Contact China Eastern Airlines: Find below customer care details of China Eastern Airlines, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on China Eastern Airlines. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of China Eastern Airlines.

China Eastern Head Office
2550 Hong Qiao Road
Hong Qiao International Airport
Shanghai, 200335

China Eastern Customer Care
+86 21 95530 (China)
1-888-359-5108 (USA)
+44 121 281 3380 (UK)

Email China Eastern

International Offices
Paris +33 144 86 03 00
London +44 207 935 2676
Frankfurt +49 69 133 8930
Moscow +7 495 935 8828
Los Angeles +1 626 5831500
New York +1 212 6858685
Vancouver +1 604 6898998
Bangkok 00662-636-6980
Brussels 032-2-5028270
Busan 82-51-740-6088
Frankfurt 49-69-133-8930
Fukuoka 092-262-2000
Fukushima 0081-2409276688
Hiroshima 082-245-6623
Ho Chi Minh 008490-8834618
Kuala Lumpur 0060?3?21611666
Madrid 0034-91-5599889
Melbourne 0061-3-8635-1000
Moscow 007-495-9358828
Munich 0049-89-2103860
Nagasaki 095-828-1510
New Delhi 0091-11-43513166
Osaka 06-6448-5161
Paris 0033-?0?144860300
Seoul 82-2-518-0330
Singapore 65-62223456
Sydney 061-2-9290-1148
Tokyo 03-3506-1166

China Offices
Beijing 010-64681166
Chengdu 0028-86113276
Changsha 0731-4463638
Dalian 0411-82828266-700/800
Hefei 0551-2822357
Hangzhou 0571-87016688
Haikou 0898-66521367
Jinan 0531-87964445,0531-86077794
Kunming 0871-3121223
Nanjing 0025-99869986
Qingdao 0532-85735555
Shanghai 021-95530
Tianjin 022-24901985
Xiamen 0592-5206777


Eastern Miles
Eastern Miles is the frequent flier program of China Eastern Airlines. You can earn reward miles every time you fly with China Eastern Airlines or its partner airlines. To join the program or for more details click here

China Eastern Destinations
China Eastern destinations include Chicago, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Fukushima, Nigata, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Okayama, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Seoul, Cheju, Nagasaki, Sapporo, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Macau, Kunming, Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Singapore, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Moscow, Madrid and more.

About China Eastern Airlines
china-eastern-airlines-pictureChina Eastern Airlines was founded in the year 1988. The airline is China’s second largest and one of the world’s biggest. China Eastern Airlines operates from its hubs at Kunming Wujiaba International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. Currently, the airline flies to about 104 destinations including North America and Australia. China Eastern, according to one source, carried about 64 million passengers in the year 2010. Majority stake in the airline company is held by the Chinese government. In 2010, China Eastern merged with Shanghai Airlines, making the latter its wholly owned subsidiary.

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  1. K Naamani Reply

    Your website is the worst and most outdated I have ever come across.
    I spend so much time trying to make a booking and then when it comes to payment, the transaction freezes and never goes through. Most frustrating experience, every single time.
    I know that not one will read this and no one will care but I will let you know my frustration and share it with others as well.
    Time for you to invest in a new and better design and technology of your
    web page.
    ps Funny, after writing this, I could not send the message because the system froze again. So I have to cut and paste and use another site to send this message.
    I still have not booked my flight and I have wasted so much of my time trying to book.

  2. M. Erzincanli Reply

    Your Vancouver office staff requires very urgent customer service training. When I ask to talk to supervise, they pass the phone to Miss M. Just to hear the same answers. She turn out to be as rude as the first rep. and she was not even a supervisor. Subsequently she told me she is another sales rep. and another person just handed phone to her. I wonder they are high on drugs or they think this is a all just a funny joke.

  3. Russell Reply

    Your company is appalling!! No-one answers the chinese customer hotline (95530) it just cuts you off, and your online email submission form doesn’t work!!! To any prospective customers;- don’t book with this airline!!!

  4. gabriel lynn lee song Reply

    Your airline has the worst customer service i am so glad we could cancel all 5 tickets and got a full refund through visa chase platinum. For anyone that wants to book through china eastern airlines don’t do it. You will regret that choice for the rest of your life. No english speaking customer service even if you push one. They have 4 numbers and 3 of them constantly disconnect after waiting 45m. I hope this airline goes out of business. You would think first class customers would be treated better. NOTTT. Quadruple thumbs down.

  5. SH Reply

    I have been trying to reach the customer care number in NY, but I’ve been put on hold for at least 30 minutes both times before the line was just disconnected without anyone ever answering the phone. Please help! Is there a different number I should call?

  6. Andreas Steger Reply

    Last thursday i had to fly from kunming to guangzhou urgently because my passport was stolen in kunming. I booked a flight on wednesday afternoon through the internet and i choose china eastern airline, because of the best price. I did my payment with ny mastercard and everything was working out( i thought). When i was on the airport of kunming next day i tried to check in, but i wasn’t able, because they told me my ticket doesn’t have any number. I tried for a couple of times, but it didn’t work out. So at the end i had to buy a new ticket. I flew back in the evening of the same day and when i checked it in guangzhou the system shows suddenly that i booked 2 tickets at the same time. Nobody feels responsible for that. I tried to call the office many times, but they just connect from one to the next and the last days i spent money also for phone calls without success.

