Contact Indian Airlines – Find below customer care details of Indian Airlines, including the address, telephone, and email. You can reach the below contacts for queries on Indian Airlines ticket reservation, cancellation/refund, reschedule of flight, missing baggage, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also contains information and links on Indian Airlines’ services.

Indian Airlines Customer Care
1800 22 7722 (from all MTNL/BSNL lines)
Northern/Eastern India: 0124 2877 777 (landline for private telecom/mobile users)
Western/Southern India: 022 2758 0777 (landline for private telecom/mobile users)

Indian Airlines Domestic Support
Phone: 1800 180 1407

Indian airlines USA/CANADA REGION
USA Toll Free number: 1800 223 7776
Canada Toll Free number: 1800 625 6424

UK Toll Free number: 800 635 0041
Germany Toll Free number: 800 184 4888
France Toll Free number: 800 903 0777

Indian Airlines Email
[email protected]
[email protected]

Indian Airlines Head Office
Air India Building,
1st floor, ariman Point,
For more addresses, please visit the link here

About Indian Airlines
indian-airlines Based in Mumbai, Indian Airlines is a state owned airline that is managed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. In the year 2005, Indian Airlines was rebranded as Indian. The airline operates closely with Air India.

The airline began its operations in 1 August 1953. The motto of the airline is to offer quality service, efficiency and reliability. Indian Airlines operates regular flights to 76 destinations, 58 within India and 18 abroad. Air India, as the national carrier, has traditionally played a pivotal role in promoting tourism to India. Indian Airlines Limited is wholly owned by the Government of India through a holding company and has 19,300 employees as of March 2007. Visit the website or speak with an Indian Airlines customer care representative for more details.

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  1. Vimal Reply

    I did not get any refund for my cancelled ticket even after 1.5 months since i cancelled my ticket.I made payment for the flight using my friend’s hong kong credit card and he is leaving hong kong permanently on 8th feb, 2013 and before that he will have to surrender his credit card. In the mean time (apart from follow up emails), I called hong kong customer care (25229247, 25229257) and they even do not want to listen to anything and asked to contact Mumbai head office on this and when I asked to provide them the number they said to go to the website every time. After that, I am continuously trying to contact these numbers (022-22796580,011-24624074, 011-24624075) and sometime I got them busy and sometime nobody picks up the phone and worse situation comes when they picks the phone after long time and cut the line immediately. I have spent money in international calls as well.

    I have also logged a complaint 15 days before but did not get anything. Below is the details:
    Your Reference Number is WB-IHKG040113006 (complain ref no)

    Booking reference number:YZMXE
    Web Reference number:AIBE5478126

  2. Rama Moorthy Reply

    If there is one airline that I want to avoid for live will Air Indian Express. I had two deductions for booking the tickets. Called the Singapore office and one Renu said the booking was not sucessful and try booking again. However, the amount has been held in ledger balance and cannot be released. When I tried booking 2nd time it happened again. Again another has been held.
    I am sure without a confirmation of the flight tkt there won’t be a deduction. However, I need to book the return ticket urgently. My funds in the bank is getting lower because of the ledger and not availabilty.

    The worst part was there is a Mobile no 98252195 (singapore) give in the website which was answered by a lady (probably Ms Raji) because her email id was just below the nos. Office nos work work after office hours which we all know. But must the Mobile no listed if no one is going to answer.

    It’s time we have to inform the Indian Comm about the service level and update the consumer association here in singapore.

    Can anyone help me with an advise on what to do next.

  3. Moumita Reply

    An employee of Air India Subrata Mukherjee has duped me of my life time savings Rs 10 lakhs against his property , now he is refusing to pay up neither he is signing the sale agreement. I will go to media with this. I need justice. I need my money back. Need your cooperation as the brand name of Air India will be affected because of Subrata Mukhjee’s personal fraud.


    I need to know, after 2 days my family needs to go to Delhi(Hyd To Delhi). We choose the Air India route. Unfortunately out of Three(Father, Mother and Syster ), My Sister does not have ID Proof. But My Parents have. What shall i do, if my sister checked in to Hyd Airport without ID Proof. Xerox is valid or Not? Please revert me back. Its too urgent.

  5. Sarker Reply

    My wife travelled from Kolkata to Seoul (via Delhi) along with our kid on 22-Dec-2011 via AI-701 & AI-310 .

    My kid’s stroller frame (sky blue colour), she handed over to the Airindia airline stuff at Kolkata during boarding AI-701(Seat No. 13D). There were no tag for the passenger information attached to that stroller frame as it was taken just before the boarding gate.

