Contact Ethiopian Airlines: Find below customer service details of Ethiopian Airlines, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Ethiopian Airlines. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Ethiopian Airlines services.

Ethiopian Airlines Head Office
ABCO Building, 3rd Floor, Brass
Tele Medhanealem Road
In front of Brass Hospital,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Telephone: 251-11-661-4104
Fax: +251-11- 661 1474
Email: [email protected]

Ethiopian Airlines Customer Care
Telephone:   +251-11-665 6666
Fax:   +251-11-661 1474
Email: [email protected]

Online Booking
Telephone: +251-11-517 8759/517 8189
Fax: +251-11-661 1474
Email: [email protected]

Cargo Contact
Telephone: +251 – 11 – 517 8022
Telephone: +251-11-517 8009

International Contacts

France: +33 1 53 77 13 0
Germany: 800 181 8982
Italy: +39 06 42011199 (Rome)
China: (86-10) 65050314/5 (Beijing)
India: 0091 22 22153725 (Mumbai)
Australia: 1300 600 001
Mexico: 55-5596-3546
Colombia: (571) 2571818, 317 1927
Norway: +47 22 20 50 90
Poland: + 48 22 627 2259
Portugal: (34) 91 401 57 01-00
Spain:     00 34 91 401 57 01-00
Turkey: +90 212 296 41 20
Greece: +30 210 324 6706
USA: 1 800-445 2733
UK: 0800 635 0644
Bahrain: (973) 17215022
Hong Kong: +852 2117 0233
Israel: +972-3 7971405
Japan: 81 3 3593 6730
Kuwait: +965 2243 1011,
Jordan: +962 6 5688301
Lebanon: +961-1752846/7
Malaysia: (+603) 21424311
Philippines: (63) 2 5195014
Saudi Arabia: 6512996/ 6512365
Thailand: +66 0 26534366
UAE: (9714) 223 7963/87 228 4338

Ethiopia Contacts
Addis Ababa: +251 11 551 7000
Arba Minch: +251 46 881 0649
Assosa: +251 57 775 0574
Axum: +251 34 775 2300
Bahir Dar: +251 58 220 0020
Dire Dawa: +251 25 111 1147
Gambela: +251 47 551 0099
Gode: +251 25 776 0015
Gondar: +251 58 111 0129
Jijiga: +251 25 775 2030
Lalibela: +251 33 336 0046
Mekelle: +251 34 440 0055

Flight Status
To check Ethiopian Airlines flight status click here

Flight Schedule
To check flight schedule click here

Baggage Information
For checked baggage, Economy class passengers can carry up to 23 kg while Business class passengers can carry up to 32 kg. For carry on baggage, weight must not exceed 7kgs. For more information call the customer care or visit the website.

Lost Baggage
To track your lost baggage click here

ShebaMiles is the frequent flier program of Ethiopian Airlines. Members can earn reward miles every time they fly with Ethiopian Airlines or its partner airlines. Reward miles can also be earned during car rental and hotel booking. Members of ShebaMiles enjoy a range of benefits that include excess baggage allowance, executive lounge access and much more. To join online click here

About Ethiopian Airlines
ethiopian-airline-pictureEthiopian Airlines was founded in the year 1945 and is the flag carrier of Ethiopia. The airline is fully owned and managed by the Government of Ethiopia. Ethiopian currently serves 62 international destinations and operates from its main hub at Bole International Airport. The airline employs about 5,600 people. In 2011, Ethiopian Airlines became member of Star Alliance. Skytrax has given the airline a 3-star ranking.

Ethiopian Airlines Destinations: Ethiopian Airlines flies to Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Washington, Bahrain, Bangkok, Beijing, Beirut, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Kuwait, Mumbai, Delhi, Riyadh, Sana’a, and Tel aviv.

Within Africa, the airline flies to Abidjan, Abuja, Accra, Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Bamako, Bangui, Brazzaville, Bujumbura, Cairo, Dakar, Dar es Salaam, Dire Dawa, Djibouti, Douala, Entebbe, Harare, Johannesburg, Juba, Khartoum, Kigali, Kilimanjaro, Kinshasa, Lagos, Libreville, Lilongwe, Lome, Luanda, Lubumbashi, Lusaka, Malabo, Maputo, Mekele, Mombasa, N’Djamena, Nairobi, Ouagadougou, Pointe-Noire, and Zanzibar.

