Contact Air India UK (London) office



Great West House, 1st Floor
Great West Road
Brentford, London – TW8 9DF


Marketing Manager – (UK/Ireland)-
Mr. S. Tomar – 020 8745 1003
Reservation – 020 8560 9996 (Call center)
FFP/Groups – 020 8745 1062
Marketing – 020 8745 1063
Sales – 020 8745 1029/1007
Limo Svcs – 020 8745 1035
Ticket Office – 020 8745 1005/ 1020/1053
Customer Relations –
(for Post flight Complaints) – 020 8745 1069/1021




Room No 280,
Heathrow Terminal 3,
Hounslow, Middlesex TW6 1NL


Customer Relations for Flights – For Day of Departure-
Available between 0600-2200 hrs
0208 7451111/1110
24 hours call centre
0208 560 9996

About Air India / Indian Airlines

Based in Mumbai, Indian Airlines is a state owned major airline that is managed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. In the year 2005, Indian Airlines was rebranded as Indian. The airline operates closely with Air India. The airline started its operation on 1 August 1953. For more details on Indian Airlines visit the link here Contact Indian Airlines. For booking tickets online visit the website at

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  1. Barry John Lagdon Reply

    On 29th January this year I booked my flight with you and our flight was cancelled due to computer problems. I was told by one of your reps that I can claim for the 24 hour delay. I was flying to Mumbai on route to Goa flight No. Air India A1 130

  2. Arjun Reply

    I travelled on 6th April from Delhi London AI161.Firstly at the check in desk there was so much disorganisation and confusion which is unbelievable and I told the lady who checked us in that one expects better as being Indian we would like feel proud of our country. It is high time that employee of the airport should be taken to task for putting a poor image. Further on arrival at London all the passengers had to wait a long time before the luggage started arriving and further to discover that one of the suit case was damaged. I don’t know how to claim the damages.

  3. Ankit Reply

    Yesterday i booked my return ticket from the air india website. I clearly remember i selected wednesday 9th september as my travel date… But upon booking my ticket showed the booking for 8th instead. It is impossible for me to leave as i have my submissions in that date. I had a online chat with one of your representatives, where i was given customer care number which did not work. Its very inportant that you change my ticket without applying any charges and put me on the flight departing on 9th from LHR at 12:30pm.

  4. p singh Reply

    Air India is the worst airline I have travelled on. I took a flight from Birmingham Airport and the staff their need to learn to people skills they are the rudest and arrogant people, who do they think they are, they only checking in staff, any one can do their job. They don’t listen to passengers- they need to remember that the passengers are paying for the ticket not air India. They have no people skill’s and certainly not any manners at all. My seat was pre booked in advanced and confirmed which as clearly stated on the e-ticket and yet I was given another seat further down the plane and the excuse I got from Air India was that its booked, yes I know its booked by me, I then found out that they deliberately moved my seat and given it to a relative of the staff working in Birmingham airport , you might as well as bang your head against the wall then get any sense out of Air India. Air India is a disgrace to its county and not to mention the staff at Birmingham Airport they just worse.

  5. Nilambuj Reply

    I got my ticket changed and was put on hold for each query foe two minutes. In the end it was done and was told that I will have to go to the local office to pay the penalty for the change by 1328(IST) on or before 10 October 14.
    It is ridiculous that in this age where everything is on line why cannot I Make the payment online and avoid the hassle of travelling and spending time,money and effort to go to the London local office and make the payment over the counter.
    Please confirm.

  6. S G Mani Reply

    I am an Indian. The only reason for travelling with Air India is to support our Airlines. My suspicions as below.
    1.I think each and every staff in Air India is working their level best to annoy their customers, so that they would prefer other airlines.
    2.Most of the airline customer service staff been appointed on the basis of bribe they have given to the ministers, that’s why they are so idiotic and useless.
    3. If Mr. Modi really need to do something, Please privatize this Airline and give management to a private company.