    After landing at Delhi, she asked for the stroller frame repeatedly & didn’t get it. Then my brother registered a complaint (PIR Tkt. No. 983573949965), at Air India Counter at Delhi Airport T3 on 22-12-2011 evening.

    Then her next flight was AI-310 (Seat No. 39A) on 22-Dec from Delhi to Seoul & during leaving Seoul Airport (on 23-Dec) she didn’t get her stroller. Finally she didn’t found the stroller.

    After that I again called Air India customer care office at Delhi & talked with Mr. Vikram & he gave me again an another PIR No. 1321.

    Till now I’ve not received any call or the information regarding my kid’s stroller frame.

    Please do the needful to find the same & send it to my address at Korea, as we are now in Korea (Seoul).

  6. Zack Reply

    To: Director of Customer Service, Air India

    We’re writing to you to complain about our unpleasant experience and disappointment with Air India and to demand compensation for the lapse in service, stress and inconvenience caused to our entire family.

    Our family of 12 people took Air India flight no. AI381 on 21 Nov 2011 to Delhi to start on our long awaited vacation. Our excitement turned into a series of horrendous experience once we board our flight.

    1) We specifically requested for a bassinet while booking our ticket and again when we’re checking in as we had an infant with us. The counter staff mentioned that it was taken up because some diplomats were traveling in the same flight.

    2) Shortly after settling in our seats we requested for blankets. To our surprise, the stewardess mentioned that they only had 2 blankets!

    3) Upon landing, we went to the belt to collect our baggage. We’re redirected twice by the airport staff before being asked to check with the Baggage Claim Office.

    From the commotion in the office we realized our baggage did not arrive in the same flight with us. We waited a long while before we got to speak to the officer to understand what had happened. We were told to fill up forms which were rewritten by the airport staff named Nihkil onto the Property Irregularity report. All the form filling and anxious waiting lasted more than 4 hours! Not to mention neither of us had any meal since the breakfast served on flight. We didn’t dare go out in case something was amiss and we might miss our baggage.

    We’re desperate to see if there was any possibility for us to have our baggage the very day. Main reasons, my six years old son’s epilepsy control medication and the infant’s necessity were in the baggage. They informed that the baggage would only arrive the next day by which we would have been in Agra / Jaipur as our tour started immediately. We’re given INR12,000 for interim expenses though there were 12 of us.

    Firstly, the infant milk powder consumed by the baby was not available in India. The epilepsy medication was also not available at the airport medical centre and pharmacy. After almost 5 stops we managed to get a medication close to what my son is taking. As it was already late, we didn’t get to shop for any toiletries nor clothes to last us till our baggage arrived. We had to forgo our dinner in order to reach Agra before midnite.

    We hesitated to give the epilepsy medication as it was not the same and feared any negative reaction. My son was free from this condition for more than a couple of months but unfortunately he had a relapse in Agra and we had no choice but to give the medication. Upon taking it he was drowsy and slept for almost half a day which got all of us worried.

    We were heading to Jaipur at night on 22 Nov 2011 when we received a call on from Air India at about 9pm informing us that our bags had reached Jaipur airport and we had go down personally to verify and collect it. We had arranged for the transportation to and fro ourselves!

    Upon reaching airport, we noted that counter was closed. After much persuasion we got the staff to release the bags to us mainly due to medication and infant’s necessity. The staff was not able to give any documentation as the office was already closed and requested us to return to the airport on the following day after 3 pm. Once again we had to arrange for transportation to and fro ourselves.

    On 23 Nov 2011, half way through our sightseeing I had to forgo some itinerary in order to return to the airport to collect the documentation. To my surprise there was no proper documentation instead the staff merely penned down the time the bags were collected on the Property Irregularity Report. They told us to write to Air India directly if we needed anything else.

    4) When we departed from India, we encountered the same unpleasant experience in the flight. Upon checking in, the counter staff reassured us that a bassinet has been reserved for us and our seats allocated accordingly. Once in the flight, to our dismay no bassinet was available. The stewardess just said “Not available” and didn’t explain to us why there was a discrepancy to what the counter staff assured us to. We’re angered and puzzled how the counter staff reassured us without knowing that the flight do not provide bassinet.

    When we requested for blankets, they provided us used blankets claiming that no more blankets were available. Shortly thereafter, we saw another stewardess taking new blankets from the cabin storage in front of us. We asked the 1st stewardess for an explanation for which she didn’t say anything!!

    We’re totally flabbergasted with Air India for the poor service rendered that had caused us undue stress and worry.

