Contact AirAsia – Singapore: Find below customer care details of AirAsia ticketing office in Singapore. You can reach the below contact for new tickets, cheap airfares, cancellations, airline deals and other queries on AirAsia services.

AirAsia Singapore Call Centre

+65 630 77688
Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+8)

AirAsia Singapore Sales Offices

Row No:11, Departure level 2, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

111 North Bridge Road #01-36/37, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore.

About AirAsia

Founded in the year 1993, AirAsia is a budget airline that has its base in Malaysia. The airline was established with the dream of making flying possible for everyone. The airline operates from its main hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. AirAsia currently flies to over 400 destinations in 25 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, China, India, UK, South Korea and Sri Lanka. Read More.

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  1. Sophia Chan Reply

    First I do booking and then proceed to payment. Everything went smoothly but I did not receive the booking comfirmation. What is the problem, can you tell me. It says airasia will email me the booking confirmation but I did not receive it. Deduction also been made in my bank account. Everytime I call airasia singapore centre the line cut off itself. Can you advise me what should I do now.

  2. Edmund Reply

    I am trying to perform web check-in for the past two days (within the 14 days limit) but cannot do so.
    The message indicated I have exceeded the time limit (the 14-days limit, I presumed?).

    This is the first time I booked with Air Asia and I encountered problem. I will not travel Air Asia again.

    (note: The Malaysian travel agency is equally useless.)

  3. Imelda Reply


    I tried to call the contact stated above but not reachable.
    I made a duplicate booking for the same exact flight and have submitted e-form for the refund but wasn’t given any case acknowledgement number or any notification or reply from Air Asia.
    How do i know if my case has been processed? Or is there any numbers that i can call beside the one stated above.
    I fulfilled the requirements for the refund.

  4. Kevin Cox Reply

    I am desperately trying to cancel my flight to Chang Rai to no avail. I have tried the Singapore contact number several times and all I get is an engaged signal. I have gone through the Manage My Booking site and clicked on ‘How do I change my flight dates and time?’ I type in my question, press ‘go’ and nothing happens. Sometimes it did send me to an error page. I tried many times. I have been suddenly struck with a medical condition that does not enable me to fly. I would appreciate it if ‘someone’ would contact me and help sort through this problem. Thank you.

  5. gerard Reply


    I booked a flight from KL to sin and would like to book seats for that flight. I have been calling the customer service no. for so many times but it doesn’t go through. What is happening? Please get back to me through email asap!

  6. Leonard cheng Reply

    Being trying to call 60377688 to no avail. Internet chat if no help either. Just wanted to know why I was charged 3 times for a flight which I made on Internet. First 2 bookings done but reply came that there were errors and unable to proceed after giving my credit card details. There were no flight confirmation from Air Asia. Checked with Manage my bookings on AA website which confirms that I have no travel scheduled. I again made the same booing on August 5. The same happened. I proceeded to book through Expedia which confirmed my bookings.
    All I want is a refund. Nothing much to ask is it?

  7. Mary Ann Reply

    I’ve been trying to call SG call centre 63077688,Calling past 2 days and I can’t get thru. Air asia have charged us for baggage when we didn’t tick. Pls refund the money. 3x Checked baggage 20kg 57.00 SGD. Booked for 22/7/16

  8. David Reply

    More than the air fare, i spend on your customer care!

    I see a lot of complaints…Has the management ever bothered replying?

    I am trying to contact the customer care, since they say my flight is cancelled.

    You cant just cancel a flight. No reason also is given. Is it a Joke?

  9. jailani Reply

    First of all let me say this from the bottom of my heart. Your call centre service sucks. You forwarded the call to another number which terminates the call immediately after answering the call. I will contact the proper authorities in Singapore starting with the IDA if this practice is allowed in Singapore and whether this can affect the granting of business licence to Air Asia or is there a penalty charged for failing to meet KPI.Why you need to charge processing fee when this is done by machine and added only at the last moment which I see as tantamount to cheating and improper business practice. Should have added this charge at the beginning so people could make informed decision before deciding whether or not to choose Air Asia.You lure the customer into your trap and ensnare them.

  10. kavitha Reply

    Hi I’ve booked flight to penang ffrom singapore on 24th June. I would like to reschedule on 8th of July to the same destination. Could you please guide me.

  11. Wee Chen Reply

    Hi. When I was booking the flight tickets online yesterday night, there was system error during the payment, the system showed an error, then so I redo the booking but ended up I have made double payment! Hardly to contact Sg Airasia as there’s no hotline. Please guide me on what to do and how do I get the refund from you.
    The matter is very urgent, your prompt response are highly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Clarin Reply

      I have booked two air tickets from Sin to Bangkok and paid. unfortunately I couldn’t found any booking at my booking and no email confirmation. What should i do? Is my booking confirmed?

