Contact Telkom: Find below customer service details of Telkom in South Africa, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Telkom mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid  subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers links and information on Telkom products.

Telkom Head Office
Telkom Towers North,
152 Proes Street, Pretoria
Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 311 5750

Telkom Customer Service
Phone: dial 10210 or 0800 11 5357
Phone: 10217 (business customers)
Phone: +27 12 678 5580 (complaints)
Phone: 0800 124 000 (report fraud)

Telkom Direct Store
Click here to locate a Telkom Direct store nearest to your street. You can visit a local store to subscribe to new services or to pay your past or current bills.

View / Pay Bill
Click here to view or pay your Telkom bills online. You must register before accessing this service. Payments can be made by major credit cards, or through debit order, ATMs, at bank, Telkom Direct Shop, and at any post office.

About Telkom
telkom-safricaTelkom was founded in the year 1991. It is a leading telecommunications company in South Africa providing voice, data, broadband and internet services. Telkom operates in over 32 African countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and Tanzania. The fixed-line segment is Telkom’s largest business. Telkom’s South African subsidiaries include Trudon and Swiftnet. The government of South Africa owns about 40% of Telkom.

Telkom offers voice, data, mobile, hosting and broadband services. For fixed line rental, Telkom has plans such as Direct-A-Call, Fixed Line Look Alike (FLLA), ISDN and MyRing. For calling plans there is doChat, HomeFree, Phone Cards, Silver Line Packages, SpeedCall, Surf AnyTime, Telkom CLOSER and WorldCall. The basic devices through which the services are rendered are Apollo S121, Easitouch 200, G-TEL 100, Tanzanite 110, VTECH SD50, Azurite D16T, Colombo Twin, Motorola C601, Ultimate Slim D105 and more.

For prepaid and postpaid connections, there is 8ta. Visit for more details. For broadband there is ADSL, WiMAX, Dial-Up, GPRS or 3G plans. Telkom Internet has merged with ‘do Broadband’ to provide fast and easy access to internet services. Plans include do Internet Bundles, Telkom Internet AllAccess Capped Plans and AllAccess Uncapped Plans.

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  1. D. da Silva Reply

    Good morning, I would like to bring to your attention that 2 twice money has been taken off my account which refer to Telkom. I reversed them on both occasions and I was given a number 031 3632106 Telkom head office who instructed this company to do the debit orders. I will not pay any monies as my small Telkom account is in credit balance. The reference used is Telkom 5007407115 . Please can you guys look into this as I also had to cancel a payment previously for Telkommob150074073201. Please assist me urgently. Kindest regards. Dorethea J Da Silva

  2. Andre Avondo Reply

    I’ve been trying for months to contact on 10210 to change my Telkom account guess what you cant get hold of them. I found a 0800 number on the website guess what you cant get hold of them.

  3. Mrs. Lilian Rossi Reply

    Hi I would like to know how to go about claiming my monthly rental back from Telkom for my ADSL line. It has not been repaired after numerous calls to Telekom for the past month. Have had to buy data just to be able to carry on with important work requirements and that has now exceeded R2000 already. Please advise how to claim or who to contact regarding this issue. Thank you

  4. Valentino Reply

    I am a new customer who is currently awaiting installation. I have received a confirmed booking which was rescheduled 5 times…
    And guess what I am still waiting ….
    Service levels are terrible

  5. Susan Matthews Reply

    Call centre agents need more training with regards to the products and services they should be assisting with….I am currently on the line for almost 3 hours and have been transferred from department to department and not 1 person can assist!!!!The last agent i spoke to advised me to call the number i did initially call……says she can’t assist.Total frustration!!!!!!

  6. Muriel Reply

    Telkom is really a bad service provider. They expect payment every month. Me as a loyal client never pay late always than the billing amount must be happy when there is every month almost a week where there is no WIFI and lines is down. I am running a security business Landline and internet is important. Again as from Saturday 5/12/15 no landline nor WIFI. I cannot even phone telkom everything is dead. To be honest telkom is useless they must rather take off their false adverts on tv and radio

  7. Najmie Fredericks Reply

    Good day.

    I have a land-line installed at my residence in Kenwyn. Recently I had my 2Mbps line upgraded to a 4Mbps line hoping this would improve my connectivity but this has not helped. I have logged numerous calls to 10210 but I have had no joy in getting my issue resolved. I have done line speed test and get upload speeds of below 1Mbps and it pings at between 450 & 709ms.

    I log calls regularly and a Technician attended to my problem yesterday and the best he could get was 0.88Mbps. I am at the end of my tether as I get the impression that nothing is being done to permanently address the problem.

    Recently, I was even offered a 10Mbps line by a Telkom Consultant which I declined because I could not even get my 2Mbps to be stable.

    Please advise me as to what my next step should be?

  8. shasha Reply

    I have applied for mobile contract with Telkom few months ago, only to find out that they made a mistake on my bank details, I went back to find out why debit order is not going through. I am now owing them with their mistake. need help

  9. JP Spence Reply

    In the beginning of 2015 I applied for an ADSL line. After a long period Telkom installed it. During the rating I have rated the duration of service delivery as very low. A consultant of Telkom phoned me to ask very the reason of the low rating. After I have explained it to her and raised my concern that I now want to apply for an upgrade from 2mb to 4 the consultant assured me that it will only take three days. Three months later, four visits to the Telkom office in my area, I am still waiting for the three day process. What is the reason for the poor service delivery?

  10. marieta Reply

    Poor service assistance from Telkom. Battle for 2 months to get my ADSL router installed. Phone many times to 10210 no answer. Cant get hold of a technician. Password and User number was wrong. Cannot install router.

  11. Alta Reply

    Hi there
    I did receive a scam notice on my cellphone of coca cola winnings and the number 0218367782 are being used
    I would like to report this number as being fraud / scam / money theft


  12. Ferguson Reply

    Estcourt no longer has an office so it is utterly naive for anyone here to get some alterations done.I WANT TELKOM TO IMMEDIATELY STOP ANY DSL SERVICES WHICH WAS SUPPLIED IN THE PAST TO ME.

  13. James Reply

    We are a NPO Organisation loosing R2000 a day because of Telkom. Reported the faulty line 9 days ago without any response ???? ….what can i say ????…
    pathetic to say the least

  14. Shaun Jeffries Reply

    Good day …..

    My name is Shaun Jeffries & I would like to do some research / inquire with regards to an account that has been paid long time but it seem that Telkom keep on sending sms to state that the account has never been paid . I do however believe that you can resolve this matter if you can contact me with immediate effect.

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