    I have been trying to upgrade my ticket for more than 10 days, Air India London office never picks up the phone or its engaged, I do not know how come a phone could be engaged for 10 days. Customer service told upgrade would be done by London office and London office told it would be done by customer service. So, after trying for 10 days, I have given up.

    I have supported Air India to my level best, but not anymore.

  7. Dr Das Reply

    I am an Indian presently in the UK. I have traveled in more than a dozen airlines but have never seen a pathetic customer care service ever. Kept me on the phone for 49 minutes to change a ticket date without any results at the end. Such a poor quality that puts us to shame.

  8. Mohan Reply

    The customer representatives at Air India are the most rude and unhelpful in the world. They need to learn how to talk to a customer who pay money for their ‘service’. Their attitude stinks. I will never, ever travel with them.

  9. B. Shah Reply

    We bought Air India tickets after 35 years travel from London to Ahmedabad but due to services and check in officials manner etc. decided in future not to travel by Air India. We go to India every year but 2/2014 travelled Air India and had very bed experience. From London to Ahmedabad and from Ahmedabad to London, Air craft have many seats empty. Air India loose lots of Revenue due to bed reputation. Who is responsible for that. Air India do not wants more business, why gets more complaints all the time, any one takes action to improve services. If Air India top officials will not take complaints on board, will loose out more businesses or may go out of business ?

  10. R Mathew Reply

    I paid a lot of money to book business class ticket on this flight as I was sick and wanted to travel comfortably for the 8 hour journey. I was discharged from the hospital just 2 days before and it was very important for me to have a comfortable travel. But in my seat, auto reclining was not working. The steward has noted this in his log book as the technical team tried to fix this before take off but with no success. They said its Air India’s mistake as the seat should not have been allocated.

  11. S.A Reply

    Worst airline I have ever come across.

    They changed my flight timings from Amritsar to Heathrow without any notice, yes after I had already booked and paid. This meant that my waiting time after flying from Amritsar to Delhi will be 8 hours previously this was hugely less! And this is from around 10pm to the next day around 6am. What am I supposed to do in that time alone? Air India do not care. They have complete lack of respect for customers, and I’m not just talking about the staff in the India call centre, I’m talking about the London staff too. Arrogant, rude, unhelpful and just down right shocking.

    I have asked that my connecting flight from Amritsar to Delhi is cancelled so that I can stay with friends in Delhi and get the flight at 6am without having to sleep on airport floors- but no! Air India won’t allow this either. They want to screw you over and ensure that you bear the entire pain of their own mistakes. Wow feels sad that I have had to complain. I am such a positive person and have never complained about anything before in my life so let that be an indication to you of how bad this company really is. Never book with them, pay the extra for the comfort, safety and reassurance of any airline which would be better than this.

    If your flight times haven’t been changed by Air india last minute then you will probably be ok but after this experience I will never go near this airline or recommend it again!

    Good luck!

  12. Amit Reply

    Why no one picks call at Air India ? Why airlines services are so pathetic ?

  13. V Gadher Reply

    I rang air India office as I wanted to take a tv. I was told as its a tv item , they would allow a box size which is less than 62 inches. We told the weight was 35kg. They said as long as size is below 60inches , it will go. Our box size was 52 inches. However at the airport we were refused saying that we wont allow if weight is more than 32kg. all i wsnt to ask air india customer reps, why do tou give wrong information to customers . due to this wrong information, i was unable to take my bag. And tv box did not go.
    Customer service of AI is most rubbish, they are first contact to customers, and they should feed back correct information so that this kind of situation doesn’t happen. My flight journey ended up being miserable.
    Please may all customers read this and not make this mistake as customer service of AI is not reliable and they don’t know the meaning if customer services department???

  14. A Woodley Reply

    I bought an executive class ticket to India flight number AI130/AI131 travelling out Jan9th and returning March 9/10th. I was twice refused entry to the executive lounge because I was not given the appropriate tickets even though my flight ticket was clearly labelled as executive. As my flight was delayed by 5 hours on my return journey I was more than a little angry. After making a fuss I was eventually let in the lounge only to be ignored and not even offered a glass of water. I will never fly with this airline again. A Woodley

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