Contact Maxis Communications: Find below customer service details of Maxis mobiles, including phone, email and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on new Maxis mobile connections, cancellation, internet plans, broadband complaints, 3G or other questions on Maxis services in Malaysia. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Maxis products.

Maxis Head Office
Maxis Berhad
Level 18, Menara Maxis
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: (6)03 2330 7000

Maxis Customer Service
You can reach the below for general customer support, reporting stolen SIM card or mobile, payment, or other queries
Phone: 1800 82 1123 or 123 (if Maxis customer)
Phone: 6 – 03 7492 2123 (international calls)
Fax: 6 – 03 74922950

Repair Request
Phone: 1800 82 1202 or dial 1202 if Maxis customer

Broadband Support
Phone: 1800 82 2000

View/Pay Bills Online
To pay or view your Maxis bills online click here. Once registered for the e-billing service, bill payments can be made any time of the day. Payments can be made by Visa or MasterCards. Your bills can also be paid through Direct Debit, by phone, via ATM, through mail, through Express Payment kiosks, by cheque and even through SMS.

Locate Maxis Outlets
Click here to locate a Maxis outlet where you can apply for any Maxis service, pay your Maxis bills, upgrade or replace your SIM and much more. Maxis outlets can be found in Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Johor Bahru, Ampang Jaya, Ipoh, Shah Alam, Kuching, Petaling Jaya, Kota Kinabalu, Cheras, Kajang and other cities.

Maxis Downloads
To download music, games, wallpapers or ringtones, access Maxis’ online store here

Recharge Prepaid
To recharge prepaid or check new Hotlink plans click here

About Maxis Communications Berhad
maxis-mobilesMaxis was founded by entrepreneur Ananda Krishnan in the year 1993. Today it is a leading mobile service provider in Malaysia. As of 2011, Maxis has over 14 million mobile subscribers.  The company was the first to launch 3G service in 2005 with Maxis3G. It was also the first to bring the BlackBerry and Apple iPhone smart phones in the country. Ranked as one of Malaysia’s top ten companies, Maxis was recognised by Brand Finance as “Fourth Most Valuable Brand in Malaysia” in 2008 and 2009. In 2011, it was ranked as mobile service provider of the year by Forst & Sullivan. Besides being the No 1 in voice and data, Maxis has major market share for postpaid and prepaid. In wireless broadband business, Maxis in fact has more than 17 million users as of 2010. The company employs some 3,200 people and has over 21,000 outlets across the country. Maxis’ brand vision is to “bring advanced communications services to enrich its customers’ lives and businesses”.

Maxis has individual plans for devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Phone, Tablets or other phones. For basic lines, customers can find plans such as Value First, Value Plus 50, Value Plus 150, Value Plus 250, Value Plus 500 and Standard Plan. All these plans come with mobile internet functionality such as WAP, GRPS and 3G. Also it has pre-assigned services such as international roaming, caller identification, call waiting and other value added services. For broadband, Maxis has iPad plans, postpaid internet plans and prepaid internet plans. There are also monthly, weekly and daily WiFi plans. Maxis broadband has an extensive coverage across Malaysia.

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  1. Ng Kian Hock Reply

    Spoken to 3 customer service agents. Kalai, Prema, Nadia and Jayden. 2 complaint reference numbers given ie C 17812299 and C 17753616. None of these jokers can help. I was informed case closed without knowing the reason why I was charged. I call this plain stupidity. Can you give me your CEO’s email address so that I can ask him what is happening to MAXIS.


    When I reported the constant need for me to top up my MAXIS broadband account month after month, slow internet connectivity and the service disruption on my mobile service, I was assured by the technical support staff that I’ll be given 2MG free for as a one this time offer, I was totally surprised to find that I was charged RM30 for a 30-day usage!!! Having to pay for shoddy service is hitting below the belt!!!! You need to seriously consider customer service recovery here, or else….

  3. Samuel ooi Reply

    After using maxis for over 10yrs,i am tired in maxis data transmitting which has to refresh on the phone all the time to keep it going,is a shame to use maxis as I look at friends which are using UMobile has not facing problems like me,maxis will be losing out for sure if they are still rest on their laurel,wake up maxis

  4. Joan Lau Reply

    So many bad review about MAXIS customer service here. But what is written here is totally what I am going through for the past following weeks with Maxis. I got really fed up calling their customer service. I am maxis’s customer more than 10 years!!

    I went to maxis center in TTDI, and they advice me to leave a message here and I was told that the top management in maxis will instruct their customer service to call me back. I hope it is not lie.

