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EgyptAir Head Office
EGYPTAIR Holding Company Admin complex,
Airport Road, Cairo P.O Box 11776, Egypt

EgyptAir Reservations
Phone:  090070000 / Mobile 1717

Customer Care
Phone: 002(02)26963050 or 002(02)26963057
Email: [email protected]

Web Support
Phone: 002 02 26964278
Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

International Numbers
UK 0844 822 1110
USA 001 (212) 581 5600
Australia 0061(02) 97674321
Bahrain 00973 (17) 243 060
Canada 001 (514) 875 9990
China 0086 (10) 85275000 (Beijing)
France 0033(1)44948500/ 44948515-19
Germany 0049 (30) 889 2769 13 / 14 / 15
India 0091 (22) 22833798 / 22824088
Indonesia 0062(021) 5742471/72
Italy 0039 (06) 4871429 / 4884158
Japan 0081 (6) 6641 0747
Kenya 00254 (20) 226821
Kuwait 00965 22460956/22460957
Malaysia 066(3)21456867
Netherlands 0031 (20) 6256661
Qatar 00974458302-458301
Oman 00968 (24) 794113 /  796134
Philippine 0063(2) 8922938
Russia 007 (495) 967 0621 / 22
Saudi Arabia 00966 (03) 8649999 / 8985252
Singapore 006506 278 8811
South Korea 82-2-319-4555/6
Spain 0034 (93) 302 0349 / 302 3148
Sweden 0046(8)6636558
Switzerland 0041 (022)  7317151 / 7317152
Taiwan 008869(2)25782121
Thailand 0066(2) 2310504 / 2310505
Turkey 0090 (212) 231 11 26 / 27


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Web Check-In
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Baggage Information
Checked Baggage: F Class passengers can carry max weight of 50kgs. C Class passengers can carry 40 kgs.

Flights to/from Canada and USA
F class passengers can carry 2 bags with 32 kgs weight. Y class passengers can carry max 23 kgs weight.

Flights to/from Europe
F class passengers can carry 2 bags with max 32 kgs. Y class passengers can carry 1 bag with max 23 kgs weight.

Carry-on Baggage: Generally passengers are allowed to carry 2 pieces with max 8 kg. Visit the website for more details.

Track Lost Baggage
To track lost baggage click here

Al Genah, Cairo Airport terminal 3
ALIOTH lounge (terminal 3, third floor, Cairo)

EgyptAir Destinations
EgyptAir destinations include Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Asmara, Nairobi, Dar Es Salam, Johannesburg, Lagos, Abuja, Accra, Kano, Casablanca, Cairo, Addis Ababa, Khartoum,Benghazi, Moscow, Milan, Budapest, Vienna, Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, Istanbul, Brussels, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, Riyadh, Bahrain, Beirut, Kuwait, Muscat, Doha, Sharjah, Jeddah, Amman, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, New York and more.

EgyptAir Plus
EgyptAir Plus is a frequent flier program of EgyptAir. You earn miles every time you fly with EgyptAir or its partner airlines. Membership levels include the blue card, silver card, golden card and platinum card. Some of the benefits you enjoy is extra baggage allowance, lounge access, upgrade and much more. To join now click here

About EgyptAir
egyptair-pictureEgyptAir was founded in the year 1932 and is Africa’s largest airline, operating from its base at Cairo International Airport. The airline currently flies to over 70 destinations including Asia and the Americas. Egypt Air’s subsidiaries include EgyptAir Express, EgyptAir Cargo and EgyptAir Tourism & Duty Free Shops. In 2008, EgyptAir became the 21st member of Star Alliance.

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  1. Vinod Reply

    MS468,HRG-CAI,10/Sep/17.ETKT No:077 5707084802.
    Misbehavior from your Business class steward.
    I travelled in the mentioned flight and my health condition was so bad due to my sleepless work schedule. After take off I asked the flight attendant (“Female”-Name not know as she rejected to show her ID car when asked) to give a blanket and without any reply she went back to her seat reading news paper. After that I pressed the attendant call button twice for which she never responded purposefully. I feel pity to such attitude of a reputed airlines like yours. Request you to take strict disciplinary action against such staff. If this is the conduct of your staff with Business class flyers I can assume what will be with the economy class passengers. Also when asked to show her ID card she covered the same and rejected to show her name.