      • Xiulan Reply

        Hi Clarin, i had the same the problem here, $ paid through internet banking but got no confirmation number or email confirmation. Did you managed to get a refund? Thanks!

  12. PC Reply

    AirAsia Live Chat is not working at all and it made me a fool after 1 hour wait..

    It mentioned that I was in a queue and I am number 39 and requested for me to wait. I really believe it and waited for 1 hour and when it reached queue number 4 which left only 4 mins it responded with this message:
    “AirAsia Live Chat
    Connection lost. Please check your internet connection and then try again.” My internet connection was fine. When I retry, it kept giving me this message
    “We are experiencing a high volume of chats. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    Powered by LiveChat”

    This is really bad. How can AirAsia do this customers.

  13. boon lin Reply

    My flight QZ662 from Semarang to Singapore was rescheduled from 1040 to 1600 local time. I received an email saying that I could ask for a refund by filling in the e-form. I have tried several times to submit the e-form after filling in the mandatory fields. Each time the system hung and I have not received any acknowledgement if the e-form has been successfully submitted.
    I tried Live Chat but the message comes out “all operators are engaged due to high volume of calls.” This is at 1.30am ….how can there be high volume of calls?
    And does anyone know if the Service centre at Peninsula Plaza is still operating?

  14. Wang Bide Reply

    Airasia, I’ve trying to reach your customer service for assistance with regards to my booking. What kind of customer service is this? I tried using Manage my booking on your website it is so user unfriendly. Wake up Mr Tony, if you cannot provide a good customer service with easy access pls do not claim that AirAsia to be the best

  15. Murali Reply

    I have been calling Air Asia Singapore office Tel 65 63077688 and not geeting any response. I need to cancel the tickets and request for the refund as the passengers are unable to travel on this date due to unforeseen circumstances. Flight date is on 12-Dec-2015 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and same day return. I have prchased 3 tickets from SIN to KL and the Booking Code (PNR): G7K92L.

  16. Karen Reply

    I booked a flight from Singapore to KL with AirAsia. I am 100% sure I put as return flight 29 November. Yet, after paying I see it is changed to 30 November.

    I try to call for 2 days now and only get a busy line, or, if I call other numbers, no one can assist me. It is really extremely disappointing.

    It seems from all mails above, this is common practice. How can I get hold of them?


    Thanks for your advise.

  17. Carol P Tibbs Reply

    I was promised a refund on my return ticket from Denpasar to Singapore by three different people at Air Asia desks. I get nothing but automated replies. I can not download the automated suggestions for ticket questions, no one answers the phone or any other way of getting in touch with this airline in Bali. Exactly how do I get in touch with anyone at Air Asia. One representative gave me an email address, Air Asia blocked my letter. I am a customer in need of customer service, please.

  18. Tapas Roy Reply

    I, along with my family am travelling in air Asia on 25th September 2015 from Singapore to lankawi via KL and returning back on 28th September. I did online checking for all 4 flights but couldn’t able to take the print because of system problem. I paid for seats and check-in luggage already.
    Saying the above scenario at the counter, do i need to pay for the same once again to get the boarding pass? My booking reference nos. are RJUG8E and HH245K.
    Please reply soon. My flight is at 9.10am tomorrow.

  19. Aiden Reply


    Back in early May I accidentally Purchased 3 air asia asean passes when I only meant to buy one. It has been 2 months since then and I have not heard anything from Air Asia after filling out a few complaint forms and not hearing back from you despite the automated replies saying it would take 5 days


    By the end of it I did not even want one, but Because I thought I would not be able to cancel any of them I redeemed one. (I will only be using it for one, one way flight worth one point. Meaning I had 59 unused points and am being chargd over $1000!!!)

    Please refund me!!

  20. Muhammad Ismail Bin Mohd Farouk Reply

    Hi there, I made a booking to Bandung from Singapore on the 30th May 2015 at 1425 hrs and I even made a print out. But now when I double confirm my flight details, I saw that the timing have been changed to 1900 hrs. These has been affecting my holiday plans alot as I have made payments for the tour there. if the timing were to change, there will be additional payments that need to be made. Please address these issue. I saw that you have flights that are earlier. Can I ask to change to the earlier timing instead of later. Thanks. Please contact me immediately at +65 90271257.

