IFB Contact: Find below customer care, support details of IFB Appliances, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on IFB products whether washing machines, microwave ovens, dryers or other consumer products. In addition, you can also enquire on IFB stores, product warranty or service centers for repair. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on IFB services.

IFB Appliances Customer Care
Phone: 1860 425 5678 (MTNL and BSNL lines)
Phone: 3900 4321 (prefix STD if calling from mobile)

IFB Appliances Head Office
IFB Industries Limited
Home Appliances Division,
Plot No.IND5, Sector 1,
East Calcutta Township
Kolkata,  India 700107
Phone: 033-39849524
Fax: 033-39849676
Email: [email protected]

Locate Dealers
Looking to purchase an IFB washing machine, oven, dryers, dishwasher, kitchen appliances or other products? Click here to locate an IFB dealer nearest to your street. Dealers can be found in all major cities across the country that includes Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Patna, Mangalore, Trivandrum or other cities. You can also purchase IFB products from the website. Payment can be made through Master /Visa credit cards.

IFB Service Centers
Looking to repair or replace your IFB product? Just call 1860 425 5678 and register your complaint. Service centers can be in found across all major cities in India.

About IFB
ifb-indiaIndian Fine Blanks Limited, simply known as IFB, launched operations in India in the year 1974. The company was launched in collaboration with Hienrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. The leading home appliances manufacturer employs some 1200 people and had revenues of close to 700 cores (as of 2010-11). IFB products include washing machines (front loader, top loader), microwave oven (solo, grill, convection ovens), dishwasher (domestic, commercial), clothes dryer, modular kitchen, chimneys, ovens, hobs, laundry solutions and washer dryer combo.

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  1. Shumina Kalra Reply

    Sir, This is to inform to you that we have put several mail reminders regarding our machine which was burnt due to negligence of your staff. In lieu of our burnt machine we have received an expired check worth RS 3000. My machine was under AMC since it had been purchased. I would like you to impartially analyze whether the compensation is appropriate and up to the level of the loss incurred by your staff. Your decision would henceforth be final and kindly send us a new valid check of respectable amount of compensation. Hoping to receive at the earliest.

  2. Hermans raj Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a customer of IFB. Customer Number : 3421594. I have registered compliant on 12-02- 2013 at 6.30 pm. My complaint Number: 10270719. My complaint was that your service man used during his demo, certain product to clean my machine which spoiled the drum of the machine. I learned that it is not needed to clean the machine before completing one year of purchese. I strongly believe that your inefficient service men can very well spoil the name of IFB. After my complaint, Mr.Niranjan, the former excutive officer, service center in Trichy, Tamilnadu promised to do the needful but never did anything. After that Mr. Ghanesan, the present senior Excutive officer do not properly respond to my call. It is almost one month over, you have made me suffer a lot. Kindly do the needful to give me the new machine because I don’t trust any more your service men. If you don’t do the needful I have to proceeed with Legal Proceedings. Hope you don’t force me for a such an action.

  3. Sunanda Reply

    This is to inform you that I have purchased IFB washing machine MODEL NO. ALINA DX from POWERMET ELECTRONICS, SHOP NO. 32, UDAY SING PLACE, NAHARPUR, SECTOR-7, ROHINI. in my name on 26.10.09 vide SR. No. 69897. The Extended Warranty period is 26.10.11 to 25.10.2013. On 10th January’13 I have registered a complaint at your customer care (Complaint no 10361845). I have spoken to several customer service guys but all in vain. On 22nd February again I registered another complaint when I came to know my earlier complaint was cancelled without informing me. The new Complaint number is 10470973. But till date no action is taken yet. I have spoken so many times to Mr. Tarun at 9910124428 but of no result. I fail to understand what’s purpose of having IFB AMC ? Isn’t it harassment of client and against consumer righst. Would you please let me know that who is going to pay 10,000/-, which I have spent on washing during the period. Sorry to inform you that despite my so many reminders & regular follow up if am left with no choice, will approach the court

  4. Parul Reply

    I have lodged a complain for service of my washing machine. It has been a month the service center in Sambalpur has been delaying. They are saying that they dont have the parts. Please look into this as we are facing a lot of problem in dealing with them.
    This has been a very bad experience for me with IFB.

