Contact Idea Cellular: Find below customer care details of Idea mobile, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new connections, lost sim card or other queries on Idea services.

Idea Cellular Head Office
5th Floor, WINDSOR, Off CST Road Kalina,
Santa Cruz East Mumbai, Maharashtra India

Registered Office
Suman Tower, Plot No. 18, Sector-11,
Gandhinagar 382 011

Idea Customer Care Phone
Phone  – 040 – 66652000
Fax – 40 – 6656 2222
Email – [email protected]

Recharge Idea
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Prepaid Plans
Idea Super Plan – 1 ps+Roaming
Idea Super Plan – 50 ps+Roaming
DSR RC98 Plan
Default 1 yr Local & [email protected] Plan

Postpaid Plans
Idea Champion 299 plan
Idea Champion 199 plan
1p/sec 199 Local/STD Plan
Lifelong 995
Easy 100
Family Drive Plan
STD 199 Plan
Idea 349 Magic
New Plan 249
Entry 149
Full Value 249
Idea Advantage Plan

Idea Services
Cricket & Sports
Movies and Videos
News & Alerts
Utility Payment and Bills

For New Connections
Subscribers are required to sign on the verification form and furnish their PAN card, 1 passport size photograph, photo-identification and proof of address.

For Idea 3G
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About Idea Cellular
idea cellularIdea Cellular was founded in the year 1995. Bata, Tata, At&T joined together to form Idea. In the year 2006, Idea Cellular Ltd became a complete Aditya V Birla Group company. Idea is the 3rd largest mobile services operator in India in revenue terms. The telecommunications company recorded a subscriber base of over 78 million as on November 2010. The company has won license to offer 3G services in 11 service areas. In fact Mobile TV  was launched for the first time in India on the Idea network. Idea is the winner of ‘The Emerging Company of the Year Award’ at The Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards 2009. Idea Cellular also received the prestigious Avaya GlobalConnect Award for being the ‘Most Customer Responsive Company’ in the Telecom sector in the year 2010.

Idea has coverage in nearly 2200 towns. The cellular company operates in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar & Jharkhand, Delhi & NCR, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh, Maharasthra & Goa, Mumbai, NESA, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil-Nadu, Uttar Pradesh-East, Uttar Pradesh-West and West Bengal.

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  1. Saurabh Pandey Reply

    I am an IDEA post-paid customer since more than 8 years. My Number is XXXXXXX from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.
    Recently I have requested for Mobile Number Portability from Idea to another company. As a process I have cleared my outstanding dues of Rs. 460/-on 10/11/12 at GD telecommunications, shop no-3, Classic apartment, Wright town Jabalpur, MP. And on the same day I have submitted my request for number portability to Tata Docomo paying the required dues of Rs. 40 along with all required documents.
    My request has been rejected on 15/11/12 due to non clearance of outstanding bill (as informed through SMS) whereas I have paid my dues on 10/11/12. My bill was not updated till 16/11/15, reason was, your Idea store at GD telecommunications, shop no-3, Classic apartment, Wright town Jabalpur, MP was facing the network failure. You claim to change the lives, whereas your store is working in primitive age era.
    To check the status and put forth my complaint I had visited GD Telecommunications store which was not open on 15/11/12 further I have contacted Mr. Mohit Chawla, Sr. Executive, admin office of Idea at Gorakhpur, Jabalpur, MP and submitted the Photostat copy on my latest bill. He assured me to resolve the issue by 16/11/12 afternoon and also given his contact number i.e.9826070069. By 2.00 pm on 16/11/12 nor my payment was updated nor Mr. Chawla contacted me, and the worst part is that when I tried to contact him on his above given cell number for 5 times he hasn’t picked my phone nor called back ever. This is how you deal with your 8 years old customer? Calling 5 times a day to remain back with your so called “life changing services”.
    Just because of your poor customer care services and advises I had decided to switch to another service provider and this episode has restored my claim. Now I have to again request for MNP after 15 days and to pay Rs. 40 again to do the same tedious work all again.
    Due to your unprofessional attitude in handling the customer complaint I have gone through utter mental stress, physical pain and financial loss also.
    Hence I request you to put the effort to port my number to my desired service provider as compensating the mental, physical and financial loss occurred to me.

  2. john Reply

    The worst customer service. When i called to customer care, I waited more then 20 min to connect and i explained my issue. Without any answer they cut the call. I called again, but experience same pathetic service. but second time when i had called the same reply and it was transfred to other dept, but in no vain waited for nearly 10 – 15 mins NO RESPONSE,

  3. Sneha Reply

    Currently i am in UK and Previously i was using idea Karnataka number. Before coming to UK i called Customer Care people asking for activation of international Roaming they told me that i am using prepaid number its already activated in my number so i came to UK. Now i am unable to use my idea number because its not working in UK. I have raised a complaint one month ago and calling Idea customer care daily (International Call).
    Could any one can help in resolving the issue

  4. p chandra Reply

    This is a fraudulent company. There are better companies in the market. They keep deducting prepaid balance without informing customers. Despite several complaints, no response from the customer support. This is sad and unfortunate!

