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Gillette India Head Office
Gillette India Ltd.,
P&G Plaza, Cardinal Gracias Road,
Chakala, Andheri (E),
Mumbai – 400099 Maharashtra

Gillette India Customer Care
Phone: 022-24942113
Email: [email protected]

About Gillette India Limited
gillette-logoThe firm was incorporated as Indian Shaving Products Limited in the year 1985, but has subsequently been renamed as Gillette India Limited. Globally, the brand is owned by the international MNC Procter & Gamble. The Indian arm continues to operate as a separate legal entity but is also a part of the Proctor & Gamble family. The company is one of the dominant leaders in the Men’s Personal Grooming Products market. It is widely known for its effective advertising strategies with the tagline “The Best a man can get” endorsed by a number of sportspersons and eminent personalities including Rahul Dravid, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. Gillette India recently won an Effectiveness Lion and 2 Silver Lions at the prestigious Cannes Ad Festival for its hugely popular “Women Against Lazy Stubble” campaign as a part of the Shave India Movement (Shave Sutra).

The company is most well-known for its shaving blades and razors with models like Gillette Vector, Gillette MACH 3 and Gillette MACH 3 Turbo almost household names. The Gillette Fusion Gamer is the latest entrant in the field which boasts of an Enhanced Indicator Lubrastrip, 5 Blade Shaving Surface Technology and 15 Microfin Comfort Guard. These innovations provides for a smooth clean shave and ultimately better feeling skin. On the other hand, the Gillette Guard is the companies staple entry level system which promises a safe and affordable shave, at just Rs. 1 per shave. Gillette offers both electric and manual razors. Also, the company sells a range of complementary grooming items like shaving gels, foams and aftershave including speciality products for sensitive or dry skin types. The company has garnered itself a reputation of quality and high hygienic standards. High precision production processes along with innovative new designs to enhance the shaving experience have paved the way for Gillette’s market domination in the country.

The company also manages the brands Duracell and Oral-B in India in the Alkaline Batteries and Oral Hygiene segments respectively. Though they are marketed separately, all three brands currently belong to Proctor & Gamble. Oral-B promotes Classic, CrossAction and Shiny Clean lines as a part of its Smile India Movement initiative. Duracell is well known in the country for its memorable ‘Duracell Bunny’ ads as well as its long-lasting reliable alkaline batteries. In India, the production base for all 3 brands is located at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh, whilst the corporate headquarters is in Mumbai. Reach the Gillette customer care for further information.

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  1. Vinod Dodia Reply

    I am using Gillette Gel since 8-9 years , But I am getting problems that gel is not comimg out from CAN after about 60 % used, Please do the needful, this is a repeated problems in the second CAN. Please take action and compensate the same which I am loosing. The current can which I am using is having serial number 6068051831 b. No. 100659, Manufacturing 03/16, expiry 03/19

  2. MAJ (Retd) J L ARORA Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am a retired defence officer & using Gillette products even before these were introduced in Canteen Store Department Of Defence forces. Of late your product quality has deteriorated considerably since there are repeated complaints from your complaints.
    I had ,purchased two Gillette gel from DhaulaKuan CSD recently & when tried to use the first “CAN”
    its pump did not function & I had to get it replaced through the management of CSD. The replaced CAN was used to entire satisfaction. However there was another surprise waiting for me since on trying to use the second “CAN” it came out to be foam instead of Gel, I still compromised & started using the same but after 30-40% of its use its pump also stopped functioning. It is not expected from the products of world class OEM who is known for its quality worldwide. Please look into your product quality seriously & if possible make sure that not even a single item is sent to the market till it passes your stringent quality controls & also ensure no compromise on your product. Thanks


    I have been a user since last 20 years or more. In the last 1 month i have purchased gillette Gel foam twice and unfortunately both the times the foam does not eject after the first 4 / 5 days. I took this up with the retailer D Mart in Mumbai and they asked to raise this query with you. I have the recent can yet with me for proof. Have discarded the earlier one. Would appreciate if you can revert what needs to be done as i am not sure whether that would work or not.

  4. Rakesh Kumar Mehrotra Reply

    I purchased one Fusion Power Safety razor in January 2017 for Rs.399 and started using it in Feb 2017. Its electrical system has suddenly stopped working. Even after replacement of Battery it is not working and it seems that it has faulty system. Please advise me how it can be replaced. Please reply at the earliest.

  5. J.SATHEESH Reply

    I recently purchased Gillette foam cream TIN from shop .
    It was used for 1 month. Last week we had a terrible experience with this Gillette foam .Last week there is sudden explosion of the Gillette foam Tin with Big sound in my bathroom,, .. My Bathroom was totally spread with Foams. My tiles were damaged because of this incident. God grace no one was there in Bathroom at that time in my family. we need clear information from the manufacturer about the reason for explosion happened in the product. otherwise I will go to consumer forum further to understand the justice.Reply ASAP

  6. Bhagavanbhai Prajapati Reply

    I am using Gillettee Gel since 15 years , But I am getting problems that gel is not commimg out from CAN after about 60 % used, Please do the needful, this is a repeated problems in th esecond CAN. Please take action and compensate the same which I am loosing

  7. Pinakin N Mamtora Reply

    I bought a power fusion 4-catridges pack. While taking out the razor-blade/cartridge (after affixing it with the power razor), it did not come out & hence, the blade has become unfit for use, as it does not come out of the plastic container. Can you please help me to replace this damaged one, as it costs Rs.125 each & I trust that you will help me with my genuine problem. Thanks for your early response.

  8. SK Goyal Reply

    Dear sir/Madam,
    I had been using your shaving products like razors, shaving gel, shaving foam,etc. since their launch in India and had been very comfortable with them till recently when I bought a can of shaving foam and its results were disastrous. The foam was very thin (sort of watery) right from the beginning, the way it becomes when the can is close to finishing. It was becoming thinner with each passing day. I could never enjoy my shave with this can.
    Now once again I have started enjoying my shave after I changed my shaving foam can with ANOTHER MAKE.

  9. Kamlini Reply

    Please let me know the address and contact number of your dealer in Ahmedabad, from where I can get Satin Care gel so as to use the Venus Ladies razor.

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