  5. Udita Arora Reply

    I made a complaint for my washing machine Elena which is under warranty till 2014. My complaint number 10304505 is dated 12th December 2012. Despite repeated reminders no one even bothered to come and see the machine till the 15th of January 2013. More than a month had passed and finally someone bothered to come and look up the machine. Your service is pathetic. A gentleman came and took the papers required but has not yet got back to me. On calling up the customer care they informed me that the part wasn’t available. I AM DREADING THE DAY I BOUGHT THE IFB MACHINE. IT IS THE WORST PURCHASE I EVER MADE.

  6. Vinu V Das Reply

    I bought my second IFB washing machine 3 weeks back. Requested (to local IFB service centre) a demo and installation for many days in last week. NO REPLY.

    Complaint No.9993922 dated 17.12.2012

    Also I need a IFB STABILIZER & STAND for washing machine; Do the needful.

  7. Mahmood Reply

    I had purchased IFB washing machine (6 kg digitals) on 5th December 2012 from shop name BAIDEHI HOME CARE INDUSTRIES ,DEVLI ROAD,KHANPUR, NEW DELHI-62. Engineer came to install on 7th Dec and later said that machine is not working. He promised to replace. I had contacted customer service on phone lot of times and told them the problem, customer service confirmed me that franchise will call. Have not received call even after 2 days,have received call on 11th from franchise. They promised to deliver product by 11th. Later they said they cant find same model, again made me to wait. Now they ask me to scan the bill of washing machine and mail them. What sort of poor customer service is this. I am not satisfied.

  8. T.G. Yuvaraja Reply

    Sub: Complaints on IFB Washing Machine (Digital 7 kg) –reg

    Ref: 1. Customer ID No.2106229
    2. Complaint No.9767266 dated 29.10.2012

    We are really shocked to notice that despite lodging a complaint and telephone conversations with executives no action has been initiated to redress the grievances of a customer. I don’t even get proper response from them, sometimes they promise to attend to the call but never turn up.

    I deeply regret to inform that although I have selected your product with great hope and expectation, I am using IFB washing machine from December’ 2007. But the IFB service is very poor sir, I contacted the customer care so many times and they gave plenty phone numbers and I even contacted them but not response for my complaint.

    I feel that I had chosen your brand of washing machine wrongly as the customer service is very poor. I hope to soon see a working machine. Good Luck!

  9. RC Sharma Reply

    I want to purchase IFB Washing Machine Admiral VX 7 kgs through CSD Ambala. Intimate your dealers at Panchkulla who can supply on csd rate and price thereof.

  10. Purshotam Rangwani Reply

    Subject-Regarding after sale service of IFB washing machine under Extended Warranty Sr No:-035721(Valid Upto 25/05/2013)


    I am IFB customer and using IFB washing machine for the last twenty years and this is the third washing machine of capacity 7 kg I am using at present.

    Till now I used to recommend and praise the service provided by IFB company to my colleagues and friends.

    I am sorry to inform you at present the service provided by your company/franchise is horrible.I have registered the complaint for the washing machine to your call centre on 31-10-2012 indicating the problem in my machine.

    After two days technician Mr Vijay Kumar visited and asked for the extended warranty papers.We had shown him the papers then he asked for the photocopy of papers.

    My Wife was alone at home at that time she assured him that I will get the photocopy done as soon as my husband returns home in another half an hour in the meanwhile please look into the machine problem.

    He didn’t had a look at it and left.After that we contacted your service station number of times requesting them to please send technician to have a look at machine problem.They were behaving very rudely and avoiding to attend the complaint with a reason we don’t have the record of extended warranty (which is not true) you can check our warranty record by the serial number provided in subject line.

    On top of it after two days your technician came and we handed over the photocopy of the extended warranty and till date the problem is not solved.

    Your service station persons Sonia/Vikas etc behaving as if we are begging from them or we have done some crime by purchasing IFB machine with a extended warranty services.

    I have enquired from my colleagues as well who are using IFB machine they are also having similar problem and not happy with your present service Provider.

    Request you to kindly look into the above matter and take necessary action to provide immediate solution for the problem we are facing,.

