Contact BESCOM (Bangalore): Find below customer care details of BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company), including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on BESCOM bills, online payment, new connections, complaints on BESCOM services, BESCOM office locations or other questions. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on BESCOM services.

BESCOM Head Office
Bangalore Electricity Supply Company
K R Circle, Bangalore 560 001, Karnataka
Phone: 22354929 / 22354926

BESCOM Customer Care
Phone: 080 – 22873333
Phone: 9986873333

Other Contacts (Bangalore)
Bangalore Circle – South: 22237193
Jayanagara Division: 26711499
Koramangala Division: 25631788
Bangalore Circle – North: 22100415
Rajajinagara Division: 23132291
Peenya Division: 28365466
Malleshwaram Division: 23349994
Hebbal: 23516789
Bangalore Circle – East: 94498-44709
Indiranagar Division: 25595125
Shivajinagara: 25493630
Vidhanasoudha: 22353680
Nelamangala: 22264770
Yelahanka: 28562822

BESCOM Online Payment
To make your BESCOM bills online click here. You can also make your bills online through Bill Desk here.

BESCOM commenced its operations in the year 2002. Earlier, the distribution of power in the south Indian city of Bangalore and neighbouring cities was managed by the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL). Currently, BESCOM caters to consumers in some eight districts, including Bangalore, Kolar, Tumkur, Chitradurga, Davangere and Chikballapura. As of 2010, BESCOM has some 73.20 lakh consumers. It had revenue of close to 6,857 crores. Besides eight districts, BESCOM serves some 24 divisions and 104 sub divisions. The company employs over 15,000 people.

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  1. Sakshi Reply

    There’s frequent power cuts in navodaya nagar, jp nagar 7th phase.. Please do intimate us before the power cut so that we can keep ready an alternative.. its really difficult to study or cook..

  2. Himanshu Reply

    I have 4 months old baby and she is fighting with this frequent power cuts by bescom in Hsr layout sector1. You take all kind of taxes and say India shining. It’s shame if you can’t give sleep to 4 months baby. Wake up else you will die in vain with so many curses from so called middle class people.

  3. sam Reply

    Why are there so many frequent powercuts nearby hosapalya area where I live. I make sure I pay my bills on time. In a day three times the power is cut for about 2 hours each. My TV is not working cuz if this continuous power cuts. Where is all the money we are paying as electric bills going? Is this what Bangalore’s almighty politicians and high ranking officials and law makers planned for Bangalore . To show the whole world how messed up Bangalore. Its happening every single day. Its sad. Shame on the electricity board of bangalore and the people that are responsible directly or indirectly for providing electricity to their own people. Namma bengaluru

  4. C.Pushpalatha Reply

    Dear sir

    Account Number: 5013362009

    I write in connection with the above account.

    On 14 / 03 / 2016 I received a bill for energy usage between 12 / 02 /2016 start date and 13 / 03 / 2016 and I have been charged the sum of Rs. 1826.00

    Meter reading was 1605 to 1918 for a/m period stated on the bill is inaccurate because till the present bill I had been receiving a bill for Rs.500 to 600 (x-copy of Feb and March bills attached) . By viewing the bill you will see the huge difference in amount charged means Meter is defective needs to be replaced / serviced immediately

    I would request that you review this bill and send me a revised, accurate bill in its place along with confirmation that your records have been amended accordingly/ of the sum that has been credited to my account.

    I look forward to hearing from you within the next 14 days

  5. Nikhil Reply

    Terrible work force and pathetic services. A 24×7 toll free number is just for the sake of Google search result and there is never a person during any time of the day to address the call. No permanent solutions in place and a common man suffers from this even after paying all the bills and taxes on time

    Somebody need to take an ownership to resolve this issue and that too understanding that it is a basic necessity in a big city like Bangalore which is a IT hub……

    I am having sleepless nights from last few days due to power cuts.

  6. Venkat Reply

    For the month of Feb 2016, I didn’t pay the bill so the fuse got disconnected on March 5th, which looks fairly reasonable and correct from BESCOM.

    But the actual truth is different.

    I have opted to pay the BESCOM bill from my bank account and it works fine for the last one year successfully. Last month (for Feb 2016) it didn’t happen due to BESCOM didn’t present the bill to bank. Not sure, if BESCOM will ever accept that there is a mistake from their end.

