Contact Alitalia: Find below customer service details of Alitalia airline, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Alitalia. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Alitalia services.

Alitalia Head Office
Alitalia – Compagnia Aerea Italiana S.p.A
Piazza Almerico da Schio  – Palazzina RPU
00054 Fiumicino (RM)
Phone: 06.6563. 1

Alitalia Customer Care
Phone: 08714 24 14 24 (within the UK)
Phone: +39 06 2222 (calls from the rest of the world)

Group Reservation
08714 24 25 24

Baggage Assistance
Phone: 0870 2255 077 (UK Calls only)
Phone: +44 20 71 45 20 86 (international calls)
Fax: 0870 2255 088
Email: [email protected]

Millemiglia Assistance (UK)
MilleMiglia – 2nd floor – Central House
Hounslow, Middlesex
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 08714 242 742


Australia: 1300 304 237
Albania: 00355-4-2230023
Bahrain: 00973 17 578578
Canada: 1-800-3618336
Czech Rep: +420 222 541 900
Colombia: 0057-1-4135140
Denmark: 0045-70142421
France: 0033-1-44944420
Germany: +49-(0) 1805-074747
Greece: 0030 2103534284/5
Hungary: +36-1-301-8744
India: 91 80 25591936
Ireland: 00353-1- 24 765 46
Jordan: 009626 4452122
Korea: 0082-2-560-7001~6
Mexico: 0052-055-331240
Netherlands: 0031-(0)20-5754920
New Zealand: 0064-9-308 3357
Nigeria: +234 1 2701385
Portugal: 707 307 305
Qatar: 00974 4 444 1161-65
Russia: +7 495 2211130
Spain: 0034-93-2387860
Taiwan: 00886-02-2568-2121
Thailand: 66-2-634-1800
Turkey: 0090-212-3151990
UAE: 00 971 4 2161837
Ukraine: +38 044 4927222
USA: 973 961 6970

Flight Status
To check Alitalia flight status online click here

Check-in Online
To check-in online click here

Baggage Allowance
For Hand Baggage, passengers are usually allowed to carry one bag with max 8kg weight. For Check-in Baggage, passengers are allowed to carry 1 piece with max 23kg. It however varies from region to region. Reach the customer care for precise details.

MilleMiglia is the frequent flier program of Alitalia airline. Members of the club can earn  reward miles every time they fly with Alitalia or its partner airlines. Benefits include access to lounges, easy check-in, extra baggage allowance, dedicated phone line and much more. To join the program right now click here

About Alitalia
alitalia airline pictureAlitalia is an Italian airline that commenced operations in the year 2009 after its merger with Air One. The airline however was founded on 16 September 1946. It operates from its main hub at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Rome. In 2010, the airline carried some 23.4 million passengers. It is in fact the largest airline in Italy and one of the 20th in the world. Alitalia operates about 2,200 flights a week, serving 92 destinations all over the world. The airline is a member of the Skyteam global airline alliance. The airline has codeshare agreements with Air Alps, Malaysia Airlines, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, China Airlines, TAP Portugal, Air Italy and more.

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  1. aladdin Reply

    Dear, Director (Alitalia Airlines)
    Please, I would like to clarify that I have a special passport issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that allows me to travel to Italy without a visa
    I will travel (Cairo – Budapest 18 October 2017) by Alitalia Airlines (AZ895) and there is a two-and-a-half hour transit in Rome (Fiumicino Airport)
    The question is whether I should take any action at the Italian Embassy in Cairo concerning the transit in Rome?
    Thanks and Best Regards,

  2. Martina D Reply

    Worse Airline Ever ! ! … I agree ! ! !… no help, no accommadations, no response ! !… awful, awful, awful ! ! .. will never fly with them again…. trying to get a refund from a flight on their error…. it’s a forever ending saga ! ! … No one around ???…. why have a customer service department ??

  3. Graciela Ostinelli Reply

    I have travelled a lot and by different airlines including Alitalia but this last trip was something special.I have never been served by a more pleasant,helpful,lovely and educated airhostess as FRANCESCA MARTUCCI.I think she deserves special consideration on the part of Alitalia authorities.I hope you read this mail and take my comments into consideration.Thank you

  4. carol derry Reply

    I have been trying to get my $1600 refund since December 21. My flight would have been in Jan to Rome returning in March. But I became seriously ill and needed emergency medical care. It has been a nightmare trying to understand the protocol for having my money returned. I have twice faxed letters from my physicians as requested and still no credit to my card. One customer service person assured me the money would be in my account shortly. that was 6 weeks ago.
    The incompetence is shocking.
    I always liked to travel Alitalia but things have changed. I won’t be using them again.

