Contact Asus Computer: Find below customer service, support details for Asus Computer, including phone and address. You reach the below contact for queries on Asus laptops, LCD monitors, mobile phones, motherboard, graphic cards, desktops, computer accessories, or questions on other services.

Asus Head Office
800 Corporate Way,
Fremont, CA 94539 USA
Phone: 510-739-3777
Fax: 510-608-4555

Asus Customer Service (USA)
Phone: 1-877-339-ASUS (2787) – for desktop queries
Phone: 1-888-678-3688 – for notebooks and tablets
Phone: 1-812-282-ASUS (2787) – graphics card/monitor etc
Phone: 510-739-3777 – US online store
Phone: +886-2-2894-3447 – technical support

Asus Support Worldwide
Find below phone numbers of Asus Computer worldwide. You can reach the customer service support in your country to enquire on new laptops/computers, warranties, or locations of service centers for repair or replacement.

Australia: 1300-2787-88
New Zealand: 0800-278-788
Japan: 0800-123-2787
Korea: +82-2-1566-6868
Thailand: +66-2-401-1717
Singapore: +65 66221766
Malaysia: +60-3-6279-5077
India: 1800-2090-365
Indonesia: +6221 612 2825
Vietnam: 1900 55 55 81
Taiwan: 0800-093-456
China: 400-600-6655
Hong Kong: 852-35824770
UAE: +971-4-2958941
Turkey: +90-216-524-3000
South Africa: 0861 278772
Slovenia: 00368-59045400
France: 0033-170949400
Germany: 0049-1805010920
Hungary: 0036-15054561
Italy: 199 400 089
Greece: 00800 44142044
Austria: 0043-820240513
Netherlands: 0031-591-570290
Belgium: 0032-78150231
Sweden: 0046-858769407
Denmark: 0045-38322943
Spain: 0034-902889688
Portugal: 00351-707500310
Czech Rep: 00420-596766888
Switzerland: 0041-848111010
UK: 0044-8701208340
Russia: 008-800-100-ASUS
Ukraine: 0038-044-5457727


Asus Downloads
To download Asus drivers and softwares click here. You can search by model name, serial number or even through automatic detection.

Asus Service Centers
To locate a Asus service center click here. You can find the phone and address of Asus service centers where you can repair or replace your Asus laptop, desktop, TV or other products. Asus has service centers in several countries including Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, New Zealand, Canada and USA.

Asus Online Shop
To visit Asus online shop click here. You can purchase here Asus products such as Eee PC series, Eee Pad, EeeBOX PC, EeeTop PC, Essentio Desktop, Notebooks, Motherboard, Multimedia & Graphics, Server Motherboard, Peripherals and more. You can also purchase carrying bags, keyboards, battery and adapters.

Asus Forum
Have a question on Asus product? Post your question or search answers of other Asus users at its forum here

About Asus
asus-logoASUSTeK Computer Inc. was founded in the year 1990 by four computer engineers. Headquartered in Taiwan, Asus is a leading computer manufacturer in Asia. Recognised as one of Asia’s Top 10 IT Companies, Asus had revenues of US$18.5 billion in  2009. The company has offices around the world and employs over 110,000 people.

Asus manufactures motherboards, desktops, laptops, servers and mobile phones. Asus products include Asus All-in-one PC series such as ET 2010, PC ET 2011 series, EeeTop PC ET1610P, EeeTop PC, ET2400A, PC ET2203 and more. Desktops include Essentio CG series, CM series and CS series. Eee Pad, Eee PC series, LCD monitors, PDAs, handhelds, wireless routers, wired routers, ADSL modem routers,  are other products. Asus mobiles include Garmin-Asus A10, A50, M10 and more. Laptops include G74SX, B43 series, B53 series, Gaming G51 series, G74 series, Multimedia N43 series, N45 series, Bamboo series, U30 series, A52 series and more. In addition, you can find Asus cables, chargers, computer bags, headsets, keyboards and mobile accessories.

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  1. ilya lipkin Reply

    Case N160462774

    Mr. Tinsley

    I just purchased the board not even 2 weeks ago from Microcenter in Columbus Ohio which is about 1 hour one way from me. Your customer service talked me out of returning the board last weekend back to the store with the comments that hence it is less than 30 days we can do a quick ship for you via advance RMA and if the board is not available than we can replace it with an equivalent different model board. This message was repeated to me by 3 separate representatives and earlier today by a supervisor who put this escalation request in for me. Your response contradicts their statements which I took in good faith.

    As a loyal Asus owner I have several products and Asus has been good to me in terms of quality, but based on your response I can not accept your offer of regular RMA as it will mean I will be down for more than 2 or 3 weeks, hence motherboards are critical components I can not take that much of a financial hit over a small priced item like that. In the past I dealt with EVGA and Gigabyte and all of them were able to replace the boards with Advance RMA in a timely manner.