  5. Loh chan yuang Reply

    I have terminate maxis service since last week. Been calling hotline to ask for refund procedure for the deposit and outstanding balance. Why so hard to reach your company operator. Been waiting for 30min for each call still playing your auto attendant ivr. Please improve your customer service quality

  6. Catherine Reply

    i have been on the Surf more plan where i pay RM 50 for sometime now and the other day when i decided to port out of maxis your people called to say that they are giving me this great deal where there will be an upgrade of my existing 2GB to 5GB with unlimited calls and sms free to any telcos and land line and its contract free for a monthly payment of RM71 Thinking that its a good deal i agreed.Just last week i got a sms from u saying that now i am using 158 One Maxis Plan!!

    I went down to the Maxis office to clarify that i never agreed to the 158 One Maxis Plan where i am being charged RM 158 per month!! They then came back to me to say that they are giving a rebate so my monthly bill will be RM71 for a term of 2yrs. i told them no such thing cos thats not what was told to me its suppose to be contract free. Again they say there will come back to me on that but today(19th April)i got a sms saying my bill of RM847 is overdue!!In the first place i always pay me bills on time and in the second place why that ridiculous amount??At the end they gave me a waiver and after paying i found out that they have barred my line even though its no fault of mine!! Can someone explain to me what the heck is going on. Maxis is being bloody unethical conning their customers this way by telling them one thing and doing another!! Shame on you!!

  7. sharon pedley Reply

    Hi, My name is Sharon and have been a maxis customer for a very long time. Lately i am having problems with the services. As I am writing you now, I am unable to make or receive calls, it shows Mobile network unavailable. But after a while I will get an sms that I have 5 to 8 missed calls. Even the sms sent and received, it’s sometimes a day late. pls advise

  8. Dabsolution Reply

    I would like to complain regarding Umeet department. The service is very slow. When we requested to search the Unity number, they took long to reply to our request. Customers keep chasing us every single day. What should we do? We will lose our customers if this continues. Kindly help. Kindly make sure they do heir job.


  9. Lilian Reply

    Dear sirs,
    I would like to submit an official complaint regarding my deposit of Rm 100 since my calls to the operator did not help much and caused me a lot of money when they keep me on hold for too long. My case ref no is 14574055. I have been waiting since December 2013 for my deposit to be returned to me. Why is there no follow up or any calls to me regarding this problem? We can’t be calling all the time just to get back the money which is rightfully mine. If I keep calling I need to spend more than the deposit.

  10. mona Reply

    Dear Maxis Customer “Care
    I’m a loyal maxis customer for more than 6 years. Recently maxis overcharged me a lot for last few months.Total bill RM500 ONLY INTERNETT,BUT I DINT USE THE LINE. I called 123 customer service four times for this matter already, the first rep said he acknowledge the problem and he will call me back the next day to fix the problem and offer a waiver. He did not call me back. So after a few more days i called 123 again and a guy said he will send an email to alert the previous rep to call me back and fix the problem. Today 16-01-2014 i called 123 again and the third time, another officer receives phone and puts me on hold. After a long hold, my call was disconnected. . Very poor customer service by the company.

  11. Ahbas Katin Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Please be informed that recently my hand phone was stolen during one of my outings with my family. Unfortunately, the thief immediately removed my SIM card and I was unable to contact my hand phone any longer.

    I am writing to request from your good self and to all parties concerned to extend your full support and cooperation in blocking all calls/messages/GPS or whatever of any sort to this particular hand phone from ever being used.

    My lost hand phone IMEI No. 3588 1004 1933 250. It’s kinda hard to attach a copy of my purchase receipt for evidence on the ownership of this hand phone but I will be more than glad to furnish this if you require.

    Your kind attention and full cooperation/support in this matter is highly sought. Thanking you in advance.

    Ahbas Katin

  12. Mohamed Mustapha Reply

    Ref: Calvin Lo. I refer to the said mentioned name – Calvin Lo, who has assisted me satisfactorily in solving my query and problem. I would like to extend my heart full thanks for his assistance.
    Thank you – Mohamed Mustapha.

  13. Revelyn Tan Reply

    I’m a loyal maxis customer for more than 10 years. Recently maxis overcharged me a lot for last few months. I called 123 customer service four times for this matter already, the first rep said he acknowledge the problem and he will call me back the next day to fix the problem and offer a waiver. He did not call me back. So after a few more days i called 123 again and a guy said he will send an email to alert the previous rep to call me back and fix the problem. Today 3-01-2013 i called 123 again and the third time, another officer receives phone and puts me on hold. After a long hold, my call was disconnected. Who should I call to help? My case number is C12420660. I am tired now. Very poor customer service by the company.

  14. MARIAM Reply

    My account number 1224958999 . I launched a complaint and its still pending.
    I’m looking for Maxis email address and I couldn’t find any. Even I cant send the complaint via
    Maxis Website. There was an error message.

    I want to write an official complaint. Pls provide me the email address of Maxis or any Officer in charge.

