Contact Cathay Pacific – Manila: Find below customer hciare details of Cathay Pacific in Manila, Philippines, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for booking tickets, cheap airfares, deals, refunds, baggage claim, cancellations or other queries on Cathay Pacific services.

Cathay Pacific – Manila

22nd Floor LKG Tower, 6801 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226

Cathay Pacific:
Makati Office:
(632) 757-0888
(632) 757 0111

(632) 753-3960 Ticket Office
(632) 753-3959 Reservations Office

Airport Name
Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Terminal 1

Airport Phone
63(2) 832-2979

Baggage Services
63(2) 831-7775
Fax: 63(2) 832-1412


Cathay Pacific Customer Relations
5/F, South Tower, Cathay Pacific City,
8 Scenic Road, Hong Kong International Airport,
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Fax: (852) 2596-0825

Customer Care Phone
Hong Kong +852 2747 2200
China 400 880 7488 (Local)
Worldwide (toll free) +800 2747 2200

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About Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific was founded in the year 1946 and is the flag carrier of Hong Kong with its main hub at Hong Kong International Airport. The Cathay Pacific Group, including Dragonair and Air Hong Kong, now operates more than 150 aircraft to some 130 destinations across the globe. Cathay Pacific is ranked as a 5-star airline by Skytrax. Read More

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  1. Josephine Reply

    Hi! Me and my family will be going to Hongkong this December 2016. My sister was the who paid the tickets using her citibank credit card, but she is not travelling with us. I read that the credit card used for payment need to present for verification upon check-in. When i told my sister about this, she called Cathay Pacific and was told “no need”. But i want to be sure and have a hassle free departure. She bought the tickets on line and we have in our hands the electronic ticket receipts. Please enlighten me about my concern. Hoping for your immediate reply. Thank you.

  2. Violets O'Hara Reply

    We were trying to contact Cathy Pacific in Manila Philippines to confirm my flight but unable to contact to any numbers that I’ve found on the website, I believe that this airline is well established and should provide a 24 hours contact available 7 days a week. I’m so disappointed and unhappy your company does not provide this service.

  3. Evangeline Bagalay Reply

    Very frustrated with the customer service. I’ve been trying to call several times. I google it for all the numbers you can imagine and it didn’t go anywhere. I don’t know what else to do. I tried to go to their website to change the date for my return ticket. Disappointing BIG time.

  4. Edith Lao Reply

    Hi! I would like to find out if there will be flight cancellation for Cathay Pacific Airways from Nov. 17 to Nov.20 to give way for the Apecs here in the philippines. Other airlines have already posted their flights cancellation, Hopefully you can response immediately because we also have already booked our Hotels and we need to adjust our booking just in case there will be some changes.

    Booking details : CX 904 Nov 17 Mla to HK departure time 0505
    CX 935 Novv 20 HK to Mla departure Time 1740


    Thank you if you can inform us earlier
    Marco Polo Member – 1525375018

    Edith Lao

  5. Minute Reply

    I have been trying to to contact you regarding your buy-one-get-one offer, but I have not been able to reach you. Kindly let me know how I can reach you.

  6. Noemi Gumban Reply

    HI. I booked online last month with Booking Reference Number: 4E8UEX. Just noticed that the taxes/carrier surcharges amount for my 3 children is the same with the 2 adults. I supposed this should be lesser. can you please confirm and make necessary changes on the charges incurred. Maybe there’s a problem that time that may have caused this incorrect charging. Hoping for your immediate assistance. thank you in advance.

  7. Stephanie Reply

    Hi, we had our flight this morning going to Dubai, unluckily when we opened our baggage when we reached Dubai 2 of my husband’s watches were missing, 1 Fossil and 1 Tag Heuer..How can this happened? Please contact my sister in the Philippines if you have any news. Thank you.

  8. Ana Line Reply

    hi, good morning! my sister bought my eticket from her credit card. i am in dubai right now. Are scanned copy of her credit card, authorization letter, and copy of valid ID’s that she will send to me through email be enough as proof that she purchased my ticket? please help. Thanks!

  9. Candida Reply

    Hi. I tried so many times to call 18002337242 and there’s no answer. Not even a voicemail. So how can I make a reservation with Cathay Pacific?

  10. marites Reply

    Hello I would like to ask if your office is open this coming saturday? thanks..

  11. Mr John Reply

    Hi may i confirm our flight please as it is so difficult to contact your office via phone: Mr. John and Mrs Genoveva leaving Manila on the 23rd April 2012 at 11:00 am to London. thanks

  12. pat Reply

    no one is able to contact any of the customer service and only 1 contact number is given. How your customer supposed to reach you in times of difficulties regarding your service.

  13. mema ang Reply

    Yesterday one of your agent called my husband and told him that my 1 year old daughter had a NO SHOW on March 24. But i already cancelled the flight..i also tried many times to call your reservation office but i can hardly connect, how come this happen? I will be out of the country for two weeks

  14. Apple Reply

    I was offloaded today… how can i re-book my flight. I was supposed to fly today but I was not allowed due to lack of documents. The Immigration officers advised me to reschedule my travel. Cathay Pacific also assured that I would be able to re-book my flight.