  2. Monica Fatogun Reply

    Dear EGYPTAIR,
    As a to-be fellow passenger of the BOM-CAIRO-ABUJA trip (2.20am Sunday 22nd January, 2017), I was denied entry. The supposed reason was that I had refused to pay the excess baggage fee. Here is a detailed account of what actually happened.
    I was relocating for probably a year (or longer) to Nigeria. It is very likely for a passenger relocating to a country to have excess baggage. When I first arrived at the Egypt Air counter at 12.10 am, I noticed that there was a short queue. It took me a maximum of 5 minutes to be assisted by an attendant – a polite 20-something lady. As she started to weigh each bag, I observed that there was no display of information at the counter about extra baggage charges. I had 2 suitcases, a laptop bag and a cabin luggage. I recalled the information on the Egypt Air website: 2 pieces of checked baggage (23 kgs each) and 1 hand luggage (8 kgs) is allowed. In addition to that, I was aware that a laptop bag/purse is allowed. This, I had verified with and an Ethiopian airline. Both had confirmed that every airline had an unsaid rule about a purse/laptop bag. After weighing my baggages, the lady informed me that the two bigger suitcases were good to go as together they weighed below 46 kgs. However, I had to reduce my cabin luggage because it weighed 11 kgs then.
    A counter manager present behind the other attendants, appearing to be in his late fifties was supervising the rest. He addressed the attendant, shouting loudly that no negotiations should be made and that I needed to pay. I was aware of the possibility of reshuffling the weight, but he mentioned nothing about that. I was willing to pay if there was any extra weight, although it seemed like there was none to me.
    The lady attendant was very understanding. She advised me to move clothes accordingly to adjust the weight. She kept a track of the time and told me to hurry as I had about 30-45mins to complete my check-in and board the flight. I reshuffled as instructed. On weighing the cabin baggage for the second time, we found out that it was still overweight. The lady was thoughtful enough to enquire if I had a friend waiting outside, and if I’d like to send back any extra luggage with a friend. This she said as she intended to reduce my extra baggage fee. Initially, I was told that I had to pay approximately 6000. I packed and removed clothes hastily as I kept looking at the clock.
    For my final check the lady directed me to another man while she left that counter, I assume to attend to something else. She reminded that I had to complete by 1 am. It was 12.45 pm then. I went ahead to this attendant to enquire about the new amount I’d have to pay. He was busy attending to a few other people then. Yet, I made an attempt to let him know that I was waiting for him. He kept informing me, “One minute, ma’am”. I waited, but my fear of the minutes ticking away urged me to keep insisting him to attend to me soon. He responded with the same answer every time. Minutes passed away just persisting this man. It was close to 1 am. I did not know what to do. My turn finally arrived at 1 am. The counter manager came ahead, fussed and seized my e-ticket, signalling his attendants saying that I was unwilling to pay. He instructed his juniors to lift my luggage off the transport belt. I was left appalled.
    I went up to him, requested and begged him to hear me out. That I was waiting in line for a long time. That he was mistaken. That I was ready to pay right from the beginning. He heard none of my pleas. The man appeared completely aloof, only addressing his attendants. I was helpless. I urged forward and was compelled to beg and plead to all of them to help me, or at the least speak to me about the procedure to sort it out. My head started spinning and I did not know what to do. Boarding that flight was very important for me. Tears started streaming down my face as I couldn’t believe what I did next. I knelt down and begged them. Never have I felt so helpless and humiliated in my life.
    I called my friends who came to just see me off at the airport. All they could do was ask me to request the attendants through calls. They waited helplessly for 6 hours outside the airport, while my mother who was in Meghalaya was at a loss for words. I was scared, angry, and disgusted being in that situation. I tried to fathom how I could be denied to fly for such a trivial matter. I didn’t think it was my fault. All I needed was the attendant to inform me about the extra charges (if any) and follow me through. The gate generally shuts 1 hour prior to the departure of the flight. My flight was at 2:20 am. I still had 1 hour 20 minutes. I have travelled overseas several times, with extra baggage too. No attendant or manager had dismissed me off earlier in this demeaning manner.
    My pleas of telling them that no one had attended to me within the time, that I wasn’t even informed about the extra cost, and that I never refused to pay remained unheard. Yes, initially the lady did give me an approximate round off amount. I was not late, had followed through the lady’s instructions throughout, and was willing to cooperate to pay whatever the amount is. The obnoxious behaviour from both the counter official and his juniors led me to disbelieve any other people. I got everyone’s attention but no one wanted to help, the airline officials totally ignored me and walked off to the gates leaving me with my luggage.
    I was not allowed entry to my flight. I was not even allowed to leave the departure terminal without an Egypt Air staff escorting me out. They arrived almost an hour later and I was permitted to leave. I am an avid traveller, I have gone through multiple check-ins procedures not only during domestic flights but overseas too. In this episode, I know that it was not a matter of being late, but the requirement of simple customer assistance. How was I to know that I was going to face a rude and crass person who authorized the cancellation of my check-in because I was negotiating for a cost? I don’t think negotiating is wrong either if I rightfully deserve it. I had been left greatly distressed that night Egypt Air. Due to this incident, I spent close to twice the amount for another ticket, was left emotionally drained, wasted my time, and had to disturb friends and family. I had enquired beforehand via email about the baggage details. I had attempted to even call an Egypt Air personnel but there was no response.
    I hope that this account of mine raises awareness and helps future travellers. I had to accept my fate unwillingly, but I earnestly hope nobody else has to. If I look at it, this was a form of harassment and discrimination because I see no other reason for such behaviour.
    Disappointed customer,
    Monica Fatogun