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  1. tizebt Reply

    I had a horrible experience with ethiopian airlines employees. I had to pay for the extra luggage and after I paid the person who charge me told me i have to wait for the receipt. I wait for an hour and half but he just ignored me. I was very patient since he was with other customers. when he finished he was on his cell phone talking with someone. when I asked him how long it takes him he said I will be back with the receipt but he never come back so I have to leave without my receipt. this is not my first bad experience with the Ethiopian airline employees. 1st there is no work ethicso. 2nd they do not treat the passenger with respect. I flew with other airline and I never had this horrible experience. they gave me my receipt as i pay and done. I do not understand why this happened all the time.
    with ethiopian air. please train your employees and make sure they give receipt as soon as they receive the money.

  2. Reuben Kruyer Reply

    I’m not sure of the name of the gent in Cape Town Strand street he sits at the front closest to the offices and is an African gentleman I went in and as he couldn’t give the same price the Website travelstart was finding for me with.I specifically asked about the refunds as Emirates was more expensive but make the policy clear He then advised that the ticket there was a standard ticket and if i booked the flexi ticket for return and pay the additional amount I would be able refund that portion of the trip I explained I am moving to Ireland and would not need to return but wanted to avoid any unnecessary problems at the airport as I was unaware as what I would require with regard to entry.
    I knew for a fact my wife and child would not need a return ticket as she has an Irish passport. But proceeded to book them return tickets too as the Gent assured me of the refund and that all I needed to do was do this 48hrs before the flight he also gave me a the fee in dollars of $150 and said that’s what I would loose.My flight Notes that dissapeared after the flights were changed .do say that i can get a refund and have attached the screen shot.

    I do have a witness to this as my mate Philip works across the road at Mastergrade IT and he took a tea break while i was in town and went with me.He will gladly vouch for me if required

    With regards to my flight to Addis. I am not 100% with flying as i have had two bad experiences one where landing gear would not come out and ended circling the airport for two hours on a 45min flight and second a local flight where the plane just decided to drop 80m in some air pocket and all the masks came out (this was from dbn to JHB and actually bought a car to drive back. The next time I flew after about 9 years was with ethiopian and now will never fly again

    I will explain my terrifying experience and why if possible I won’t get on a plane again.I feel if the inside of the plane is maintained the way it was the what about the rest!

    First on getting on the plane I had researched prior to flying (and to some this may sound stupid) where survivors of a crash generally are seated and booked those seats accordingly online taking into account that i had a three year old and toilet positioning for her as to accommodate other travelers. I just automatically went and sat where i thought I had booked i was promptly told that flight arrangements had been changed and i could no longer sit there and they wanted to separate my me from my wife and Kid If i recall correctly think its was two near the window and myself in isle I immediately made the attendant aware I would not accept that and had to wait until they found other seats very uncomfortable standing in the isle while people are pushing past to get to their seats.They sorted this out and we had seats together.

    Here is the punchline none of the screens we were put in front of me worked and the one literally came out in my hand the arm rests were broken now this is not a isolated seat case because once we had taken off there were spare seats and i walked around looking for seats where I could find three working screens together and keep ,my child entertained this was impossible .what was remaining there were none that three were working. Eventually I move us to where we found two working and one where i could only watch my trip in slowmotion.

    The second Flight from Addis to Dublin was perfect and could not fault this at all.
    I would like to say that the staff were awesome and they could not be faulted Its just the plane and the condition there of.

  3. shakeel chowdhry Reply

    Dear Team,
    I had taken the flight from Entebbe to Addis Ababa to Mumbai on 31/08/2016.I had checked in and paid the amount for excess wt.luggage at Entebbe.My one luggage bearing the Tag No.ET492855 PNR No.YMLHWP was rechecked at Bole Airport on 31/08/2016 and self was told to travel on 01/09/2016.Unfortunately after reaching at Mumbai my above luggage was not available date after following up continuously my luggage has not yet arrived from Bole Airport.Pls do the needful.

