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Allegiant Air Head Office
8360 S. Durango Drive,
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Allegiant Air Customer Care Phone
Lost and Found: 1–866–719–3910
Baggage Service: 1–866–719–3910
Teletypewriter (TTY): 1–702–430–3283

Allegiant Air Customer Relations
Allegiant Travel Company
ATTN: Customer Relations
PO Box 401026
Las Vegas, NV 89140

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Allegiant Check-in
To check-in online on Allegiant click here. Passengers may check in online from 24 hours to 1 hour before scheduled departure.

Allegiant Air Flight Status
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Baggage Information
Passengers are allowed to carry on the aircraft one bag plus one personal item. For checked baggage, the total number of bags allowed may not exceed 5 per passenger and no baggage more than 100 lbs

About Allegiant Air
allegiant air pictureAllegiant Air was founded in the year 1997 as WestJet Express and operates to over 70 destinations. The American low cost airline also has charter service to Canada and Mexico. Allegiant operates from its bases at Bellingham International Airport; Charlotte County Airport; Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport; Gerald R. Ford International Airport; Los Angeles International Airport; McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas); Myrtle Beach International Airport; Orlando Sanford International Airport; Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport. The airline has been listed as “America’s 100 Best Small Companies” by Forbes Magazine.

Allegiant Destinations: Allegiant Air flies to major destinations in US that include Bellingham, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix-Mesa, Tampa Bay, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Tampa Bay and more.

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  1. John Izzi Reply

    I booked a trip with Allegiant. My booking number is S263034. I then added a car, from Enterprize. You booked it for me but booked with National. National is 35 miles from my house. Please either book with Enterprize, like I requested, or cancel out the rental car. Thank You!!!!

  2. ronald knowles Reply

    Re: Tampa Bay Times dated Jan 10,2016 Allegiant Culture ‘dangerous’
    I paid Over $1,300 for three separate flights on Allegiant Air just prior to this article in the Tampa Bay Times. The Tickets are for my granddaughter and a friend to travel on your airline to Florida.
    I want assurance from your CEO that ALL airplanes are properly inspected and maintained as per FAA standards. That means that all flights from each and every airport that you do business with are SAFE. ALL AIRPLANES, period.
    This is not an unreasonable request, and I would appreciate an immediate reply. It is my concern for my loved ones and the all passengers that use your airline services.
    I wonder what action was taken towards the employee’s that did not do the required maintenance on those 5 to 7 flights that were fortunate to make it back to the two airports in Florida?

    RON K

  3. Matthew Herrera Reply

    Traveled on 3/7/14, from Las Vegas to Missoula Montana. Allegiant Airlines loaded my baggage onto the wrong aircraft and my baggage was shipped to Santa Barbra, CA. They informed me that they can ship my baggage VIA fedex and it should arrive on Monday 3/10/14, I informed them that I would be leaving that day and the purpose of my trip was for a snowboarding trip. Scott Justice informed me to save my receipts and that they will reimburse me for any items I had to buy. I attempted to contact Mr. Scott via phone and Ms. Anderson about this issue upon my arrival back home. I have been unable to communicate with someone since the incident to resolve this matter or to be informed that they received by receipts by fax. I attempted to contact someone from the airline through email, but it states that you should receive a response back 4-6 weeks and attempted to communicate with someone via live chat, but was informed that it was for general questions only. I am growing impatient with this companies customer service. Although they are an affordable means of transportation, I expect better customer service from such a company. This has been my first and most likely my last time traveling with this airline, due to such bad customer service. I hope to get a response back in a timely matter.

  4. Donald Carle Reply

    I need to talk to some one at Allegiant to cancel my reservation. We were to travel from BLI to OAK on Aug 16 and return on Aug 21 2013. Customer # 9263872 Please my I talk to your people to see what is involved to cancel our trip.

  5. Pam Kepple Reply

    I have made a reservation for March 8th.which I need to amend. I have called every number (CANNOT believe that you don’t have a toll free number) I have tried your live chat and even a call back number and I still cannot get a human being. I’m trying this as a last resort. Some one needs to contact me ASAP. What a shoddy way to run an airline—NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  6. Karen Wallace Reply

    I fly each year on Allegiant to spend Christmas with family in New York. The flights have been arriving later and later and for those who have rearranged their plans to pick you up it is unfair they wait.However, I need to speak to the manager of the home office on another matter that is very important.. I am getting nothing but a run around from one person to another and have been given several different numbers to call all of which could not help me…Please take some time and call for it is important to keep customers happy if you expect them to return and use your airline again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mavis hoff Reply

    Please e-mail me your Alleigiant Mesa,az. I can add it on my GPS. Thank you verfy Much, Mavis

  8. Rosanne Reply

    So John,
    Did this problem get any response or resolution?

  9. John VALENTINO Reply

    Dear Mr Gallagher Jr.and Executive staff,
    I waited awhile to calm down before writing you this email. It takes a lot of incompetency for me to write a complaint letter. As a matter of fact, I have never written one complaint letter in over 50 years of life so, that should tell you that I’m not a big disparager. I’ll try and make it as short an outline as possible. I’m fully aware that there is an executive meeting to go to any minute. I will refrain from any lewd and wisecracking paltry remarks about executive salaries, stock options, education etc.

    Travel Log:
    Our departure Flight 396, LAx to Missoula on Saturday 6-25-11 {4:15pm take off 8:15pm arrival}
    1} The Allegiant plane was very late in arriving to gate at LAX.
    2} When it arrived, we final boarded the plane, sat for a 1/2 hour then deplaned cause of a faulty light .
    3} Then we waited for an Allegiant mechanic to show up to fix the light that he then could not fix.
    4} Then we waited for Allegiant ticketing staffers to find another Allegiant plane to fly at the LAX airport …which they did with a smile…{nice group of employees, those Allegiant ticketing personal}
    5} The plane arrives, then they reloaded the baggage and we re-boarded, departing many hours late with our 4 year old. Arrived at Missoula around midnight but Que Sera Sera… So what! I say, its one bad flight out of hundreds… We’ll fly Allegiant again, of course ..It happens …no big deal.