  15. editha te lim Reply

    I”m leaving on april 9 this is my first time to fly in your aircraft. I would like to know how many many hours the total flight from manila to JFK and how many hours is the stop over in Hong kong.And from the Hongkong to JFK ?

  16. Manny Reply

    Could you please provide me another telephone number of Cathay Pacific office in Manila except for this number ( +632 757 0888 ) as it is hard to contact, My flight is supposed to be tommorow but I want to cancel it and re book it on March 09 2012.


  17. shella Reply

    can i refund the ticket of my husband he bought through a travel agency at riyadh saudi arabia..he decided not to while in his duty…i was adviced to talk to the agent who booked the ticket..unfortunately he is not picking the call..

  18. John Reply

    Hi I am trying to contact Cathay Pacific via email re booking please reply. Thank you.

  19. nathaniel Reply

    do u have a Ticketing office in pasay city that is accessible enough to book

  20. jean Reply

    Good day!just wanted to ask what is the landmark going to your office that is easy for me to find. Another concern is can i get a flight ticket reservation certificate since i don’t know the exact date when will i be travelling to italy? Thank you for your quick reply regarding my concerns..

  21. Ramirez Reply

    Hi there? I just want to inquire about my eticket bought by my Japanese partner in Japan using his credit card. Unfortunately he cannot accompany me on Dec 09 to HK because he will fly from Japan to HK. Can he just send the photocopy of his credit card and POI as a proof that he bought the Eticket even without a certification? I Need your advise I want to have a hassle free travel this December.

  22. marianne dichoson Reply

    i was trying to contact your ticketing office since yesterday but i could hardly contact anyone from your office.

  23. Olalo Reply

    Question: I bought Cathay Pacific tickets online,Mla-Sanfo-Mla for my 2 cousins Teresita Flores and Norma Rodriguez using my Citibank Gold Mastercard but I will not be travelling with them and I can not give them my credit card to be shown at the check in counter either. Will a certfication from me that I used my credit card to purchase their tickets together with a photocopy of my credit card and some valid photo IDs like my drivers license be enough?

  24. dasalla, analiza Reply

    how can i change my mothers departure date does it have a penalty? she wants a date in this month of october. we will wait for the reply asap.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      please check the terms of ticket you case of reschedule it would mention the charges involved..

  25. Dr. Rosario G. Monsalud Reply

    Hi! I called up 02 757 0888 many times but I couldn’t get through. It is expensive to be cut off every time especially when you are making a long distance call since I am from U.P. Los Banos, not to mention the time lost.

    I would like to redeem my Asiamiles mileage for a trip on Sept 3 or 4, 2011 Manila-Tokyo morning flight, then Tokyo-Manila on Sept. 14 evening flight, 2011 via JAL. I tried to do this via internet but I would like to know how much additional amount I should pay before I give out my credit card details. In your website you immediately ask for credit card details for applicable fees without this information first. Since my total accrued mileage is only ~21,690, I understand I have to purchase miles but I would like to confirm first if the mileage requirement for this round trip flight that I would like to get is still 30,000 miles, and if indeed there are available flights for mileage redemption on those dates, as well as other fees I have to pay, if any.

  26. anna Reply

    I was calling your manila office since yesterday but my call wont get through your line.Is there a problem with your line?thanks

  27. Joyce Lyn Sol Rosales Reply

    To Cathay Pacific Airways, LTD. 22nd floor LKG Tower, 6801 Ayala Avenue, Makati City Branch.

    -I’m here in Sanya, China already. i actually brought with me my ticket as well as the receipt. My concern is that the hotel i’m working with wont honour me my refund for the airfare for the reason that the receipt i have now is hand written. The hotel is asking for the type written one. So, i would want to ask a copy of my (typewritten one) official receipt no. 449040, dated february 26, 2011. Can you guys email me of the receipt? thanks

      • Joyce Lyn Sol Rosales Reply

        Thank you. But is dragonair and Cathay pacific the same? Are they going to entertain me with my concern about Cathay Pacific? Because i can’t find Cathay pacific main office here in sanya, only Dragonair office at Crowne Plaza.

        • CCC - Sam Reply

          yes Cathay Pacific is the parent company of can even reach Dragonair helpdesk..

  28. Agnes De Luna Reply

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I bought a plane ticket online for my husband with ticket number 160 2400674270. I was trying to call your Manila office. I have dialed (632) 757 0888 twenty (20) TIMES and yet, I have not spoken to a single customer service rep. Please advise me other options on how I can change my reservations.

  29. Seigfreda Ladrero Reply

    To whom it may concern:
    I am leaving for New York on Friday, May,6, 2011. My E-Ticket:1602400553813. My daughter bought the ticket online and went to JFK-Cathay Pacific office last Friday evening, to show the actual card used to purchase the ticket, for verification. I hope, it is already in your system. She also requested for my seat numbers and she got, them too.
    However, I have not received yet from Cathay Pacific any confirmation. I hope, your office will be able to check for me, any confirmation from New York, JFK-Cathay Pacific Office. Thank you for your help.
    Seigfreda Ladrero

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