    We demand that Air India compensate for the lapse in service and causing stress, inconvenience and time loss for our entire family. We expect your soonest reply on this matter. We’ve enclosed the Property Irregularity report and other supporting documents for your reference.

    Amidst the chaos caused by Air India, we would like to compliment Ms Disha and Mr Nihkil for the assistance rendered by them at Delhi airport on 21 Nov 2011.

  7. Halder Reply

    On 17th October, 2011, I traveled to Agartala from Kolkata by Air India Flight (AI 743, PNR- JCNPB) and returned from Agartala to Kolkata on 20th Oct, 2011 also by Air India Flight (AI 9728, PNR- JCNRX). But unfortunately I have lost my both the boarding passes (Journey and Return). Now, I need them to settle my journey bills. Can you help me to sort out the problem? I tried to call the Air India Office situated in Kolkata, but I did not get any one.

    Please inform me through mail.

    Looking for your reply.

  8. punk Reply

    The news said that 33 flights have been cancelled today. The whole pilots group are going on strike again? I have boughts tickets DXB-DEL for Nov. 4. How can I know status? will I get a refund?

  9. Alyssa Reply

    On Thursday August 25, 2011 I arrived at JFK from Delhi around 7am on Flight AI 101. After traveling for 15 hours, I was looking forward to getting my luggage and heading home to upstate New York. Imagine my surprise when my luggage never came down the carousel. I made a claim with the Baggage Center at JFK and was told to try calling in a few hours to check on the status of the claim.
    When I arrived home around 2pm I got a call from Dulles Airport in Washington, DC informing me that someone had taken my bag by mistake and it was now sitting at the DC airport. This was upsetting on many levels, not the least of which was how someone could just take a bag (and that one came from Asia no less) and get it on a connecting flight.
    I was told the bag would be rushed to JFK and then sent to me. I assumed I receive the bag sometime on Friday, or Saturday at the latest.
    When the Baggage office called me from JFK to give me the tracking number I was told that the bag would arrive on Monday, August 29th. This is unacceptable. I have medication in that bag which I need.
    I tried calling the Air India offices at JFK for several hours on Friday afternoon to no avail. No one picked up the phone. Is this the way to run a business? I also called the corporate office in New York and was only able to get a response when I hit the number for “Personnel.” A nice woman gave me the email address of someone who runs the office there and she also gave me the number for someone named Brian who apparently works with customers. I left a message for him on Friday afternoon but don’t know if he will get back to me today.
    Here is my question: since no one at your office picks up any phone calls, what do I do if and when I receive my luggage and there are things missing? And why was this luggage not sent as a priority? There is no reason why that luggage should not have been delivered to me today, Friday. It arrived at JFK last night (8/25).
    I have flown Air India since 2008 but after this incident, I will not be flying them again.

  10. gopa chowdhury Reply

    I had booked a ticket for my daughter for a trip to Kolkata from Port Blair for the month of Octoeber. But due to some urgent problem I had to cancel my ticket within 15 days from date of purchase. The travel agent has charged me a huge amount as cancellation fee. I would request you to please let me know the amount charges as cancellation fee. I feel cheated by the travel agent. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please check the rules section of the printed would find details of cancellation/refund etc..some times are non refundable..while some tickets you can get partial differs on all ocassions..better to call the customer service of Indian Airlines and get the right info..

  11. Shiv Kumar Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    It is regrettable to bring the under-mentioned for your consideration.

    I had booked a flight for my wife Malavika Kumar along with our infant daughter from Hyderabad to Kanpur on for 25 Jul 2011.
    Due to some reason, the flight to Kanpur via Delhi was cancelled and the passengers were flown to Lucknow by AI 811 and were promised transport/taxi fare from Lucknow to Kanpur.
    After the flight landed in Lucknow, my wife went to the Air India office to enquire about the arrangements for the same. The duty official told my wife that half taxi fare would be given for passengers making own arrangements for Kanpur and asked my wife to wait in the office and went out to confirm the taxi fare.
    After waiting in the office for a long time with an infant child, my wife had to come out disheartened and make own arrangements of transportation to Kanpur, as there was no Air India official in sight for a long time.
    I would like to bring to your notice that my wife had to undergo tremendous mental agony due to
    1. The cancellation of flight to Kanpur
    2. Layover in Delhi for close to eight hours with an infant child
    3. Slack and inappropriate response of the ground staff towards a young mother and infant.

    It is requested that the above-mentioned points be duly noted and the airline staff be sensitized towards the need of passengers and appropriate compensation be provided as soon as possible towards onward journey, etc.

    Shiv Kumar

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