  3. Mohamed Wahab Reply

    I flew from London to Khartoum in Dec 2016. While in KRT I wanted to change my return trip to include 3 day stop in CAI before returning to LHR.

    I called an Egyptair travel agent who advised me that I need to go to Egyptair office to facilitate any change to an existing ticket. I asked him for Egyptair office phone number in order for me to call and ask about cost of change and some other simple info.

    The agent laughed and informed me that Egyptair office DO NOT answer the phone and that I have to go to them myself.

    I didn’t believe that statement and tried to call them as I live pretty far from the office. Unfortunately the travel agent was correct that NO ONE answers the office number and as it requests you leave a message, all you get is a full mailbox before you are abruptly disconnected. I am shocked by the fact that Egyptair boasts 3-flights-everyday between Khartoum and Cairo and yet they are not interested in answering the customer’s phone calls. I eventually had to do a long pointless drive to their office for an answer that I could have had over the phone. Shockingly poor and lazy service from a large busy office serving 3 trips a day route. Disappointed !!

  4. tunde Reply

    i want to ask, if i a stopover for 12hrs will the airline responsible for my hotel bill. for example am go to London from Lagos and am to have a stopover in Cairo from 9pm to 9am where will i stay and did i need a transit visa to Egypt.

  5. Awse Jameel Reply

    I flew with EgyptAir in Feb 22, 2016, from Baghdad (BGW) to Cairo (CAI)-20 hrs layover- then to New Your (JFK) next day from which I reached my final destination Phoenix (PHX). Lost my wife’s luggage in JFK (never picked), the baggage connection office of EgyptAir stated that the suitcase will be forwarded to PHX. Never heard from them, and they don’t have an office in PHX. Tried to call several times and left voice messages with no feedback; finally, I could reach their baggage claim office in New York, and they said we don’t have any missing bag with this tag (also, they stated that they checked by name-which I provided). Never received any feedback since then!!

    The suitcase tag# is (MS 801446), and it has my name tag in addition to a sheet of paper inside the pocket with my complete info!

    I will never fly with EgyptAir, they have ZERO customer service!

