Contact Qantas Airways: Find below customer service details of Qantas airline, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Qantas Airways. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of Qantas.

Qantas Airways Head Office
Qantas Centre,
Level 9, Bldg. A, 203 Coward St. Mascot,
New South Wales 2020
Phone +61 2 9691 3636
Fax +61 2 9691 3339

Customer Care Phone
(02) 9691 3636 / 13 13 13 within Australia or
+61 2 9691 3636 outside Australia

Arrivals and Departures
Phone: 13 12 23 (within Australia)

Customer Care Address
Customer Care
Qantas Airways Limited
Level 5 – Building A
203 Coward Street
Mascot NSW 2020

1800 613 844 within Australia or
+61 2 8222 4700 outside Australia

Reservations – USA Office
Phone: 1 800 227 4500

Reservations – UK Office
0845 7 747 767
+44 208 600 4300

Baggage Assistance
1300 306 980 (within Australia)

Frequent Flyer Contact
13 11 31 (Australia)
0845 7 747 100 (UK)
1 (800) 227 4220 (USA)
+61 (3) 9658 5302 (Worldwide)


Flight Schedule
To check Qantas flight schedule online click here

Flight Status
To check Qantas flight status online click here

Baggage Information
Carry-on Baggage: Generally Qantas flights allow you to carry 2 bags with 7kg each.
Checked Baggage: On international flights you are allowed to carry bags with 23 kg while Business class passengers can carry upto 30 kg and first class upto 40 kg.

Qantas Online Check-in is available for all Qantas and QantasLink domestic and international flights. To check-in online now and select your seat click here

For mobile check-in access on your mobile phone and select ‘domestic check-in’ from the menu. This benefit is available only 24 hrs before your flight departure. You will receive your boarding pass via SMS.

Qantas Club
As a Qantas club member you get access to 130 airport lounges worldwide, get priority reservations and waitlisting, dedicated check-in and baggage allowances. Individual, Partner, Corporate and Guest Card are the four membership levels. To join the Club right now click here

Frequent Flyer
Qantas Frequent Flyer program allows you to earn miles every time you fly with Qantas and its partner airlines. You also earn miles with credit cards, hotel stays and car rentals. To join the frequent flier program click here

About Qantas Airways
qantas-airline-pictureQantas Airways was founded in the year 1920 and is the second oldest airline in the world. Registered originally as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS), the airline operates from its main hubs at Sydney Airport and Melbourne Airport. As the national carrier of Australia and the largest airline in that country, Qantas flies to over 182 destinations in 44 countries including Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The airline currently employs over 32,000 people. Qantas Group has a low fares airline called Jetstar. The group together operates around 5,600 flights a week. As of 2010, the Qantas Group operated a fleet of 252 aircraft. Qantas is a founding member of the oneworld global airline alliance. The Qantas Frequent Flyer program has more than 7.2 million members and nearly 500 partners.

In fact Qantas has been listed by Skytrax in the top ten leading airlines for seven consecutive years. Skytrax has also named it a four star airline. The subsidiaries of Qantas Group include QantasLink, Q Catering, Qantas Freight and Express Ground Handling. Qantas has offices in Auckland in New Zealand, Noumea in New Caledonia, and Nadi and Suva in Fiji.

Destinations: Qantas airline destinations include South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Sweden, Lebanon, Canada, US, India, China, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, London, Bahrain, Jordan, Brisbane, Jakarta, Taipei, Tokyo, Manchester and Bahrain.

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  1. David Frenay Reply

    I had booked a Qantas flight for Dec. 31st from L.A. to Sydney through an agent called JustFly. I had to cancel the flight because in June of 2016 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I’m currently undergoing chemo treatments and my doctors told me I can’t fly due to the risk of blood clots. Qantas refuses to refund $400 of the total for 2 tickets because they don’t allow medical waivers. In addition, JustFly won’t refund the $300 that they withheld unless Qantas does. Therefore, my wife and I paid $700 for a flight I’m unable to take. Not only do I not get to visit my son and grandchildren in Australia, but I have to put up with this horrible disease and treatment. Qantas is a terrible company with a ridiculously inflexible policy toward people who are suffering through no fault of their own.

  2. Simon Jessett Reply

    This airline delayed my flight for 12 hours. When you try to claim compensation from them they ignore you. Useless bunch of idiots! I will never use this airline again and would not recommend you do.

