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BlackBerry Customer Care
1) Phone: +1-519-888-9137
+44 1753 558 410 (UK)

2) 1800-4253-720 (call this only if you purchased your phone from a retailer)

Email Support
[email protected] or
[email protected]

BlackBerry India Service Centres
Airtel: 7070 (BlackBerry toll free) & 98714 27070 (from any phone)
Vodafone: 98 (BlackBerry toll free) & 98200 98200 (from any phone)
Reliance Mobile: *363 (BlackBerry toll free) & 30336363 (from any phone)
Tata Teleservices: 121 (Postpaid) & 12524 (Prepaid)

BlackBerry Head Office
Research In Motion
295 Phillip Street
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3W8
Tel: (519) 888-7465
Fax: (519) 888-7884

– Manufacturing Facility
Research In Motion
451 Phillip Street
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3X2
Fax: (519) 888-0021

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About BlackBerry
blackberry-mobileBlackBerry was launched in 1999 by the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) which was founded by Mike Lazaridis. The BlackBerry smartphone is the fifth most popular mobile device in the world. BlackBerry products and services are used by millions of people around the world. RIM has robust growth in Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Western Europe. The company had approximately 14,000 employees at the end of fiscal 2010. As a matter of fact, RIM has about 550 carriers and distribution partners in 175 countries. And over 250,000 organisations around the world are using BlackBerry Enterprise Server. BlackBerry Internet Service is available in 91 countries on over 500 mobile service operators. The latest BlackBerry (Torch 9800 smartphone) has 8GB memory, 5MP camera, integrated social feeds, faster browsing, and more.

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  1. K M Joseph Reply

    The Manager

    Dear Sir

    I have been using Blackberry phones for the past 6 years and an ardent fan of the mobile. I have been using this mobile not as a fancy piece but for the easy conduct of my business with buyers in Richmond USA. I bought this BB Classic for its bigger screen as I was not able to see documents clearly on my former Bold.

    I have been using BB 8320, 8300, 9320, 9780 & Z3 and all those phones are with me even now in good working condition except Z3 which I returned to the online seller, Flip kart, because it had similar problems.

    I am listing below the problems I am facing with this mobile.
    1. From the beginning the phone hangs frequently, even after many attempts the mobile does not reboot.
    2. While you are talking the phone hangs.
    3. At times the swipe acts a bit slow.
    4. Most of the times the calls do not come through.
    5. You search for a number, type the person’s name the number does not come, when you search on the contacts after great delay it shows the name when you press call, it says this number is unknown.
    6. If the name I search is JOSEPH MATHEW, whichever way I search, the number does not appear.
    7. Most of the times there will be no connection; connectivity is dead with a red cross. I had gone to my service provider thinking it is their connectivity problem, there I found the connections are working very well. I have tried rebooting many times even then also it does not work.

    Even when I say all this, I am a real fan of BB and its amazing dedicated Mail server with which Business people like me live. I think I will have to go back to my Curve or Bold which does not have much features but does not have any troubles like this.

    This phone was purchased on March 6th, 2015. I had mailed to Ensure Support Services (India) Limited who looks after your service. They have politely washed their hands off saying they do not accept or service BB’s nowadays. I am the very few people still using a BB. Hope you will read my mail and do the needful.

    Thanks and regards
    K M Joseph

  2. Tarun Reply

    I have purchase a new Blackberry Z10 last week from a retail shop who is authorized distributor of Blackberry handsets in Chandigarh last week.

    But since them i am not able to get the sim working in that handset only. I have visited the support office in the city as well as the distributor for the same problem but they are saying that it will not support Reliance Punjab sim card.

    This information was not communicated before the purchase, but now they say that Reliance Punjab sim card will not work in Blackberry Z10.

    I have purchased this for a huge amount of Rs. 43500. But i am not getting any support from your side, i am visiting daily to the Blackberry care center & the distributor to solve the problem but it is not helping.

    Please solve this problem asap, or else refund my amount otherwise i have to go to consumer court & get the same.

    Please treat this as urgent & last warning from my side, this is very disappointing from the side of Blackberry.

  3. Anil SV Reply

    Redington India Ltd, Bangalore (Blackberry Service center). I want to bring this to your notice.

    Have given my blackberry 8520 for service and fading to get update from them.

    They have provided 2 different numbers and still no one answers any of your calls. I tried for 4 days continuously without any success. Haven`t seen any service provider who is so unreachable. Leave alone getting service, I can`t even get a simple information out of them!

    Few points noted below:

    * Very poor knowledge of BlackBerry devices
    * Wait time is very high.
    * Queue system is poorly maintained.
    * Turn-around-time for a BlackBerry to be serviced and returned is obnoxiously high.
    * Clear time of delivery is not promised to the customer, which leaves the customer in the lurch.

  4. Praveen Roy Reply

    Hi Sir

    My name is Praveen Roy and I have a concern in regards to the service station of Blackberry at Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.
    I have sent my Blackberry Curve set for the repair to the service station and after 7-8 days. I gt my Mobile set at my home through courier and that too after repeated follow ups from my Dad and me too.
    But when i saw the headset then most of the parts were badly in shape and they have been exchanged already.