  5. worst airline ever Reply


    I had a death in the family (my wife’s mother) and tried to get the flight changed for me and my family. Below are the emails I sent on August 25th and August 28th 2012. It is now September 3rd 2012 and guess what…STILL NOT A SINGLE REPLY FROM THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! (make sure to read the emails so you don’t have to learn the hard way)

    As for their call center, i dont blame the agents, those poor agents just dont have any information or training to give help to the callers, they only do what their supervisors tell them to do. And their supervisors NEVER come on the phone. The call center doesnt have the concept of creating case numbers for each caller, so everytime you call to follow up, there is now record of your previous call(s). And their is no escalation from 1st level to 2nd level to 3rd level, etc. And what they tell us customers is rarely alitalia official procedure (if they even have official procedures). The most vexing part of this is that the call center is the only point of communication to speak with al-italia “customer service”.

    And this after a traumatic event of the death of our mother…one would expect customer service to at least TRY to help their customers in a time like this…

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: *** ***
    Date: Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 7:08 PM
    Subject: Re: Death Certificate for flight change
    To: [email protected]

    Hello Alitalia customer care,

    I sent the below email to you on August 25th. It is now August 28th and I have had no reply from your department or any department at Al-Italia for that matter.

    I have been calling the alitalia 24 hour call center for any update on my tickets for 4 days strait and have got no updates from them either. Instead, I am getting mixed and contradicting instructions from them:

    – One agent is telling me to send an email to this email address with a scanned death certificate.
    – Another agent is telling me that the death certificate MUST be sent via fax ONLY to the Italian fax number.
    – Another agent is telling me that even if I submit the death certificate after the flight departs, the “no show” fee will be waived.
    – Now an agent is saying that the ticket is a “no show” and that I must pay the fee if I want to change the flight.

    This is an extreme lack of professionalism and common courtesy from an international airline carrier to your customers. I have never seen this type of un-professionalism from any business, large or small. Please amend your call center’s business procedures and train your call center representatives to provide answers which are consistent to Al-Italia’s official procedures and not what they THINK is the right answer to give. As customers, we have no choice but to follow the instructions of your call center representatives.

    In this time of grief and sorrow for my family over the loss of our mother, your airline company is causing unnecessary stress to our already painful and stressful situation.

    Awaiting your prompt response.

    • maria Reply

      I’m going through the same exact problem with this airline. What was the outcome of your situation?

  6. Lisa Reply

    Three words: Worst. Airline. Ever. They lost my baggage, which was never found while I was away. So, no luggage on my trip. Another airline found the bag and called saying that it is in Rome. Trying to get in touch with someone at “customer service” has resulted in NOTHING. Both emailing and calling, no response! Trip over, stewardesses were rude and impatient. Seats uncomfortable. Whole experience was terrible. Three weeks later, still NO BAG and still NO RESPONSE. Do yourself a favor and fly someone else. Hopefully you haven’t already bought your ticket. This is a TERRIBLE company. Subsequently, have heard from lots of other people who had bad experiences with Alitalia. Why are they still in business?? Because they’re cheap. As always, “you get what you pay for.” I fly internationally fairly often — I will never take this airline again.

  7. judith johnson Reply

    what is your address in the US for refund letters? I sent it to 550 5th sve. suite 3700, NY 10118. I was given that address by your staff. It was returned. No one answers your phone at your NY customer service line. Very frustrating.

  8. John Dunning Reply

    Institutional Racism and persecution within Alitalia, abuse of British Citizens by Alitalia in Rome and Misappropriation of Wedding Photographs and Personal possessions

    ( order number is 107505274)

    Unfortunately, my wife has been subjected to what I believe is the worst racist abuse I have encountered in my whole life.

    I will first detail what happened to my wife, and then the agencies that have been involved but ineffective in resolving this.

    This year my wife Majlinda was travelling from the UK to Albania to show our photographs, wedding photographs and take gifts to her family in Albania, some of whom are very old.

    Majlinda successfully flew from Manchester to Rome two days ago on Jet2 and was scheduled to fly from Rome to Albania on flight AZ 582 this morning.

    Majlinda arrived at the airport at approximately 8.30am for a 10:05 flight and checked one case in with Alitalia. She then progressed through customs and straight to the departure gate where she made herself known to the gate staff because she was on her own, feeling insecure and wanted to make certain that she was at the right place.