  3. Lloma Laws Reply

    We have just booked & paid for flights on 22/6/15 going to Singapore & returning from Shanghai leaving April 2016. We wanted to extend our stay in Shanghai so we went to our travel agent to see what penalties there would be to change our flight from Shanghai, we thought being as we had only just booked & paid for them less than 2 weeks ago & we are over 9 mths from going it shouldn’t be to painful, but to be told that it will an extra $200 ea plus any differences in fares etc we thought that this is absorbent being as all it is really is to change the dates on flights, if we were trying to do that with only weeks before leaving we could understand. We think there should be a time frame of maybe 1 mth for be able to change flights when they have been booked & paid for so far in advance without being penalised. So obviously we won’t be extending our stay as we wanted to.
    Michael & Lloma Laws

  4. corry anderson Reply

    I was not too happy when flying back to Australia from Hawaii on Sunday 9/11/14 with Qantas QF4.

    The food was not too good but that is plane travel,
    but later in the afternoon a drink trolley came around there was only peppermint tea or cocoa.
    As I drink neither I asked for a drink of water but was told rather shortly only the above drinks were available.

    We flew with Emerites to Europe and the difference is remarkable
    Corry Anderson

    Surely there would have been water on the plane?

  5. junio m. ragragio Reply

    On the flight QF 20 from Manila to Sydney last March 24, I bought and paid for 2bottles of Mcguigan wines on promo in your flight duty free brochure. When I passed through security for transfer passengers at Sydney airport, the 2bottles of wine were confiscated because Qantas personnel who sold me the wine did not put them in the appropriate clear plastic packaging required by the airport security which I was unaware of. I was directed to the Qantas desk by security for my complaint. There I was attended to by a Ms K. Warcaba CSS who argued first that it was airport security and it was no fault of Qantas then she said Qantas in-flight personnel could not have known I was a onward passenger to Christchurch New Zealand and thus Qantas unable to comply with required packaging. There were other arguments she said but they are simply irrelevant.

    1 I am sure all your personnel are aware of security rules in Sydney airport because if they are not then Qantas passengers have a reason to worry. When a security lapse occurs due to a lapse on the part of Qantas personnel, it is the fault of Qantas.
    2. The relevant in-flight personnel in fact did know I was bound for Christchurch and therefore should have been given the wine in the required packaging. The stewardess sitting in front of my 45b seat next to the exit door assured me thatI had nothing to worry about regarding my onward flight to Christchurch despite the delay in our Manila departure after I expressed my concern. Additionally, I told a steward offering me an incoming passenger card – Australia that I had an onward flight to New Zealand. The stewardess mentioned was the person Who attended to my order and even gave me and received from me the accomplished inflight order coupon. The steward who actually gave me the 2bottles of Mcguigan wine and processed my visa payment was, I recall, the person whom I said I was going to New Zealand and did not need the incoming passenger card.

    Given the above, I believe it’s only right for me to ask Qantas to correct the lapses of its personnel and replace for free the 2bottles of wine taken from me or reimburse me the money I paid. The rather poor handling by your Ms K. Warcaba of this $ 35 incident is additionally upsetting.

  6. Barbara j smith Reply

    Hi, I had a great flight both directions. My only issue was with the seat selection within 24 hours of flight and being charged? I contacted customer service at the airport in Sydney on my return and they promised to reverse the fee. They told me to contact you when I arrived back in U.S. To have the fee charged at departure reversed. My info is, I left LA on 9/16 flight QF12 receipt # 2810954741. Online check in code was 63UOHX . I did select seat within 24 hours and was charged 21.88 on sept. 17th. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Barbara Smith

  7. John Reply

    Travelled Qatar recently and had a peaceful and enjoyable journey. Tx to the staff and everyone working in the airline.

  8. M.Lade. Reply

    Well done Mr A.Joyce.Hold your head high you have conducted yourself above and beyond.

  9. David Vance Reply

    My ticket (3 legs from Korea via China, the last from Melbourne to Brisbane via Quantas) tells me to confirm my booking (72 hours, before or after is only ambiguously worded)but your korean office phone line is endlessly busy, and your website does not respond to attempts to find a confirmation facility with any such, nor does it explain or imply why one cannot carry out a confirmation via the website.
    My name is David Vance and my confirmation code is 4UZ936, flight date 18th of June.
    Please advice and confirm the flight if possible.
    David Vance.

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