    If the story had ended there, Allegiant airline never would have received this email….

    Now our departure on Flight Deja-Vu known as flight 397 from Missoula to LAX on Wednesday 6-29-11 {8:15pm take off 10:35pm arrival.. not even close}
    6} The Allegiant plane was once again late in arriving to gate in Missoula. It was not at the gate.
    7} When it arrived, we finally boarded the plane, sat on the runway trying to reboot the “battery light” to no avail….
    then deplaned, this time because by a faulty battery light .
    8} The pilot then had to call for a mechanic somewhere in Missoula because, he or she was not at the airport…I guess the mechanic
    was on call …Don’t you think that it would be a good policy, if you have an Allegiant plane on the runway you should have an
    Allegiant mechanic at the airport standing by, at least until the plane takes off….
    9} We then waited a good while for a Missoula mechanic to show up to fix the battery light that he/she could then not fix.
    Couldn’t he call his supervisor for a helping hand ? If he did not have the part needed or did not know how to fix the problem , couldn’t he ask the American Airline mechanic in the next terminal over for a helping hand before things got out of hand? Downsizing the workforce, cost cutting in wrong areas, creating a leaner workforce to work more efficiently is good to raise the stock price, but sometimes leads to great inefficiency.
    10} Then Allegiant ticketing staffers had to find another plane… in all places Los Angeles …which they did, with a smile and they said it would arrival in 2 1/2 hours…Well I’ll give Allegiant credit there the Missoulians believed it….I said to my wife, maybe they’ve never been to LAX, a cup of coffee at the LAX Starbucks can take an hour and a half…
    11} Now there is a lockdown at the Missoula airport because apparently TSA & everyone goes home by 9 pm in Missoula so, you can’t walk around the airport…I understand the reason why but, don’t you think Allegiant could have left the TV monitor on in that section so that the children & adults could watched 8 hours of boring TV….That would be a good policy to institute. Plus, don’t turn off the light in the Allegiant terminal when people are in your section..Children don’t like the dark..that’s another good policy to implement.
    12} Hours later Allegiant ticketing staffers again with a smile called out “free pizza & soda for everyone ” because of course, all concessions were closed at the airport…nice gesture, but too late. I did hear that the pizza was ok but, Italians are very skeptical of Missoula pizzeria’s.
    13} Allegiant ticketing staffers once again with a smile now said that the Allegiant airplane from LAX was not coming to Missoula after all, it first {there goes your 2 1/2 hours arrival window} was going to go to Las Vegas to pick up a mechanic so he/she could come to Missoula and try to fix the original plane. If the mechanic couldn’t fix the original plane, then they would we reload the baggage and re-board the new plane…I assume if Allegiant doesn’t have Allegiant mechanics in Missoula at that time of night, Allegiant wouldn’t have baggage handlers at that time either.

    Well thank God the Las Vegas mechanic fixed the plane’s battery light ….We got into LAX 6 hours later around 5AM. Waited again for baggage, went outside with a crying 4 year old to find no cabs {LA is not NY}….Got the baby home then, got to work without a shower or sleep….Is it over?… No not yet!…. I come home from work that night to find out that all the fine Missoula huckleberry jams & honey etc… gifts we bought for our family and friends were stolen out of our bags.. ..All this for the Allegiant fare of $1384.94. I am requesting a total refund for this abhorrent service.
    This maybe an erroneous assembly of events but regardless, it should be an unacceptable occurrence to any cognitive Allegiant executive or stock holder. Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you for your time.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      wow thats a terrible journey..never knew these cud happen with airlines..

  10. Rosa Wilson Reply

    Dear Allegiant Customer Relations

    I’m writing this letter to ask for a partial refund of the hotel and flight package that I purchased on March 23, 2011. Our trip left on 5/22/11 and returned on 5/26/11.

    Itinerary # is 9729814. Customer # is 0141387.

    This trip was quite “awful” due to delays, without accommodations to your customers.

    We arrived at the airport 3hrs early, because you changed the policy to open seating for the ones that can’t afford to pay the “extra” for priority seating, especially since the cost of the flights have increased quite a bit.

    Our flight was supposed to leave at 9:50pm, but we didn’t leave Des Moines until 2:30am-4hrs and 40min late plus the 3hrs that we were there early.

    We paid for 4 nights at the Imperial Palace but only enjoyed three nights….as we checked in at 5:00am the next day. When we arrived very tired and exhausted, the reservation desk informed us that they had cancelled our room because we were a “no show”. Really??? Where was the communication from allegiant Air to the hotel reservation desk at Imperial Palace? We paid a package rate through your company and it is an expectation when you’re not able to meet the requirements of the contract you should take care of your customers by notifying the hotel of our late arrival due to allegiant Air delays!!!

    I work very hard and saved money to enjoy this long awaited trip. It was very disappointing that we did not receive the full benefit of the price that we paid for this package.

    Please consider the discomfort this caused to us. Also our flight was almost 2hrs late leaving Las Vegas. This caused us to get back to Des Moines much later than planned, which caused issues for the person driving 90miles to pick us up.

  11. willie negron Reply

    I keep dialing the phone number listed for contact, but it immediately disconnects. I want to talk to somebody live to settle a problem. The phone number 1-702-505-8888 is no good, please reply asap!!!!!

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