    Please take some appropriate action for this issue.
    I certainly appreciate your effort.

    My contact details are :
    Praveen Roy
    Mob: 09873034825

  5. Amit Tayade Reply

    I was experiencing issues with my BlackBerry 9790 device (purchased on 16th December 2011 from JK Next, Thane). It was getting restarted every 10 minutes. I had given it to repair on Feb 1 2013 at Blackberry’s Thane city’s authorized service center.
    I collected my phone post repair on Feb 14 2013 and I was still experiencing the same issue. The same evening I tried reaching Blackberry Customer Service # 1800 425 3720 but could not reach anyone. As a result I wrote a email to customer service on [email protected].

    I got the response that I need to visit the Thane Center again. Accordingly I visited the Thane center today but received worst customer service experience ever. The person who was at counter was rude & not trained enough to handle dissatisfied customer. Worst my problem was not addressed on priority, again I was made to fill the job sheet even though I was coming back with same unresolved issue and had written the email about it.

    After assessing the device, he says now there is a problem with battery and may be with the software. And it will take another 5 to 6 working days to resolve it. This is unacceptable. I had already lost 2 weeks without the phone and now one more week, it is completely unacceptable. This is the third time in last 6 months I have faced problem with my blackberry device.
    As a consumer I feel cheated. Due to poor Blackberry product and service, I experienced a lot of inconvenience in my professional & personal life.

  6. Aju K George Reply


    I bought a BB Curve 9220 on 14-Jul-2012 from UniverCell outlet in Bangalore with IMEI# 352660057360674. My Phone started giving problems with the End button & constant hanging. I gave my BB for service at Redington (India) service outlet on Cunnigham Road with WON# 05388, on 25-Aug-2012 (Saturday). I was not given a standby phone. I received my phone back on 08-Sep-2012 (Saturday). My BB continued to give me the same problems again. I gave my BB for service at Redington (India) service outlet on Cunnigham Road with WON# 06009, for the same complaints. As per their feedback, BB is in Delhi & techicians are observing why its keep hanging consistently. My BB which was replaced with another piece of the same model started exhibiting the same problem 2 days after I got it back. I’m trying to see if BB can replace my set at the earliest, as per my chat with the Blackberry Suppport Executive in Houston, who directed an e-mail to Redington (India) to ship me a new piece. I’m yet to receive it.
    I’m tired of running pillar to post. its high time that BB India either refund my money spent or provides me with a new BB ASAP.

    Please let me know, if you are aware of any Escalation channels.

  7. Faisal Shaikh Reply

    Since i have brought your handset i am facing issues with the battery, backup etc. I have given my handset to your Redington India Ltd authorized service center in Pune. My work order no is PUN/BB/12/10293. Every time I visit the office, they keep asking to come after every 2 days. It is sad. Now they are saying they sent the mobile to Mumbai.

  8. Ramesh Chandwani Reply

    I purchased a blackberry mobile model 9220 just 3 months ago and the keypad is not working in this mobile. I gave this mobile to the service centre at Satyam Communication, Noida “two times” last on 27.9.12 but till now I have received my mobile phone nor they are giving me proper reply. When I try to call they never pick up the phone.

  9. mayur pandey Reply

    I had purchased a Blackberry 9320 on June 20th 2012 from Vijay Sales Borivali (Mumbai) India.

    On September 14th 2012 while using all of sudden my handset display screen got blank.

    I reported same to Black Berry Service center at Thakkar Shopping Mall Borivali West on 15th September 2012. They had checked the handset and replied saying that it is a Display Problem and same can repaired under warranty.

    It was really too hard to understand how can two months old handset have such issues.

    Today 25th September 2012 had received email from [email protected] as well as call from no 8689884704 informing that my given handset has liquid damage and its irreparable. She had given an option of paying Rs. 12500/- to get handset replaced.

    Firstly I want make point my handset hasn’t came with any liquid contact in this period. Even at time of submission of handset, its led light and keypad light was working.

    Executive at Service Center had clearly mentioned it was display problem. It is really frustrating to understand that I have to pay excess amount for something which has not happened. I have been a devoted blackberry user since 6 years now, it is heart breaking to witness this type of service.

    I pride myself of on owning a blackberry since so many years.
    Today that feeling has been diminished to a great extent.

  10. Lokesh Nidhish Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is in reference to my Blackberry Handset Torch9860 which i purchased on 18/7/2012 from Skycom Communication,Shop No.4,Central Market,Lajpat Nagar,New Delhi.

    At the time of purchasing i was told that the handset is currently having OS 7.0 which needs to be upgraded to OS 7.1, so after few days i upgraded the OS 7.0 to OS 7.1 from BB service center,Lajpat Nagar,New Delhi.