    Your statement implies that your customer service representatives lied and mislead me, which means your brand can not be trusted to take care of business customers.

    So in summary I will be returning the board to Microcenter on Sunday as this is the last one available and I will be going with Gigabyte as a replacement board for all my future purchases.

    I will also provide reviews of this experience on Newegg, Annandtech, Tomshardware four your latest Z170 product family as it directly applies to future customers and they should be aware that ASUS no longer stands for good customer service or quality premium products. I will also file a complaint with Better Business Bureau (BBB) to lower your rating so others make the purchasing decisions accordingly.

    I used to love having ASUS products but over the last 5 days your actions destroyed my desire to own and display ASUS brand.

    With Regards Goodbye forever ASUS

  2. David Winget Reply

    When travelling from Hong Kong to America, the screen on my ASUS U46E was damaged. I tried calling the Hong Kong number to order a replacement screen so that I could get it installed right away after I return to Hong Kong in 2 weeks. Technical support staff were not willing to help me. I am very upset at the laziness demonstrated. I have purchased many ASUS products in the past but now feel like they don’t value long-time customers very much.

  3. winnie Reply

    Hi, I’m using Asus netbook Eee PC 1215B.
    Last time there was blue screen that showed 0x0000007e error.
    And now I have problem with my battery as it wont charge.
    I took the battery off and tried to use electricity, but that too doesnt work.
    I still have warranty.

  4. Nadia Reply


  5. Rajesh Shrama Reply

    I am having M10 mobile & request to help me find the service centre for reparing touch screen as it is broken after falling from my hand

  6. Alibaba Reply


    This emails describes the shameful act of ASUS INDIA, they are just garbage. No proper response to emails, rubbish behavior, rude communications, unskilled technicians, lack of quality tools and what else, dirty unorganized service centres in stinky locations. Roadside mechanics can do better job than these so called Asus experts. 8 months over, and not being able to fix a very simple issue, neither wanting to listen anything properly. Damaged my laptop by using rough quality tools and now not accepting for the replacement of parts.


    • Rajesh Shrama Reply

      Yes I had also experianced the same thing.I am having Grmin Asus M10 mobile.The touch screen is broken.The co’s regional managar is saying it is not available.
      I am astonished that the co’s manager reply.
      I think so no one should buy Asus products

  7. Rohit Sharma Reply

    I purchased Asus-M10 PDA last to last month and this is PDA serial no.B7AMAS000541.
    Please conform me whats’s is EMI No of this PDA because I have lost this PDA.
    Please help.

  8. Raheel Reply

    Asus Laptops are HORRIBLE. Customer Service is even worse.

    I have had to send it 3 times back for a broken keyboard, broken video card and broken touch pad. the third time they didnt even pack it correctly while sending back. Thus a couple of weeks later the LCD broke. I am sure it was damaged in the transport but it took a week or two for it to become visible. Now Asus is asking me for 300 Euros to fix it. They are even putting the blame on me saying that I didnt pack it properly while sending. I have called them emailed them and even excalated it. But to no avail. I would never ever buy another Asus. Its a nightmare

  9. Ismail Hocine Reply

    I bought an Asus laptop from ( )
    Customer P/N:G74SX-91171V
    It was delivered to me here in Berlin Germany today 25/1/2012 by post from France,as soon as i opened the laptop i noticed disturbances ( the screen flickrering and sometimes it goes black for a split second ) .
    I demand fixing this problem and to connect me to the nearest customer service in Berlin.
    I have 2 Years Waranty

  10. Michelle Zammit Reply

    Please we would like to speak to someone on becoming a Service Provider in Malta

  11. Joseph Reply

    Poor video card. And now to replace it, it is going to cost a lot of money. Did I do a mistake by buying a product of this brand? Not sure, but hope things dont get worse.

  12. Waleed Reply

    I had bought 2 ASUS EEPAD transformer from the local distributer in Riyadh Saudi Arabia on 7 August 2011. After almost one month both units have suddenly stopped working. I took the units to MSI service center in Riyadh. They accepted one to fix and they asked 900 Riyals for the second (was slightly hit in corner AND WAS OK FOR ALMOST 3 WEEKS AND SUDDENLY STOPPED) both they said have motherboard malfunction. I am still in the warranty period. I am not happy with this treatment. I feel that both should be fixed on WARRANTY.

    • Phil Reply

      Same here. My sister had similar case. The only problem with the EEPAD is it was not charging using the supplied usb cable and wall charger, but perfectly powers up using a dock. At first ASUS Service Center Riyadh is charging my sister SR 1,100, then I explained to them the problem and told them that they are charging almost the price of a new unit. After 2 days I called and now the price reduced to SR 900, but come on!!! this is still unreasonable and I was even told that it is LCD problem??? Give me a break!!! The unit was working fine and charging is only a problem. ASUS should investigate as they will loose a lot of customers here in Saudi Arabia.

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