Citibank Philippines Contact: Find below customer service details of Citibank in Philippines, including phone and address. You can reach the below contacts for queries on new banking accounts, Citibank debit/credit cards, investments, loans, bill payments, internet banking or other questions. The page also offers information on Citibank services in Philippines.

Citibank Philippines Head Office
9/F Citibank Tower
8741 Paseo de Roxas
Makati City 1226, Philippines
Phone: 632 – 894 7039

Citibank Philippines Customer Service
Phone: 995 9999 (Manila)
Phone: 234 9999 (Cebu)
Phone: 1 800 10 995 9999 (others)

Citibank Branches
Click here to locate Citibank branches across Philippines.

Online Banking
To access Citibank Philippines online banking click here. Access internet banking to make payment transfers, request cheque book, view statements and much more.

About Citibank in Philippines
Citibank began operations in Philippines as International Banking Corporation in the year 1902. One of the largest and top five commercial bank in Philippines, Citibank’s products and services include credit cards, loans, deposits, investments, Citigold, internet banking, phone banking, among others. Headquartered in Manila, Citi Philippines currently employs over 4,400 people. Read More

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  1. Leonor Reply

    Yes I agree on the above comments,its difficult to send an email to you. I would like to request a soft copy of my full payment certification.

  2. Rhoda Fe Buenavista Reply

    Before I migrated to the US, I cancelled my card and the representative told me to destroy the cards including (my supplemental card) immediately and so I did . I never received any statement thereafter. It has been 9 months and now I receive a statement (through email) indicating late charges for non payment of membership.

    My daughter who holds now my Philippine cell phone number is harassed everyday by a Citibank caller.

    CITIBANK, please fix this and contact me with my email address. I had been a good citibank Philippines holder and I do not deserve this.

  3. Nesa Reply

    To say that asking help from Citibank is very frustrating is an understatement! I am abroad; it’s very difficult to contact the hotline, and yet the citibank rep I chatted with said to contact the hotline. What part of “I can’t connect to the hotline” don’t they understand? I rarely post anything, but people should know that Citibank has an extremely poor customer service. If you have another choice of card, choose another!

  4. Allan Reply

    How come your hotline cannot be contacted. I intend to apply for a credit card but i need to clarify some concerns. But unfortunately, i must agree with people posting their comments, that your customer care service is unreachable… Now im having a doubt whether to avail your service… Hmmm

  5. TFO Reply

    All of the said comments are TRUE. The customer service hotline is impossible to contact.
    I want to formally take an action regarding the hassle you have caused me with regards to my credit loan. I have been a LOYAL client for over 30 years now and I can assure that my credit standing is very much plausible.
    And it gives me too much wonder on why your staffs kept on hiding or disregarding from me and my calls whenever I am requesting for an update or progress.
    CITIBANK, Please do something about this.

  6. Penelope abarento Reply

    Good day! Pls send me your toll free number.. Your contact numbers appear in my card does not exist. Please send me email with your new contact numbers. Thank u so much for your consideration.

  7. Mabs Reply

    I have a hard time requesting for my credit card cancellation. I have sent several emails already to different email addresses of Citibank, but up to now i have not received a reply except for the one informing me that they do not handle such requests. It seems it’s easy to secure one, but takes diligence to cancel it.. there is no definite department that caters to such cancellation and the customer service hotline is not functional? Can the Citibank provide an accessible site that says “for cancellation of your credit cards”?

  8. Marre Reply

    I am disappointed with your customer service hotline. Do you have other direct line aside from your 995 9999? Or a direct email perhaps? It seems your customer finds it hard to reach you.

    • S Reply

      They’re terrible!! I was on the phone on long distance for almost 2 hours with all the customer service officers passing me from one person to another and giving me all the incorrect phone numbers!

      They closed my account in 2015 due to my failure to submit a document. I no longer live in the Philippines. As a result, no one can access my account and they’re just going to run off with my money because they are making it difficult for me to reach them! I don’t know what’s going to happen to my account.

      Don’t bank with Citibank. Better to bank with a local bank. They answer your calls and give you answers; and don’t just give you a run-around.

  9. Geoffrey F Payne Reply

    I am hopeful somebody or everybody from Citibank reads this comment.
    Citibank is impossible to contact by email and their phone system does not work effectively.
    I have had a ‘CNA Peso Time Deposit’ for many years with a stagnant balance which means it is not working in my interest.
    I would like to contact the bank by email or maybe Fax to arrange a money transfer. Please help (But no scammers please)

  10. elvie Reply

    Your citibank hotline is nonsense. How can i talk to any of your customer service rep if there is no option to speak to a customer service representative. Ive called so many times. I tried to enter my 16digit credit card number but it is not accepted. May i know if you have other contact numbers aside 9959999?

  11. Mao Reply

    I have a credit card account with Citibank Philippines.
    I just want to receive my SOA. I am not able to make another call to customer service since it is very expensive to make international calls from UAE.
    I have called your support services twice and requested for the ff:
    1. Send my latest SOA
    2. Activate my online account so I could view my SOA
    I cannot email your company directly, again, my online account has been blocked.
    It seems that they are not doing there job.
    I am so disappointed with the service.

  12. emmanuel amado y. bautista Reply

    I have been following-up the delivery of my credit card statement for the past 5 months already since my relocation to General Santos City. Every month, I always get the scripted reply that my concern will be forwarded to the concerned department. And every month I have to call Customer Service to reverse the interest and late payment charges since I was not able to pay on or before the cut off date.
    The last straw was my recent call to your Customer Service wherein a certain Enzo explained that the problem of delivery of my statements were not Citibank’s fault but the local Post Office. I requested for an email ad and name to whom I can formally air my complaint, unfortunately the citiphone email ad given was full. My 3 attempts of sending a formal letter bounced, a computer generated reply was sent explaining that the email ad was full already and cannot accept incoming emails.

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