    After using for couple of days i started facing problems of Hanging and sudden switch off in the handset. Initially this problem was once or twice a day but later on, this increased to multiple times in a day. I contacted the retailer and told him about the problems in the handset. The retailer told me that this problem may be due to the OS and it needed to be sent at BB service center. So, i went to BB service center,Lajpat Nagar,New Delhi and they told (in writing) me that these problems are due to the 3G connection, although i have already selected both 2G&3G type of network mode in my mobile network option.

    Apart from the above problems, currently the processing speed of my handset is also slowdown. In short i am facing three problems as of now-

    1. Hanging
    2. Auto switch off
    3. Slow processing speed.

    I bought this handset to make my work more efficient while using 3G connections, but its very disappointing to say that i am facing only problems since started using this handset.

    I therefore, request you to kindly review my case and take necessary actions asap, or else replace my handset with a new handset or refund the amount.

  11. vishwaman Reply

    i bought BB9300 last year dec. just after 3 months the phone got out of order. I gave it for servicing. then they replaced the handset. again after 6 months the handset got out of order.
    i am getting frustrated with this phone. this is sheer design failure or whatever it may be. i would never recommend anybody to buy BB Curve 9300.

    • Manvendra Reply

      I have given my phone for repair as trackball and keys were not working. Work order no is JAI/BB/12/2736..Still no reply!! Nobody concerned. It was given at Redington Jaipur on 18/8/12 & everyday they give new excuse. They we just collect the sets don’t ask for exact date. Just keep on enquiring every 5 days. I am fed up by their unprofessional approach. Kindly Help !!

    • santosh chakraborty Reply

      I am also using BB9900 . Phone is one year old and hangs up. Lost all data twice. Local service person in Pune is adament and does not want to address the issue saying phone is ok. he seems to be thinking that we have enough time to play around. It is a shame that Black Berry is treating corporate customers like this. and that too with such costly phones.

  12. arti katyal Reply

    There are people in the system who act as the brand ambassadors of the organization and are not even ready to understand the problem of the customer.

    Since the day I have purchased the new handset on 24th june 2012 I have been facing the following problems.

    I am really fed up with the handset as my business is suffering for the same.

    The handset is Faulty as has some problems and need to be replaced on urgent basis.

    I had purchased the Blackberry 9380 Curve Black Handset from the so called Exclusive store named SK ENTERPRISE, where in the problem of getting hanged and automatically dialing is there from the very next day of purchase.

    I contacted the store from where I had purchased the same but they never did anything on the same, moreover the response was the worst as if I had done a blunder by purchasing the BLACKBERRY HANDSET.

    After contacting them again a week before they asked me to contact the local service center which is being managed by a third party REDINGTON INDIA. After looking at the handset the local service center asked me to drop the handset at their office which in turn will send the same handset to their regional office in Bangalore for solving the actual issue and totally denied that there cannot be any replacement as the handset is one month old.

    I am fed up with the response these establishments are showing on their part and feeling ill-treated by buying a BLACBERRY handset.
    Let me be very clear if I had purchased a smart phone for my daily routine activities of my business i should have not faced a problem and my business would not have suffered but it’s totally opposite as I am not able to use the phone for my business since the day I have purchased and taking out time and visiting these establishments as retailer and service center is absolute waste of time.

    Please treat this mail of at most importance and help me resolve the issue with replacement of the faulty handset as I do not want my handset to be repaired or to be upgraded.

  13. amir rahman Reply

    I purchased a mobile phone blackberry 9790 on dated 20.04.2012. With in three months I am facing voice problem and phone hanging. I visited to nearest customer care i.e. Redington India Limited, 112/8, Benajhabar main road, opposite sachiv nivas, Kanpur. Phone no 0512-3062905.

    After a long wait, he listen my problem and said- we will have to install software again. I ask her “ are u sure problem will be solved”. She said if not solved, then you will have to submit mobile here and it will take 20 to 25 days.

    I did the same, they reinstalled software and I lost all my data.

    But, since yesterday night I am facing again same problem, when I make a call or receive a call I cant hear the caller’s voice.

    Your customer care (Redington) is asking to give them phone for 20 to 25 days.
    I am spending Rs. 25000/- for a big brand and it’s poor services.

  14. Naresh Gupta Reply

    I have Blackberry curve. From last fews days, it hangs up automatically and start itself. It is not functioning well. Kindly resolve my problem.

  15. Rohit Ebenezer Reply

    I purchased a Blackberry 9220 from Buzz retail India pvt ltd, Delhi on the 30th of June and have been running to this store since then. After I purchased my phone and reached home I realised the keypad lock button gets jammed every 3 or 4 hours and the keypad refused to work. I took it back to the store and they re installed the battery and assured it will not happen again. But same problem repeated. Now they ask me to take it to customer service center and get a dead phone report. Only then he will replace the handset. I am a working person, and I cant afford this running around due to the company’s manufacturing fault. If I dont return within 15 days, am warned I cannot get a new handset. Does someone in your company look into quality standards and customer satisfaction?

    Details of purchase:
    Bill no 209, dated 30 june12
    IMIE 35660054103028

  16. P K jain Reply

    I purchased a blackberry mobile just 3 months ago and the keypad is not working in this mobile. I gave this mobile to the service centre at Laxmi Nagar, Delhi on 28.6.2012. When I try to call the customer support, phone (40586934 and mobile) is always busy. I just want to confirm whether I can collect back my mobile.

