Contact Kenya Airways: Find below customer care details of Kenya Airways, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Kenya Airways. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Kenya Airways’ services.

Kenya Airways Head Office
Airport North Road, Embakasi
P.O. Box: 19002 – 00501 Nairobi , Kenya
Fax: + 254-20-6422560

Kenya Airways Customer Care
Tel: +254-(0)20- 642 3400
Safaricom: +254-0711-02-3400
Airtel: +254-0734-10-3400

Kenya Airways Reservations
Telephone:  +254-(0)20- 3274747
Safaricom: +254-0711-02-4747
Airtel: +254-0734-10-4747
Fax: + 254-20-336252
Email: [email protected]

Airport Contact
Tel: + 254-(0)20-6422000 / +254-(0)20- 642 3535
Safaricom: +254-0711-02-2000
Airtel: +254-0734-10-2000
Fax: + 254-(0)20-823488

Kenya Airways United Kingdom Contact
Tel: +44 20 82831800
Passenger Reservations: +44 20  8283 1818

Kenya Airways USA Contact
Tel: 1-866-KENYA AIR (866-536-9224)
Fax: 1-212-279-6602
Email: [email protected]

Cargo Reservations
Tel: + 254-(0)20- 642 3400
Safaricom: +254-0711-02-3400
Airtel: +254-0734-10-3400
Telex: 22771


Barclays Plaza, 5th Flr.,Loita Street,
P.O.Box: 41010-00100 , Nairobi
Tel:  +254-(0)20-327 4100
Safaricom: +254-0711-02-4100
Airtel: +254-0734 10 4100
Email: [email protected]

Sarit Sales Center
Lower ground floor, Sarit Centre, Westlands, off Waiyaki way
Tel: +254-(0)20-642 2465/66
Safaricom: +254-0711-02-2465/66
Airtel: +254-0734-10-2465/66
Fax: +254 20 3274711

P.O. Box: 1427
Reservations Tel:  +254-(0)57-2056000
Airtel: +254-0734-106001/2
Fax: +254(0)-57 – 2021240
Direct:   +254 (0) 57 – 2024284
Airport:  + 254 (0) 2 6422665
Aiport Cell: +254 711 022665
Email: [email protected]

P. O. Box 99302 – 80107
Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-41-2125000/5201/6
Airtel: +254-0734-10-5000/5201/6
Fax: +254-41-2313815

Kenya Airways, Malindi
P. O. Box 634 – 80200
Malindi, Kenya
Tel: 254-42-20237 / 20574
Fax: 254-42-31232
Airport Office: 254-42-20192
Cell Phone 0723 786 314

Moi International Airport
P. O. Box 99302 – 80107
Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-41-2125529/3505500
Airtel: +254-0734-10-5529/5500
Telcom Wireless: +254 020 3579204
Fax: +254-(0)41-3434676

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Online Check-in
You can check-in from 30 Hrs until 2 Hrs before departure. To check-in online right now click here

Kenya Airways Schedule
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Baggage Information
Checked Baggage: Business Class passengers to/from Europe can carry 3 pieces, 23kg each. Economy passengers can carry 2 pieces, 23kg each. If flying withing Africa BC passengers can carry 40 kg while EC passengers can carry 30kg. For flights to and from Middle East/Asia, BC passengers can carry 50kg while EC passengers are allowed 40kg.

Hand Baggage: Business Class and Economy Class passengers can carry 1 piece of hand baggage with max 10kg.

Track Lost Baggage
To track a lost baggage click here

Flying Blue
A member of Flying Blue can earn miles every time they fly with Kenya Airlines or its partner airlines. To register visit the website at

Kenya Airlines Destinations
Kenya Airlines flies to Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Benin, Mali, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia, Comoros & Mayotte, Seychelles, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South AFrica, Madagascar, Angola, Botswana, DRC, Cameroon, Gabon, Equitorial Guinea, Netherlands, France, UK, Italy, China, Oman, Dubai, India and more.

About Kenya Airways
kenya-airways-pictureKenya Airways was founded in the year 1977 and is the national carrier of Kenya. The airline currently flies to over 50 destinations. Kenya Airlines operates from its main hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi. Kenya Airways codeshares with KLM and Air France, giving passengers access to European destinations. Skytrax ranks Kenya Airlines a three star airline. In 2010, Kenya Airlines officially became a member of SkyTeam, a leading airline alliance.

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  1. Brian John Power Reply

    I have been a regular passenger on KQ over the past 4 years and my resent trip on KQ765 OR Tambo to Nairobi and then KQ350 Nairobi to Juba must have been the worst trips I have been on the planes were to say the least filthy and the food served was beyond disgusting. I am a senior manager in a South Sudan based company and we make regular use of your services however due to the experience we have had over the past year we are seriously reviewing the use of your carrier. And on top of it you claim to be the top airline in Africa well that is beyond rational. As per other complaints about your service and damaged luggage I doubt I will hear from you.