  21. MP Reply

    My booking itinerary is not confirmed – no email whatsoever and my bank transfer has been transacted and money claimed!!
    I have filled an E-form (CAS-11086522-4X8KLS) and attached a screenshot of my bank statement as well to indicate that the payment has gone through.
    I need someone to get back to me with a confirmed itinerary soon.

  22. Sandy Reply

    My maid who should take fly(QZ662) from Semarang(SRG) to Singapore at 1:49PM yesterday, but she did not arrive my home till day and not reachabel.
    Could you please advise if i could check with you on her landing or not?
    Ticket numer is GY7H4J
    Much appreciate for your response!

  23. Amy Reply


    May I check if pregnant women of 7 months and 2 week can take a flight? Also If I want to change the flight schedule is it ok? Kindly reply.


  24. Ang Reply

    Dear Sir/ Mdm,
    Currently it’s not safe to travel to Thailand now and I need to change my booking to another country.

    Booking Number# TFZ29N
    Booking ID# H152318374

    I tried calling Tel: +65-630 77688, but the line is busy and I’ve been holding the line for nearly 30 mins. However, I can’t get any customer service representative to assist me after holding for so long.

    Appreciate if you can call me at mobile # 91918688 urgently.

    Your immediate assitance is well appreciated.

    Thank you.


  25. Pei Reply

    Dear person-in-charge,

    I am writing this to enquire on a delay of luggage sending from KL to Busan. Please refer to below for my original flight details.

    Depart: Singapore
    Arrive: Kuala Lumpur
    Flight no.: AK 720
    Date: 22 May 2014
    Time: 20:40
    Seat no .: 9F

    Flight no.: D7 518
    Date: 23 May 2014
    Time: 00:45
    Seat no.: 19B

    I am not able to locate my luggage (pink colour, 11Kg) when I arrived at Busan

    Please contact me asap when you receive this message.

    I sincerely hope you can assist in relocating where my luggage is as I am currently in korea and without my luggage.

    Thank you.
    Pei We

  26. Deepak Reply


  27. Bobby Reply

    Disappointed. Stated above
    AirAsia Singapore Call Centre

    +65 630 77688
    Operating Hours : 8am – 9pm (GMT+8)

    But closes at 6pm…….need to update your website!

  28. AHLED Reply

    Hi. I booked a flight for my parents to langkawi from15th April to 18th April. The booking no is QYUW8T. I would like to change it to 8th April to 11th with the same timing.
    Kindly reply me with if its possible and the necessary top ups i need to make.

  29. don desmond Reply

    I’m really disappointed. Very poor customer service. Once sale is booked, it’s so hard to get through for advice. No line to call for customer service. Not sure if I should take legal proceedings.

  30. Izam Reply

    May I know. What happen if I send the wrong
    Email address when I purchase the air ticket..

  31. yong Reply

    How to contact airasia customer service? please help me to contact airasia, i need to change my flight time.
    My booking number is YB816T. It departs from kuala lumpur airport to sibu airport.

  32. Jan Jaszczak Reply

    yes, we have to use layer for start fighting against this airline in judgement.

  33. rebecca Reply

    i bought a one way ticket from singapore to kota kinabalu due to fly on 5th Nov 2012. Unfortunately I cant fly on this date . The fare on the 6th Nov 2012 is the same ,SG 184. Is it possible to change the date of flying?

  34. PL Reply

    Air Asia services are really bad and their system is most of the time down.The airline has expanded very quick but without quality and considerate. Also, staffs in the counter treat customers with so much disrespect.

  35. Angela Reply

    I will like to thank Air Asia for their efficient response to my request to do name correction at my booking details. I called them twice, one to request for correction and the other one to confirm of the email. Both calls are responded quickly and efficiently. They did the changes within a day even though they stated 48 hours as the standard respond time. Having encountered many problems with other budget airline, I am impressed with the service for this request.

  36. George Reply

    I bought ticket and they charged me two times for the same ticket. How come there is Notification no OTP and no itinerary but straight away charged for two transactions. How come this thing can happen???

  37. Bryan catan Reply

    Good noon. I have a question, is it okay to book a ticket from singapore~penang~singapore using my friend’s Debit card? During checkin for each flight how many hours before flight schedule do i need to be there in the airport?

  38. Jo Kho Reply

    AA customer service is terrible. My flight been cancel, giving me an email address, and they do not bother to reply my email. Use live chat, they ask me to email to that address… Wasting my time and money, question not being answer, issue never being resolved. No one handling customer complaint. No more AA next time!