  7. chakradhar Reply

    i actually booked tickect on 23rd march and return on 13th april .i would like to change the return date of my ticket .plz tell me the procedure to change the date of return ticke

  8. sulav Reply

    my wife is coming via MU564 from delhi to beijing via shanghai on feb8 2012 .her etkt no is 7813573658620.what are the procedures in shanghai ? transit time is very less. plz reply me soon as possible.will anyone help her in shanghai ?i called u in your hotline no but it says its invalid.

  9. Anna Lee Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to write and compliment Ms. Su Hui, an airhostess for my flight, MU505 from Shanghai to Hong Kong, on 29 January (Sunday).

    My sister was very tired and did not eat dinner during the flight. When Ms. Su Hui came by a second time to give us ice cream, she remembered that my sister had slept through dinner and asked if she would like something else to eat. My sister said she didn’t want anything, and Ms. Su very courteously asked if she would like a glass of water instead. My sister said she would and Ms. Su got her a glass of water immediately.

    I am pleasantly surprised at such personal service and knowing it was a fairly full flight on an A300 I am completely amazed that Ms. Su remembered my sister missed dinner.

    Thank you so much for having wonderful people like Ms. Su Hui on your staff who smiled the whole time and was very pleasant. I just got home, but I felt a need to compliment such outstanding service. I will tell my friends about such good service.

    A belated Happy Chinese New Year.

    Anna Lee

  10. Hartmut Kabbe Reply


    we are booked on your flights from Bangkok (see my booking information at the end of this mail).
    Unfortunately it is not possible to book seats on your website, so i try do do it this way.
    Because I’m nearly 2 meter high I would prefer to sit on the security seats. I’m familiar with the security procedures because I’m a frequent flyer.
    Can you book us on 2 of these seats and confirm the booking via email.

    Thanks a lot for your service
    Hartmut Kabbe



    • customer help Reply

      you can speak with the reservation desk over phone and they shall do the needful

  11. Chen Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I made a refund request online. My ticket no.: 781-4495285645

    I had called to enquire on the refund fee on previous occasion and was informed the refund fee is RMB300. As such, I went ahead to request for the refund of the above ticket based on the understanding that the refund fee would be RMB300. In my refund request, I also clearly stated my understanding that the refund fee would be RMB300 [i.e. I was expecting a refund of RMB4,071 (RMB4,371-RMB300)].

    I was shocked when I checked the status of the refund online yesterday and found out that the refund fee for the above ticket was RMB3,190 and my refund amount is only RMB1,181.

    I have tried to call the hotline to explain my situation but was not able to get anyone who could speak english (in fact all the time when I call the hotline to request for english, I end up with a Mandarin speaking officer). Had I known the refund fee is 75% of what I had paid, I would not have requested for refund. Also, as I had clearly stated my understanding that the refund fee is RMB300 in the refund request, I had hoped that your staff could have called to inform me about the actual refund fee before processing the refund.

    My family and I have been flying China Eastern airline to travel between Singapore and China on numerous occasions and will definitely do so in future. Even when your website was faulty (due to the online payment restrictions on international credit cards) we continued to support and purchased tickets from China Eastern.

    In this regard, I hope that you can consider charging a refund fee of RMB300 for my above refund request on the basis of goodwill.

    Thank you very much in advance and happy holidays.


  12. wannalee Reply

    I have a booking for 3 trainners to SHIENGHI on 12 Oct but the seat is still not confirmed ..sad

  13. Johno Polo Reply

    I always get a little cynical when a company has phone numbers and fax numbers in their contact details but don’t include email addresses. Why not I wonder … what are they afraid of?
    In the case of China Eastern Airlines, it’s actually worse: instead of email addresses they have a web form that one must complete – which I duly did – but it doesn’t work ( Hahaha … yes, perhaps they think that’s very funny – a Chinese joke of sorts. I don’t get it though …

  14. Bas Plaisier Reply

    Dear madam / sir
    I am living in Hong Kong and a member of KLM / Skyteam Frequent Flyer program and get for all my flights airmiles.

    Currently Eastern Airlines joined the Skyteam and this is for us a reason to choose Eastern Airlines for our flights in China.

    My question is: a would like to fly from Hong Kong to Kunming and then to Baoshan. Several days later I fly from Dali to Kunming and then to Hong Kong back – can I get miles for these flights and the second question: how many miles?

    I hope to hear from you, so that I can book these flights

    Warm regards

    Dr. Bas Plaisier
    Hong Kong

  15. Yvette Duindam Reply

    Dear colleague,

    We received a complaint from our client Mr. Olaf concerning the cancelation of flight MU5183 Beijing – Shanghai on June 6th 2011.

    We booked a ticket for our client Mr. Olaf te Spenke

    6 June Amsterdam – Beijing KL 897
    8 June Beijing – Shanghai – Amsterdam MU5183 and KL896

    Unfortunately flight MU 5183 on 6 June was cancelled, so Mr. Olaf needed to buy a new ticket. So we kindly ask you to investigate this case and reimburse the extra cost to our client.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and in case of any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Services

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