Contact Jetstar Airways: Find below customer care details of Jetstar airline, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Jetstar. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of Jetstar.

Jetstar Reservation/Refunds
Singapore – 800 6161 977
Australia – 131 538
New Zealand – 0800 800 995
Cambodia – 855 23 220 909
China – 4001 201 260
Fiji – 800 2171
Hong Kong – 800 962 808
Indonesia – 001 803 61 691
Japan – 0120 934 787
Malaysia – 1800 81 3090
Myanmar – +61 3 9347 0091
Philippines –     1800 1611 0280
Taiwan – 0080 161 1467
Thailand – 66 2267 5125
USA – 1866 397 8170
Vietnam – 84 8 3955 0550

Baggage Assistance
Australia 1-300-885-999
Bangkok 001800 611 2961
Christchurch (International) 0800 700 730
Christchurch (Domestic) 033 586 955
Denpasar (Bali) 001 803 61 332
Ho Chi Minh City (08) 910 2769
Honolulu 800 591 6517 (calling from USA only)
Kuala Lumpur 1800 813 887
Phuket     001800 611 2961
Singapore 800 6161 979

Jetstar Addresses

Jetstar Airways – Australia
GPO Box 4713

Jetstar Airways – Singapore
Singapore Changi Airport T1
PO Box 323
Singapore 918144

Jetstar Airways – Vietnam
112 Hong Ha
Ward 12
Tan Binh Dist.
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Jetstar Airways – New Zealand
PO Box 14081

Frequent Flyer
Singapore: 800 6161 950
Hong Kong: 800 903 889
Thailand: 1800 611 2909

Flight Status
To check flight status online click here

Flight Schedule
To check Jetstar flight schedule click here

Book Hotel
To book a hotel through Jetstar click here

Special Offers
For Jetstar special offers and cheap airfares click here

Web Check-In
You can web check-in between 48 hours and 60 minutes before your flight’s scheduled departure. To web check-in right now click here

About Jetstar
jetstar-airline-pictureJetstar Airways was founded in 2003 with a sole purpose to offer cheap air fares to enable more people to fly often. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the low cost airline collectively operates over 1900 weekly flights to 15 countries. Jetstar Airways Pty Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Qantas Group. Jetstar Airways’ sister companies include Jetstar Asia Airways, Valuair in Singapore and Jetstar Pacific Airlines in Vietnam. Jetstar currently employs some 7,000 staff across the Asia Pacific region. To read more about Jetstar airline visit its website at To read more about its parent company click here

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  1. Sam Amendola Reply

    On the 8th of November 2017 while we were on the way to Cairns Airport we received a phone call from a call centre saying there was a problem with our flight and that they wanted us to stay another night. We were very sceptical with this sort of phone call especially when we were just a couple of hours away from flying out. We told the call centre we were at the airport and we would speam to a customer service person. We did just that and the staff member explained the problem and we agreed to stay another night and Jetstar would compensate us with $200 voucher for each of us that was flying out. We still have not received any such vouchers and nor can we get an answer from Jetstar except the “live chat” and calls say we need to email this information to Jetstar. How very convenient when we cannot find a direct email to request this!!!
    Reference Number: CHITMA

  2. Shelley Jeffery Reply

    WARNING Has anyone else had issues with Jetstar debiting amounts of $10 monthly to their credit card? We used our credit card on a flight for refreshments and ever since they keep debiting $10 from our card each month. They won’t take responsibility and instead tell us we have to cancel our credit card which causes untold problems. Jetstar or a representative of Jetstar are scamming people. Check your credit card if you have used it in flight.

  3. Stacey Reply

    Jetstar you completley SUCK!! You have ruined thousands of peoples holidays cancelling your Bali flights. Why is it that every other airline is able to arrive & depart?? Why are you not able to change your flight path?? Totally Disgusted with your Customer service. Australians need to boycott this Airline & I hope you go broke!! ????????????

  4. vivi chang Reply

    As a loyal customer Jetstar, I would like to provide constructive feedback and formal complaint to the management of Jetstar. Our family has been flying with Jetstar many times before, until recently, we experienced a disappointed discrimination and was treated unfairly by one of the Jetstar crew member.

