Contact Airtel Kerala – Find below customer care details of Airtel in Kerala for prepaid or postpaid mobile queries. You can also contact the same for new connections or complaints on Airtel services.


– If you are calling from Airtel mobile, call 121 for queries like Scheme/Bill Plan/VAS Information.
– For complaints or service call the toll free number at 198.
– If calling from any other number dial 9895012345 for Postpaid and 9895198951 for Prepaid.

Airtel Customer Care Phone

Toll Free: 1800 102 002 (accessible only from Airtel fixed line and Mobile phones) or 0120- 4319696 (accessible from any fixed line and Mobile phones)

Recharge Prepaid

To recharge Airtel prepaid number click here Airtel Recharge. You can even call 543219 (toll free) for the same.

Airtel Postpaid Bill

To pay your postpaid Airtel bill click here. you can even call 543219 (toll free) for the same.

About Airtel

Airtel was founded by Sunil Bharti Mittal in the year 1995. It is a leading telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa. With over 207 million subscribers, Airtel today is India’s largest cellular service provider and fifth largest mobile provider in the world. Airtel offers mobile voice & data services, fixed line, high speed broadband, IPTV, DTH, turnkey telecom solutions for enterprises and national & international long distance services to carriers. For more details on Airtel products click here.

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  1. Jinson jose Reply

    I took an airtel sim for mobile data connection and now I am not even getting network.
    When I put 3g data connection the network connection goes off. After putting it on airplane mode then turning it off there is service but after 2 min it goes. I have excellent range for other sim. But not this.

  2. Sambit Majumder Reply

    After I changed my 3G package of monthly rental Rs. 650 to 3G platinum on 27th july’15, I am not getting any net connection.
    Please solve it ASAP.

  3. Biju Reply

    Though the SIM card is active even after me landing in the UAE, I was careful not to make calls from this number or receive any calls.
    But to my surprise, within few days (say by March 5th onwards), I have stopped receiving any SMS or calls to this mobile, which clearly indicates that the available credit put on 25th has vanished. Please clarify how this has happened, when I have not received or made calls.

    I am very certain of what is declared above. My purpose of filling the credit of Rs. 100/- was to only receive SMS. To my knowledge receiving text messages are free of cost. Hope to have your clarifications.

  4. Muhammed Fahad Reply

    Those who had their lifetime sim disconnected even after having kept their sim switched on, here are the real facts. This goes back to the time when lifetime sim was introduced. All lifetime sim (of all networks) come with a pre-condition that a minimum reacharge of Rs 200 is to be done on the number in a period of 6 months, failing which the sim will be disconnected. (Some companies require a usage of Rs 200 in a period of 6 months rather than reacharge). This is in place to prevent the misuse of lifetime sim cards (for example, death of a person etc when after which the sim will remain unsused and the number will remain blocked for the rest of time). So since now a days all sims are lifetime, those who go abroad take care of 2 things to keep your number active:
    1) atleast receive an sms within every 2 months
    2) recharge for atleast Rs 200 every 6 months.
    The disconnection is permanent if the above conditions are not met.

  5. sreejesh Reply

    i hate airtel service in kerala but delhi circle has good customer care

  6. fahad Reply

    Dear Sir,
    i am using airtel connection more than 5years im in dubai and use the same conection here and i keep switch on and i will get regular sms also from my friends but yesterday my sim showing REGISTRATION FAILED and called airtel customer care. I want the same connection because all my bank transaction sms comes on this.

  7. george Reply

    I would say after Satan, I hate Airtel the most. Poor customer service, fraudulently reducing money from balance and a lot more. This is absolutely sad. I hope there would be a better company that can take care of customers’ concerns.

  8. jini Reply

    i hate airtel connection now……..yesterday i did a online recharge for 333 and the money is deducted and recharge was unsuccessful……i called customercare but in vain

  9. sheikh shahid Reply

    I would say after Satan, I hate Airtel the most. Poor customer service, fraudulently reducing money from balance and a lot more. This is absolutely sad. I hope there would be a better company that can take care of customers’ concerns.

  10. Nithya N.R. Reply

    I had purchased an Airtel prepaid SIM with lifetime validity in 2011. I have been using this number regularly; in the last 3-4 months I was abroad and hence not using it for making calls or receiving calls. Now I saw a message SIM CARD Registration Failed. What can I do for recovering my Airtel sim. But fact is that I couldn’t recall my Airtel number.

  11. Joy Reply

    Dear Airtel team,

    Just two weeks before I took one new Airtel mobile connection and the same time I have submitted my ID proof. After receiving my ID proof only he activated my new connection. But now my outgoing call facility blocked due to ID proof issues. When I received message (2 times) from Airtel for the same, I contacted the person from whom I purchased sim. Both time they are saying that, they have already submitted; may be by mistake only I received message. 2nd time Airtel person (who is supplying sim cards etc to local dealer) was there with local dealer and he also said the same.

    When my outgoing call facility was blocked, I contacted Airtel customer executive. They said that they did not receive my ID proof. I don’t know how it is possible? I would like to know WHAT SHOULD I DO? Based on the discussion with customer care executive I might understand that they are not responsible or they don’t have anything to do!

  12. valsarajan Reply

    i am fed up with your thought of the day programme shall u stop it ,or i have to take another connection my number is xx. take it as a severe complaint towards your customer care, otherwise i will take evassive action.

  13. Santhosh T R Reply

    My sim outgoing & incoming facility are banned due to Id Proof Problems , But i have already submitted id for reactivation

  14. Vineedu Reply

    I have lost my Airtel no(xx).I am in KSA now and all my bank security messages are going to that number. I cannot do any online transaction now. I am using that sim for the last 5 years. So can I get a duplicate sim please.

  15. bijesh Reply

    Airtel customer care is very bad . The delears do not coporate at all. My simcard outgoing and incoming facilaty are barred in xx number. I had submitted my ID proof twice.

  16. najib Reply

    can i get the owner details of a number of my old friend… the only detail i am having of that friend was that number. is not working now…if i get the details it will be helpful to find that friend.

  17. Anilash Reply

    Airtel Nagercoil customer care is very bad. The executives do not cooperate at all. They even wont transfer the call to senior executives.

  18. azad Reply

    I cannot access your customer care executive even if I call all of your numbers in Kerala whether 121, 198, etc. I recharged rs.5 for internet mobile. I get the settings and i saved, but can’t access net. Then I am trying from 15/2011 to your customer number.

  19. Anees Reply

    Dear sir
    i would be highly grateful to you if you provide me the details of incoming and outgoing calls for my airtel prepaid on my email id
    thanking you


    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you can get this only through email or phone..please reach the customer support

  20. Muhammad Jushain.NK Reply

    Dear Airtel Team,
    I was having a mobile connection and it is disconnected a day without any notice.the problem is I brought the connection with me in Bahrain and it was havin a balance amount RS 100and above.
    Hope i’ll get favourable reply.

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