  17. mritunjay kumar patel Reply

    I have a very bad experience with Blackberry, i have a torch phone which has several issues. I got a response from Blackberry saying:

    “Your Black Berry handset bearing IMEI no. 355465048551754 given for service against the Workorder no xfs/bb/12/00965 was sent to Blackberry High Level Repair Center for further repairs.
    The handset did not meet warranty criteria. The handset is irreparable due to liquid and connector need to change
    We apologise for the inconvenience. The handset will not be considered in warranty.
    The handset can be repaired on chargeable basis,the estimation of the repair/replacement is Rs. 5065/-
    You are requested to confirm by written mail if you are interested in repairs.”

    Why are you charging me when my phone is in warranty? This is unfair business!!

  18. somnath hazra Reply

    Dear blackberry users,
    I am also using blackberry model curve and have encountered so many problems. I already have changed my handset two times but still the problem exists and now a new problem arises. It gets restarted and randomly calls to any number even though i dont dial. Hope some one can proivde me with the email id so that i can send them a mail apart from running to their service centre.

  19. Prasad Reply

    I have a BLACKBERRY CURVE 8520 since past 2 years.
    For past few days, the screen of the set has become WHITE. I searched the net and i found it is a common problem with BLACKBERRY. I tried few tricks as told by various forums. But the WSOD( white screen of death) didn’t go. I can still receive calls, but i cant see CALLER NAME’. I also got messages which i am not able to see.

    I went to authorised service centre of Blackberry. They told that the LCD screen is to be changed and the cost will be around Rs. 6600 / $ 120 only !!!!!
    I returned with BIG SHOCK !!!

    I then tried to find latest price of curve 8520. On flipkart and Naptol it is Rs 8999/- or $ 163

    Guess, once a BlackBerry becomes faulty it is only best to be thrown. No point of customer service and technical repair!

  20. priti gupta Reply

    I have been an ardent user of blackberry phone for last 3 first phone was bb curve which I purchased from US in year 2008…last november (6th nov 2011) I purchased a new blackberry curve again from a shop in kolkata, india(bhajanlal commercial ,42 a shakespeare sarani kolkata)..after 4 days only that phone got some software problem..I gave the phone for servicing..after 15 days my phone was replaced….on 5th of may 2012 i purchased a new phone from same dealer ( torch 2 9810).After 2 days the speaker of that phone wasnt working. I took the phone to the shop. They did the resetting , speaker started working that time again after one week speaker of the phone wasn’t working. I gave the phone..after 15 days i was told to take a new box…on 6th june 2012 i was given a new box of torch 2 9810..again today ie on 18th of June 2012 the phone speaker isnt working. I gave the phone for repair..bhajanlal guys said they cant replace the phone..they will send it for servicing..I am very troubled with this problem as my daily work is getting hampered over and over.This is great harassment and I am shocked to see such technical faults in such a big company like blackberry. This is extremely disappointing.

  21. manisha arora Reply

    After going through all the above comments I dont think there is any point in writing any further. My plight is the same as all the above, and I feel like adding the choicest four letter words to the list. Your service and customer support really STINKS, ITS THE LOUSIEST I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS. I shall never recommend blackberry to anyone. I have not been able to use my new phone for even a day. Ever since I have bought it, it is lying with Satyam Communication at Noida and i dont know if I will ever get it back.

    • somnath hazra Reply

      I do agree with you as i have faced the same problem with their service centre. Better to use some local phones rather then investing time and money for blackberry.

  22. vinay goel Reply

    I have given my bold 3 handset for repair under warranty and it’s been 10 working days i haven’t got it back. it’s submitted in Noida sec 18 service centre. now they are saying they dont know when it will come. i am going to consumer court against black berry and will send a notice to this crap company.

  23. Dr.Subhash Mishra Reply

    i had bought a blackberry handset , model : torch 9800 no. 353489048522757 vide bill no. 85C1101985 dated 20/08/2011 from Lotus, Raipur
    after a week, i encountered battery and some software problems for which i had to get it repaired from the service center. not only this, but after some time, the polish on front panel has started fading from the edges and has increased to a level of ugliness.
    i don’t expect this from such an expensive model of a renowned brand of blackberry.
    i had gone to the service center but they informed me that this is a cosmetic problem now and gave me an e-mail address to contact. but surprisingly, the email address was not valid.
    i wonder is the the level of customer care from such big brand !

  24. Aridaman Reply

    I have got Blackberry 9530, and service provider is airtel.
    The Airtel services are working fine but i cannot use Blackberry services its still showing edge in lower case only.
    I had called Airtel Customer care they were telling that the Blackberry services are activated but the Blackberry phone is not registered in Blackberry server.
    Please assist me how to register my Blackberry 9530 phone so i can use my Blackberry services.

  25. saurabh thawrani Reply

    Are you guys fraud?..i called your customer care, they dont pick up…and even if they pick up..they just make me listen a long music of more than 20 min. and then disconnects. When i try to contact you through your web doesnt open up.

