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Houston Airport Address
George Bush Intercontinental Airport
2800 North Terminal Road
Houston, Texas 77032

Houston Airport Customer Care
Phone: 281.230.3100
Fax: 281.230.3108

Lost & Found
Phone: 281.230.3299
Email: [email protected]

Airline Contacts
AeroMexico: 800.237.6639
Air Canada: 888.422.7533
Air France: 800.237.2747
American Airlines: 800.433.7300
British Airways: 800.247.9297
Continental: 800.523.3273
Delta Airlines: 800.221.1212
Emirates: 800.777.3999
KLM: 800.447.4747
Lufthansa: 800.399.5838
Qatar: 877.777.2827
Singapore Airlines: 800.742.3333
United Airlines: 800.864.8331
US Airways: 800.428.4322

Cargo Contact
American Airlines: 281.230.1762
Aeromexpress: 281.821.7710
Air Canada: 800.722.6232
Air France: 281.209.1244
Alitalia: 281.233.0221
British Airways: 281.443.4954
China Airlines: 281.443.4427
Continental: 800.421.2456
DHL: 800.225.5345
Delta: 800.352.2746
Emirates: 800.366.6845
FedEx: 800.463.3339
Lufthansa: 281.821.0757
Qatar: 281.821.5750
Singapore Airlines: 281.821.0400
Spouthwest: 800.533.1222
US Airways: 888.300.0099

Houston Airport Hotels
For phone numbers of hotels near Houston Airport click here.

Houston Airport Transportation

Airport Help Desk: 281-233-7860
SuperShuttle: 713.523.8888
Airport Metro: 713.635.4000

For phone numbers of cabs/taxis at Houston Airport click here.

Flight Status
To track your flight arrival or departure status at Houston Airport click here

About George Bush Intercontinental Airport
George Bush Intercontinental Airport is one of three airports part of the Houston Airport System. Together it served more than 49 million passengers in 2010. The George Bush Intercontinental Airport otherwise known as Houston Airport commenced operations in the year 1969. The airport is a major hub to Continental Airlines. Houston Airport is the seven largest in the United States in terms of serving to international passengers. As a matter of fact, it connects to some 182 destinations.

Some of the major airlines operating from the airport include Aeromexico, American Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Emirates, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

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  1. Judy Skinner Reply

    There are a lot of positive things to say about your airport. It is very clean, staff are friendly and helpful, plenty of electric carts and wheelchairs for disabled or elderly passengers.

    That said, two things stood out during a three hour layover yesterday. One was the distance to bathrooms. It was quite a hike from United’s Gate C1 to the nearest restroom, which always had a long line and farther still around past the food court to the next nearest one. For passengers like me, with any mobility issues, this is pretty challenging. I also saw several ladies walk into the pet relief areas before realizing it was not a people restroom.

    The other issue is that there is not enough room in the gate area for passengers to line up without spilling out into the main walkway. Seating is adequate for waiting if you include the charging station seats, but once people line up to board, it is really tight.
    There also is no dedicated line for pre-board passengers to gather. Some late arrivals to the gate just merged in with the pre-boards because it was a moving group when they arrived. By then it was so crowded they could not see their assigned group’s line.

    Every time I saw a flight boarding, this overflow caused congestion for the electric carts trying to pass. (It would also be helpful if the electric carts could be parked if out of service or waiting near an inactive gate and NOT by an actively boarding.) gate.)

  2. Lydia Reply

    I was asked to send this to the Airserv person but the d-mail will not let me send it to the person so here it is.
    Sorry this took so long to get this to you, but due to the situation my mother and myself did not get home until Thursday mid morning to fly out again Friday at 06:30 to New Orleans and back home on the 10 th. On January 6th my mother and myself few from Dallas to Houston on United Airlines. Our plane was detained on the tarmac for 30 minutes. It took a few minutes to debark. My handicapped mother and myself were seated in the very last seat ( we were not allowed to choose seats). One of the stewardesses said she would let them know we had landed and were on our way. When we got out of the plane we did have a wheelchair available. We were offered a ride on the ” golf cart”. From the day before I knew we would not make the next leg if we waited to ride the cart. I ran pushing my mother from concourse C to concourse B. When we received there we were told that they were still boarding and we were allowed through. I rode the elevator to the bottom floor and ran to the gate only to be told we had missed the flight. The plane was still parked at the gate. We were from 5-10 min late. We were compensated for the evening meal and the hotel and Donte Williams allowed us to use the airlines wheelchair for my mother’s extended stay that night. We were not however compensated for the extra $18 it took us to get her car out of the airport due to the missed flight. I do understand that things happen, but had I not been told that they would let the next leg know we were coming (late 5-10 min) ran to catch the next flight ( I was wheezing due to asthma ) I would not have been so irate at the counter. I was however booked on the earliest flight home

  3. Charlotte J. Lucero Reply

    I would like to give a shout out for the wonderful service my husband and I received on Fri. Nov. 13, 2015. We arrived in the early afternoon from Panama on our way home to the Los Angeles airport. We had less than an hour to get from one terminal to another and go through customs. The airline (United) called ahead and had two wheel chairs waiting when we disembarked. Two wonderful ladies pushed us in a very professional and expedient manner from one place to the next. Their names are BRITTNEY and ROSE. PLEASE give them a hug for us and name them Employees of the Year! They were the “icing on the cake” after an enjoyable week long trip to Panama. In fact, we got to our final gate before the other eight in our group!

  4. Arnold Reply

    Not sure what is happening but I have regularly picked up family members here for the last 8 years and have never seen this so ridiculous. My Daughter has flown in on British Airline’s flight 195. Suppose to land 2pm landed at 2:30 which is ok. It has now been 1 1/2 hrs and she is still in line for luggage. It took her right at an hour to get thru customs and has been in line for luggage for 30 min and they are saying it may be another 30 min or so. You have 5 or 6 guys outside to make sure nobody stops in terminal E. They are making sure their priority is making sure nobody stops instead of making sure people are getting picked up. Not sure if it’s just a Terminal E problem because I am usually picking up at C for United.

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