    On the 26th May 2015, my sister and I were booked on a midnight flight from Perth to Singapore using Jetstar flight number 3K132. During final ID check, one of the Jetstar crew, with initial name LW, (she was unwilling to give her name), did not allow me to go on board because I had a laptop bag and a cabin bag with me. She claimed that I brought too many bags for one person, while we saw that many other passengers ahead of us were allowed to bring on board three or even four personal carry-on on board. At that time, I counted that there were at least five other passengers who brought more than the allowable carry-on limit. As I understand, my laptop bag should be considered as a personal purse that can be put underneath the seat, and I have never had this problem before with Jetstar or any other airlines.

    My sister who was already inside the boarding gate, came back to see what the problem that held me up. The same Jetstar crew saw that my sister had a headrest pillow and blanket on her hand plus a carry-on suitcase, and then further claimed that my sister also carried too many carry-on items. LW, the Jetstar crew would not listen to our explanation and she threatened us to not allowing us to go on board, just because we were trying to reason with her.

    In the end, she charged us AUD$325 per person with no explanation whatsoever. As I later checked Jetstar website I discover that according to Jetstar policy, it only costs $160 to/from Australia). Also after we paid and went on board, we discovered that the Jetstar head steward for flight 3K132 passed some of the cabin bags to the storage area near the back of the plane because all the overhead cabin space was full which meant a few other passengers possibly carrying too many bags on board. This unfair treatment and discrimination toward us is not acceptable, as this is also against Australian Law. With this letter, I would like to request my $650AUD charged back to my debit card. I am very disappointed with Jetstar on my last trip from Perth to Singapore.

  5. Pak Chin BOEY Reply

    I would like to publicly thank JetStar customer care service, especially Katrina , for promptly replying to my appeal for a refund within 2 days. On 24th June, I received news that my husband had suffered a heart attack and was severe enough to warrant my return from Kuala Lumpur to Perth as he was immediately scheduled for quadruple bypass surgery . I had a ticket on JetStar from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland via Singapore for 9th July which I had to cancel.

    The request for refund was promptly settled on 2nd July after I had written in on 30th June.

    Kudos to the team !

    Case ID…..CAS1066648-7FRCQP

  6. Eva Lo Reply

    I booked Sydney to Perth return tickets for six people. The flight to Perth was cancelled and I only found that out after arriving at the airport at 0600hrs. I was informed at the check-in counter that “I should check my SMS messages.”JetStar did send an SMS but at a 0428hrs. I would like to point out that people don’t usually check for messages at that hour.
    On arrival at Perth airport at 0900hrs for the return flight I was once again informed that “I should check my SMS messages”. Yes Jetstar did send me an SMS message at 0852hrs, howevwer I was trying to return a hire car at that time and it was much too late to be of any help anyhow.
    To complicate matters this day also happened to be my birthday and I had a restaurant booked for 7pm in Sydney and invited 23 guests and it was not possible to send them all SMS messages. However I did manage to arrive for my birthday celebration 2 hours and 30 minutes late. Unfortunately most of my friends had been unable to wait this long and had left. A few people did wait but they were not too happy and I no longer have so many friends.

  7. Danielle Reply

    Hi on Friday 18th of January 2013. It was 46 degrees in Sydney. My boyfriend Thomas was to fly on JQ414 to the Gold Coast that would have arrived at 5.10 QLD time.He could not make it to the Sydney airport on time to catch the flight on time because the trains had stopped for several hours and he just could not get there on time. Your next flight was not till 9.40 that night and we would have paid full price, so had to go with an other company.

  8. Esme Brady Reply

    Travel regularly with Jetstar and have no problems with the actual flying. And thank you for competitive rates and friendly staff…. However, wishing to do another trip at the end of this month.. my husband decided he wasn’t well enough ,as we’ve had a hectic year ,back and forth to Tasmania, with a cancer patient [my daughter] I thought , no problem…my friend can take his place! On enquiry, I was told ..there is no refund!
    Surely, airlines need to make money! a transfer fee of a moderate amount ,sounds very sensible to me. Meanwhile , my friend is paying fees to another airline and I will travel with an empty seat!! Especially, if there is plenty of notice given, it should be part of your policy. A happy customer will keep on coming back!

  9. Fong Reply

    Yes, i’m too totally disppointed with Jestar service, i booked my flight on the 3 May 2012 and make a change on the 4th May 2012. I was charged additional & the agent supposed to issue me a e-voucher within 24 hours…till date which today is already the 9th May 2012…i still do not see anything in my mailbox….Jetstar’s service is simply hopeless…..