  26. Anant Arora Reply

    Hi..I purchased Blackberry curve..model no 8520…when i bought BB i was very excited..but now i regret that why the hell i bought this phone…problems i am facing right now are:
    1. my new phone bluetooth was not working…i went to service center..they repaired it..then next problem popped up..
    2. my phone gets hanged after that…i again went to service center…they said,” sir there is no problem…trust me…no issues with the phone..”
    3. yesterday that is 26th April’12…my phone stopped working…its under warranty…i went to service center they blamed me…that you should have come before….n blah..blah…

    First of all they dont understand customer’s problem…then they misbehave with customers…never deliver it on time…and lots more…the guy in the service center started blaming me.. the very first day when i told him the problem i was facing that time no action was taken…now he was blaming me…misbehaving with me and took my phone and asked me to come back after 2 weeks…there are many customers who gave their phone and are coming on a regular basis to service center…Service center is in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi…that guy who misbehaved with me sits with some Mr. Himanshu…I want my phone within 2 weeks …and I hope that BB will take some serious action against them and will try to solve this issue asap…

  27. Jayanta Reply

    Bought a Blackberry Playbook few months back but now it is not getting charged and I am struggling to find a Service Centre in Mumbai .
    Pathetic to the core and I recommend all not to buy Blackberry products or may get into trouble if it requires service .
    Call centre is not reachable and have no idea about their own service network . What a miserable situation .

    No one to escalate the situation as they have imported only in India.
    Playing with security of India , supporting …… , extremely dissatisfied with Blackberry products

  28. Shiddalingappa Reply


    I have bought the Blackberry 8520 curve on 02/08/2011 in Bangalore. I had faced the problem in the handset in the
    month of Jan 2012 like SIGNAL FLUCTUATION, NO BATTERY BACK UP, when i visited Redington they told there is a software problem in the
    handset. They took one week to reload the software and I got my handset in the Jan end. After using for couple of months i was getting

    When it is under warrany period i am facing same problem twice within 6 months so after completing the warranty what will be the guarantee
    that the issues wont repeat?????

    So kindly take this above mentioned handset and send it to your Blackberry R & D Dept to diagnose the issue.

    I am really not interested to take the same old handset, Requesting you to give me the replacement.

  29. JAYA PRAKASH Reply

    I brought Blackberry model8520 at Rs 8500/ at Mahalakshmi Collections, Jayanagar 4th Block,Bangalore,India on 14 th April 2012.
    On 16 th April 2012 an advertisement appeared on the front page of the Times of India ,Bangalore stating that buy any model smartphone blackberry and avail a free gift Hipstreet Bluetooth Handset
    I went to the above shop
    He refused to give the free gift saying that he has no gift
    I think this advertisement is misleading
    Kindly help

  30. yashveer Reply





  31. Feize Mohommod Reply

    Dear Concern,

    Sorry to say Vodafone customer care is pathetic. I have purchased BlackBerry phone, model nos. 8520 & new Vodafone connection only due to BBM service free for 1 year. Though I am a loyal customer of Tata-Indicom for last 8 years. Soon after opting for Vodafone connection, had to visit 3 times Vodafone gallery in Margao [Goa – India] which was of no use & made so many calls to customer care. You can check the voice recording or the nos. of calls made TO CUSTOMER CARE. Everything was in vain.

    First place customer care executive is not aware of the product & the services provided. From the day of buying the handset & Vodafone connection consecutive 4 days had to call customer care. Staff at Vodafone gallery & customer care executive was not aware that BBM is free on 8520. Bluntly said 1 year BBM free service is not available on Model 8520. Had to speak to senior manager at customer care, which he assured me that will not be having any further problem on BBM. Soon after 1 month BBM was deactivated.

    This afternoon [27th March] at 15:25 spoke to Mr. Dutta and he connected to technical department. As they also could not assist me wanted to speak to senior person. As all senior managers were busy, got an assurance senior manager will get back to me within 4 hours. Never received any call until 19:30 hrs. As usual had to make another call to customer care, spoke to Mr. Sanjay. He kept me on hold for 25 minutes saying connecting to senior manager. Due to no response self had to disconnect the call.

    Requesting you to please look into this matter.

  32. shariq Reply

    I have purchased BB curve 9360. Its battery is giving me backup of two hours when I am using it. I just bought it 3 days ago. I have been saving my hard earned money to buy this set. Seems to be a waste of money?

  33. Puneet Jain Reply

    literally so poor service of blackberry.i have purchased Blackberry curve 9300 3G from Maharashtra 8 months back and the problems have started arising and even no service centre of the same in Jalandhar city. The main problem is that my speakers have got damaged and the voice is not clearly audible while i am talking to someone. a lot of disturbance is there. i think Blackberry should improve their services to great extent. On one hand, thousands of users are using blackberry smart phones and tablets and on the other hand, problems are undoubtedly occurring at an alarming rate. Please i humbly request to the providers of this company, please improve the technical assistance at least for sake of their persistence in this world.

