Contact Straight Talk: Find below customer service details of Straight Talk in United States, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Straight Talk mobile connections, billing or cancellation, internet plans, prepaid  subscriptions, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers links and information on Straight Talk products.

Straight Talk Head Office
Straight Talk
Tracfone Wireless, Inc.
9700 NW 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178, USA

Straight Talk Customer Service
Phone: 1-877-430-CELL (2355)
Email: [email protected]

View/Pay Bills
Click here to view or pay your Straight Talk bills online. Straight Talk accounts can be refilled through credit or debit card at Straight Talk website, or by buying a Straight Talk Service Card at participating Wal-Mart locations.

Activate Phone
Click here to activate your Straight Talk phone online. You can activate phone with a new number or reactivate phone, transfer service and activate Straight Talk phone with a number transferred from another company.

Online Shop
Click here to purchase phones and Straight Talk plans directly from the website. Straight Talk will repair or replace phones with manufacturer defect for up to one year. Phones of major brands found include Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, and Nokia. Some of the service plans found on the website include All You Need, Unlimited 1 Month, Unlimited 3 Months, Unlimited 6 Months and Unlimited 1 Year.

About Straight Talk
straight-talk-contactStraight Talk is a cellular service provider in the US which is owned and operated by TracFone Wireless Inc, a subsidiary of América Móvil. América Móvil is the fifth largest cell phone company in the world and is headquarted at Miami, Florida. The other brands of TracFone include NET10 and Safelink Wireless. Tracfone has more than 241.5 million cell phone subscribers. Straight Talk alone serves some 19.3 million customers. Straight Talk phones and service plans are available at over 3,000 participating WalMart retailers countrywide.

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  1. Edie Reply

    Do I have to pay to ask and get an answer to a few questions? On my Straight Talk phone I have two symbols that I can’t get rid of and there is nothing in the booklet addressing this. I have an envelope and what looks like to me a baby pacifier also in my messages under voice mail I have a call which when I try to view it tells me to check call restriction 34 what does that mean, I would like this number blocked from calling me every day son’t know that number.

  2. Norma Henry Reply

    I have straight talk , I have no service each and all calls are dropped within 2 minute , ‘get in middle of giving an order or service and it is dropped. Service has gone down in the last year . Seeing a lot of this problem. not sure it is my phone or service, I am thinking service before I spend more money on another phone.

  3. eddie walker Reply

    You have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I have had trouble with your company for the last few months so I’ve decided to change carriers. I just wanted my phone unlocked so I could buy a sim card from someone else and you won’t unlock my phone.I will never buy another phone from your company and I am going to let everyone I know how I’ve been treated and I have a lot of family members that have straighttalk and Iam going to do everything I can to get them to change carriers

  4. Linda Dalton Reply

    I bought a ZTE phone from straight talk. My question is how to cut internet off, to save minutes, so you can answer a phone call. It seems the internet Is still on

  5. Geraldine McKinney Reply

    Straight Talk Customer service is the worst. You can never speak to a human. The menu does not address issues. When there is a problem, you’re stuck. Low prices mean, NO Service. “Buyer Beware”. Technical Support is non existant!

  6. B.M. Reply

    I have been on the phone with your company this morning for two hours or longer! Nothing but the run around trying to speak with one of your supervisors for the last 30 minutes. I have been told your company has only two supervisors. I find that hard to believe! So truly if you have concern for your customers, maybe I will get a reply from one of your supervisors!

  7. DonShaffer Reply

    I have been on the phone for going on 7 days to get a phone # transferred to a new phone I bought from Wal-Mart. I need to talk to someone that can solve my problem. I have talked at least a dozen techs, all from the Philippines and I continue to get the run a round. Please connect me to someone local that can solve my problem. #814-594-5972 I am at my worst end. I would like some costumer service, please.

