Contact of Hotlink prepaid (Maxis) customer service

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Contact Hotlink (Maxis): Find below customer service details of Hotlink prepaid service for mobiles. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Hotlink connections, cancellation, internet plans, broadband or other questions on Hotlink services in Malaysia. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Hotlink products.

Hotlink (Maxis) Customer Service
Phone: 1300 820 120
Phone: 11311 (self help)
Phone: *100# (to check balance and other services)

Hotlink Head Office
Maxis Berhad
Level 18, Menara Maxis
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: (6)03 2330 7000

Hotlink Top-Ups
To recharge your your Hotlink prepaid online click here. You can top up your mobile through credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Download Games
To download games through Hotlink to your phone device click here. You can view here games through genres such as action, advernture, arcade, basketball, brain games, cards, football, golf, racing, shooting, puzzle and more.

Download Music
To download music through Hotlink to your phone device click here. You can filter music through popular artists, top ringtones and much more.

About Hotlink
hotlink-maxisHotlink is a leading prepaid service brand for mobiles in Malaysia. The service, offered by Maxis Communications, provides several prepaid and rewards plans for members to choose from. Maxis was founded in the year 1993, and as of 2011, has over 14 million mobile subscribers. It is recognised as fourth most valuable brand in the country. Maxis has individual plans for devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone. For Hotlink members, Maxis services for mobiles include Maxis PayPal (a safer and easier way to make purchases online), auto top up, prepaid BlackBerry, IDD and roaming, Activ10, super savers, mobile internet, broadband, 3G, friend finder, i-Share, Maybank M2U Mobile and much more. Members of Hotlink can earn reward points to redeem airtime and SMS. Visit the website for more details.

Contact of Hotlink prepaid (Maxis) customer service, 4.4 out of 10 based on 14 ratings


26 Responses to “Contact of Hotlink prepaid (Maxis) customer service”

  • Lim says:

    On the May 21st I noticed that my hotlink prepaid number was suspended due to expired date. I didn’t get any notice before hand. As on that day itself i went to one of maxis centre agent but they said they cannot help me on the matter. So 2 days (23 May) later I traveled to get to Sunway Carnival Maxis Center to report my case but sadly till now I haven’t receive any call back from them. I am asking them to return my old nbr as my credit (RM600+) for new postpaid line. I went back to the center on the 31st May since I still haven’t received any update from them. It was unfortunate to know that my old nbr was not reserved and my old credit was not being refuned. Today 3 June, early in the morning I received a call from the center saying now I got back my old nbr but they cannot refund back my credit (RM600+). How am I going to continue using Maxis line after losing RM600+ of my money??

  • suzanna says:

    I’m very disappointed with hotlink…I reloaded rm 10 and you guys just deducted rm 7.00 for no apparent reason. This is terrible and I’m disgusted with hotlink…please refund my money or else I will change to different number.

  • Yanar says:

    Im using Hotlink – subscribed for mobile internet. Lately Maxis failed to notify me whether my usage already exceeded the quota that i’ve been subscribing , hence deducting my cdt until RM0.00. This had happened regularly and its pissed me off. The most absurd happened today when I subscribed for mobile internet RM2 per day 100MB quota at 7.30am & at 8.30am I had received a text from Maxis saying I’ve been using more than 80% . This is ridiculous. How come in one hour I’ve been using almost 80% while I didnt actually use my Internet except checking on Instagram. I did not open emails, youtube & whatsoever. Plus its hard to talk with your customer service officer. If you keep making the machine talk rather than human, whats the point of establishing one.

  • Neilan says:

    I traveled with my hotlink sim to abroad and recharged it before I left malaysia with about RM150 and getting here I can’t call and it’s telling me my call is barred

  • Azlan says:

    I purchased broadband for one day (rm3.00) for 200 mb data. Why does HOTLINK then deduct my money twice (rm6.00) an give me 400mb for one day? I need my money back because of the double transactions.

  • serene says:

    If I purchase a new hotlink card how long is the expiry date and by when do i need to top inorder for the line to be active. Does it base on the amount I top up and that gives the number of day to talk. If I am in Singapore, how do i top up the hotlink card. It is not possible for me to travel all the way to Malaysia just to top up. Please advise.

  • NG KIM GEOK says:

    Your Customer Service is totally difficult to call in. Kindly check yr end on my HOTLINE PREPAID LINE as there is difficuties calling out. Kindly SMS to my HOTLINK PREPAID LINE or call to inform what happened to the line. Regards,

  • lily says:

    i’ve just bought a new hotlink prepaid sim card yesterdy,but suddenly today,the sim card become defective..why?