  34. rama K Reply

    Dear ,
    I want to place order for blackberry storm 9530 through dealmonster. But the online feedback are not very good. Can i know these people are authorised dealer or not someone are saying that they give us verzina mobile so software issue comes. In that case will blackberry will offers services and customer support or not ?

  35. SUNIL Reply

    BB 9900 is the worst invention ever made by RIM even rim too failed to resolve the hardware issue s

    • Kishore Kotecha Reply

      I bought 9900 in November and since Jan 24th my 9900 has been in service till today 26th Feb 2012!!!! All sort of problems … Hardware … Software…. If you give for solving one issue it comes back with many more new problems.

      • Ankur Reply

        i am having the same problem with my phone (9900) …… i am planning to file a suit against the company through consumer court…

  36. dev Reply

    I have bought BB CURVE 8520 in october 2010. I have some problem with this handheld, the battery power is very low. And in the display screen some vertical lines are moving up and down… And the display contrast automatically is set high..
    Can anyone suggest me how can I solve this problem?

  37. Shakun Jain Reply

    I bought a blackberry 8520 2 months ago from Singapore and wanted to use it in India. The phone asked for a country code in order for the sim card to function. Unfortunately there were only 10 tries to enter the code and they ran out. I havent been able to use my phone since i bought it. What can i do?

  38. Bhatnagar Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Torch 9810.
    Purchased in India, Maharashtra, Thane.

    My Blackberry went dead and i submitted the same to Ccom Telecommunications, Eternity Mall, Thane, India on 14 Jan 2012.
    Ph – 022 40242604

    The instrument is dead and there is no reply from the service centre,.
    My business is getting affected as there is no replacement also.

  39. Arun Reply

    i purchased a blackberry mobile and now its trackpad is not working..i will definetly complaint the same on CNBC AWAAZ

  40. Prakash Reply

    My mobile phone is having manufacturing defect. For the last two months I am trying to get it rectified, however the same has not been rectified, despite visiting the service centre in New Delhi at least six times.The mobile phone was also sent to the repair center for two times for 7 days each time. The email sent to the blackberry support is pasted below, for which I am still awaiting for response for the last four days:


    I had purchased Blackberry Bold 9780 IMEI 357963042676393, from Star Mobile Ltd. UG-231, Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070 on 10.09.2011. The aforesaid mobile phone some times used to hang, after only few days of its purchase. However, from 15.11.2011, when the phone starts ringing due to incoming call, the green switch for receiving call does not connect the incoming call even after pressing it and the mobile gets blank and gets switched off on its own and does gets on even after pressing the power button. As such, I am not able to use the phone and I am facing tremendous difficulty being unable to receive and make calls. That on 17.11.2011, I sent an e-mail, pointing out the aforesaid defect in my mobile phone. Thereafter, as suggested from your side, I went to your authorised service centre at Beechams M-6, Cannaught Place, New Delhi and there software was reloaded and I was given assurance that now there will be no problem, as the defect has been rectified.

    However, on the same day I realised that the aforesaid defect is still there in the mobile phone, but due to my time constraint and busy schedule in Courts, I could only go again at the aforesaid service centre in the first week of December, 2011 and I made a request that since there is some manufacturing defect and the same has not been able to rectified, the mobile phone should be replaced, by a new mobile phone. However, I was given assurance that the defect will be
    completely rectified by reloading the software. Again at the service centre, they reloaded the software and again I was assured that the defect has been completely rectified. However, the very next day the same defect again surfaced, while receiving an incoming call. Thereafter, again due to my busy schedule, I could go to the service centre only on 24.12.2011 and again made a request that since it is established that there is some manufacturing defect, the mobile phone should be replaced, by a new mobile phone. However, the person at the service centre, stated that they will be sending the mobile phone to the repair center and the defect will be rectified and if it does not then the blackberry company will replace the defective set with a new mobile phone. Then the mobile phone remained in the repair centre for a week and the same was given to me on 31.12.2011 and I was told that the defect has been totally corrected. However, again the same defect appeared the very next day ie, on 01.01.2012. Thereafter, I was able to go again to the service center on 17.01.2012 and apprised the
    persons there about the constant reoccurence of the same defect despite so many visits to the service center as well as the mobile set being kept in the repair center for a week and again requested them that since it is established beyond doubt that there is some manufacturing defect, the mobile phone should be replaced, by a new mobile phone.

    However, again the same old assurance was given to me and the mobile phone was again sent to the repair centre. Again after almost nine days, I got the mobile phone on 25.01.2012 ( at about 03.30 PM) and was told that the whole front body of the mobile phone has been replaced, since there was manufacturing
    defect on the same. Thereafter, I received few calls and it seemed that there is no defect, however at around 05.00 PM I got an incoming call, and the same problem again occurred and the call did not got connected even after pressing the green button and the mobile got blank and got switched off on its own and did not got on, even after pressing the power button.

