Contact Android: Find below customer service, support details of Android software, including email and phone. You can reach the contact given below for queries on Android applications, mobile devices, software downloads, Android-powered phones or other questions. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on Android services.

Android Head Office
Google Campus, Building 44
1600 Amphitheatre PkyBuilding 43, Mountain View, CA, 94043
United States

Android Customer Service
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001
Note: The above numbers are those of Google head office. If you are unable to reach the right person then we suggest you to email Android with the details given below.

Android Email Support
Get Android support over email.
[email protected] (general queries)
[email protected] (Compatibility Test Suite help)
[email protected] (business enquiries)
[email protected] (report bugs or security issues)

Android Online Help
Get email support for Android products by clicking here. You can email Google here for Android Applications, Books or Movies.

Android Market
Looking for Android applications or games? Click here to visit the Android Market page where you can sort your downloads through categories such as games and applications (books, business, communication, health, lifestyle, wallpaper, media, video, news, weather, shopping, social or others).

Some of the top applications on Android Market include Air Attack, Angry Birds Rio, Beautiful Widgets, Cordy, Endomondo Pro, Evernote, Facebook, Foursquare, Google MapsGun Bros, Kindle, Photowall, Pulse, Soundhound, Reckless Racing, MLB, Slice It and more. Free apps include Youtube, Drag Racing, Skype, Adobe Reader, Koi Free, Backgrounds, Talking Tom Cat and more. To see a complete list of free Android applications click here

Android Developer Support
For Android developer support click here. If you are wanting to download Android SDK click here. You can download various Android components, platforms, tools and plugins. For developer guide click here.

About Android
Android was released in the year 2007. It was developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. Android is an open-source software for mobile phones and other devices. Google in fact has made the source of Android open. Device manufactures can check their product is compatible for Android platform by using the Compatibility Test Suite. Currently there are over 250,000 apps available for Android. Android operating system is used on smartphones, laptops, tablets, Google TV and other devices. Android OS is in fact installed on about 130 million devices, according to Wikipedia. Android supports technologies such as GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC and WiMAX.

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  1. Randal Stoffer Reply

    Could all of us in many groups have your phone numbers so you can get group texts you no longer want to be part of ALL night long,

    None of these things will work. Text messaging is not like Skype or any other messenger app. Skype and the others have an association that is created between you and the other person(s). You can opt out of those associations any time by choosing “leave conversation”. Text messaging is not like that. It’s more like a phone call. As long as the person(s) on the other end have your number entered as a destination, there’s no way for you to stop it from coming to your phone (short of blocking ALL of the numbers involved in the group text).

    The only way to fix this is for Android and the cellular companies to change the fundamental process of texting, and create an association based texting service with the features of other messenger apps. I’m not certain, but I think Apple has been moving toward this solution and have more options for group/private messaging.

    Let’s all start a group text to the developers. Once they’ve been rousted out of bed 100 times at 2am by a bunch of thoughtless air-heads group texting all night long… they’ll understand the importance.

  2. Nicholas L. Reply

    I downloaded an app on my phone. it was a fingerprint scan app for lock screen and it froze. I have no way to get into my phone and my phone wont turn off. I’m really desperate if anybody knows how to delete apps from the home page or hacking into a phone to delete the app I will pay them to do this for me.

  3. Kees Reply

    I want to increase my taskbar on an all in one touchscreen.
    The touchscreen is only suitable for web browsing.
    The system runs under Android. Can you tell me how I can do this?

  4. Brintu John Reply

    I am using a Micromax Q324 running on android 4.4. I am facing problems in saving contacts on my phone as it gets deleted automatically whenever mobile data or wifi is on. I tried turning of auto sync and still it didn’t work. Even contacts saved on sim card and google and other such accounts face the same problem.
    Please help

  5. Bob Reply

    I think I just got a bad phone. Battery gets hot and I can’t receive calls but sometime I can make calls. Going on @ weeks. My carrier is Verizon. Been there 3 times with countless hours on the phone over this. Giving me a bad feeling about my LGg3. Why after they try everything can’t I just get a “whole” new phone. Anyone?

  6. Bruce upperton Reply

    Latest Android will not let me set my keyboard to English UK. I have set everything that I can and it seem to be set to UK English on the device. The setting on my Lenovo tablet is google “keyboard uk english”. I have the latest Android

  7. kumar Reply

    I’m using HUAWEI U8500, actually I tried to install ROM manager in my phone by recovery mode.
    After installation the phone has started & then I got an error that “SETUP WIZARD(unexpectedly not working) force close”.

  8. sunil Reply

    My handset is SAMSUNG S3.I am using the callrecorder.In recorded sound,caller’s sound is heard clearly but my sound is too low even I switch to loud speaker .Please help my recover from this problem…..

  9. Bruce Roberts Reply

    Why in the world would a company with a competitive advantage throw it away without a fully supported alternative being available? What I refer to is flash. I selected and continued to buy Android devices because they supported flash, even recommended it to others for that reason. And then I buy a new Samsung Note 2 and find NO FLASH. Now I can’t get videos or even access websites I normally go to. Well guess what, future purchases will now most likely be Apple products. Why fight the winning OS that gets all of the apps first, more ancillary products and is the “Peoples Choice”. I had contemplated buying a couple of Nexus Tablets for Christmas presents, but will now be getting IPad Minis.

  10. Sue Reply

    I haven’t been able to get my gmail so I contacted Sprint and they said the phone would have to reset settings. They did this this past Saturday and now I can’t get any email, sign in or get any market apps.

  11. Rohan Rajgurav Reply

    Can i buy applications from the market using Debit Card?I live in Maharashtra,India Please help.I have Galaxy Tab 620 With Honeycomb 3.2

  12. john rink Reply

    went onto web browser to access the android market( not the app) , went to install some apps..stated that i have no devices on the account …she does and just updated the acccount can this be resolved ..this is a 2.3 tablet.

  13. michael Reply

    why is there no other payment method available besides a credit card. I live in europe/netherlands,and most people dont have a credit card. Is there any future possibility to make other payment methods available like pay by phone or bank transfer.. michael

  14. Parin Reply

    I have Dell XCD35 Android 2.2 Phone.
    When I am using internet am not able to receive any phone call or make outgoing calls. I have made all updates and even twice Dell replaced the phone..but still the problem persists. I think it is a software problem because while making call data connection is not disconnecting, on screen it shows that data connect has been disabled but in actual data connection is going on in background.

  15. Ashok Reply


    Am getting the following error message on my 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab after I recently updated the firmware to 2.3.3……

    “The application English Dictionary (process com.diodict.p1.engeng) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”

    The above message keeps popping up very frequently and its annoying as well as very inconvenient when using the device.

    Please clarify and advice as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

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