    • ANIL Reply

      I 100% agree with you, it happens very oftenly. can one go to consumer forum? it is not a matter of one or two persons it is a matter of lacs of people who are customers of idea cellular company.

      As a majority all the mobile cellular companies in India doing same thing activating many value added services without the consent of the customer. It is a big harrasment to the customer. You are sent a SMS quoting that so and so service will start w.e.f. so and so date and now you are in pannic. if you do not tell them to stop it they activate the service which is not required at all by the customer. I don’t know why they do this?

  5. dilip Reply

    The worst customer service. When i called to customer care, I waited more then 20 min to connect and i explained my issue. Without any answer they cut the call. I called again, but experience same pathetic service. I will never again suggest anyone to go with this company.

  6. ali Reply

    i want to know the username of xx to confirm if this is in my sister’s name or in some else

  7. Prafulla Reply

    My idea cellular no(xx) is from Mumbai circle but i had come to Kolkata thinking that my cell no would be on roaming by default. Till Bilaspur area it was working then suddenly i checked up my balance, it was found to be INR. 0.70 only, left over of main balance amount Rs.148.00 got deducted without any reason and then i’m not able to call or receive call and also Rs.98 was recharged for idea internet but that is also not working. Please do suggest me what shoube be done.Please restore my idea call connectivity even on roaming and mobile internet connectivity as soon as possible.I tried to recharge of Minimum amount of Rs.50.00 from netbanking but it went through netbanking and recharge amount got back to bank account.

    • customerhelp Reply

      please place a complaint with the Idea customer support and they shall investigate the error

  8. urmila Reply

    Idea deducted my balance for services i never asked for… i do not understand what to do

  9. harmesh singh Reply

    Bad IDEA service. They always deducted the balance without reason.

  10. richard Reply

    I think money every time is being deducted from my account for payment of services which I did not activate.

  11. tayyab shah Reply

    i want email of idea cellular in maharashtra, i want 2 complain about my card plan

  12. sandeep Reply

    IDEA has worst mobile service in Karnataka.
    I strongly recommend people not to go with this provider
    All sorts of wrong information were given to me regarding my post paid connection from the day one i received the sim card.
    i have taken new idea connection 4 months back , i had converted my prepaid connection to post paid, for that they had taken 9 days even after giving the proper documents..finally 9Th day evening it was converted to my another concern is till date i have not received a single bill. I did call up the customer care, but still they ignore my request. No bill, but they want me to make my payment on time.

    • Mohiddin Reply

      Yes.. One of the service provider is idea in Karnataka. Every time they deduct money from ones account and when customer approach customer care they block the call. My advice is not to go with Idea Mobile connection. they make u fool by offering better service and plans. when u join Idea mobile the money loss only.

  13. Rahul V J Reply

    I just dialed this toll free number just to hear a song and then this message comes saying I’ve activated the offer…and i went on to deactivate it through another toll free no…and about 70rs was reduced from the balance…
    I wish to deactivate the offer now…not caring the fact I lost the money..idea is being a nuisance now -.-

  14. Thomas Reply

    AP Region: Today morning 9.30am I carried out an online Recharge for Rs 333/- & received an SMS from Idea that the amount has been received but till now 9.45pm the credit has not taken place. Once again at about 8.00 pm recharged through easy recharge from one of your dealers for Rs 111/- for which I received an SMS that the amount of Rs 111/- has been received, but the balance amount does not show the updated balance. In total today I have paid IDEA Rs 444/- but no update of this in my balance. Pl look into this & credit the same to my account immediately. Contacting your customer service was in vain.

  15. Alexa Reply

    Honestly IDEA mobile is worst service provider in Andhra Pradesh. Idea mobile service issues mobile connections on baseless proofs which is ridiculous.

  16. Dr. N.K Reply

    I really had a very sad experience with IDEA Cellular this time which im using for the last 8 years.
    I live in Moradabad. I was away to Gurgaon (Haryana ) for 24 hours.During this period, Rs 24 from my account was deducted by advt. service of Idea. I did n’t reply to a single call made by the Co. Still they deducted money for several calls which i didn’t receieve?
    Idea used to be a good co. I don’t know why it is fleecing customers now.