    The gate staff refused to help her and refused to speak with her in either English of Albanian – saying that they only spoke Italian.

    Majlinda returned several times asking what was happening with her flight and could only gleam that the flight was still not ready to board.

    Having stayed in the gate area and continually tried to ensure that she was in the correct place by asking Alitalia staff on the gate Majlinda was then highly distressed to finally discover that the staff had suddenly learned to speak English and now told her quite fluently that the plane had gone without her and her bag had been offloaded. She was told that she must go to baggage reclaim to find her bag.

    At this point Majlinda started to have a panic attack – something from which she has not suffered now for over a year, but was left unaided by any of the Alitalia staff who simply left her in a highly distressed state, and requiring medical assistance.

    For the next 3 hours Majlinda was passed from pillar to post by Alitalia whose contempt for her Albanian origin was only matched by their negligence which I believed on criminal. Her stressed state increased and when I called her (after a garbled text message) I spoke to her to discover that she was in the throws of a full blown panic attack whilst in the background I could hear Alitalia staff REFUSING to help her.

    Our wedding photographs and videos and some wedding gifts have been lost by Alitalia. I do not believe that this is a genuine loss. Indeed, I believe it is either malicious or criminal and I believe that this loss and the mis-treatment of my wife is 100% racism and actions resulting from racism.

    My wife, as I write, is stranded in Rome with no luggage, no wedding photographs, highly distraught (as can be confirmed by Annette Banas from the FCO) and subject to appalling abuse and the refusal of Alitalia to even speak with the booking agent to remedy the situation.

    What is even more alarming is the following:

    – there are no contact number for Alitalia for assistance (only an email address)
    – the Booking agent ( despite the sincere efforts of their staff were unable to speak to anyone from Alitalia who could help them with their distressed customer
    – the FCO, despite the sincere efforts of Natalie Banas, were unable to act to assist my wife or to speak to Alitalia for a number of reasons
    – Alitalia refused to speak to my wife in any language other than Italian

    Indeed, were it not the fact that I myself had managed to contact my wife’s brother in Austria so that he could arrange for somebody to meet her in Rome my wife would now be left without money or assistance after what I sincerely believe was racial discrimination and persecution by Alitalia leading to a situation requiring first aid which was not provided.

  9. amr Reply

    Dear Sir ,
    Kindly I have a question and I am looking for the answer and only you who can help me , my question is Egyptian passenger will visit Beijing for a week and he will take the Egyptian Airways
    (Egypt Air) but on his return he will take the Alitalia Airways and his airplane will land on Rome International Airport and he will stay at the transit area for 8 hours and he wont leave the airport until he take the next airplane to Egypt because he cant find a reservation on the Egyptian airways from Beijing to Egypt directly.
    my question is: the Egyptian passenger must have a Airport transit visa .

    Thank you and I hope you Replay me very soon …..
    Mr. Amr amr

  10. amr Reply

    please sir I want to E-mail alitalia office at beijing international airport.

  11. Chris Harding Reply

    I have recently had my flights from Rome to Cairo cancelled. After many frustrating telephone calls with Alitalia personnel in Italy, Egypt and even Tunisia I now want to a) complain and b) seek a full refund plus compensation for miscellaneous costs incurred.

    Can someone please send me the e-mail address for Alitalia Customer Service in Italy. I don’t want to ring them anymore as I want to put my complaint / request in writing so they can’t deny any knowledge of it.

    Many thanks for any help you can give.

    Chris Harding

    • customer help Reply

      please visit the website could find a feedback form there

  12. Yujjin Reply

    Hi, I made my flight booking on 2010 November for a flight from Rome to Kuala Lumpur on the 26th of June 2012. Yet I received an e-mail my flight was canceled and no alternative flight given. I would like a refund for the amount of money I have paid if there is none.It is ridiculous that I made my payment so many months ahead and the flight just canceled.It ruined my plan. So please explain.Thanks

    • customer help Reply

      Did you place a complaint? If not, simply call the customer support and request for the refund.

  13. maxine blendis Reply

    I am arriving at Venice Airport on flight AZ 1463 at 1025 on Sunday August 14th.
    I am disabled, and will be bringing my scooter, but I would like to be met in case I need help.
    I could not inform Alitalia in any other way, as the Tel Aviv office is closed today.
    Please confirm.
    Maxine Blendis

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