  • Connie Low says:

    I am a Hotlink prepaid user and i have bought a new prepaid SIM card (017) for my mum few months ago. Lately she told me that she has not been top up any money and apparently the service has been suspended. Could you please help me to reactivate her line ?

  • Joyce says:

    Hi, i’m now at overseas, but i would like to terminate my hotlink prepaid card number.
    The number is being used by someone, and I need to hence close it asap. Can I call the customer care for same or should I personally visit the office?

    • Dahliana says:

      I used to be a loyal customer of Hotlink for more than 5 years already.. And a few months ago, i need to go for a place that don’t have any maxis coverage for about a few months. But once i back to town yesterday, i just found out that my number has been cut off. Just before I left I recharged my phone so that I could keep my phone number. I am very upset and hope that i can get back the number. All of my friends and relatives have this phone number so, it is a need for me to maintain this number. Please reinstate my number and it still ok if you will not recredit the amount that was in my account because all that i need just the same simcard number only.

  • Ho Hwee Chin says:

    I have top up my son’s phone no. xx RM10 at 26/4/2012 time : 6.43pm, but until now he never received any sms from you and without top up. What is the problem, can you please check it out for me? The top up ref No. 01120426200483. Please give a reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  • kiang says:

    I’m a regular hotlink prepaid customer & using hp no for few years already. Since recently my number is not working. Lot of problems.

  • Mrs Low says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    can i confirm the service center always sending hotlink sms at midnight?

  • LAU YUEN says:

    I bought a top card for RM30 from a Maxis Hotlink dealer in Kluang and after scratching it to obtain the reload pin number all I see is a blank silver strip. I notice the present batch of red and white prepaid reload cards to be of poor quality ( thinner and difficult to scratch ) The serial number of my card is xx and the expiry date is 09/06/2016. Please top it up to my xx in lieu of the defective card. Please send an sms to my h/p. Please don’t ask me to contact customer service because it’s so hard to get through to them.

  • john alexander says:

    My hotlink account seems to be cancelled. I don’t know why

  • Yvonne says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I left Malaysia last year in July intending to be out of Malaysia for 4 months. Just before I left I recharged my phone so that I could keep my Phone number. I recharged RM60 or RM90. Unfortunately my mother was unwell and we ended up being out of Malaysia for 7 months. I have just returned to Malaysia and find I have no service. I am very upset. I have been a good customer of Hotlink for 6 years. Apart from the considerable amount of money that was in my account, all of my friends and relatives have this phone number. Please reinstate my number and recredit the amount that was in my account. I will look forward to hearing from you ASAP.

  • francisco says:

    I am traveling in Spain and I can not send SMS because when I try it gives me error and says network unavailable.
    Please advise how to send SMS from Spain to Malaysia from my mobile xx.

  • pretty says:

    Good day.. I need your kind assistance to trace my reload card pin no..

  • Ramas Anthony says:

    Can provide me my sms detail for the year 2011(Jan to dec.)
    received and sent messages by phone# coz thare is Important messages for my 2011 dairy
    Your kind support is very much appreciated

  • Ivon says:

    Good Day,
    I need your kind assistance to trace my reload card pin no, due to that card was unclear after scratch up.
    Your kind assistance is very much appreciated.

  • Alan Teo says:

    Why the active10 service is not fully functional? Last week got a call from customer support saying maintenance work was going on and it would delay slightly. I am still not able to add the service.

  • Joyce says:

    I’m a regular hotlink prepaid customer, iam using this hp no for few years already, recently i got a message and I clicked it by mistake. Since then I am subscribed to some service and money is being deducted from my account. This is not fair.

  • Parvesh says:

    I am not able to make outgoing calls. When trying to call *100# – it says im not a maxis subscriber. Please note that incoming calls are reaching fine. This was sudden and unexpected.

  • Pen says:

    I had reloaded RM10 to my hotlink prepaid hp no xx on 6th Dec 11 but still can’t call or sms. I called to customer service on 7th Dec 11 and he said he will channel to Hotlink and reply to my Vietnam hp as I’m in Vietnam right now. Rm 15 been deducted from my account. Please refund me RM15 to my account and kindly advise me when I can make outgoing calls. Terribly poor services rendered by Hotlink.

  • birajdarbc says:

    I am a regular customer of Honda bikes. I have used CD100, Super Splender, Passion & now I have purchased “Glamour”. Purchased it last year october from following dealer.
    Laxmi automobles, Solapur, Maharashtra. During my 3rd free service (Before 2 months) they have lost my service book & after several inquiry they have told me to pay Rs. 100/- for duplicate service book. I agreed with them, but then after many personal enquiries there is no proper reply received form the dealer. They told me that we will not give you a guarantee for receiving of duplicate service book.

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