    And on March 5th a person from BESCOM came and removed the fuse. I tried to explain him by showing my previous history of payments and tried to explain him I can pay the due immediately, but he is not in a mood to listen to me and replied so arrogantly and went away from there.

    I managed to pay the Due immediately and took the printout of the bill and went to nearby BESCOM office (Bellandur), where the same person named “SASIDHAR. M.” working.

    Still he refused to give the fuse back and asking to pay the current month bill also, which is still having the due for another 12 days. I don’t have option to pay online as the current month bill is not yet displaying to BESCOM portal. He is claiming, what if I don’t pay current month bill also?

    I went to nearby (??!!) BESCOM payment counter, which is 6 KM from my house and it not opened that time. Again I had to rush to nearby BengaloreOne and paid the bill.

    By the time doing all this exercise, it is time up for the day and that person was not there in office.

    So, we have had to suffer for two days without electricity.

    My straight question to BESCOM is why I should be struggle for THEIR mistake and what if BESCOM got bankrupt and get closed in next two days. Who is responsible for my deposit??

    I really doubt even if I complaint to senior officers about the arrogant behavior of their employee due to Bureaucracy??

    Ultimately, we (the consumers) are the sufferers.

  7. nisha Reply

    Situation is going worse Day by day. These people don’t understand without power for the whole day its really tough. There are lots of people doing night shifts and unable to sleep because of power cut every two hours. Why don’t you guys make it continuously for 2 hours and then switch it on. Its become hell

  8. Pradeep Reply


    I have called the BESCOM E5 division, Cooke town,Bangalore several times but nobody is responding to the calls. Even the customer care number 1912, 080-22873333 and 9986873333 is not working and always shows busy. They are not able to solve the public issue on time and all the localites in my area are affected very badly because of frequent power cuts and fluctuation.

    My LED TV got damaged because of this fluctuation in the power supply and no Engineer took the responsibility. They are not bothered about any issues inspite of several complaints.

    Wake up lazy BESCOM and try to solve the public issue. You are not providing the service free of cost. We are paid for it and its responsibility to solve the issue.

    Dear Minister of Power and Energy, kindly look into the issue and take necessary action against the division engineer for neglecting our calls

  9. Kaleem Altaf Reply

    My regular bill of resident would be around 1 to 1.5k.

    Last month the billing person did not give the bills and for this month the bill amount is about 4441.

    Am shocked to see such a huge bill. Am suspecting some mistake has been done from the billing person.

  10. Heena Reply

    Most of the top states in the country have addressed their power problems, but in Karnataka even this basic need is not fulfilled! Despite being an IT hub, the problem is getting worse every day. I am a resident of Brookefield/Kundanahalli area and every single day since last 3 weeks there is power cut 3-4 times for 1-2 hours each timeresulting in 4-6 hours without power everyday! Every time I complain to BESCOM I am told the power consumption is high, hence, they need to shed the load! However, I can see the street lights on in broad day light! BESCOM Authorities-pls do something about this. Do you have any plan to address this problem?

  11. Manu Reply

    I am staying in Neeladari nagar electronics city.
    We face power cuts through day and night.
    Please can we know the reason for it. And when is this going to stop.


    I am a resident of HMT Layout Vidyaranapura, where we are facing frequent power cuts during day time and particular during evening time between 6.30 PM TO 9.00 PM for one hour daily. We have repeatedly registered complaint with BESCOM customer service centre, but no result. Last year because of poor rain we have power shortage. This year even after excess rain, why power cut is happening every day. We seek your help in resolving this problem.

  13. S Veerender Reddy Reply

    I am residing at Nisarga Residency, Huskur Gate, Electronic city. We have a problem with power fluctuation and high voltage from past 3 weeks. Till now its not resolved. Please look into this and do the needful as soon as possible.

  14. Uma Reply

    I am writing from bangalore- kaggadasapura. I live opposite 25th cross. There is an unfenced transformer here and in the last 2 days 2 cows have been electrocuted. Have tried calling the help line and complaint numbers but not getting any response. Also tried registering the complaint online, but the site never opens.

  15. Joe Reply

    Power went out almost 9 times here in Ejipura. What on earth are you folks doing? You folks have such pathetic service. Too bad nobody does anything about all this.

  16. vindya Reply

    Request the Commissioner to pay a surprise visit to see the problem at guttahalli circle, reliance fresh building (behind transformer). Drainage water has completely surrounded the transformer and we are afraid that children and pedestrians come in contact with shock due to the surrounded water. And also due to this water there is fear of dengue and other diseases.