  6. Hoda Reply

    Worst airline ever. It was my first and last time traveling with your airline. Also worst customer services in the airport. Mohamed Gouda is very rude and should be fired, hr us very inpolite and very unfortunate to have a person like him represent your country, airport or airline. Very disappointed and does NOT recommend this airline to anyone.

  7. Muazu M.J Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I want to book a round trip from KAN Nigeria to KUL Malaysia on 9 February 2016 at £295 and on 01 June 2016 at £258. Making a total of £553 as seen on your mobil app today.
    But my Debit card is limited to only £300 per day, I have two debit cards.pls. advice me on how to make the payment for the round trip to benefit with the amount. More over, I can transfer the stated £553 at once. How can I solve this challenge pls.

  8. Nageeb Hussein Reply

    I booked return air ticket from : Bahrain – Cairo – Bahrain. Dept; 28/09 Return 06/10/2014
    I paid 153 BD (Bahrini Dinar); but it was mentioned in the air ticket a total of 145 BD including air fare; tax; airline surcharges.
    Please can you justify why I have to pay more 8 BD equal to 21.3 US$

    Waiting yopur reply.
    Nageeb Hussein

  9. Peter Reply

    RE: Ref- PEK MS 11457/ Damage to Equipment———1286/2014

    A few months back I booked in an induction hob when I was flying to my in-laws in China from Manchester UK via Cairo. By the time we reached Beijing this brand new hob was smashed to bits!! I emailed Egypt air in Cairo they offered me half the money for what it was worth I said no way, they came back and increased the offer slightly. They have all the receipts of me buying this in the UK 2 days before Egypt air smashed it to bits.

    I said I will accept the lower offer ( I’m already out of pocket). I have asked that I will purchase a new hob when I revive the money from Egypt air and I will have it delivered to Manchester airport and they can deliver it to China or give me the cost of the delivery. I’ve sent 8 mails and I’ve had no reply please can you advise.

    Kind regards

  10. Mahdi Reply

    Flew Egypt Air flight no 4D138 on April 11 to TLV directly,
    never received my luggage No. 0077MS900217.
    Filed a report No. TLVMS10942 in TLV.
    Also when returned to Cairo on 21 April I filed another report No TLVMS10947
    I still did not receive any news about my lost luggage,
    My Trip was a miserable experience without my luggage, purchased many items to survive these 10 days, now what you can do for me to compensate me, for the loss of my luggage.
    Awaiting your reply ASAP

  11. sameh Reply

    I bought a ticket from heliopolis sales office on 3 apr 2013. I paid with credit card 15580.00 LE, the ticket states that cancellation is permitted for cancel / no-show / refund. I went there for refund of ticket but they said they are gonna charge. Not fair!

  12. Ahmed Reply

    I was on flight MS915 flying from Abu Dhabi to Cairo. The plane was smelling horrible throughout the flight and when we were landing the plane tyre exploded. That was on 27-2-2013. Reason: negligence in maintenance before the plane flew from Abu Dhabi. Official Explanation for the accident: that the plane tyre deflated during landing…they described the tyre EXPLODING as a simple deflation!!! We almost died on that plane and they didn’t even give a shit after that, not a single apology and they even kept us waiting for THREE HOURS to get our luggage!

  13. John Stensing Reply

    Dear Sirs;
    This is to inform you of a matter that you may find helpful to those who depend on tourism for a living.
    We came into Egypt from Israel to Taba, then on to Sharm El Sheik. We had a 90 day “all Egypt visa” and valid passport. EgyptAir did not acknowledge our Egyptian visa, and would not allow us to fly from Sharm to Cairo, causing us to miss our connecting flight to New York USA. They insisted we needed a “Letter of guarantee”. One of your employees introduced us to his friend, who offered to “help”. This friend wanted $200 American dollars to write a letter. Then I realized this was illegal. Once I learned that this was illegal, I hung up the phone and walked away. Do Egyptian jails come with spa and jacuzzi? Can I get a cell with a view?