  8. Ray Reply

    I am writing this to inform STRAIGHT TALK That I am also contacting THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU located in Florida since that is where STRAIGHT TALK’S HEAD QUARTERS is supposedly located and posting this on FACEBOOK and anywhere else I can so everyone will know just how STRAIGHT TALK treats their CUSTOMERS… MAYBE this will go viaral
    I had T-MOBILE since 2001 when I lived in Massachusetts and I moved back to Montana and as far West that T-MOBILE could give me a new phone number was Rapid City, South Dakota. I kept the number T-MOBILE gave me for over 2 years, I went to a Walmart and bought the bring your phone and number and joined STRAIGHT TALK 2014.
    Last Month October 2015 I called STRAIGHT TALK and told them I wanted to change my number to a (406)-xxx-xxxx number since I live in Montana and gave them my zip code of 59044 (those the wish look it up) and the customer service person told me it should be all set just turn off my phone and turn it on and make a call. I did as they told me and call my folks who live in the same town as I do and ask them what number showed up on their caller ID, and they told me it was the (605) number I had before. I turned around and called back again (3) times to be exact and even got texts saying welcome to STRAIGHT TALK your number has been changed WRONG it was the same exact (605) number over and over. I than was told the 5th time I called that they could not change my number because the number was changed over their limit of times for the Month, I told them how can that be it was never changed. So I let my service expire and bought a service card and finally I talk to a SUPERIOR NOT A SUPERVISIOR make sure you ask for a SUPERIOR as you talk to a SUPERVISOR (IN TRAINING) and was sent a new SIM card. I called the day I received the card and 4 hours of giving the same information over and over — ticket number, reference numbers and zip code with 4 different people and telling them (406) area code was only for MONTANA.. Oh yea no one I and my Mom talked to had any idea where the Hell Montana was let alone in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, I even gave the Lincoln, Montana’s zip code aka 59639 Helena’s zip code aka 59601 and again and again they wanted to give me the (605) area code. I did finally get (406)-xxx-xxxx number My Mom asked what the guy’s name that helped us and his name is (Louis) and where he was from get this He was from (QUATAMALA) after hanging up with LOUIS FROM QUATAMALA .. I text some people I work with and one of them text me back and said I already have your number .. she said this is Tracy right and I said no this is Ray… so the next day I talked to Tracy and she said it was deactivated 4 days ago. WEIRD YES. Now comes the PISSED OFF part of the letter. Tracy went to activated her phone with a service card and STRAIGHT TALK was going to give her, her old number THE NUMBER I NOW HAVE… After arguing with them STRAIGHT TALK sent her a new SIM CARD and today November 5, 2015 when it came in, she called STRAIGHT TALK and again they wanted to give Tracy her old number —- WHICH IS MY NUMBER NOW. STRAGHT TALK finally gave Tracy a new number after Tracy telling them that STRAIGHT TALK gave out her old number and when I got off work and tried to call a friend I was unable to make a call BECAUSE WHY — MY SIM CARD SAID IT WAS AN INVALID SIM CARD, I called STRAIGHT TALK from work and they said that there was no number associated with my sim card as it was not a valid card. I said how it that possible you, STRAIGHT TALK SENT ME THE NEW SIM CARD, and I have been using that number you gave me and my Work Place and friends have been calling my phone on your sim card you sent me with the number you at STRAIGHT TALK GAVE ME until Tracy activated her new sim card. The representative said she was going to send me a new sim card and she would credit me for the time I do not have service until I activate the new card. I should have card in 2 days and I told her well today is Thursday November 5 and it is after 5pm now and she in turn said I my not get new sim card until Monday. Lets hope her phone doesn’t get shut off when I get my new sim card with an INVALID SIM CARD.

    • JASON Reply

      If I can get enough people to stand up with me I’m filing a breach of service with straight talk. If you want to join me in the law suit I’m Asking for 5.2 million dollars in pain and suffering and lost of wages.we need phone service that works. We depend on our phones for calls text internet and what ever else people use them for. The service sucks dropped calls unreceivable texts. Web pages won’t load or kick you out. And it’s time we the people stand up and take action.

  9. James Cooper Reply

    I bought a alcatel one touch and its a problem ever since I bought it. I had a Samsung, Do I need to get a Samsung again, it worked it fell out my pocket and the screen shattered

  10. Brian Parker Reply

    Straight talk cheated me out of 62.00 just to allow me transfer my service to another service. They would not release my phone and held my number as ransome so that I would not be able to transfer without their forced one month activation. Their service is lousy and their foreign service does not Work I tried to use it in multiple foreign countries. The web service just drops off. And you have to contact them to get them to restate it. I had auto refill set up that dropped of for no reason. I was cheated into getting to transfer my number and will start stopping people in Walmart and telling them how lousy the straight deals are.

  11. Jeff Reply

    To whom it concerns. I love the straight talk service but there is a major problem with customer service. The talking to a computer sux. When u do get someone on the phone after multiple tries u cant understand very little of what they say. MAJOR issues with the people being short and borderline disrespectful. Multiple answers to one question. Was just on the line with customer service and they wanted to trouble shoot my phone when it works fine. My issue was that I automatic draft pay and they say its my banks fault that it hasn’t reloaded. Had this service for sometime now and has not been a problem in the past but every time u go on with customer service every one of them has had a different answer to the problem. Please get on the same page because seems every one u have is reading from a different solution manual. Not a prejudice person but u need to find some clear English speaking reps for your service. VERY FRUSTRATING

  12. Billy Wilson Reply

    We bought a new minutes card and loaded it last night on the phone but this morning the phone says that it is deactivated so we called the number to load the card again but it says the card has already been loaded…what do I do??

