Contact Find below customer care details of Match, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Match services, complaint, claims, refund or others. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Match services.

Match Head Office
P.O. Box 25472
Dallas, TX 75225

Match Customer Care Phone
0800 368 58 58 (UK)

Email Match
To reach Match customer care click here

Match Mobile
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You can join for free to create a profile, post photos, make searches, send and receive winks. If you are a paid member you enjoy a range of benefits that include being able to receive and reply messages, send messages to subscribers, see who viewed your profiles, being able to chat and removing members you are not interested in. You can subscribe by credit card, online check, or PayPal. You can also pay by mail using a check or money order.

About was established in the year 1995. The leading dating website serves about 24 countries and has about 15 different languages. The website is owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp. The website domain was initially bought by American entrepreneur Gary Kremen. Currently, has over 20 million members. The website also powers online dating for Yahoo! Personals in Australia and the US, as well as MSN across Asia, Australia, Latin America and the US.

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  1. Sally McDonald Reply

    I am finding it really hard to get through to the customer care service. I have tried twice to update my profile and both times it has been posted on my profile as incomprehensible gobbeldygook therefore complete waste of money. Why make it so hard for your customers to get in touch with you??

  2. Carol Borba Reply

    Somehow you got my email address and you constantly keep sending me matches. I do NOT want anything to do with your company or Match by Mail. I did NOT sign up. I keep sending you emails to stop, I have blocked you and deleted you and I continue to receive your emails.
    I want this to all stop or I will report you to the BBB!!!!!

  3. Tony Reply

    Note to

    Do not use this service. only wants your money and is not understanding when trying to provide a refund when a subscriptions was clicked in error.

    Even when a response was made in 2 minutes and a cancellation made in less then 6 hours from a subscription error.

    A charge of $131.94 was applied to my account with no credit/refund provided by service rep.

    1. BBB complaint and 2. small claims court is next?

  4. Chris Reply

    How are you supposed to contact Match by email?
    My location has changed but it will not update on the site, just reverts to my old location and I have been trying for two hours to find an email address to report this and for advice. Every link just takes you back to the site where there are no email details. I have just paid for a six month subscription, cannot change my location and cannot contact Match by email or instant message.


  5. Avril skidmore Reply

    I have tried to cancel my subscription on my phone,calling the various numbers on your web site with no reply or simply won’t contact. It’s keeps saying go to the top and hoover the mouse over your account,I haven’t got a computer I do all my work on my phone so why can’t I cancel this on my phone

  6. Liam O'Mahony Reply

    I’ve followed instructions to cancel but only get to the option to cancel which refuses to click, ie it’s just text, not an option! It’s unclickable and since have no useful email site I am unable to raise it with them. And so I’ve raised it instead with the EU regulator – any one out there able to help?’s help ur a joke – instructions either dont apply at all or are misleading or simply dont work. This is clearly a scam and so I’ve reported it as such to the regulatory wish I didn’t have to but I see no other option. Liam

  7. Ally Reply

    I joined Match a couple of weeks ago, and have received multiple chat requests from “soldier” all with the same story – they are in Syria, Kabul, Afghanistan, etc. They’ve been in for 20+ years and want to retire. They are returning to the U.S. within a few weeks, and are looking for a wife, someone to share their lives with. In almost every instance, they are Widowers, who lost their wives/children in a tragic accident. They claim that they can’t stay on Match due to “security reasons” and press for personal information — email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. I believe that these are fraudulent accounts by men who are targeting women for harm — whether physical, financial, etc. There’s something wrong!! Be careful ladies!

  8. Jasonloxley Reply

    Pictures don’t work online

    Impossible to get in touch with your company
    Your website isn’t helpful
    But happy to take my money
    Months of wasting my money????

    • Mark Phillips Reply

      I cancelled my Match membership because their service was abysmal. I received an email to say that they would do as I requested but I keep receiving details of people they have matched me with. It seems that there is no way of leaving them.

      My new girlfriend is threatening to leave me because she believes that I am still searching for someone else. This has been going on for months now and I can’t seem to get anywhere with Match, no matter what they promise.

      If you’re reading this then don’t what ever you do sign up with Match. It’ll be your worst nightmare.

  9. Catherine Reply

    I tried to join and it told me my date of birth was invalid and I needed to enter a valid one, so I gave up in the end and after reading the comments on here I’m not going to bother even trying again. The is absolutely rubbish and not professional at all maybe they should have spent more money on their website instead of putting all the expense into their advert. Not happy but saved money.

  10. Carol Bennett Reply

    I have a concern I would like to report to you about a scam. This person has tried to get me to click on a link several times and I believe he is a scammer. I made the first mistake, by believing two of your people on, one a woman and another a man, who gave me a sob story about a friend of theirs who was not on match yet but they were trying to convince him to join. So they let him read my profile (supposedly). Then they asked me to email to him to get him started. They even sent me pictures of him (supposedly it was him). So he has my email address. But I have reason to believe he is not for real. He emailed me a couple of times about two months ago but I didn’t like his email and request to click on a link. And today I rec’d another email from “him” to do it again, the wording about the same. His so-called name is Scott Balwin, and I may not be able to find the names of the first two who contacted me. I will be looking for those names, with pictures, who were registered on

  11. Dr. James Hickey Reply

    I will never subscribe and I will never respond to anything that comes by way of I see, as you no doubt have so arranged, no apparent way to rid myself of you. If you have any ethics, please “unsubscribe” me and let me go.

  12. Linda Reply

    I called a month ago to report my match account was not working for various reasons. I talked with a very nice lady. I assumed my problems would be fixed. A month later of not fully being able to use match it is time for my sub#85145263 to end. I feel I wasted my time & money with match. If you are not willing to have a fully working site I plan to take my business elsewhere after many years of membership. Does match intend to make this right with me? A reply would be appreciated.
    Your very unhappy member!

    • Susan Reply

      they don’t care- I tried to get my money back after 12 hours of signing up b/c they immediately started sending the nasty photos again- and they still had my profile from2 years ago-sure they were using it-they told me I had used the site so no I couldn’t get my money back- now I can’t even use the site and I am paying them- run people runnnnnnnnnnn

  13. charlotte Reply

    I have a account in the USA, I am travelling in the UK for a week and am unable to read my emails from the UK. I keep being sent to the UK site, when I finally managed to log into my US account it will only show me a list of emails from match members, I am not able to click on them to read them, also when I click on my account info I am not able to access any information. I would like to cancel my account today before it’s renewal date but am unable to do this from the UK. This is crazy!! I have been trying for 2 hours. I sent an email to [email protected] (an address that they previously wrote to me from) but I got a reply that it is an unmonitored email address. The only number provided is an 800 number which will not connect from the UK.

  14. Melvyn Bragg Reply

    I have been trying several times to pay my subscription to join I am already registered and have no problem in logging on, but as I want to enjoy the extra benefits I thought I would join as a paid member.I have a hsbc visa debit card but each time it refuses to allow payment to your selves I used it the ither day to purchase goods on line and it was no problem.please could you enlihten me on what the problem may be?

  15. Jorg Reply

    I want to pay my new member ship with a VISA Gift Card.
    But your computer will not accept the VISa number I punch in.


      • Elise_183 Reply

        The UK phone number isn’t recognised. Anyone know how I can contact them? They seem very shady.

        • Karen Reply

          They are shady, they took money from my account even though i cancelled 20 mins after i joined 6 months ago and today took more money from my account 150 per min to call them and they just keep you waiting, dont go there

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