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Badshahi Mosque
Lahore, Pakistan

Customer Service
Phone: +92 300 4402137
Phone: +92 321 4967599

About Badshahi Mosque
Badshahi Mosque was established in the year 1673 and was built by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Located in Lahore, Pakistan, the mosque took two years of construction and is built right opposite the Lahore Fort. Badshahi has the recognition of being the second largest mosque in the country. The mosque’s exteriors is made of red sandstone and there are domes and decorative marbles that adorn the mosque. The embellishment in the interiors boast of Indo-Greek and Central Asian architecture.

The popular landmark is also known as Emperor’s Mosque and Shah Badshahi Masjid. For more than 300 years after completion, the mosque had the record of being the largest in the world. The mosque, which is identical to the Jama Masjid structure in Delhi, currently can accommodate up to 55,000. Other important highlights of the mosque include the four minars on each corner, the seven chambered prayer room and the beautiful fresco on the paneling. For more information or queries on tickets, timings, parking, transportation, or others, reach the Badshahi Mosque customer service.

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