  2. Karanja Francis Nganga Reply

    My complaint above dated 15th December has not been responded to.
    This is in regards to flight KQ 444 09Dec 2016 Kigali-Nbo 19:15 that was rescheduled to 21:15 same date.
    I was left out reason that I was late to check in at 2000hrs and thereafter compelled to pay $ 165 to rebook the next flight KQ 478 that came 6 hours later. I am claiming for a refund.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Karanja Francis Nganga Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam, I’am Karanja Francis Ng’ang’a and on 8th December travelled to Kigali Rwanda on KQ 448 flight ref KQ/X7DXKL and was to return on KQ 444 flight on 9th December departure Kigali 1950Hrs. However on 9th December notice was sent that the flight departure had been delayed to 21:15. On arrival to check at 19:45 with other passengers we could not proceed and was asked to wait for KQ staff. After almost one hour arguing with security the KQ staff came and after enquiring why we are not allowed to check in he informed us that we were late and the flight had already left. We insisted the flight had been rescheduled to 21:15 but were told we could only wait for the next flight KQ 478 arriving Kigali at 11:40pm. After patiently waiting the flight came at about 02am and we proceeded to check in only to be directed to the KQ office where together with others was asked to rebook at cost of $165. This came as a shocker, was very unfair and crude considering that flight had been booked in Nairobi and departure time clear but for the delay advise from KQ. I paid under protest as I had to return home but the experience of a whole night awake as flight finally departed Kigali Sat 10. Dec 2016 0340am and arrived JKIA Sat 10 Dec 0620am.
    I would wish KQ to consider this suffering and compensate me for the rebooking cost and or as necessary. Kind regards,

  4. Charles M Sentume Reply

    My Name is Charles M Sentume
    On 9th September l had a flight KQ574 travelling to Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta that very evening together with my wife, unfortunately the flight was delayed for almost an hour. Reaching on board our seats were already occupied and we ended up in different ones, it was a mess. I reached Jomo Kenyatta on to find the driver whom l had pre-booked had already left. I tried to raise my concern the fact that l had no cash on me for an alternative taxi to my hotel-Hilton, l approached sales office where they connected me to the supervisor on duty the fact that the manager was too busy l was told.
    I tried to explain my issue to the supervisor hoping to get assistance unfortunately he was TOO RUDE that even amidst my explanation he hang-up on me Really?……l have travelled KQ for the last 12 years l feel l shouldn’t have been treated in that kind of manner.l have a reservation end of this month September and am so afraid to travel KQ again.


    My niece was to return to America. she is 8yrs old and she had all the documentation required to go back with the lady who came with her to Kenya. on reaching the check-in,they asked for her birth cert which in the first place was not required since she had her Green-card,passport with US visa and notarized letter that had been signed. she missed the flight and the KQ staff told her that is was not their problem and that she should talk to the immigration. They fined her and the companion $4000 each an yet they were on the wrong. I am extremely disappointed coz this clearly shows our level of corruption.

  6. Hannweg G W Reply


    I am resending this communication because I have not had a response to the previous one sent on February 27th, 2016.

    I am a regular Kenya Airways traveller (Platinum FlyingBlue 2077 426 981) on the Johannesburg – Nairobi – Bamako sector and wish to air some concerns which are rapidly making my choice of Kenya Airways as a service provider questionable / debatable.

    • The scheduled flight connections for the Bamako – Dakar sector departures are very tight especially when connecting from the early morning Johannesburg flight which is always late in departing OR Tambo.
    • While I understand that all airlines have a responsibility to counter any threats, real or perceived, in this day and age on time arrival should be calculated based on when passengers are delivered to the terminal and not when the plane touches down.

    The numerous security checkpoints (three on my last trip yesterday) for transit passengers on arrival to the departure hall are also a major source of stress which is exacerbated by the fact that ….
    • You just appear to be incapable of managing passengers luggage! What is the point of connecting Africa to the world and the world to Africa if you cannot ensure that their baggage also arrives on the same flight? As a company we have a large number of employees whose baggage just does not arrive with the passenger as a result of the failure of baggage handlers to cross load.

    On my last two trips (details attached) Kenya Airways have failed to ensure that baggage is cross loaded onto the Bamako flight despite requesting confirmation that it has been cross loaded at the check-in desk.

    Sending baggage on the next flight may be considered a reasonable solution to yourselves but many of the travellers have onward destinations and collecting the recovered baggage a few days later becomes a very stressful exercise.
    • I travel in Premium Economy on your flights due to the absence of Business Class and am concerned that irrespective of the luggage labelling as priority that your staff and / or employees do not have the will or systems to manage passengers luggage and then are also not in a position to communicate and / or confirm that luggage will be placed on the same plane as the traveller.
    • While understanding that it is your right to cancel flights on individual sectors we are continuously affected by short notification cancellations on the Nairobi – Bamako – Dakar and return sectors, which is becoming a major inconvenience.

    I would welcome a reasoned response to my stated concerns while I wait in anticipation of my missing baggage to arrive in Bamako on tomorrows flight. This will have to be collected by a protocol officer at our expense and then consigned to me at my final destination.

