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Boost Mobile Head Office
Boost Mobile
51 Discovery, Suite 250
Irvine, California 92618
United States
Phone: 1-949-336-4000

Boost Mobile Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-402-7366
Phone: 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848)

Email Support
[email protected] (sales/general)
[email protected] (report abuse)

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About Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile was founded in the year 2000 by Peter Adderton. It is a wireless prepaid service run by Sprint Nextel. Boost Mobile reaches more than 278 million people. Its mobile devices are available at different retain stores such as Best Buy, RadioShack, Target, Family Dollar and Walmart. Through Boost Mobile’s ‘Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage’ plan users can enjoy unlimited talk, text messaging, web access and instant messaging.

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  1. Eleanor Reply

    On November 5th 2012, I contacted boost mobile and was told that I would receive a replacemet phone because the phone I currently have is no longer connected to the tower. I can’t send nor receive text or use any additional services/applications (web. internet…..). Phone no longer holds a charge over two hours. As of today I am being told that I wont receive a phone until December 28th, which will be two months with out service. I will be reporting this matter to all advertisements(news, magazine…) that has voice and print. I have also contacted Sprint. I have been loyal for MANY years and this is how I’m treated. Won’t work. I’m searching a way to take this matter to court. Fair is Fair.

  2. Stephon Clark Reply

    I purchased a LG phone from one of your Booster distributor approximately 5mths ago. The phone has a year warrant from LG and your supplier said I have to mail the phone in to LG. I will not recieve any credit on my phone services and in so many ways it has been an inconvenience to me.

  3. Vicki Reply

    I have had your service for 3 days and as the earlier lady in her remarks…STINKS…your customer service line is totally off. Never have I been so frustrated with a service or lack thereof…just shoot me. I can’t get my old phone number transferred to this phone, yet, my old number was disconnected. I have 106 contacts on my list and they said “no problem, you can have the same phone #??? So they said you cant be using either phone for us to make the transfer.. So I called from a neighbors phone and they said my bill wasn’t paid so they couldn’t transfer the number. They sent my call to a bill pay person, he said, your account is paid, then he cut me off. Customer service?????PLEEEEZ


    my daughter has your service and I have been making the payments for her most of the time. for the lastyear or so, your service is extremely unsatisfactory.
    they do not receive a strong signal where they live. They either have to stand outside or they have to drive several miles to make and receive calls.
    for the last three months, I have had to call to make a complaint about the lousy service, make a payment,etc. your automated service is so frustrating and at no time is there a place to ask to speak to a representative. Then when you get a person, they can;t speak english very well, give out wrong information, and are very reluctant to try to resolve the issues.
    my daughter and her husband have had severe health issues. If they do not have a strong service, it could be life threatening. I tried to explain that and it didn’t sink in.
    this month, I called to make a payment and was given the wrong amount to pay. so my daughter’s service has been suspended. I actually needed to pay $1.50 more. so when I called in today to figure out what the hell was going on, the rep I talked to said that the other rep did give e the wrong information. So I agreed to pay what I needed, which is $1.50; but I had to make a $10 payment because of your policy.
    First of all, how ridiculous to suspend service for $1.50, especialy since she has been a customer for several years.
    second, people shouldn’t have to pay more than what is due. by all rights, because it was yur reps mis-information and it is your company’s fault, I shouldn’t have to pay it at ll.
    I was on hold to talk with customer service, and after 5 minutes; I was disconnected. Which meant that I would have had to type the number another 5 times, figure out which button to push, and the time it takes to get a life person.
    I am checking into another provider, because your staff is untrained, and the frustration raises my blood pressure extremely high ( I have a heart condition and am totally disabled), extreme stress is one of the main reason I end up in the hospital too.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      sory to hear about your ordeal..please make a complaint or write an email..

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