    • Jan Jaszczak Reply

      Right, AA has the worst service win the world. I bought air ticket on air asia from Singapore to Langkawi but I was late 5 minute. I bought next ticket to Penang about 200 USD and started checkin about 2 hrs before departure, each destination, each time of departure only one same counter, about 200 people in q. !!! I wait about 90 mnts, after having to pay for luggage, again 30 mnts, I loose next flight, they rebook my flight and double charge me for baggage. Staff dont know how to charge from credit card, finally some people change my 50 USD to 50 SGD (not fair). It was all so shocking for me.

  39. rina Reply

    if only i had discovered this page earlier i wouldnt even get my tickets through airasia. im so baffled!

  40. khoo Reply

    i booked online a flight from singapore to KL schedule at 7.40 am departure. Upon confirmation i was shocked to see the departure time was 2.40 pm instead. Immediately I rushed down to Changi Airport Terminal One for assistance. The manager on duty assisted me but i realised i was charged another $62 for CHANGE FEE where the mistake is not on me. . My original bill was $78 .and I was asked to pay another $62 for CHANGE FEE.

    • fa Reply

      im experiencing the same thing and still waiting for someone to pick up the call.

      • Fairytan Reply

        Has anyone ever received a call back from Air Asia customer services after leaving message for 24hrs? Wonder their customer services is just a recorded machine & NOBODY actually handle customer complaints!! My frez face the same thing as u all. Double charge from internet & can get anyone to help! We will not use tis air line again!

    • rina Reply

      wth! i am so pissed, am facing the exact same problem as you! called them but realised the stupid hotline doesnt work, so i commented on their fb, very fast reply but for no use, they direct me to fill up an e-form and will get back within 5 days. how inefficient is that?! this is ridiculous!

  41. kevin Reply

    I am the latest to taste the HORRIBLE customer service from the Singapore hotline!!!
    My booking itinerary is not confirmed – no email whatsoever and my credit card has been transacted and money claimed???!! Now I need to clarify this and cannot get in touch with anyone? Meanwhile my flight is coming soon ..

    Someone … anyone, what do I do? I feel violated to just book another ticket elsewhere and fill in the merchant dispute form. I WANT TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE FROM AIR ASIA. How do I do that??

    Can we all band together and do something …. I will never take this airline again

    • Jan Jaszczak Reply

      yes, maybe we employ layer for start fighting with this airlines in judgement

  42. Sibi Reply

    Hi Airasia Customer care,

    I have no words to say how great is your customer care.. I have been holding a line for more than two hours ( that too, two times) just listening your sweet announcement ” Thank you for waiting. All our customer service representatives are currently busy”…Better dont provide any number in the Contact Us field. Instead provide only an email contact so that people wont loose their valuable time by calling your customer care..

  43. dennis Goh Reply

    Hi Air Asia,

    I had been calling since last week but in vain. I had strange transcation in my Credit bill for Air Asia freight booking, i need to clarify that.

    Please tell me how to get in contact with AirAsia? do i need to travel down to the sales office?

  44. Anthony Lorenzo Reply

    I am disgusted/angry beyond words..on24th January 2012,my bag did not arrive at KL LCC on AK716 from Singapore. Filled out report and next morning tried to follow up with Air Asia’s lost and found…tried for hours to get through without success and when I finally got through their attitude was half-hearted and indifferent…no explanation as to what they were doing to find the apology. On 26 I flew back to Singapore and spoke with a L&F Air Asia person
    there. I was flabbergasted when he told me my bag was NEVER LOADED on the AK716 Flight and it was likely that it was put on the wrong plane maybe not even Air Asia…he said it could be anywhere in Asia even in Dubai! It’s been five days now and they haven’t even had the courtesy to update me..I am stressed and having sleepless nights over this all because of Air Asia incompetance.

  45. hazimah Reply

    I have been trying to call the call center from the past one week. Not able to get through. I want to cancel my flight. How can it be done?

  46. Phoebe Reply

    Hi all,

    I have sent an email on 5 Dec 2011 for a change in flight details. Could appreciate if AirAsia can revert to my email soon as the deadline is drawing near.


  47. Annie Teo Reply

    AA call centre number doesn’t work at all! Tried many times in different days. Please reply urgently! I need to cancel and do a refund due to health is unfit for travel. My flight date is on 5dec-9dec 2011 to Bali.

  48. Kartini Reply

    I’ve been trying to call SG call centre, filling up their query form, prompting live chats via 2 channels since last week except for weekends… None of these can get through… AA should do something bout this. No point having a call centre, twitter or watever source of contact if none of it work.

  49. Agnes Reply

    Hi Airasia
    Can’t get through to the contact listed above. Please look into it

  50. Rafidah Reply

    Hi,may I know for the Hotel booking itself, is it according to the price stated or will there be any extra charges or hidden cost upon check in?

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