  17. Satish Reply

    I am once again knocking the doors of your Customer Care Service for the unauthorised activation of messages for Ghar Ghar sona which I have not subscribed from my side. You may refer my earlier complaints made to your office way back in 8th October, 2011. Also I would like to get the complete information from your side as how the activation was done. All my unauthorised activation of SMS’s which are being deducted should be stopped forthwith immediately. Today with some curiosity I checked the amount balance and came to know that deductions was being done for Ghar Ghar sona information which I have not subscribed at all. IDEA has worst mobile service in Andhra Pradesh. All sorts of wrong information were given to me regarding the activation.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please place a complaint over phone and somebody from IDEA would investigate the matter..

  18. arun Reply

    I have a complaint against Mr. xx who is working as a Team Leader in Krishna Nagar DSA in New Delhi.
    I Have Purchased 4 New Corporate connections on My company address. All number had been working from Last 15-20 days. Suddenly they all got disconnected without any intimation.In this situation, when i call to that person, He is not giving me any sufficient reason. Even from 2 days He is not recieving my calls, This Process made a BAD IMAGE OF IDEA CELLULAR Services in My mind.

    I Have purchased all the connections through tele-calling. I have given all the document they required for new corporate connections.
    I have printed these no. on all of my company’s 10000 catalogue, visiting cards, Banners, Distributers. It has shown a very bad impact on my business.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      try to reach a Idea nodal officer in your city/state..that ways you can escalate your complaint..

  19. gertrude Reply

    I am an Idea Cellular user.My no. is xxx. I was getting repeated messages from your centre regarding documentation. I have given on two occasions, but yet it is so monotonous to hear the msgs. pre connecting to the dialed no. Now on the 6th once again I have submitted my documents and till date nothing has been done. Why cannot the Idea service to where I submtd. my documents scan the copies and send to your dept. rather than having to hear the msgs. By the by i am from Goa. I hope you would accept my suggestion of “SCAN”.

  20. Thomas Reply

    I am once again knocking the doors of your Customer Care Service for the unauthorised activation of messages for Sensex/Cricket information which I have not subscribed from my side. You may refer my earlier complaints made to your office way back in 16th August, 2010 onwards to other mobile number xxxxx and the issue was resolved after lots of correspondence to your Service Team and Vasco Da Gama Office (Goa). You were kind enough to refund all the amount excess recovered unauthorisedly from your side. Also I would like to get the complete information from your side as how the activation was done. All my unauthorised activation of SMS’s which are being deducted should be stopped forthwith immediately. Today with some curosity I checked the amount balance and came to know that deductions was being done for Cricket/Sensex information which I have not subscribed at all.

  21. Mahesh Mantri Reply

    I have a complaint about the services which I am receiving at both online (over the phone)
    and at my idea centre on one of the ongoing issue.
    I had two postpaid connections earlier, of which I have choosed to move one of the postpaid account to prepaid.
    Number in question is 988*****. I have cleared my bill and got a new sim from My idea centre.
    I have been advised to recharge the account with amount of 200+ as first recharge once this SIM is activated by calling your customer care centre.
    I have completed my part of work and did recharge of 333/- Rs. (I am not sure of the date, as did this while I was in roaming).
    But ever since I have decided to move the account from Postpaid to Prepaid it has never worked. I have just did what I have been asked to do by My Idea service centre executive.
    Whenever I am calling the customer care centre, everybody passing me from one number to another.Prepaid says account is not active with them, I need to phone Postpaid customer care, same with Postpaid.
    I have been with Idea for my alternate number (9881719504- call on this number for any issues) for last 3 years, it is the worst possible service can be delivered to any customer.
    All I am concerned about is moving the account from Postpaid to prepaid, with all recharge amount I have added so far, including extra billing amount.

  22. dayakar Reply

    IDEA has worst mobile service in Andhra Pradesh.
    All sorts of wrong information were given to me regarding the activation.
    i have taken new idea connection before 13 day back, they allotted no: ****also i submitted all documents, and id proofs. but no response till the date, if i call the customer care they dont respond..
    I strongly recommend people not to go with this provider
    see below how it works..
    i call the customer care to take new idea connection.. they send one executive, they came to my house and take 500 rs and document proofs also, they give one idea number and it will be activated with 48 hours. but till the date it was not activated..

  23. Krishna Reply

    Idea Customer Service is the worst service I have seen in my life.
    All sorts of wrong information were given to me regarding the Plans. Customer care is not even aware of the plans they have. 2 times wrong plan was activated on my number. They take more than 48 hours to activate a plan whereas all other providers just take 4 hrs. Request was raised to activate a 899 plan and after 48 hrs, a wrong 799 plan was activated on my number. When I call the customer care, they don’t have an answer. Its pathetic. I strongly recommend people not to go with this provider

  24. Deepak Mathur Reply

    We have two idea numbers. We have always kept our account in credit of more than Rs 6000 extra as of 1st July. But still my mobile never works outside India. I am at present in U.K and my phone is not working. . If this time my phone will not work I will get another mobile connection.