    After three hours, Customs informed them that they should have allowed us to fly. We paid for hotel, and meals that night. The next day, EgyptAir required us to pay approximately $120 American dollars to change our tickets, stating we missed our earlier flight. We informed them that we arrived at Sharm airport nearly 3 hours early with valid Visa and Passport, but their own airline personnel did not allow us to fly. They still required us to pay the $120, plus our own money for hotel, meals, etc.

    We considered returning to Egypt with two other family members in 12 months to see the pyramids and other attractions. We enjoyed meeting the people of Egyptian background and generously tried to tip hotel, taxi, tour guides and others who helped us. We enjoyed meeting many nice people, and seeing some tourist sights. However, we feel very insecure about how we would be treated if we ever returned. We lost more than a 1400 Egyptian pounds, and were delayed by a full day.
    We thought you may benefit from knowing how EgyptAir affects tourism in your country and those who depend on tourism to feed their families. We enjoyed our vacation, but will never return or use your airline.

  14. Bahaa Daoud Reply

    I am writing you on behalf of my father in regards to a lost baggage claim. My father tells me that his luggage was lost on his trip to Egypt on June 29, 2012 and, according to your company, he must go to Egypt to be reimbursed for his lost baggage.

    This is absolutely unacceptable. According to page four of your customer service document (found at:, you are liable for the loss of my Father’s baggage. With the loss of his baggage, my Father had barely any clothes for that trip and he lost many valuable gifts for his family in Egypt.
    Egyptair is 100% at fault and we rightfully and respectfully demand that a check be mailed to his home in New York.

    If you fail to take action, we will have no choice but to take you to court in the United States to rightfully reclaim our money. In addition, we will take this story to the news media to display the lack of attention to detail, unprofessionalism and disservice of your company towards its loyal passengers.

    I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your understanding,

  15. AE Reply

    Never fly Egypt Air:
    1. They will cancel your flight and not inform you
    2. They will misplace your luggage and if you’re lucky you’ll find it after 3 days
    3. They will delay your flight for hours expecially during the high season
    4. The staff is rude and inefficient, whether on the place, or in the travel agency
    5. The planes are filthy, mainly the bathrooms and food trays
    6. They never, ever, pick up the phone when you call the travel agency

  16. Marc Mielke Reply

    Before we boarded we were already joking about the flight attendees appearance.. we were early and could watch them boarding – passing us while we sere waiting. Bad, bad, bad. While the male ones were ok, the female ones looked/appeared unlucky & badly groomed… body language also indicated no motivation at all. Dresses/Appearance/Grooming as well as attitude were worse than what I have ever seen before when traveling. So we expected nothing special and feared the worse.

    Very uncaring – short of being unfriendly – service. One example: After serving the meal they where cleaning up faster than one could eat said meal.

    Definitely my first & last flight with EgyptAir.

    • Marc Mielke Reply

      To be fair I should say that I travel a lot with AirAsia in SouthEast Asia. Worlds apart! Groomed, always friendly and eager to make passengers happy.

  17. Clint Reply

    We just travelled from Cairo to JFK and came up one bag short. We have spent all day trying to call but nobody answers the phone. If anybody from Egyptair reads these, can you please call?? That bag is very important to us. Thank you,

  18. rabi Reply

    This was my worst flight ever. I was flying from dubai to nigeria,apart from the air hostesses being rude the plane was terrible.Then we landed in nigeria without our luggage and it has been one week now with no information whatsoever about were it is or when we are getting it back. Also i tried sending email but no one replied.

  19. AllaEldin Reply


    I am trying to do on line booking using visa card. Already, activated the account with my bank. But when reached to the step of payment after filling debt card details and pressed payment button, I received message saying ‘service not available at this time’. also,’ the transaction has been denied’. I contact my bank they said nothing wrong with web site of the bank. Pls, advise how to avoid this problem and paying on line. Thank you

  20. E.M. Reply

    Hello. How can I contact you?
    I have a question, I need to your email address
    I’m from Russia, Moscow office cant help me, and your site is not country of Russia.
    Often fly to Cairo. thank you

  21. Evans Kihuyu Reply

    Hello, am trying to contact egypt air offices in Nairobi but its not going thru’ there is something i want to confirm from them,

  22. Albache Reply

    Dear Sir
    On my arrival on JFK on Mars 23 2012 I found that my bag has been delayed.
    The baggage has been located and identified at Cairo airport, but unfortunately it hasnt been brought to JFK ??