  15. Yap Peng Reply

    I refer to case C11681954-

    On 13/08, my mobile has deducted RM540 from my prepaid account. As i have a valid monthly data plan, my case was rectified as technical fault for GPRS billing in which i received a text that my case has been resolved on 16/08 and my money will be refunded ASAP.

    On 17/08 i receive a text that RM5.40 was credited to my account.

    Refer case C11703570-
    The matter was again taken for refunding RM5.40 instead of RM540 to my account. Both cases was brought to Tmn Segar Maxis branch.

    To date, I have made more than 30 calls to customer service centre and visited tmn Segar branch thrice.
    But no action has been taken and the answer was ‘your money will be refunded by today’ on each time i call for the past 3days.

    This isn’t right for a customer orientated company.

  16. mahesh Reply

    From last 2 days am unable to send MMS, plus a friend’s phone is having a problem. Since 2 weeks it says SIM card registration failed. We have contacted the outlet, but have got no help. Has the number been disconnected by your company?

  17. james Reply

    my case is just the tip of the ice berg …its all over the place

  18. james Reply

    Maxis is renting my land for rm3 k per month but i have to pay your middle man rm800 per month , i hope your CEO see this ….why is there corruption everywhere ???

  19. steve Reply

    hi,can i ask if my iphone still under contract can i change my phone number at maxis n recontinue my contract with my new number?

  20. Roslina Mohd Sah Reply

    I notice Maxis has overcharged me. Surprisingly, Maxis doesn’t provide the itemised details together with the monthly statement unless it’s requested by the account holder. However, RM5 will be charged per request. The recurring extra charges of RM5.00 for the itemised usage details equivalent to RM60 per year. As customers, we deserve rights to know what Maxis charges us for. The details statement shouldn’t be charged to customers since the customers can view their statement via website/online.

  21. Bryan K Reply

    Dear maxis!

    Why is there constantly no line around K.L? i am living near Ampang Point~ almost 1.5 km away from the Menara Maxis~

    I feel that Maxis has been change to a unreliable service~

    2) Your Service is so bad yet you change people with expensive bill~

    Now i would like a answer and respond from you guys before your reputation as World best line drop to the pile of dirt~

  22. Aka shirt Reply

    I used internet HOTticket for may be about one half a second and Ding! a SMS tells me the ticket is run out of quota. that sucks, i pay for nothing. it does happen.”it seems, i paid Rm20 for one and half second online, not a 1.5g data as promised. !!!curse you MAXIS!!!

  23. Sivali Reply

    Recently made a deposit to my mobile account but the amount did not reflect. I also complained with the bank. Bank says the money has been taken. Dint expect this to happen.

  24. Teo Reply

    Dear Maxis Customer Care,
    On the 16/09/11, I paid RM25 to get a new SIM card and convert my number to Prepaid plan. At the same time, I’ve been requested to settle the outstanding of RM64.00 by the officer at Maxis Centre, before they can provide me the new SIM card. But I still receive the bill (ref : 266477718) from Maxis and ask me to settle the outstanding at RM26.45. I called the customer service careline 1300 82 0120 to seek the assitant but was told by the operator I need go to Maxis Centre to make a complaint.

    Maxis is a leading mobile service provider in Malaysia, I would like to express my dissatisfaction for the service experienced by me.

    1) Why Maxis can allow the same number with 2 plan which is Post Paid and Prepaid?
    2) Maxis can allow the number change from Prepaid plan to Post Paid plan without request any change on the SIM card, no fees, no walk in to Maxis Centre as mentioned the conversation been recorded

  25. Mah Chin Gim Reply

    From: Mah Chin Gim

    Dear Maxis Customer “Care”

    When I signed up for the supplementary card, I am signing up for RM10 commitment plan but now was charged with RM10 access fees plan. I did not realize that the Sep’2011 bill also stated as “Access Fees”.
    I want to lodged an official complaint for being “cheated” by Maxis Services Staff at Pavilion.
    Last Month (Sep 2011), I have converted a prepaid line to my supplementary line (post-paid) via a RM10/- call plan.
    We have double and triple confirmation from the sales team at the pavilion (KL) that the RM10 is not an access fees. It is supposed to be a minimum charge of RM10/- for usage.
    But last mth statement, I have the rebate for all the call plan amounting to RM92++. This month, I only have a total rebate of RM80/- excluding the rebate RM10 for the RM10 call plan.
    I called your service center just now (123) and was told that the RM10.00 call plan is supposed to be an access fees plan. All utilization and call charges will be add-on to this RM10…
    So, am I being CHEATED now? A RM10.00 call plan i.e. a minimum call plan / call charges of RM10 became RM10 access fees + call charges ???
    What type of reliability is Maxis having?

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