Contact Cathay Pacific Cargo – Canada: Find below customer care details of Cathay Pacific cargo in Canada, including phone and addres. You can reach the below contact for new shipment or other queries on Cathay Pacific cargo.

Cathay Pacific – Canada


6500 Silver Dart Drive, Room 275, Vista Cargo Bldg F, Ontario, L5P 1A2

Pearson International Airport, P.O.Box 59 Toronto A.M.F. L5P 1A2
(1)905-677-5110, (1)800-261-0829 (toll free)


3611 Jericho Road, Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, B.C., V7B 1M3
(1)604-606-2988, (1)800-663-5807 (toll free)

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About Cathay Pacific Cargo
Cathay Pacific began its cargo operations in the year 1981 and currently serves about 36 destinations around the world. Cathay Pacific Cargo products include PRIORITY LIFT, COURIER LIFT, SECURE LIFT, DG LIFT, FRESH LIFT, LIVE ANIMAL LIFT, EXPERT LIFT, PHARMA LIFT, Cathay Pacific Wholesale Courier (OBC), Retail Parcel Express (RPX), and CX/DHL Overnight Express Network(OEO). In the year 2009, Cathay Pacific was awarded Cargo Airline of the Year by Air Cargo News. the same year it was named the Best Carrier to the Far East by the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association.

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