  10. james Reply

    hi we booked two tickets from denpasar to sydney on 12/03/12, the flight is for JQ38 on 02/05/12. I inadvertedly deleted the confirmation email but had wrote down the details, when i went to the website to enter booking ref, it says unable to access details and that I must call customer services. therefore i tried calling the indonesian number and waited for almost an hour with no success of being put through to anyone and spent 45 minutes on hold to australia and still never spoke to anyone.

  11. Kristy beahan Reply

    I am traveling today on JQ81: Brisbane to Bali. I phone this morning to confirm the itinery as the flight details on the website did not matchup. I was told to present at the international airport two hours before my flight. Once at the international airport I could not find my flight on the departures board nor a jetstar representative to talk to. I phoned jetstar and asked what row number I should present too. They informed me that I should locate someone from jetstar in terminal 1. After much effort I convinced the representative to check my itinery details as there was no one available to talk too. After waiting on hold for 10 minutes the representative told me I needed to be at the domestic airport. I then spent $38 traveling in a taxi travelling to the domestic airport. Once at the domestic airport I told them I wanted to make a complaint and reimbursement for the taxi fare. I was told that this is a common problem with jetstar, one of their common ‘bugbears’ that always seems to happen in Brisbane! So I ask if this is a common ‘bugbear’ why don’t Jetstar it!!! Not a great start to my holiday! I would definitely put a lot of thought into a decision to travel with jetstar, especially as the prices of their flights r not competitive enough when compared with the hassle you have to go through!

  12. Rimma Reply

    Booked flights Sydney to Cairns a few days ago for the 05.05 – 13.05 and still have not received a confirmation email but my credit card has been charged! I do not have the booking reference and have been trying to call Customer Service for over an hour. What is going on??

  13. eulis Reply

    i booked already 5 times by on line for destination jkt-beijing-jkt on may 12, but when i must fill my credit card and finish..the website does not let me difficult booking a ticket online!!

  14. Suzie Reply

    With flood situation in Bangkok, I may have to cancel my trip. Understand Jetstarbwill give a voucher refund. However I would have to decline . I would have to recover my fare costs from my travel insurer but they need a letter from jetstar stating that we were not given any refund from jetstar. Can this letter be issued for the purpose of trip cancellation insurance claim.

  15. Aileen Reply

    Need to speak to someone who can solve my problem. Have a confirmed booking for flights and hotels. Someone from jetstar called to say rooms are now not available. Thats was it. Nobody called back to tell me what my options are. Customer service stinks.

  16. Albert Reply

    Herewith, i want to confirm about my online booking via Surabaya – Singapore on 14 January 2012 and Singapore – Surabaya on 17 January 2012 and i hasn’t been received the itenary by email since 19 September 2011.
    Need your reply soon because i can’t contact the customer service in Indonesia.
    Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.

  17. roy Reply

    I have make a complaint to customer care that I was made to book a higher price ticket becasue their computer system was down for 1 day and the call customer care told me they will hold the price but did not. And they came back with a host of excuse did it was my problem? How can this be?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you should have asked the customer support team to block your ticket..when you block it remains even after 24 hrs..i doubt it was not..bad luck :)

  18. celeste v. celeste Reply

    how can i get my ticket refund? it has been two months since i called the customer service hotline then until now i have not yet received my ticket refund

  19. girly Reply

    I bought the airticket from your company, but i did not receive any booking reference yet..

  20. Nur Laila Reply

    Dear jetstar cust-care team

    My booking ticket had one letter left, so I called jetstar customer service to fix it.

    I have called so many time but still unable to get you.

    Could you help me to fix it before my departure time and I will really appreciate.

    Nur Laila

  21. Thang Reply

    I’m calling from Vietnam to book my flight but noone is answering my call. What’s the point of providing all the numbers?

  22. Derrick Reply

    Dear JetStar Team,

    can you provide me with a contact number as iam constantly calling in from INDIA and i Need to reach one of your staff member……..


  23. Carolyn Choo Reply

    I have been calling Jetstar Singapore for 1 hour and still am not able to get them. I have a booking reference number but my payment was declined. I want to know if my booking is confirmed.

  24. venkat subramainan Reply

    I have been holding on to the call centre line for 60 minutes and yet to get connected to an agent. after booking online ticket i have not received any booking reference number, where as the amount has been debited

  25. B Powell Reply

    Can I visit The Christchurch office of Jetstar, and what is the address please?

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