  4. catherine Ddiba Reply

    I love Ethiopian airlines
    The very first time I took their plane, I was seven months pregnant and also had an 18 months old infant.

    I loved very much the way they cared for me all the time. Checking on the infant to make sure she is not hungry.

    I had luggage and I asked one of the attendants to help me and she was very quick to help me.

    When it comes to mother’s on plane they make sure that they are comfortable by checking on them asking them if they need anything.

    When it comes to the meals they serve, omg! I am very happy about them. They provide want a person needs as much as you need to eat or drink. They even ask passengers who need to eat anything to feel free and ask even though it is not meal time.

    When they talk about time for arrival and departure they are right on top of it.

    Because am very happy about them, I have referred two people. They too were very happy about it. I have referred three more people who hope to try it soon and experience the comfort that I experienced.

    The very first time I came to America I used Emirates but it was not as comfortable as I experienced with Ethiopian airlines. I will therefore continue taking it for all my trips and I would encourage more people to take it.

    Lastly I love the fact that from US or Canada they fly direct to Africa (Ethiopia) I hate visiting villages when i am anxious to see my family. So for me and my family, Ethiopia is the way to fly.

    I love Ethiopian airlines, thanks Ethiopian. Keep up that standard.

  5. metu malachy c. Reply

    Good day, am writing to inquire about my ticket, i have ethiopian airline returning ticket date on 26 of this month, and am not yet done with what am doing i dubai, pls can it be extended? if yes, what will it require for its extension?

  6. sam Reply

    How does one apply for shebamiles membership card ?
    I am a frequent flyer of ET and i want to apply for the shebamiles membership. you can sen me the details on how to do that through my email address

  7. khalid nasser Reply

    Dear sir,

    I am writing this to thank Ethiopian airlines for outstanding customer service. My story is about my lost laptop bag I left at the counter of immigration table. I remembered my laptop was missing. As I remembered I contacted the flight attendant on a take of. I was worried but the flight attendant communicated the pilot about my situation. After we flew one hour the flight attendant told me the pilot communicated and secured my laptop bag. And I was promised they will send it on the next flight. And I got a call from dubai office. I am a vary happy customer for life.

  8. Mr. Jelil Yusuf Amuda Reply

    How can we get refund for these ticket whose particulars were mentioned below. The users already arrived Kuala Lumpur from Lagos and We want to know what the refund will be.The father of the children appeal to the Airline for consideration. The refund is necessary because the children are being admitted in school here in Kuala Lumpur to further their studies. They are not likely to travel back to Lagos very soon.
    Thanks for your cooperation

    TICKET NUMBER : ETKT 071 2627896288

    TICKET NUMBER : ETKT 071 2627896289

    We look forward to reading from you as soon as possible

  9. Peter William Reply

    We recently took a trip to Africa on the Ethiopian Airlines. Pilots did an excellent job and on the way home the dreamliner plane was landed perfectly.
    Our trip started on Oct. 31 on ET501 from Dulles in Washington D.C. to Addis Ababa then a connecting flight ET 815 from Addis Ababa to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. I had no television service on the first flight which was the longest. Then, when we got to Addis Ababa our flight was delayed.
    It was due to leave at 10:10am. Then it was delayed to 12:00, then to 1:30pm before it was cancelled completely.
    We missed a day excursion and hotel room in Arusha.
    On the way home, ET 814 and ET500 on 8November were equally disappointing. Flight ET500
    made a fuel and crew change stop in Rome. That plane was packed with passengers. We had to remain on the plane for 2 hours in addition to the normal 12 hour flight. There were no towels or soap in the restrooms for the entire flight. The row my wife and I were in (36A and36B) the television and lights did not work. No on board personnel could remedy this problem.
    There were 4 of us on this trip. We would like some compensation for this disappointing trip.
    Unless you respond, we will send copies of this letter to the Star Alliance and our travel agent at SITA.
    Unless you respond, we wioll send