    It is very disappointing, that a new mobile has so much problem due to some defect. I may also point out that apart from the harassment I am also incurring regular financial loss, since I am paying rental for the balckberry service every month, however I am not being able to use the same because of the defective mobile phone and I am forced to commute to the service center more than six times till date. Further, when I had purchased the mobile phone on 10.09.2011, I had purchased scratch resistant film for the display screen for Rs. 400/- again today (ie. 25.01.2012) I purchased the scratch resistant film for the display
    screen for Rs. 400/-, since the front body of the mobile set was replaced. It is requested that the mobile phone should be replaced by a new mobile phone at the earliest possible time. ”

    I am not at all satisfied by the service provided by blackberry in India, as it seems that they are least concerned with mu problems. Due to the defective set, I am suffering a lot as well as continuous financial loss as explained in the aforesaid email sent by me to blackberry support.

  41. Nikhil Shukla Reply

    Hi i bought Two BB 9360 on 31 Dec 2011, from Planet M, GIP Mall, Noida, But i am totally not satisfied with the battery back up every six hours i have to charge it . I contact your blackberry service center at Noida sector-18, they are replaced my old batteries, but the battery backup are still same for both the mobiles. Please suggest me what to do, Please reply..

  42. arifzeena Reply

    Dear sir,

    I have purchased a new BLACKBERRY BOLD 9780 last month date of 29/12/2011 but this time i face some problem like phone hanging,track pad not properly working. I contacted REDINGTON BARODA (gujarat) office and your engineer checked my phone and issued a DOA certificate date of 21/01/2011 but i need direct replacement through”BLACKBERRY” center… i have all documents and full box

  43. Vindod kumar Reply

    Good evening sir/mam
    I have black berry 9300. Recently my cell fell into water and stopped working. I have lost the entire date. What to do?

  44. Pawan Ahuja Reply

    Hi i bought BB 9360 on 31 Dec 2011 , But i am totally not satisfied with the battery back up every six hours i have to charge it . Request you to please let me know what to do .. I asked others also who are using this handset they are having the same problem ……….

  45. Naman Choudhary Reply

    I had purchased a bold 9900 4 months back, the phone has been sent twice to the service center here in Kolkata, India and is still facing the same problem
    1)receiver not working properly
    2) sos being shown
    3) hanging up of phone and restarting

    i had even mailed the head of the service center here but both of them say they are on leave.

    please help me what to do.

  46. Deepak Reply

    sir i have purchased blackberry torch 9810 on 20th dec from a retailer in panipat….i found that the phone gets heated up while using.. i went to service centre(karnal) which is 40 kms away…they told me to submit the phone and after 5 days they gave me the D.O.A letter then the retailer takes 4 days to replace the phone….on 13th jan retailer gave me the new phone it is also defected..the two buttons next to track pad is not working properly and light of these buttons is also dim….i am totally fed up with this phone…PLEASE HELP ME OUT….

  47. pragat Reply

    just 2 hours back i brought 8520, when i tried to charge the phone it is not charging and i tried to call the customer care, the number is not working..what to do.

  48. Varnawal Rajesh Reply

    your service center number in india 18004253720 is not working. your local service center in vashi also not responding as per your website.

  49. nitin gupta Reply

    When the blackberry services were down for 3 days, blackberry promised the free application purchases for 100$. How could we use those. kindly provide the link on priority.

  50. chirag shah Reply

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I have purchased Blackberry 9780(11172) black IMEI xx on 13/07/11 from J.KUMAR MARKETING LTD.,Navrangpura.The mobile’s ringer has stopped working, the mobile is not ringing on incoming call. I have contacted to your customer care about this fault. They replied that they cannot do anything in this matter but I have to send the mobile to Bangalore and it will take minimum 7 to 10 days.
    I am shocked that why I have to send my mobile to Bangalore for this very small fault. You are a very big and reputed company. But the new mobile’s ringer is not working and the local customer care does nothing in this matter.
    My all contacts are saved in this mobile’s phonebook and I cannot work without my mobile. I want to repair my mobile urgently. If you cannot repair my mobile urgently, pls. replace the same. me immediately.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Chirag Shah.

  51. prachi Reply

    I am from india and need to know the customer complaint email for blackberry after sale services.

  52. Dhairya Reply

    Dear sir,
    i want to start new blackberry store in my city so please tel me how to start that store.

  53. mahesh.baraskar Reply

    I have purchased Blackberry 8830 through Bag it Today in the month of April 2011. I have taken the mobile for usage in this month ie Dec’11. However I have noticed the battery is not functioning. I am surprise how battery is not functioning without any usage.
    Bag it today refused to replace battery stating the warrnty is of 6 months only.
    can u please help me

  54. Ram Reply

    I have purchased a blackberry 9530 on 25th nov 2011. The handset is not working properly & the battery got discharged quickly. The battery life is less than a day, it repeatedly hangs up and has poor voice quality (on vodafone network).

  55. davendera Reply

    i purchased a blackberry 9100..the handset is not working properly..i have given it to your authorised bb center..still no reply..