    • Ashish Reply

      Kindly tell me the procedure to get the name changed in the Electricity Bill. I have purchased an old flat in Jagadish Nagar, and my name need to be replaced in place or the original owner.

  17. Somasundaram Reply

    This refers to the street lighting in 6th Main, 4th Cross, Postal Colony-1 Sanjay Nagar. The first street lamp (pole number HF 11 TC108P3) is not stable and is flickering on and off every 10 -15 seconds. Please have somebody to attend. Thanking you in advance.

  18. Somasundaram Reply

    Please provide an e-mail ID for registering day to day complaints. This way a copy of the proof will be available to the customer.

  19. VK SANTHANAM Reply

    The registration done for online payment does not get the bill last 4 months and Bangalore One server does not accept my bill payment also. I am required to go toe BESCOM office . The place of residence is Rustambagh near Manipal Hospital. Cust Care has no clue to help ; I thought BESCOM is different in managing customers; will some officer contact me on email given Thank You

  20. R. Narasimhan Reply

    My monthly electricity bill is paid through ECS for the past 9 years. The June, 2012 bill amount of Rs.760/- has ;not been cleared through ECS. This amount has been added to my current bill for July, ’12 as arrears. I would like to know why this amount of Rs.760/- has not been cleared thorough ECS ? My Meter No. is 5EEH3997 (E8 sub-division), location code:1120204,
    Consumer ID : 1120204026349. I request the concerned person to explain this situation.

  21. Hattangdi Reply

    I am a senior citizen finding great difficulty in paying BESCOM bills for S3 Subdivision as no gateway – Bank, Credit Card, Online Payment or BESCOM Bill Payment Centres are accepting payments due to some server problem since many months. One has to go looking for a Bangalore One Centre to pay the bill every month. THIS IS A GROSS DEFICIENCY OF SERVICE and has remained unresolved for ages – how can an excuse like “Server Down” or “Software Problem” remain unresolved for so long in this day and age?

  22. Nataraja Reply

    There is a frequent power cut in Kolar Town. Some times there is no power for day and night for long duration. It is really affecting children.

  23. Nataraja Reply

    There is a frequent power cut in the Kolar Town, no schedule, Some times there is no power for throughout the day and night for long time. It is really affecting students. Do needful.

  24. lenin Reply

    BESCOM workers and techies SUCK!! Never seen such arrogant and heavy hearted men anywhere….their motto is “NOT TO HELP CUSTOMERS”. Government is wasting money hiring such citizens and its a shame we have no other options rather call these guys and get no help…

  25. Chandrasekhar Reply

    The tranformer in our apartment has been sparking with a nagging sound for the past 48 Hrs. Ocassionally, due to this blobs of molten wire material falls on the footpath endangering the public. On many instances these sparks have led to loud explosions.
    No permanent solution has been given by BESCOM.

  26. Ganesh Reply

    There is a live wire hanging today morning at Koramangala 1st Phase near the park. As the wire was hanging on the fence of the park it was creating huge sparks. I tried calling Koramangala branch but no one picked. Please do the needful

  27. sanjay Reply

    There is frequent power cut in our area ELectronic City-I. Everyday around 4-5 hrs power cut if there . Almost every fortnight some breakdown happens and we dont get power for 12-24 hrs.
    Today also from 12PM afternoon, their is no power in our area and there is no sign of coming.
    It is already 10 hrs .

    This happens mostly on Friday and generally it comes on Saturday after 24 hrs.
    Please look into it as early as possible.

  28. Suraj Reply

    There is frequent power cut in OMBR Layout and Lal Bahadur Shashtri Nagar – Chikk Banaswadi. This Area comes under your control but BESCOM service is worse than the muncipal area. What is the reason for such disconnection daily ? If you dont have solution please get back to me. I can suggest you few solutions.

    • George Vargis Reply

      I am from Dodda Banaswadi, 9th main Road under the E8 sub division. Of late the instants of Power shutdowns have become more frequent. The stock answer is ‘tree trimming’.
      In addition there is a lady Engineer who does not even want to give one a patient hearing, let alone a decent reply.
      The planning for maintenance work leaves a lot to be desired

  29. Bharath Reply

    There is a frequent power cut in the Balaji layout, Gollahalli extn, Electronic city area. Some times there is no power for throughout the night. It is really affecting our life. Please help us by solving the problem

  30. balachandra Reply

    Can the higher authorities look into the issue. The BESCOM persons have laid the pole in our site in our absence. When we approached the concerned persons and submitted a letter for shifting the pole, they informed us, a shifting fee of Rs. 2500/-. Also the pole is leaning on our coconut tree and this causes fire hazards. Inspite of repeated personal visits to the Jalahalli office, no action has been taken till date.