  10. Gautam Roy Reply

    Dear sir/Madam,
    It is nearly 3 months going on I have been communicating with reservation office and customer relation office and Kinshasa office till there is no solution . So I therefore request to provide me email address of VP of customer service of Mr Solomon Debebe or CEO of Mr Tewolde Gebremariam .May be they can give me solution of my reservation confirmation or refund my money according their opinion . I will be highly obliged .
    Thanks & Regards,
    Gautam Roy

  11. John Mugambi Reply

    I was booked to fly to Addis on 10th Sept at 6pm by ASARECA in Uganda but I have not received my ticket. Please send me the ticket to the email address shown above Tel +254 721433783

  12. Samuel Kwasi Sarfo Reply

    I have pressing issues related to my recent flight from Accra, Ghana to Dammam, KSA on 30 August. i need to know how I can get this concern resolved.
    Thank you
    Sauel Sarfo

  13. Anne Wanjiru Muturi Reply

    I need to cancel my flight and rebook another earlier flight ASAP, how do i go about it? My reservation code is OAUSVB

  14. afshin Reply

    my boss has a few sheba miles cards i would like to find out if they still exist or they are expired? kindly contact me on my mail address!!!

  15. Mukesh Reply

    I am working as UN Police Officer in UN Mission in Liberia,on 29/01/12, I returned to Liberia from Delhi (India) via Addis Ababa on flight ET 689, Accra on flight ET 921 and Monrovia on flight KP 020 respectively, which arrived on 29/01/12 at 1720 hrs at James Spriggs Payne Airport (MLW) Monrovia, Liberia.
    I checked in 01 baggage at Delhi Airport (ID Number ET 369412). However upon arrival at MLW Monrovia, I found that my baggage had been lost so immediately I informed to Airlines representative at the airport and I filed a lost luggage report (PIR) and made numerous contacts with the representative by phone. My luggage was given over to custody of Ethiopian Airlines on the understanding that it would be loaded on my flight, would be kept safe and would be delivered up to me when I reached my destination.After 3 weeks of the incident, on 19/02/12, I filed Baggage Claim Form and submitted with all needed documents to concerning officer of Asky Airlines, at MLW Monrovia.It is now 60 days since my flight.To date, I have not received any sort of compensation from Asky Airlines.

  16. Kidane Reply

    Please I need your assistance. Last year I asked for sheba membership card but still I couldn’t have it. Please provide asap.

  17. Saran Reply

    I have booked a reward ticket using Sheba miles but Ethiopian’s Delhi office is not able to confirm . As per them, due to being a member of star alliance, system is not yet ready to take the request. I have to plan leave and other details once I get confirmation. Pl. look into.
    I look forward to reply asap.

  18. Anthony Ashiri Reply

    Hello, i need the link to change my flight date.Hope to hear from you Asap.
    Your customer

    • customer help Reply

      please visit the website and you can browse for your online account login

  19. Shankar Reply

    I am working as UN Police Officer in UN Mission in Liberia and in my luggage I have very important items and documents, which I need urgently. My luggage was lost and I reported PIR at RIA monrovia [Liberia] on 19 Dec 2011, but till today i have not received any information. May I request you all to assist me in tracing the luggage and also guide me in this regard . I started my journey from Delhi on 18th Dec 2011 and arrived at RIA Monrovia on 19th Dec 2011 and 19 days already have passed in tracing the luggage.

    Travel Detalis: On 18/12/2011 From Delhi to Addis Ababa Flight No. ET 689
    On 19/12/2011 Addis Ababa to Accra Flight no. ET 921
    On 19/12/2011 From Accra to Monrovia RIA By Flight no. KQ508

    • customer help Reply

      you need to call the Ethiopian Airlines customer support and place a complaint..they would be able to trace it for you..

  20. amalebo henry ekene Reply

    i have ticket for 30day and i have over stayed and need to no if my ticket is still valid

  21. charles osei manhyia Reply

    dir sir/madam, am having an ethopian airline tikect of two weeks and have over stayed and am making an enquiries to find out whether i can get a seat on december as my ticket still valid.thanks

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