Contact Clear (Wireless Internet): Find below customer service details of Clear wireless and mobile internet, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on Clear wireless, internet, Clear Sports, USB modems, Home modems or complaints on Clear services. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Clear products.

Clear Head Office
Clearwire Corporation
4400 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033-7353, United States
Phone: 888-253-2794

Clear Customer Service
Reach the below numbers for purchase of Clear products, payment queries or for technical support.
Phone: 877-981-8151 (general)
Phone: 877-499-6681 (sales)
Phone: 888-888-3113 (technical support)

Clear Store
Locate a Clear store nearest to your address. Click here to enter your zip code and find a nearby store.

Clear Packages
To check Clear packages online click here. Some of the packages include plans such as 4G Mobile and CLEAR Spot, On-the-Go Package, 4G Home and Two Mobile, 4G Home and Mobile + Wi-Fi Modem and USB, 4G Home and 4G/3G Mobile Duo Package, 4G Mobile Duo Package, Home Micro Package and more.

Network Coverage
To check Clear’s network coverage click here

Download Guides/Softwares
To download guides or softwares for your Clear devices, whether Clear Spot, USB devices or Modems click here.

Clear Forums
Have a question? Looking for specific answers? Use the Clear forums here

About Clear
clear wimax internet logoClearwire Corporation was founded in the year 2003. Branded Clear, the wireless internet service provider offers 3G and 4G WiMAX services. Headquartered in Washington, the company employs over 1,200 people. Besides US, Clearwire has its network operations in Belgium and Spain. Clearwire’s investors include Comcast and Time Warner Cable. As of 2008, Clearwire had over 440,000 customers. Clear has both home internet plans and mobile internet plans which run on 3G and 4G. The company products include Clear Spots (A device that lets you get connected while on-the-go. A basic device lets you connect to up to eight wi-fi enabled devices with 4 hour battery life), USB modems for fast internet and Home Modems to connect to 4G internet.

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  1. sara Reply

    I was with clear spot for three years always on time with all payments. I found a better service so I called them and told then to cancel my service. I paid always a month ahead and when I called to cancel on January 7, 2015, they said that they don’t refund any credits on your account because they only work by the month. What kind of business does this type of very poor business to there customers. Clear spot does, I want everyone to know to stay away.


  2. Charles Reply

    Eagler is 100% right!!! I’m as of writing going thru’ Eagler is experience trying to return malfunctioning equipment.The customer service staffs are trained to be absolute liars. No communication between the stores and the corporate customer service on line. Clearwire corporation is continously showing that it is a phony company.

  3. Eageler Reply

    Just liars! The US sales transferred me to a manager in Philliphines for exchange. We got cut off by a store phone with dead battery. When I called back first time this manager’s notes were readable. Customer service listens in on calls and DISCONECTS YOU when you complain or try to cancel. I recorded all calls and am posting it on youtube.

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