    Kind Regards,

  11. Harikumar Reply

    I have requested for a service in your call center No 39004321 on 12th Oct 12, and
    reminders on 15th and 16th Oct 12. But I am sorry to inform you that nobody
    attend the complaint yet now.

    This is to inform you that now I am moving to consumer redressel forum
    against you and your service franchisee M/s Smart Care, Kochi

    • NEERAJ SINGH Reply

      I bought MWO on 10th Nov in the name of my Wife. As we are novice, we have requested for Demo on 15th Nov. Till date no response, no-one has contacted us despite my calling in Customer care frequently. Customer Care has given us Local dealer number (Mr Raman, Bhushan, Prabhat), but no-one picks phone. Never knew the Customer care / after sales was so poor of IFB

  12. Sankar B Reply

    I need to hear more from you about the service guarantee of IFB product. I use multiple IFB products at home and currently facing difficulty in servicing the washing machine. I requested to have the service before 2pm on Saturdays which could not be realized. Per IFB technician the service can not be provided in the requested time slot (before 2pm) on any Saturdays and therefore I could not avail the service due to my other commitments beyond this period. Refer my Complaint # 10100976, dtd.15Sep12 where I requested @18604255678 to ensure that service is provided on weekends before 2pm only. I don’t believe that service could not be provided before 2pm on any of the Saturdays in last one month. It is a matter of sensibility to Customer’s request which unfortunately is missing with IFB.

    In the present circumstance I had to arrange for alternative means of washing cloths and now exploring the option of buying a new washing machine. So far IFB is concern I am satisfied with the products that I used for long, however, based on poor service quality (lack of understanding and showing don’t care attitude to the Customer request) in my recent experience I am undecided about re-selecting IFB product.

    I need an assurance on service guarantee from IFB and a clarification that service will be arranged at Customer requested time slot (4hours) on Saturdays within two consecutive weekends from the date of service complaint before I opt for an IFB product.

    Hope you will understand my concern and send me a response at the earliest (preferably by 17thOct12) clarifying the service guarantee conditions.

  13. Smite Reply

    I made the first complaint on 4/9/12 regarding not functioning of washing machine senator 6kgs.
    Today is 21/9/12 still nothing has been done!
    Why are we purchasing ifb products if after sales service is a failure!

  14. rajeev kumar jha Reply

    i have been trying to get in touch with some authorised repair centre for my washing machine at Darbhanga, Bihar. Howerver one i got in touch at Motihari hasnt been of much help despite an expense of about 2000 Rs. Can u suggest me a reliable authorised agency? Regards

  15. Lal Mohan Pandit Reply

    I had placed a complaint for repair of my Dish washer. The service person came informed some part has to be replaced 15 days over till date no trace of the service person. The service centre office replies erratically, some times they say that person is on leave, sometimes that part has not come. I am fed up why the hell did I purchase this machine. VERY BAD SERVICE.

  16. Jaishree Mittal Reply

    The IFB Product is Good But the Service Quality is very Very Poor. I Raise a complaints before 2 month but still the machine is not in working condition.

  17. Lalit Kumar Reply

    My maxi550 dryer has some problem and registered the complaint on IFB site. But two persons contacted claiming to be original service provider. Later one told that they got the message from just dial. How just dial knows about complaint registered on IFB site.

  18. keshri kishore sharan Reply

    My washing machine of a capacity of 6kg was purchased in Patna from M/S URVASHI SALES PVT. LTD. ,kankarbagh olony, Patna, Bihar. Although the washing machine is functioning normally,but the heating system is not working. The customer care at Patna are not responding to our mobile phone calls. after several rings the phone at the other end stops ringing and I get a meesage in my moble phone “NO ANSWER”.
    February 29,2012.

  19. Sanjay Reply

    What is the address for purchase of IFB washing machine in CSD rate at Nagpur.

  20. Sumit Reply

    Nobody has bothered to reply to my complaint regarding the repair of my Microwave as one part is not available at their Okhla office. This sort of service can make you lose more customers.

  21. Kanwar Baldev Singh Reply

    placed a complaint for repair of my washing machine..still nothing done.

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