Contact Netflix: Find below customer care details of Netflix, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Netflix products, complaint, claims, refund, payment or others. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Netflix services.

Netflix Head Office
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Netflix Customer Care Phone
888 000

Netflix Categories
The categories found on Netflix are: New Arrivals, Action & Adventure, Anime & Animation, Children & Family, Classics, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Faith & Spirituality, Foreign, Horror, Independent, Music, Romance, Sci-Fi, Spirts & Fitness, Television and Thrillers. To browse the selections right now click here

Netflix Login
To login to your Netflix account click here

About Netflix
netflix logoNetflix was founded in the year 1997. The American video rental company offers movies and television shows to subscribers through internet streaming and US mail. You will need a valid US mailing address to sign up for Netflix. Also be informed that you need to be located in US to watch instantly. Netflix currently has over 23 million members in the US and Canada. It is today world’s leading video rental provider with thousands of movies and TV shows available for subscribers for as low as $7.99 a month. Besides PCs, TVs and Macs, streaming from Netflix is also available for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PS3 consoles. More than 200 devices that stream from Netflix are available in the US. There are no commercials, and you can pause, rewind or fast forward as often as you like.

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  1. Dennis E Holseybrook Reply

    OK, large On-Demand company: why are you so slow in adding new/older-new movies to your line-up? I still see offerings that “I Swear”, we’re being offered when I first signed on with you over 4 years ago! What gives? I thought you were going to up-grade your selection line-up when you increased the fee? Was this just corporate mambo jumbo or a flat out lie?

  2. brandon j Reply

    Can You Please Add Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, All Of The Dragon Ball Z Movies And Shows To Netflix Please

    • Elias Reply

      Why Netflix account dept. is deducting $7.99 a month in my account . On September 2012 I sent twice e-mail that I’d like to CANCEL my netflix acct. Your company should REIMBURSE my money for the month of Oct & Nov each $7.99.

  3. jennie Reply

    When I have logged in, and chose the film I want to watch, I click the arrow (for play instantly) the page loads, goes black, and that’s as good as it gets! I have patiently waited up to 15mins for it to begin to play but the screen stays black and nothing is happening! Its as though the page has froze? But when I click the back arrow it simply takes me back to the selection page, I’m etting really irrate with it now and am on the verge of cancelling should I get no satisfactory results from this post…Please help :-/…Jennie

  4. Dewey Reply

    If you guys really want answers and results, I suggest that instead of writing here you should write a nice letter to the man of Netflix. One never gets results by hiding behind a cloak of anonymity, therefore I suggest just sticking it to the man by writing a letter with the address provided above and you will recieve the feedback you want.

  5. Stephanie Miller Reply

    I can’t watch anything. Netflix loads up and I can browse but when I hit play an error comes up.

  6. Steve McAdam Reply

    Looking to find out if Netflix Canada will have Boardwalk Empire. Customer care phone number does not know. Can anyone help?

  7. James Ayotte Reply

    What is going on with the series called the “Virginian”. I cannot find it any longer in the listings. Is something wrong with the channel or is service no longer available? If the service is no longer available, please cancel my sybsciption to NetFlix immediately. I do not look favorably on companies who do not notify their customers on any disconnected feed or service.

  8. Rashmi Reply

    My 1 month free trial is going on with netflix. Would like to know if i become a member of netflix can i watch malayalam movies or Tv Shows through any other source.

  9. John Reply

    I’m having a lot of trouble with netflix on my Mac and my iPad
    It logs in ok but when I try and view my que or search it says it can’t find server. Basically I can’t use Netflix on on my IPad. My iPad is up to date and I’ve tried reloading the Netflix app. What’s going on?

  10. Ava Reply

    I have been charged for netflix for the past 3months, and I HAVE NEVER reinstated my account. I can’t imagine how you got my information, I haven’t been a customer for over 3 years!! How do I get reimbursed? I am certainly filing a complaint

  11. gina Reply

    I can’t even sign in to my own GD account to watch shows on my computer! Can sign in on the kid’s , but not mine! WTF? It tells me the password does not match the email address on the account. YES, IT DOES!

  12. Lawrence Klinger Reply

    I requested “footloose” – the Kevin Bacon version – more than 2 months ago. My request was displayed initially showing no delays, then a couple of weeks later it showed “short wait” and now it shows”very long wait”. What the hell is going on here? Why is my request getting pushed back further and further? I am very unhappy with the “wait” game you’re playing.

  13. Inez Phillips Reply


    I just noticed on my bank statement that I am paying a recur payment of $21.38 for Netflix which I have not ordered. I did begin the process once a couple of years ago but did not complete it. Please reimburse me before any further actions are made against you. I have never used the service and certainly do not intend to do so now…..
    Thank you for your quick response to this request.

  14. carlos cruz Reply

    Having trouble using straz live..the player downloads usage rights then it displays ready but never starts playing..I have a laptop with windows 7

  15. Janet Reply

    I am not recieving any netflix emails since this new Quickster thing has occured.On top of that I never recieved any notification that this split was going to happen & I would then be being charged for streaming (which I never used nor want)& for dvd’s mailed to me via the us postal service.I feel I am owed $12.96 overcharge for the past 2 months for this streaming crap I never used ever since I joined,& it should be refunded because netflix nor Quickster ever notified me by a call to me or an effort on their part to make sure their customers were & are recieving any emails thay may be sending.. I will take the matter up with the FTC if netflix don’t re-emburse me for a charge that should have NEVER BEEN put on my account.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you can call the Netflix customer support and have them reiburse you the amount..

  16. Michael Forare Reply

    My bill has gone up 44% since the later part of my membership. This is tax included, call it what you like, I pay it. By mistake I received a re-new notice with a month free and a cost of $7.99 without tax. This is exactly double my current rate, so my gift is to pay some other member’s free months. I see some competition is coming for you, and I will drop you because you do business the way that this economy got so screwed up. A little is good, a lot is real good. I hope not to pester you soon.

  17. kathy Reply

    Where can I sign up for netflix by mail? All I can find is stream online which I don’t want

  18. april blair carlson Reply

    Hi there,
    I just mailed back The Hangover and forgot to put a note in it telling you about that movie. It had some weird subtitles on it that was very distracting. Then I had to stop it and once I did that, I could not get it started again. I got some pop up that said something like, I needed some kind of “digital copy authorization.”
    I never did get to see the end of it.
    Please, help.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please call the customer care on the number given on this page..

  19. joan thomas Reply

    need to pay via check but your system of card only is not secure because my card was “hack” by unknown people/companies I never used or have used and funds removed causing the closing of my card. You have lost a customer because of this foolishness thinking cards are “safe” they are not. You should have accepted “pay-pal” or a check now I will access others such as Hulu and live tv that provide the same services you do but with no such hassles.

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