdu, Kunming, Chiang Mai, Yangon, Phuket, Penang, Medan, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Kuala Lumpur, Solo, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Cebu, Manado, Suravaya, Lombok and more.

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  1. Yap Heng Poh Reply

    Hi, I had been double booked by my secretary for travel dates 19 Feb – 24 Feb via Expedia with Confirmation KY8U5H (SilkAir). However, she booked me again, this time directly with Silkair for travel dates 22 Feb – 24 Feb, with Booking Reference LKU79D, which happens to be the incorrect double booking. As such, please cancel Booking Reference LKU79D and out of “your goodwill”, I hope to get a full refund for this unfortunate double booking error. Your kind and favourable response is much appreciated. Thank you and I look forward to kind gesture in cancelling Booking Reference LKU79D for a full refund.

  2. terence genever Reply

    i have booked and payed for a flight from Cairns to Thailand on the 2nd Feb 2017 [Flt No SQ5272]returning on the 1st March 2017. Since then my wife who has been waiting for 5 years for Hip surgery has been told that a spot has come up and they can operate on the 16th of Jan 2017. She will require my help for at least 8 weeks after surgery so I will not be able to take this trip. Since i giving so much notice of intent to cancel this trip can i be reinbursed or have a credit with Silkair so that i can take the trip at a later date.My brother would be interested in taking this flight but would like to change the return dates,is this possible

  3. Vageesh Reply

    I had one of the #worst #flight #experiences in over 20 years of my #airline travel. I will never ever set afoot in your worthless airline again. Due to the following reasons: 1) I arrived at 21:55 at the CBJ checkin counter at #Coimbatore for my 23:10 flight after scanning my baggage. 2) After weighing my baggage, I was then asked for my #passports but the officer at the checkin counter refused to check us in as I was filling my immigration form 3) When we asked for the reason we were told some arbitrary immigration reasons, the checkin officer(a lady) further insulted us saying that people who turn up late to the airports are usually #illegal #immigrants in spite of we arriving 75 mins early 4) With no fault of ours we were denied entry to the flight and the check in staff failed to provide us any concrete information, they also removed all the baggage tags with the checkin time imprinted on them so that there is no proof of us having arrived at the check in counter way ahead of the departure. 5) They offered us no compensation of stay or food or even beverage. Also they provided a single phone number to be called 15 hours later on the next day for any rescheduling of the flight. 6) They did not provide any alternate accommodation or flight rescheduling options to us and were keen to head home and close the counters since they were done for the day. 7) They refused to provide any letter/document for readdressal with our check in times. so there absolutely no proof of us being there at that time. So I kindly request you to immediately investigate this matter and offer complete compensation for our alternate travel & stay arrangements that we had to make at the last minute. Even when we called your India helpdesk they did not offer any information and rather blamed the lax immigration officers. With such piss poor management and ground staff #silkair will never be a joy to fly. #complaints Is this how you treat your frequent flyers? Is this the customer service #singaporeairlines is proud of? Most successful businesses give prime importance to customers’ satisfaction but I guess that is not the case at Singapore Airlines & SilkAir.

  4. John McGinn Reply

    I would like to know; as a Bangkok Air member, do we still get 30kg checked in baggage allowance per person if we book Silk Air? Can we get our Bangkok Air Miles credited to our membership if we book Silk Air?

  5. Ringo Chan Reply

    I was told to email to [email protected] regarding my damaged fishing rod while arriving in Phuket. Email was sent on 27 April and 6 May and not an acknowledgement was received. Please contact me ASAP.

  6. Ski Sim Reply

    my family boarded MI937 from Chengdu to Singapore T2 on 17 June 2016. We landed this morning around 6.25 am. My son has left his iPad with black cover not seat slot/magazine drawer on the seat of 9F. Can you help to find it and get back to me as soon as possible.

  7. Kavita Reply

    Terrible service standards.
    Flight delayed more than 2 hours from Phuket to Singapore and the checkin counter staff did not even inform us. If my husband hadn’t checked the boarding pass, we would have proceeded to the gate. After which there was no form of recovery offered especially when we had left a wonderful sanctuary with a young child at 8am.
    Only After much expression of our dissatisfaction, they told us we could hang around for 2.5 hrs in their lounge. This was only done after we expressed such callous action on their part.
    They have NO CARE in their dispensing of information even when my husband had filled ALL information in case of such delays. They have still not bothered to text us … Is this the standard SIA and their subsidiaries accord their passengers? Shocking in this day and age of technology. Or mere nonchalance.

    I am utterly disappointed. NOT THE WAY TO FLY!

  8. Michael Sengol Reply

    Membership number 8230005165.
    I am presently in Cochin and have been trying to contact Singapore Airlines / SilkAir for 3 days. When I call local office nobody picks up, when I call 1800 (742 3333) number given online it says the number is incorrect, all emails bounce back. PLEASE contact me ASAP!!!