  31. syed Reply


    i came across a device called power saver . Which save power up to 20 % . It has to be fixed near the MCB. is it legal to install . pls confirm this.

  32. varkey thomas Reply

    With a severe power shortage that the state is facing, I think BESSCOM should wake up and look at alternatives, starting with the end user to power generation. Additionally it must introduce power saving measures, an educational exercise and a regulatory one. Some suggestions
    1. New connections to those structures without a sanction plan from the local authorities, SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN.
    2. The BBMP land fills to be used to generate power from the methane that is produced during the decomposition in the bio-reactor.
    3. Street lights to burn only from 8pm.
    4. All consumers to be discouraged from using pillar /gate lights.
    5. Talk to IPL and make all matches at least day/night matches !
    6. ‘EARLY TO BED , EARLY TO RISE………….’ program to educate citizens to stop burning the ‘midnight oil’ !
    7. ‘one room,one family” this may not work across the board , but can make an impact.

  33. Suresh kumar Reply

    I want temporary connection to the borewell located at chinnapanahalli.What will be the cost to get the connection.

  34. Shyam Reply

    Today evening from 7.00 PM onwards I was trying to contact BESCOM office of Chikkalsandra, but nobody picked the phone. But after 8.30 PM the same phone was ENGAGED continuously and no body were picking the phone. I straight away went to the office but no staff was available in the office. My apartment transformer has failed. Needed help.

  35. Ravindra.H Reply

    We digged a borewell in our land located in chitradurga dist hiriyur talluk. Electriucal pole 12 or 13 required to get power connection what is the procedure .how many days it will take and how much cost

  36. T.R. Nagaraj Reply

    Dear Sir,
    2 days ago it rained in the morning and a twig of the tree in front of my house fell across the high tension wire and the circuit was shorted with a big flash and a bang and the power went off. I informed the customer centre (Tel No. 22873333 ). While I appreciate their action in restoring the power, I am afraid if it rains again, the twig which has not been removed will get wet and there will be short circuit endangering the lives of people. I request you to immediately see that the twig is removed. I could have sent the photograph but I do not have your e-mail address.

  37. Ravindra.H Reply

    What is the procedure to get electricity connection and how many days it will take.

  38. Sudharshan Reply


    Can the concerned look into the issue. Yesterday 2nd Mar 2012, the power went off all of a sudden at 10:00 PM in the night, inspite of calls the concerned persons Nanjappa, Suresh of Kodichikkanalli, Vijaya Bank Layout did not attend to the problem and the power was not restored the whole night and in the Morning too, and when I called up AE Nanjappa, he said that the maintenance work would be carried out from 10 AM to 3 PM and there will be no power again subsequently. Can the authorities understand that when there was no power the whole night and also in the Morning, how can you think of carry out maintenance work the same day without restoring the power and cause inconvenience to the public. Can the Authorities take action against Nanjappa for not attending to the call when I called up several times on his mobile from 12 PM to 12:30, first he picked up the call for few seconds and when I said that there is no power at Vijaya Bank Layout he disconnected the call and did not respond inspite of calling him several times. It is a big shame on you people that you people cannot take of the Job or Plan the work properly. My question is what was the necessity to carry out the Maintenance activity when there was no power prior to the Maintnenance work, you people should have postponed it to the next day and first restore the power. Big Shame on you people, very disgusting and also please note, this is not for the first time, this has happened several times and the service provided is also pathetic inspite of coughing up so much money per unit for the domestic power.

  39. Rinkesh Reply

    I was making a payment through your ATM at madivala. It accepted 100 rs (1 note) and 500 rs (1 note) but did not showe the amount of 500 rs. It only showed 100 rs. only.

  40. Murthy Reply


    I am an retired GOVERNMENT employee and living in Lake ciy, Kodichikkanahalli Village. I have received a bill for Rs 16,024 which is not in my name. I have requested the BESCOM authorities to rectify the issye, but nothing has been done.

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