  23. Yasser Seleem Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I reserved a ticket for my cousin through the website. And when he reached to the airport,he was informed that his eticket was cancelled and he must pay again for a new ticket to be able to travel, so he paid for the second time amount 1306 SR in addition to the main amount 1263 SR which I paid through e-ticket using my MasterCard for the same travelling dates. I contact the bank for refund of the amount and they tell me that the money is already delivered to Egypt Air account and I must contact you for refunding. Then I tried to go through the refund procedure at the web site to fill the required format. I tried many times to contact the eService center as per written on the e-ticket, but unfortunately nobody answers at any of the listed telephones numbers or even at the new number – 022297777 – which can be got from the answer machine. The eService center information written at the eTicket is as below. I also tried to contact your office through the telephone number listed at the website for the worldwide offices information, but no response.

  24. Bundit Reply

    I sent my email to [email protected] and [email protected] but none of them go through.
    I also tried to contact egypt air office in Cairo airport but no one picks up the phone.
    I was on a plane from Geneva to Cairo (MS772) on feb 4 arriving Cairo around 8pm. My seat was 22J and my girlfriend was sitting on 22K.
    I have left a black canon camera on the plane, if you could find it please let me know. We took a long vacation and these photos are all I have.

  25. Rahima Badat Reply

    In April 2011 my family of 8 and I chose egyptair as our choice of travel. We were on our way for umrah. As you may know to travel nowadays is quiet expensive. So we were looking forward to a joyful experience but unfortunately we had the worst experience with your airline and your airport officials.
    Our trip turned out to be a nightmare nobody wil want to go through.
    I know when a person travels one has to endure delays and some setbacks but the one we went through was absolutely not called for.
    Besides the delays we were lied to and made to go from one place to the other with our baggages, old parents and a 2yr old.
    We made a lot of Sabr and dua. We laid complaints to various people from egyptair but received no joy at all.
    This shows us that you have NO concern for your passengers at all. We have lots of family who frequently visit cairo and travel to Saudi and our advice to them after flying egyptair is don’t support your airline. We are planning another trip to saudi and this time we made sure that egyptair is not anywhere on our agenda. My heart goes out to all those people who were left at that airport waiting for so many hours only to be lied to over and over again. Especially the woman with young restless kids and the elderly.

  26. Oli Reply

    Egyptair is the worst airline I have ever used. Am stuck in Guangzhou airport and freezing in the cold with my colleague for 7 hrs coz the flight MS 959 did not arrive from Cairo. All your phone numbers in Guangzhou, Beijing and Cairo are not going through.

  27. Hurwitz Reply

    My wife flew from Jhannesburg to Cairo on Egypt air and lost her luggage. She has been running from pillar to post, but no help.

  28. Tarang Reply

    PLEASE Help me with the below. I am at a loss as to what to do. Its been 48 hours since EGYPT AIR lost my luggage and no one has been in touch. I have tried the e-mail address provided, I have tried to call lost luggage in Egypt and have had the phone put down on me and I have tried to call the local office in Dubai twice now and no one has returned my call after taking down my details…I deperately need my luggage or some information relating to it.

  29. Siti Reply

    Sir, I’m Malaysian.Currently , I in Madrid, Spain. I booked the flight from Madrid to Johannesburgh on 23/10/1011, Sunday.
    Reference NO : xx . I received a message, payment declined through Visa while making a booking. Please inform me if I will be able to collect the ticket with the same price ( 543.59 Euros) from ticket counter in Madrid, Spain.Pls.advise me urgently.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      fares keep if you checked the fare online already..try visiting the office same day to confirm the booking

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