  25. pravin kamat Reply

    sir i have idea mobile prepaid connection and have opted for seconds billing. but nowadays if i talk for 20 seconds 24paise is charged. weird

  26. Ashima Saxena Reply

    Dear Sir,

    In continuation of my earlier mail on above subject & reference no. I have enquired from my bankers about this transaction & there reply is attached herewith confirming that the amount has been credited to the billers account.I have talked to your cutomer care also four to five times after 11th July (day of recharge) & I was promised that this issue would be settled latest by 13th July afternoon, 14:30 Hrs. However this continues to linger on and I am feeling harassed for no fault of mine :

    I was not able to make important call to my son in US due to lack of balance pending due to this incomplete process.
    As advised I have lost two days salary ( Rs 6000 ) for visiting Idea care centres & traveling expenses worth Rs 1000 for traveling from GIDC Jhagadia to call centres in Bharuch.
    Communication expenses for mobile. Landline and internet expenses for this communication Rs 500.

    My humble request to the honorable management of this top private sector cellular service is to confirm as to what rights the customer has got to avoid such kind of happenings again and again. Idea Cellualr has very good rules and regulations which are proudly displayed in stores, hoardings , internet, news papers ,statement etc. in terms of best quality , Lowest rates, portability and so on which are very strictly followed right from the moment customer takes a connection. But are there are no such rule or coverage against such repeated harassments to customers and no action plan even after fourth or fifth instances cited with the Idea Cellualr and no confirmation about the steps taken by the Corporate group and feedback to the customer about adequacy or sufficiency of these steps . Or probably just a one line communication is sufficient ” This is due to a technical fault and will be rectified by this time or please visit the nearest store with all documents”.Is there any sytem of compensation to the customers who have to spend extra money and unbearing efforts in terms of local conveyance for visiting the service centers stores four to five times and communication expenses due to inability of cellular service to deliver the right service first time for no fault of the customer.

    Do we really have a fair redressal system which is equally fare to both the parties or do we at least have an inclination to listen to genuine problems faced by the customers.

    Or Does the company wants the things to take their on shape and when the arrogance and indiscipline at the servie provider breaks all barriers , the customer should approach an external body like consumer forum for interference and help. I really apologize for some of the harsh words but they have come fro my heart after wasting so much of my time money and energy in vain in this scorching summer which was easily avoidable by simply visiting one of the competitors instead of lingering on and writing such useless communications.


    Ashima Saxena

  27. kishor Jadhav Reply

    I would like to bring to your kind notice following:

    Date Description Code
    • 08/06/2011 Unique porting code 12564843
    • 15/06/2011 Code rejected
    • 20/06/2011 Code again sent —-“”——
    • 21/06/2011 Code rejected
    • 28/06/2011 Unique porting code 12193718
    • 29/06/2011 Code rejected
    • 29/06/2011 Called Customer care – Mail forwarded to concern department and problem will be solved in 24/48 hours – Till today no reply nor feedback.

    The officers even denied to forward the mail which they had sent on above issue.

    Either your officers are not trained to number portability or they do it deliberately as per senior’s instructions

    I would be happy if you look into the matter and help me getting the porting facility. It’s a month now since when I was trying to shift to Vodfone from Idea.

  28. dawinder singh Reply

    I am a user of Mobile number ******. I am using this number from the last six months on postpaid basis. Around 15 days i went to Idea store to get it converted to Prepaid mode. I have submitted my ID and Address proof along with 1 Passport size photograph. My number successfully got converted to Prepaid mode. But after a week they disconnected my number without any prior notice. Now, there is neither any outgoing nor any incoming on my mobile. I visited Idea franchisee 2 days back but there is zero response from their side. I am feeling the heat of harassment due to this.

  29. Gaurav Sehgal Reply

    I have mailed my issue to the MP idea email address, but to my shock no body has reverted. Is any customer service department existing in your organisation

    Gaurav Sehgal

  30. A.Mateen Reply

    Dear Sir, When I was away from Kanpur city I was recieving messages “SIM CARD REJECTED” on my cell no. 09795945662 (pre-paid sim).Now, I contacted your local franchise kanpur for any requirement he simple said that our services will not be restored without assigning any reason whatsoever. Remember that the above number is my business number it will cause business losses to me if activated.Thus I am writing to you for your kind assistance in this regard.Please help me at the earleist.A.Mateen ,kanpur.

  31. MK SHARMA Reply

    Dear Sir, I am getting a message “SIM CARD REJECTED” on my cell no. xx (pre-paid sim) which was having Rs.999/- life long pre-paid sim in the name of my wife MRS SHASHI SHARMA. I ma the sim since 5-6 years back and it is displaying such irritate message on my cell. Kindly do needful and confirm on xx. MK SHARMA

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