  13. Rodney Reply

    I have been waiting to be able to use my phone for 18 hours. I see my info is transferred over, to my phone, but I can’t use it. I can’t call and find out when it will be available because my phone doesn’t work. My other phone is shot and I have to get it repaired. Please contact me and tell me when I will be able to use it.

  14. steven nelms Reply

    The sales girl at walmart told me that I could switch from a 45.00 card to a 30.00 card no problem. That I would just lose my data and that if I had a Wi-Fi connection I wouldn’t even lose that. I bought a $30.00 card and now I can’t turn it on because it is a smartphone. Is there someplace I can go and just add another $15.00 to this card so I can get my service back on?

  15. Don flath Reply

    I renewed with my card for 30 days, 1500 minutes. But when I call it tells me how many minutes I used but doesn`t tell me the minutes I have available?? Why is this happening since I`ve had my phone I always had that information on my phone when i hung up!! Thank you Don Flath

  16. Ta'ne Reply

    I’ve been on the phone for more than an hour with customer service trying to resolve issue with my phone. They keep asking me the same questions over and over again, having me repeat the same steps over and over again. Phone still not fixed and I have just been hung up on again. Think maybe it is time to find new phone carrier for me and my 3 family members.

    • mark Reply

      Have you tried using the Chat feature on their web site. I’ve had better luck there than over the phone. My guess is that it’s still U.S. based rather than outsourced to save capital as English is probably more necessary for web chat. The over the phone customer Service I’ve had is next to useless, repetitive procedures of things to try are probably laid out on cheat sheets or script pages. Different listed problems might have some of the same steps to resolve and some not as familiar with English might not be quite certain as to whether they already had you do the same procedure 4 or 5 times already. Besides if you have a problem, which you eventually WILL, your already quite well versed in how to power on and off the phone..dial #22890 or #22891, do a hard factory reset and other things. If you’ve had 3 or more of them your already a virtuoso at it. Trying to explain the salient point that you’ve already did that each and every time with the previous 4 or 5 calls to customer service in a far off third world Country is next to impossible. I find the webchat much quicker, more friendly, less rude and they get at the heart of what you need much quicker.

  17. Ta'ne Miller Reply

    Bought a straight talk phone on 1/13. It would not receive calls. Customer service could not fix the issue, so I returned the phone and purchased new phone on 1/26. This phone has same issue. Can call out but can not receive calls. I have been on the phone with customer service now for over an hour and just getting the run around. No one knows how to fix the issue, and keep putting me on hold. I just want a phone that works.

  18. sharon smith Reply

    I need to talk to a person. I refilled my phone on 12/4/2014 at 3:34 am. an your system say to refill on 1/3/2015. 3:34am is the next day. so why am I refilling my phone a day before. thank

  19. Todd McNett Reply

    I want to change my phone plan from unlimited plan to a $30.00 plan. I tried every thing on the internet site and could not change it. I called the customer service on the phone and all I could get is a recording with no help. You need some body that you can talk to, instead of a computer.

  20. Wes Reply

    I have been with straight talk for around 2 years with no problems. Now for the last two weeks or so I can not get 3G or internet service signal. I have tried everything, and have been on the phone for tech support, with no help, and no answer. This is my last attempt for help or im going back to Verizon. Thanks

  21. Matt Reply

    I have the unlimited plan , talk text and data, so WHY is straight talk limiting my data use ? Unlimited means without limits . When I paid for unlimited I expected unlimited. This has to be in violation of truth in advertising . If straight talk does not step up and correct this issue my next letters will be to the attorney general and FCC .

  22. mary mozingo Reply

    I have purchased a straight talk $30 dollar card for my phone, which Walmart said it could be used on my phone, when I went to refill it said it wasn’t compatible with the plan I had. I need to get this card on my phone today. my straight talk number is 252-370-7726 and my home number is . I’ve been on the phone trying to speak with a representive for 35 minutues and I am put on hold and no one ever answers the phone then I am cut off. my phone is a HUAWEI H881c., I wouldn’t had purchased this card if they had told me I couldn’t use it. PLEASE HELP

  23. teresa Reply

    i can not find a working email address for straighttalk, i just want to check on a phone i sent back. so if i can get an email address that works for straighttalk that would be great. thank you.

  24. Annie Reply

    I cannot receive voice mail becauce i have forgotten the password please help me, my voice mail is full need to reset password.

    • customerhelp Reply

      please reach the customer support and they shall assist you on the same..

  25. brenda lucenio Reply

    my husband bought me a phone from your company, my problem is i cannot use it, i open my phone and it says i need an unluck code first before i use it.i dont have one..can you pls help me to get my phone unlock unit is SAMSUNG T528G..thank you very much and more power to your company..

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