  9. Tan Keng Beng Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I was on a flight to Kota Kinabalu on 12 March via MI392. My wife and I tried ordered a pair of watch from your board, but was told not available. However, the stewardess took our personal contact and said she would follow up upon our return trip.

    On 15 March, upon our return to Singapore via MI391, the cabin crew (senior staff) said she did not receive any information re our purchase. However, she said she would “definitely” follow up.

    It has been a week since our return, but we have not receive any updates. I am truly disappointed at the service of our national carrier.

  10. Carol Galvin Reply

    Thank you to the staff at Trivandrum airport India for the little surprise gift and birthday wishes as I was about to board flight 491 seat 6A to Singapore March 8th. It was a kind thought and made my birthday extra special.

  11. Wong tsui haw Reply

    We flew on MI 915 on 6th Nov 2015 from kunming to spore. I was very disappointed when the stewardess told me that only beef was left for dinner. I told her that we do not eat beef & she somehow managed to get only 1 set of chicken claimed was fr the business class for my husband & they offered me cup noodles or bread instead.I wonder why airlines can do away with pork but not beef. We should be sensitive also to those who do not eat beef coz of religion.

  12. S DEEPAK LAL Reply

    Dear Sirs. I was travelling back to Trivandrum from Singapore by MI 492 dep 06-08-2015. While checking in , we requested the lady at check in counter to give us seats on the emergency row. Immediately came a reply ” Sorry not available “, I requested once again to which she replies “Passengers on these rows HAVE ALREADY CHECKED IN “.

    WE were then allotted seat 15A & B Later when all passengers had boarded I was surprised to find two full rows of emergency vacant. I then requested the cabin lady if I could go to the emergency row. Prompt came a reply ” not now only after take off “. Again to my surprise about a minute later she escorted two gentlemen from behind to the emergency row at seated them there. My woes do not end here.

    I had prebooked my meal , a Hindu non veg . When the good cabin lady came to check on this I asked If they were serving Chicken. She smiled and nodded so I assumed I would get my Chicken. When the meal was served I was again surprised to find Fish instead of Chicken. I yet again requested for my meal to be changed to Vegetarian ( as I do not eat fish ). Prompt comes the reply ” Sorry Sir , we have to serve the full aircraft first and If we have any spare we will give “. No one even came again after that. When they came to collect the trays, my full tray was returned and no one asked why I had not eaten.

    So much for the much hyped service of Singapore Airlines / Silk Air, that too three days before the SG50 day. Two months back I had flown Trivandrum / Dubai / Trivandrum by Emirates. They are a far class better than Silk Air.

  13. Donna Lee Reply

    My friend Melissa Wilfley purchased 2 tickets on SilkAir to Kathmandu after the first earthquake, thinking it would be safe to travel at the end of May; however, the 2nd earthquake happened and we no longer felt it would be safe to proceed to our nepal adventure since the area was still considered dangerous:
    We changed our tickets to fly on SilkAir to Da Nang Vietnam at the last minute instead. She was denied credit for the price difference of the rerouted tickets. According to your facebook post, penalties for refunds would be waived. We aren’t asking for a refund, but would be willing to accept credit since SilkAir is the preferred airline to fly.
    Thanks for your help!

  14. Rama Reply

    Heard that Silk Air is bringing flights from Madurai – Singapore. This is excellent news and will thousands of Tamil people like me working in Singapore or Malaysia. Looking forward for that segment.

  15. Kyaw Reply

    Hello Dear Sir/Madam
    I’d like to request a reschedule of flight to 1st Jan 2012..I understand that should be done by travel agent but bcoz of urgency if you can reschedule will be very helpful for me.

  16. Edward Chu Reply

    Hi, I took the flight MI391 from BKI-SIN on the 18th Nov11. My seat was 25D. I left a pair of reading glasses on the pouch of the seat in front of me. Please assist to check if this is found ? I tried calling the number below but nobody picks up the phone.

  17. mahen Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I am Mahen. Madurai airport (India) new terminal is opened now and the airport is already announced as customs airport to handle the international operations. Sri-Lankan airlines, Air-India, Fly-Dubai and Air-Arabia are planning to start service from their country to Madurai.
    I like to request Silk Air to consider this route. After Chennai & Coimbatore, Silk Air should consider this new route. I have the following info about Madurai.
    1) Madurai city is the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu having vibrant 1.5million city population and 3 million district population.
    2) Madurai is one of India’s great temple towns is synonymous with the celebrated Meenakshi Temple. About 6 million tourists visited Madurai in 2010, out of which foreigners numbered to about 3.5 million. The number of tourist attracted is higher when compared to any other cities in Tamil Nadu. Currently foreign tourists are reaching Madurai via Chennai or Trichy.
    3) 50% of Indians working in Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, USA and Europe are from the Madurai zone which consist of 7 districts and 15 million population. Currently all these people are taking flights from Chennai or Trichy.
    Please study this real profitable route and consider for your new route. I hope Silk Air Marketing department will not ignore this potential route and i wish Silk-Air to be first airlines to connect Madurai and Singapore. Our best wishes for Silk Air.

    Best Regards,

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