  56. Ramakanth Reply

    I purchased 9900 on 17 Sep 2011. After a day i found the cursor runs whenever i try to use any application. I called Customer care people they advised me to go to Service center. Service center people said please leave to us it will take minimum 10-15 days to sort it out. It is very embrassing. I need help from blackberry to replace this defective piece.

  57. Rohit Reply

    please let me know customer care office of blackberry in gurgaon region as voice clarity or microphone in my handset was not working properly

  58. Simanta Reply

    I have purchased a Black Berry 8830 GSM + CDMA through Times of India.It is working properly,but I am unable to connect to the internet.I have talked to the Relaince Customer Care,but they say the handset I am using is not showing in their system.So may I know what is the procedure to get the setting to connect to the internet.

  59. Naresh Reply

    I am not at all satisfied with service of blackberry handset.
    My handset was not working properly and i had given same to the authorized service center at Jallandhar. It is now 16 days but there is no response from them.

  60. Akshat Chandra Reply

    I had bought Blackberry Bold 3 almost a year back. To my surprise, within 3 months of my purchase the handset started to heat up so much that it was impossible to even hold the phone. I sent the phone to the service center and was told that it was good that i bought the phone otherwise it could have actually blasted. They were nice enough to get the phone changed.
    Now after 7-8 months of using the device my screen has vanished and it is blank. I was told that i would get my phone back after 1 hour and accordingly sent my driver to collect the phone after an hour. Again to my surprise, i am now being told that i would get my phone after 10 days and also they would not be able to provide me any temporary phone for the mean time. Also even if there is a major fault the warranty would still start from my day of purchase. This is totally un acceptable as firstly Blackberry changed my handset after 3 months of my 1st purchased handset and now again there is a problem.
    I do not know what to do and whom to get in touch with.

  61. Gote Reply

    I have purchased BLACKBERRY PEARL from BAG IT TODAY through online shopping before seven months. Now it is not working, battery is not getting charged.Can I get service from service centre during guarantee period?.

  62. piyush Reply

    Dear sir/mam,
    i wish to buy a blackberry handset from a shopping website Flipkart in india. Kindly tell me if the website is in collaboration with your company and if the warranty the company is giving is valid.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      yes it is can purchase Blackberry sets from valid dealers..

  63. Kapur Reply

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    1. I have purchased Blackberry Model 9780 ETA 830/2010/WRLD.
    2. Please arrange to send the facilities, services and various functions available on the subject Phone.

    Lt Col Kapur

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      when you purchased the must also have got the manuals with it..that has all details on services, functions etc..

  64. Sakhiyani Reply

    I purchased a BlackBerry 9800 (torch) before 6 months and after facing a problem I gave it to repair on 12/09/2011 to the purchase point at Veraval as there is no Black Berry Service Centre in Veraval or nearby 100 km away from here. Now it has almost been more than 20 days and i am not getting any satisfactory reply from verval purchase point nor rajkot Black Berry Service centre. Iam calling your Service Centre from last 5 days..

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you can place a complaint on the same directly to BlackBerry customer support

  65. Jithu Reply

    What the hell. Its not even 1 month since i bought my new blackberry and the headset is already malfunctioning.,. They say they issue quality products. Pity on them. Hope i get some kinda redressal for my problems

  66. kavita Reply

    Blackberry service in Mumbai sucks.sent my handset for repair (in warranty) to Redington India Ltd in Khar.They gave me receipt with non functional tel no’s. and when i finally managed to contact them they admitted that the no”s were non functional because they did not want to be bothered by clients and their greviences.Some customer care centre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope the concerned are reading this.

  67. shubhra jain Reply

    Terrible service in India for blackberry! why have you guys given an airtel helpline number? the customer service agents, 4 of whom i have spoken with, have absolutely no idea about the bold 4! they had no idea there was a feature known as touchscreen sensitivity so obv they were unable to help me!
    bold 4 is prob bb’s worst invention!

  68. SUDHIR Reply

    I am not at all satisfied with service of blackberry handset.

    My handset was not working properly and i had given same to there authorized service center at Ahmadabad. It is now 26 days passed but there is no response from them.

  69. Indrashis Sinha Reply

    To whom it May concern.

    Wated to leave a feedback on Blackberry Hardware / Software – after sales services in Gurgaon , India.

    Congratulations to Blackberry – to have captured the Indian Market so well , Brands like Nokia which was so strong in India has lost huge market share.

    In this run Blackberry forgot to think about the support of blackberry after sales services.. Pathetic is an understatement . One should pray that the handset one buys should not face any problem, getting the hardware fixed is next to impossible. Better to throw the handset and buy a new one rather than going through the stress of getting the piece repaired .
    Blackberry sells about 30 pieces a day in Gurgaon alone, Unfortunately their service centre has 2 staff and least 50 people with complaints. Forget answering phone calls .
    My Blackberry had a software problem – thanx to O6 — big snag with 9300 model. Waiting for my software downgrade from 6os to version 5 past 2 weeks now …
    trust me i dont wish to go through this pain again .

    • Lionel dsouza Reply

      Blackberry seems to be a total waste of investment. The customer care never bothers to revert on complaints.

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