    Subject to your detailed response I will be looking at other flight options for our staff who are currently scheduled to fly Kenya Airways where they will be connected to the world but their baggage is not!

  7. Cella Reply

    I booked flights to travel on KQ780 from livingstone to Nairobi on the 29th January 2016 and unfortunately the flight was cancelled and a new flight rebooked on KQ780 31st January.
    Due to all the inconvenience caused . Is it possible that I get damages, because my business really suffered when the flights were cancelled and rescheduled 2 days later,

  8. Martha Byanyima Reply

    1. on 31, October 2015, I traveled on Flight KQ 417 from Entebbe to Nairobi.

    2. While on board, I bought a La vie Est Belle Eu de Perfume in the Duty Free ; there was a lotion in the pack

    3.I was served by a gentle man cabin crew, who was very pleasant and said he earlier bought the same for “her” – he did not provide a receipt perhaps because the fight was short and I also did not remember to ask but am sure he still remembers he served me.

    3. However, both the perfume and lotion have no scent – meaning they are fake !!!

    4. I am traveling again 8th November on KQ 706 from Lusaka – I hope I can be reimbursed the USD 80 that I paid for the perfume

  9. innocent muchemwa Reply

    I traveled from Harare yesterday after a very long delay to Nairobi and upon arrival at Jomo Kenyata Intl Airport was informed that the flight I was supposed to catch to London had already left.Without going into details of my poor experience I just would like to inform you that this has left myself and my family in London who are waiting for me in shambles. I am due to fly to Dublin tomorrow morning at 6 am plans that were made months ago with RYAN AIR.After informing them of my predicament they take no responsibility for this and now they are asking for 620 pounds sterling that I can not afford and my wife and 2 daughters the older being 3 yrs old and 9 months old. Apart form the inconvenience caused I wonder how a reputable Airline like yours would rectify my situation.

    My name is Innocent Muchemwa

  10. wayne Reply

    I would like to enquire as to what you are doing to overcome the current delays your company is experiencing. Pilots with passengers strapped in that then decide they have done their allotted hours are tired and get off. Passengers missing connecting flights or arriving on one flight having to stay over then been delayed by the next flight. This affects countless expats travelling around Africa yet your staffs remains in general rude, unhelpful and you have no interest in your clients it seems people who have precious little time with their families are affected by your inefficiency. Well unless this is rectified and service improves I am sure I will be flying with another airline in future as will hundreds if not thousands of others.
    Have a wonderful day

  11. Mercy Wangechi Reply

    Everytime I dail any kq east africa tel number its either not reachable, get cut off while taking or busy. What is the use of phone lines? Naikuni sort your managers incharge of this. You should try calling your own offices and see how bad it is. You are losing

  12. Stephen Reply

    I have applied for an attachment with your airline,are there vacancies at the moment?

  13. Ivan Martin Kutosi Reply

    We travelled with my wife from Mauritius KQ 1534 on the 10th December and our flight arrived at JKIA on time 11 45hrs. We were prior booked to proceed to EBB at 12 55hrs and promptly proceeded to transfer desk to get our boarding passes. The staff there namely Daniel K, another gentleman and lady told us we were late and that we would not take the flight. When we told then we were well in time and see no reason why we should not get our boarding passes they told us we would go in the next flight. We insisted and told them what they were doing was not right, they became rude and told us as a punishment we would leave on flight KQ 416 at 22 30 hours,the last of the day to EBB! We spent 10 hours seated in JKIA on airport benches with no lunch and no apologies from KQ or acknowledgement from them that it was not our fault. It was our first time to take KQ as we were from our honeymoon but i was shocked at that kind of customer care from the “pride of Africa”. Now i had heard prior complaints about KQ but what i witnessed before me was shocking. What happened to our booking? And how can staff who are meant to help clients at such a crucial desk as transfers behave like ruthless state operatives dealing with questionable people like drug traffikers? Please explain this to me KQ or else am going to continue posting this on every public forum I can find to expose the airline for what its staff portray it to be.

  14. Kevin Reply

    I left my camera on flight KQ 318 from Nairobi to Dubai Via Muscat. My final destination was Dubai. My seat was 22 F…and the camera i had put it on pockets of seats where you keep Msafiri has my late dad’s photos whick i took during his last farewell on 11th Nov..its the only thing that i can remember my dad with…

  15. Kanchan Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have a ticket purchased at london heathrow. I have not used although a year has passed.. i have made several attempts to get a refund through your sarit office but with no valued response from your customer care rep ..please advise what i should do..

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you can consult with the office where you purchased the ticket..else call the Kenya Airways customer support


    I want to reschedule/cancel my return flight that is programmed tomorrow 30/06/2011, form Dubai to Douala.I sent an email to KENYA AIRWAYS AIRPORT OFFICE a few days ago and was directed to the RESERVATION OFFICE in Deira, Dubai that does not pick my calls, only machine response that can not solve my problem.I shall travel in July or August but want the flight for tomorrow to be rescheduled.

  17. shelina Reply

    hi am shelina from mombasa kenya. i would like to enquire for positions of sales in your organisation or airport.

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